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Aswad Don't Turn Around 1987 03/07/1988 34 1
Aswad 2 Makes 1 1994      
Aswad 54-46 Was My Number 1983      
Aswad Africa 1976      
Aswad African Children 1981      
Aswad African Children (Part 2) 1982      
Aswad Babe 1997      
Aswad Babylon 1981      
Aswad Back To Africa 1976      
Aswad Bammie Blow 1982      
Aswad Beauty's Only Skin Deep 1989      
Aswad Behold 1979      
Aswad Best Of My Love 1981      
Aswad Bittersweet 1988      
Aswad Boom Boom Carnival 1999      
Aswad Breakout 1999      
Aswad Bubbling 1985      
Aswad Calling 2009      
Aswad Candles 1981      
Aswad Can't Stand The Pressure 1976      
Aswad Can't Walk The Streets 1979      
Aswad Caution 1999      
Aswad Chasing For The Breeze 1984      
Aswad City Lock 2009      
Aswad Concrete Slaveship 1976      
Aswad Confidential 1990      
Aswad Corruption 1979      
Aswad Covenant Dub 1980      
Aswad Dancehall Mood 1993      
Aswad Dancing In The Moonlight 2002      
Aswad Dancing On My Own 1990      
Aswad Danger In Your Eyes 1997      
Aswad Day By Day 1994      
Aswad Deeper Than Deep 1994      
Aswad Didn't Know At The Time 1981      
Aswad Do That Thing 2009      
Aswad Down The Line 1982      
Aswad Drum And Bass Line 1982      
Aswad Dub Charge 1980      
Aswad Dub Fire 1982      
Aswad Dub It 2009      
Aswad Dub Style 1981      
Aswad Ethiopian Rhapsody 1976      
Aswad Feelings 1988      
Aswad Fever 1994      
Aswad Finger Gun Style 1981      
Aswad Fire 1990      
Aswad Flikaflame 1982      
Aswad Forever        
Aswad Free Azina 1985      
Aswad Freedom Street 1999      
Aswad Gave You My Love 1984      
Aswad Get A Grip 1997      
Aswad Ghetto In The Sky 1982      
Aswad Gimme The Dub 1987      
Aswad Girl's Got To Know 1982      
Aswad Give A Little Love 1988      
Aswad Give Me A Reason 1994      
Aswad Give Me Your Love 2009      
Aswad Golden Bay 1997      
Aswad Good Thing Going 2002      
Aswad Got To Get (To Your Loving) 1990      
Aswad Gotta Find A Way 1990      
Aswad Hang On Baby 1990      
Aswad He Gave The Sun To Shine 1981      
Aswad Heartbeat 1994      
Aswad Help Me Cross Over 1993      
Aswad Hooke On You 1986      
Aswad Hooked On You 1986      
Aswad Hulet 1979      
Aswad Hurry Love 1997      
Aswad I A Rebel Soul 1976      
Aswad I Asked The Question 1984      
Aswad I Can See Clearly Now 2002      
Aswad I Can't Get Over You 1988      
Aswad I Need Your Love 1982      
Aswad I Will Keep On Loving You 1981      
Aswad If I Was 1995      
Aswad In My Father's House 1984      
Aswad Ina Your Rights 1981      
Aswad International Melody 1988      
Aswad Ire Woman 1976      
Aswad It's Not Our Wish 1978      
Aswad Judgement Day 1979      
Aswad Just A Little Herb 1984      
Aswad Just Can't Take It 1990      
Aswad Justice 1988      
Aswad Keep It Raw 2009      
Aswad Kool Noh 1985      
Aswad Lay My Troubles Down 1994      
Aswad Lay This On You 1997      
Aswad Lifted 2002      
Aswad Lords Of The Dub 1981      
Aswad Love Fire 1981      
Aswad Love Won't Leave Me 1990      
Aswad Maybe Tonight 2009      
Aswad Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology) 1984      
Aswad Monday Morning 2009      
Aswad My Love 1999      
Aswad Natural Aggression 1982      
Aswad Natural Progression 1976      

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