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Robert Palmer and UB40 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 1990 09/12/1990 4 14
UB40 (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You 1993 20/06/1993 1 20
UB40 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) 1989 18/08/1991 3 16
UB40 Higher Ground 1993 26/09/1993 40 5
UB40 Kingston Town 1989 17/11/1991 17 17
UB40 Where Did I Go Wrong 1988 19/02/1989 17 15
UB40 With Chrissie Hynde Breakfast In Bed 1988 02/10/1988 43 2
808 State vs. UB40 One In Ten 1992      
Afrika Bambaataa & Family feat. UB40 Reckless 1988      
Robert Palmer and UB40 Deep End 1990      
Stylus Junkies vs. UB40 Food For Thought 2005      
UB40 12 Bar 1980      
UB40 25% 1980      
UB40 A Love I Can Feel 2010      
UB40 Adella 1980      
UB40 After Tonight 2005      
UB40 All I Want To Do 1986      
UB40 Always There 1997      
UB40 As Always You Were Wrong Again 1984      
UB40 Baby 1989      
UB40 Baby Why 2010      
UB40 Bad Ekko 1993      
UB40 Bling Bling 2005      
UB40 Blood And Fire 1998      
UB40 Blue Bilet Doux 2013      
UB40 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 2013      
UB40 Boom Shacka Lacka 2010      
UB40 Bring It On Home To Me 2009      
UB40 Bring Me Your Cup 1993      
UB40 Burden Of Shame 1980      
UB40 'Cause It Isn't True 1988      
UB40 C'est la vie 1993      
UB40 Cherry Oh Baby 1983      
UB40 Chronic 1993      
UB40 Close To Me 2010      
UB40 Come Back Darling 1998      
UB40 Come Out To Play 1988      
UB40 Contaminated Minds 1988      
UB40 Cover Up 2001      
UB40 Cream Puff 2010      
UB40 Crisis 1990      
UB40 Crying Over You 1998      
UB40 Crying Time 2013      
UB40 D.U.B. 1984      
UB40 D.U.B. D.U.B. 1984      
UB40 Dance Until The Morning Light 2008      
UB40 Dance With The Devil 1988      
UB40 Demonstrate 1985      
UB40 Desert Sand 1993      
UB40 Don't Blame Me 1986      
UB40 Don't Break My Heart 1985      
UB40 Don't Do The Crime 1981      
UB40 Don't Forget To Smell The Roses 2002      
UB40 Don't Let It Pass You By 1981      
UB40 Don't Slow Down 1981      
UB40 Don't Walk On The Grass 1981      
UB40 Don't Want To See You Cry 2009      
UB40 Dr. X 1981      
UB40 Dread, Dread Time 1987      
UB40 Dream A Lie 1980      
UB40 Drop On By 2003      
UB40 Dubmobile 1983      
UB40 Easy Snappin' 2010      
UB40 End Of War 2008      
UB40 Every Breath You Take        
UB40 Everything Is Better Now 2003      
UB40 Everytime 2001      
UB40 Fight Fe Come In MK. 2 1985      
UB40 First Shot 1990      
UB40 Folitician        
UB40 Food For Thought 1980      
UB40 Food For Thought (Live) 1982      
UB40 Food For Thought / King 1980      
UB40 Forget The Cost 1982      
UB40 Freestyler 2003      
UB40 Friendly Fire 1997      
UB40 Frilla 1984      
UB40 Gator 1989      
UB40 Get Along Without You Now 2010      
UB40 Getting Over The Storm 2013      
UB40 Good Ambition 1998      
UB40 Good Situation 2005      
UB40 Gotta Tell Someone 2005      
UB40 Groovin' 1989      
UB40 Guilty 1983      
UB40 Guns In The Ghetto 1997      
UB40 Hand That Rocks The Cradle 2003      
UB40 He'll Have To Go 2013      
UB40 Here We Go Again 2008      
UB40 High On A Breeze 2000      
UB40 Hip Hop Lyrical Robot 1985      
UB40 Hit It 1989      
UB40 Hold Your Position MK. 3 1985      
UB40 Holiday 2010      
UB40 Holly Holy 1998      
UB40 Homely Girl 1989      
UB40 How Can Poor Men Stand Such Times And Live 2013      
UB40 How Will I Get Through This One 2013      
UB40 Hurry Come Up 1997      
UB40 I Did What I Did 2013      
UB40 I Didn't Know That I 2013      
UB40 I Knew You 2003      
UB40 I Love It When You Smile 1997      
UB40 I Really Can't Say 1997      
UB40 I Shot The Sheriff 2008      
UB40 I Think It's Going To Rain Today 1980      
UB40 I Won't Close My Eyes 1982      

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