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AFI Love Like Winter 2006 26/11/2006 44 4
AFI Miss Murder 2006 13/08/2006 14 13
AFI The Leaving Song Pt. II 2003 24/08/2003 27 1
AFI ...But Home Is Nowhere 2003      
AFI 17 Crimes 2013      
AFI 37mm 2006      
AFI 6 To 8        
Afi A Deep Slow Panic 2013      
AFI A Single Second        
AFI A Story A Three        
AFI Above The Bridge 2017      
AFI Affliction 2006      
Afi Anxious 2013      
AFI Aspirin Free        
AFI At A Glance        
AFI Aurelia 2017      
AFI Beautiful Thieves 2009      
AFI Bleed Black 2003      
AFI Brownie Bottom Sundae        
AFI Carcinogen Crush        
AFI Catch A Hot One        
AFI Cereal Wars        
AFI Charles Atlas        
AFI Coin Return        
AFI Cold Hands 2009      
AFI Consult My Lover        
AFI Crop Tub        
AFI Cruise Control        
AFI Cult Status        
AFI Dancing Through Sunday 2003      
AFI Dark Snow 2017      
AFI Darling, I Want To Destroy You 2009      
AFI Days Of The Phoenix        
AFI Death Of Seasons 2003      
AFI Don't Change 2006      
AFI Don't Make Me Ill        
AFI Dumb Kids 2017      
AFI End Transmission 2009      
AFI Endlessly, She Said 2006      
AFI Ever And A Day        
AFI Exsanguination        
AFI Feed From The Floor 2017      
AFI File 13        
AFI Fishbowl        
AFI Get Dark        
AFI Get Hurt 2017      
AFI Girl's Not Grey 2003      
AFI God Called In Sick Today        
Afi Greater Than 84 2013      
AFI Half-Empty Bottle        
AFI He Who Laughs Last        
AFI Head Like A Hole 2004      
Afi Heart Stops 2013      
AFI Hidden Knives 2017      
AFI I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here 2009      
AFI I Hope You Suffer 2013      
AFI Initiation        
AFI Interview        
AFI It Was Mine 2009      
AFI Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight        
AFI Kill Caustic 2006      
AFI Kiss And Control 2006      
AFI Kung-Fu Devil        
AFI Let It Be Broke        
AFI Malleus Maleficarum        
AFI Medicate 2009      
AFI Miseria Cantare - The Beginning 2003      
AFI Missing Frame        
AFI Modern Epic        
AFI No Poetic Device        
Afi No Resurrection 2013      
AFI Now The World        
AFI Ny-Quil        
AFI Of Greetings And Goodbyes        
AFI Okay, I Feel Better Now 2009      
AFI On The Arrow 2006      
AFI Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) 2003      
AFI Perfect Fit        
AFI PH Low        
AFI Pink Eyes 2017      
AFI Prelude 12/21 2006      
AFI Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37 2006      
Afi Rewind 2013      
AFI Rizzo In The Box        
AFI Sacrifice Theory        
AFI Sacrilege 2009      
AFI Salt For Your Wounds        
AFI Shatty Fatmas        
AFI She Speaks The Language 2017      
AFI Silver And Cold 2003      
AFI Smile        
AFI Snow Cats 2017      
AFI So Beneath You 2017      
AFI Soap Box Derby        
AFI Still A Stranger 2017      
AFI Strength Through Wounding        
AFI Summer Shudder 2006      
AFI Synthesthesia        
AFI Take The Test        
AFI The Boy Who Destroyed The World        
AFI The Checkered Demon        
Afi The Conductor 2013      
AFI The Despair Factor        

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