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Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil' Kim, P!nk Lady Marmalade 2001 06/05/2001 1 11
Mıa Case Of The Ex 2000 18/02/2001 1 18
Mıa Free 2001 03/06/2001 4 15
Mıa My Love Is Like... Wo 2003 07/09/2003 25 12
Pras Michel feat. ODB & intr. Mıa Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) 1998 28/06/1998 2 19
2Pac feat. Mya Fair Xchange 2002      
Airse feat. Myam Universe        
Akis Diximos Opos ta 'cho sto myalo mou        
Alex Germys feat. Myah Sweet Afterglow 2016      
Alwyn Borg Myatt Let's Try Love Once More        
Angela Dimitriou Myalo mou epikindyno 2002      
Antonis Remos Arrostimeno mou myalo 2002      
Beenie Man feat. Mya Girls Dem Sugar 2000      
Blackstreet & Mya feat. Ma$e & Blinky Blink Take Me There 1998      
Bombs Away feat. Myah Marie Drive Me Home        
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Susan Misner, Deidre Goodwin, Denise Faye, Ekaterina Chtchelkanova, Mya Harrison, Taye Diggs Cell Block Tango 2002      
CBN feat. Pro-Tek The Myagi Bois 2009      
Christos Avramidis Vále myaló 2005      
Cocoa Brovaz feat. Sean Price & Deidra Artis Myah Angelow 1998      
David Carreira Mya 2017      
Descendents Myage        
Dionne Warwick With Mya Close To You 2006      
Dosseh Myah Bay 2016      
Foxy Brown feat. Mya JOB 1999      
GoldLink feat. Mya Roll Call        
Guy Sebastian feat. Mya Forever With You 2004      
Jay Mya feat. Jason Quainoo Chasing Rainbows        
John Myatt Young Young Love 1977      
Julia Messenger vs. Rubbasol Myami sumi        
Keti Garbi Ke me myalo ke me kormi 1993      
Mıa Best Of Me 2000      
Mıa Black Out 2009      
Mıa Coolin'        
Mıa Damage        
Mıa Do You Only Wanna Dance 2004      
Mıa Escape        
Mıa Fabulous Life        
Mıa Fallen 2003      
Mıa Fear Of Flying        
Mıa Let's Dance 2004      
Mıa Little Too Much, Little Too Late 2003      
Mıa Mr. Incredible        
Mıa My Bra        
Mıa My First Night With You 2000      
Mıa Paradise 2008      
Mıa Pussycats        
Mıa Ready For Whatever        
Mıa Ridin' 2007      
Mıa The Hills        
Mıa You Got Me        
Mya Audrey A Change Of Sight 2010      
Mya Audrey Any Ground 2010      
Mya Audrey Beautiful Goodbyes        
Mya Audrey Company        
Mya Audrey Dreams Of An Ordinary Life 2010      
Mya Audrey Incomplete 2010      
Mya Audrey Lonely Star 2010      
Mya Audrey Love Is A Wonderland 2010      
Mya Audrey More Than A Thousand Miles 2010      
Mya Audrey On Her Way 2010      
Mya Audrey Prelude 2010      
Mya Audrey Rise Again 2010      
Mya Audrey Strawberry Field 2010      
Mya Audrey Strong Enough 2010      
Mya Audrey Sudden Breeze 2010      
Mya Audrey Through The Screen        
Mya Audrey Your Smile 2010      
Mıa feat. Bun B Show Me Somethin' 2009      
Mıa feat. Che'nelle Wish You Were Here 2009      
Mıa feat. DJ Kool Ayo! 2006      
Mıa feat. Lil Wayne Lock U Down 2007      
Mıa feat. Sean Paul Things Come & Go        
Mıa feat. Silkk The Shocker Movin' On        
Mya N A Little Crush 2004      
Mya N Another Day With You 2004      
Mya N Blacky 2004      
Mya N Break Away 2004      
Mya N Don't Wait For Me 2004      
Mya N Free My Soul 2004      
Mya N On My Side 2004      
Mya N Prince Charming 2004      
Mya N Second Chance 2004      
Mya N The Same Old Song 2004      
Mya N Time 2004      
Mya N True Love 2004      
Mıa with Sisqó It's All About Me 1998      
Myah Circus Freak        
Myah Marie Animal        
Myah Marie Battery        
Myah Marie Black Widow        
Myah Marie Candy From Strangers        
Myah Marie Chemistry        
Myah Marie Dyslexic Hearts        
Myah Marie Feet On The Ground        
Myah Marie Flaw        
Myah Marie I Like It Loud        
Myah Marie I'm Crazy        
Myah Marie I'm Insane        
Myah Marie Just That Sexy        
Myah Marie Let Go Of It        
Myah Marie Lies And Ripped Jeans        
Myah Marie My Heart is Not A Dancefloor        
Myah Marie Name Dropper        
Myah Marie Nervous        
Myah Marie Reaction        

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