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Erasure ABBA-esque 1992 05/07/1992 13 12
Björn Again Erasure-ish 1992      
Century [US] Erasure        
Erasure 2000 Miles 1989      
Erasure 91 Steps 1989      
Erasure A Bitter Parting 2017      
Erasure A Little Respect 1988      
Erasure A Little Respect (HMI Redux) 2010      
Erasure A Long Goodbye 1995      
Erasure A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot 2011      
Erasure Alien 2000      
Erasure All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love 2005      
Erasure All Through The Years 1994      
Erasure Always 1994      
Erasure Always 2009 2009      
Erasure Am I Right? 1991      
Erasure Am I Right? (Remix) 1991      
Erasure Amor y odio 1991      
Erasure Angel 1995      
Erasure B3 1991      
Erasure Be Careful What You Wish For! 2017      
Erasure Be My Baby 2007      
Erasure Be The One 2014      
Erasure Be With You 2011      
Erasure Because Our Love Is Real 2005      
Erasure Because You're So Sweet 1994      
Erasure Bells Of Love (Isabelle's Of Love) 2013      
Erasure Better 2000      
Erasure Bleak Midwinter 2013      
Erasure Blood On The Snow 2013      
Erasure Blue Savannah 1989      
Erasure Blues Away 1994      
Erasure Boy 1997      
Erasure Breath Of Life 1991      
Erasure Breathe 2005      
Erasure Brother And Sister 1989      
Erasure Can't Help Falling In Love 2003      
Erasure Carry On Clangers 1991      
Erasure Catch 22 2000      
Erasure Chains Of Love 1988      
Erasure Chertsey Endlos 1996      
Erasure Chorus 1991      
Erasure Crackers International 1988      
Erasure Crown Of Thorns 1989      
Erasure Cry So Easy 1986      
Erasure Crying In The Rain 2000      
Erasure Darlene 2007      
Erasure Dead Of Night 2014      
Erasure Die 4 Love 2014      
Erasure Dodo 1994      
Erasure Don't Dance 1987      
Erasure Don't Say No 1985      
Erasure Don't Say You Love Me 2005      
Erasure Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me 1997      
Erasure Don't Suppose 1988      
Erasure Drama! 1989      
Erasure Dreamlike State 1990      
Erasure Ebb Tide 2003      
Erasure Elevation 2014      
Erasure Erasure.Club 2009      
Erasure Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime 2003      
Erasure Everyday 2003      
Erasure Fill Us With Fire 2011      
Erasure Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) 1995      
Erasure First Contact 1997      
Erasure Fly Away 2007      
Erasure Freedom 2000      
Erasure Gaudete 2013      
Erasure Ghost 1994      
Erasure Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 1986      
Erasure Give Me Life 2011      
Erasure Glass Angel 2007      
Erasure God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 1988      
Erasure Golden Heart 2007      
Erasure Gone Crazy 2005      
Erasure Goodnight 2003      
Erasure Grace 1995      
Erasure Hallowed Ground 1988      
Erasure Heart Of Stone 1988      
Erasure Heavenly Action 1985      
Erasure Here I Go Impossible Again 2005      
Erasure Here I Go Impossible Again plus All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love 2005      
Erasure Here In My Heart 2000      
Erasure Hi NRG 1995      
Erasure Hideaway 1987      
Erasure Home 1991      
Erasure How Can I Say 1997      
Erasure How Many Times? 1989      
Erasure How My Eyes Adore You 2007      
Erasure I Bet You're Mad At Me 2005      
Erasure I Broke It All In Two 2005      
Erasure I Could Fall In Love With You 2007      
Erasure I Don't Know Why 2007      
Erasure I Like It 2007      
Erasure I Lose Myself 2011      
Erasure I Love Saturday 1994      
Erasure I Love You 1995      
Erasure I Need You Now 2017      
Erasure If I Could 1987      
Erasure I'll Be There 2005      
Erasure Imagination 1988      

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