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Filter Take A Picture 1999 13/02/2000 32 7
Alastair Galbraith Filter        
Albert Dyrlund Smuk uden filter        
Beatsteaks Filter 1999      
Black Coast feat. Madison Love No Filter        
Britt Nicole No Filter        
Caravan The Paradise Filter 2013      
Cheech & Chong Acapulco Gold Filters 1971      
Chris Brown No Filter 2015      
Color Filter A Windy Day, Under The Tree 1999      
Color Filter Sitting In The Sand 1999      
Daan Filterzigarette 2005      
Denzal Park Filter Freak        
DJ Sakin & Friends feat. K.C. Enter The Filter        
Draga Balena Ohne Filter 1997      
Drive-By Truckers The Thanksgiving Filter 2010      
Eiffel 65 The Filter 2003      
Emika Filters 2013      
Fifth Harmony No Filter        
Filter (Can't She See) Head Of Fire, Part 2 2016      
Filter Absentee Father 2010      
Filter American Cliche 2002      
Filter Burn It 2013      
Filter Can Stop This 2008      
Filter Cancer 1999      
Filter Captain Bligh 1999      
Filter Catch A Falling Knife 2010      
Filter Clouds 2010      
Filter Cold (Anthem For The Damned) 2008      
Filter Columind 2002      
Filter Consider This 1995      
Filter Dose 1995      
Filter Down With Me 2010      
Filter Drug Boy 2010      
Filter Fades Like A Photograph 2009      
Filter First You Break It 2013      
Filter Gerbil 1995      
Filter Gimme All Your Lovin'        
Filter God Damn Me 2002      
Filter Happy Together        
Filter Hatred Is Contagious 2008      
Filter Head Of Fire 2016      
Filter Hey Man Nice Shot 1995      
Filter I Keep Flowers Around 2008      
Filter I Will Lead You 1999      
Filter I'm Not The Only One 1999      
Filter In Dreams 2008      
Filter It Can Never Be The Same 2002      
Filter It's Gonna Kill Me 1999      
Filter It's Got To Be Right Now 2013      
Filter It's Just You 2013      
Filter It's My Time 2013      
Filter It's Over 1995      
Filter Jurrassitol 1999      
Filter Kid Blue From The Short Bus, Drunk Bunk 2016      
Filter Kill The Day 2008      
Filter Leaving Without A Note 2010      
Filter Lie After Lie 2008      
Filter Miss Blue 1999      
Filter Mother E 2016      
Filter My Long Walk To Jail 2002      
Filter No Love 2010      
Filter No Re-Entry 2010      
Filter Nothing In My Hands 2016      
Filter One 1998      
Filter Only You 2008      
Filter Pride Flag 2016      
Filter Self Inflicted 2013      
Filter Skinny 1999      
Filter So Cool 1995      
Filter So I Quit 2002      
Filter Soldiers Of Misfortune 2008      
Filter Spent 1995      
Filter Stuck In Here 1995      
Filter Surprise 2013      
Filter Take Another 1995      
Filter Take Me To Heaven 2016      
Filter Take That Knife Out Of My Back 2013      
Filter The 4th 2002      
Filter The Best Things 1999      
Filter The City Of Blinding Riots 2016      
Filter The Inevitable Relapse 2010      
Filter The Missing 2002      
Filter The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way) 2002      
Filter The Take 2008      
Filter The Trouble With Angels 2010      
Filter The Wake 2008      
Filter This Finger's For You 2013      
Filter Tremors 2016      
Filter Under 1995      
Filter Under The Tongue 2016      
Filter Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight 2013      
Filter We Hate It When You Get What You Want 2013      
Filter Welcome To The Fold 1999      
Filter Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck) 2016      
Filter What Do You Say 2013      
Filter What's Next 2008      
Filter Where Do We Go From Here 2002      
Filter White Like That 1995      
Filter World Today 2002      
Filter You Walk Away 2002      

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