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Madness It Must Be Love 1981 14/06/1992 48 1
Madness (Don't Let Them) Catch You Crying 2016      
Madness (Waiting For) The Ghost Train 1985      
Madness 11th Hour 1988      
Madness 4am 1999      
Madness 4BF 1988      
Madness A Town With No Name 1981      
Madness Aeroplane 1981      
Madness Africa 2009      
Madness All I Knew 1985      
Madness Animal Farm 1982      
Madness Another Version Of Me 2016      
Madness Are You Coming (With Me) 1982      
Madness Baggy Trousers 1980      
Madness Be Good Boy 1988      
Madness Bed & Breakfast Man 1979      
Madness Behind The 8 Ball 1983      
Madness Believe Me 1979      
Madness Benny Bullfrog 1981      
Madness Bingo 2009      
Madness Black And Blue 2012      
Madness Blackbird 2016      
Madness Blue Skinned Beast 1982      
Madness Brand New Beat 1983      
Madness Burning The Boats 1985      
Madness Call Me 1985      
Madness Calling Cards 1982      
Madness Can't Touch Us Now 2016      
Madness Cardiac Arrest 1981      
Madness Cardiac Arrest / In The City 1982      
Madness Chipmunks Are Go! 1979      
Madness Circus Freaks 2012      
Madness Clerkenwell Polka 2009      
Madness Close Escape 1980      
Madness Coldest Day 1985      
Madness Crying Shame 1980      
Madness Dangerman a.k.a. High Wire 2005      
Madness Day On The Town        
Madness Death Of A Rude Boy 2012      
Madness Deceives The Eye 1980      
Madness Disappear 1980      
Madness Don't Leave The Past Behind You 2016      
Madness Don't Look Back 1982      
Madness Don't Quote Me On That 1980      
Madness Dreader Than Dead 2005      
Madness Drip Fed Fred 1999      
Madness Driving In My Car 1982      
Madness Dust Devil 2009      
Madness E.R.N.I.E. 1980      
Madness Elysium 1999      
Madness Embarrassment 1980      
Madness Fireball XL5 1983      
Madness Forever Young 2009      
Madness Girl Why Don't You? 2005      
Madness Give Me A Reason 1983      
Madness Given The Opportunity 2016      
Madness Going To The Top 1999      
Madness Good Times 2016      
Madness Grandslam 2016      
Madness Grey Day 1981      
Madness Guns 1984      
Madness Herbert 2016      
Madness House Of Fun 1982      
Madness How Can I Tell You 2012      
Madness I Believe 2016      
Madness I Chase The Devil a.k.a. Ironshirt 2005      
Madness I Pronounce You 1988      
Madness Idiot Child 2009      
Madness If I Didn't Care 1999      
Madness If You Think There's Something 1983      
Madness I'll Compete 1985      
Madness In The City 1982      
Madness In The Middle Of The Night 1979      
Madness In The Rain 1980      
Madness Inanity Over Christmas 1984      
Madness Israelites 2005      
Madness It Must Be Love / Mrs. Hutchinson 1981      
Madness Jennie (A Portrait Of) 1985      
Madness John Jones 2005      
Madness Johnny The Horse 1999      
Madness Keep Moving 1983      
Madness Kitchen Floor 2012      
Madness La luna 2012      
Madness Land Of Hope And Glory 1979      
Madness Leon 2012      
Madness Lola 2005      
Madness Lovestruck 1999      
Madness Mad Not Mad 1985      
Madness Maddley 1999      
Madness Madness 1979      
Madness Madness (Is All In The Mind) 1982      
Madness March Of The Gherkins 1983      
Madness Maybe In Another Life 1985      
Madness Memories 1981      
Madness Michael Caine 1983      
Madness Misery 2012      
Madness Missing You 1981      
Madness Mistakes 1979      
Madness MK II 2009      
Madness Money Money Money 1999      
Madness Mr Speaker (Gets The Word) 1982      

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