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Divinyls Hey Little Boy 1988 10/07/1988 23 12
Divinyls I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 1992 01/11/1992 19 16
Divinyls I Touch Myself 1990 16/12/1990 1 21
Divinyls I'm Jealous 1995 12/03/1995 14 19
Divinyls Love School 1991 21/04/1991 43 4
Divinyls Wild Thing 1993 25/04/1993 39 4
Divinyls 9:50 1984      
Divinyls Back To The Wall 1988      
Divinyls Because 1988      
Divinyls Better Days 1988      
Divinyls Black Magic 1995      
Divinyls Bless My Soul (It's Rock'N'Roll) 1991      
Divinyls Boys In Town 1981      
Divinyls Bullet 1991      
Divinyls Cafe Interlude        
Divinyls Café Interlude 1991      
Divinyls Casual Encounter 1982      
Divinyls Dance Of Love 1988      
Divinyls Dear Diary 1985      
Divinyls Dirty Love 1988      
Divinyls Don't Wanna Do This        
Divinyls Don't You Go Walking 1982      
Divinyls Elsie 1982      
Divinyls Fighting 1988      
Divinyls Follow Through 1991      
Divinyls For A Good Time        
Divinyls Girlfriends 1982      
Divinyls Gonna Get You 1982      
Divinyls Good Die Young 1984      
Divinyls Guillotine Day 1985      
Divinyls Hard On Me 1996      
Divinyls Heart Of Steel 1995      
Divinyls Heart Telegraph 1985      
Divinyls Human On The Inside 1996      
Divinyls If Love Was A Gun 1991      
Divinyls I'll Make You Happy 1982      
Divinyls I'm On Your Side 1991      
Divinyls In My Life 1984      
Divinyls Lay Your Body Down 1991      
Divinyls Love Is The Drug 1993      
Divinyls Make Out Alright 1991      
Divinyls Motion 1982      
Divinyls Need A Lover 1991      
Divinyls Old Radios 1985      
Divinyls Only Lonely 1982      
Divinyls Only The Good Die Young        
Divinyls Only You 1981      
Divinyls Out Of Time        
Divinyls Para-Dice 1985      
Divinyls Pleasure And Pain 1985      
Divinyls Punxsie 1988      
Divinyls Ring Me Up 1982      
Divinyls Run-A-Way Train 1988      
Divinyls Sahara Rock 1982      
Divinyls Science Fiction 1982      
Divinyls Siren 1982      
Divinyls Sleeping Beauty 1985      
Divinyls Take A Chance 1982      
Divinyls Talk Like The Rain 1985      
Divinyls Temperamental 1988      
Divinyls Victoria 1982      
Divinyls What A Life! 1985      

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