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Brian May Too Much Love Will Kill You 1992 25/10/1992 18 11
Adam Lambert feat. Brian May Lucy 2015      
Brian Hyland I May Not Live To See Tomorrow 1962      
Brian May Aaron 2000      
Brian May All The Way From Memphis 1998      
Brian May Another World 1998      
Brian May Apparition 2000      
Brian May Arrestation 2000      
Brian May Autre revolver 2000      
Brian May Back To The Light 1992      
Brian May Back With Doc 1991      
Brian May Checking Out The House 1991      
Brian May China Belle 1998      
Brian May Continuer 2000      
Brian May Crossing The Line 1991      
Brian May Cyborg 1998      
Brian May Defend Myself 1991      
Brian May Doc's Dream Theory 1991      
Brian May 'Dream Of Thee' 2000      
Brian May Driven By You 1991      
Brian May F.B.I. 1998      
Brian May Freddy "101" 1991      
Brian May Freddy Into Reality 1991      
Brian May Freddy Is Made Forever 1991      
Brian May Freddy Wins 1991      
Brian May Freddy's Dad 1991      
Brian May Freddy's Dead - Main Title 1991      
Brian May Freddy's Dead - Opening Titles 1991      
Brian May Fuite 2000      
Brian May Furia Thème - Générique 2000      
Brian May Happy Father's Day 1991      
Brian May I Hate This House 1991      
Brian May I'm Scared 1992      
Brian May Incendie 2000      
Brian May It's Me Or Him 1991      
Brian May It's Only Make Believe 1998      
Brian May John's Dream 1991      
Brian May John's Eyeball 1991      
Brian May Just One Life 1991      
Brian May La rencontre 2000      
Brian May Last Horizon 1992      
Brian May Let Your Heart Rule Your Head 1992      
Brian May Love Token 1992      
Brian May Maggie Faces Freddy 1991      
Brian May Maggie's First Dream 1991      
Brian May Mama's Q-Tip 1991      
Brian May Map Hell 1991      
Brian May Maybe Baby 1998      
Brian May Meurtre 2000      
Brian May No Kinds At The Fair 1991      
Brian May Nothin' But Blue 1992      
Brian May On My Way Up 1998      
Brian May One Rainy Wish 1998      
Brian May Only Make Believe 1998      
Brian May Orage 2000      
Brian May Paysage 2000      
Brian May Père et fils 2000      
Brian May Petit restaurant 2000      
Brian May Poursuite 2000      
Brian May Premier baiser 2000      
Brian May Rollin' Over 1992      
Brian May Slow Down 1998      
Brian May Space 1998      
Brian May Téléphone 2000      
Brian May The Business 1998      
Brian May The Dark 1992      
Brian May The Dream Continues 1991      
Brian May The Guv'nor 1998      
Brian May There's No Way Out 1991      
Brian May Tracy And Freddy's Fight 1991      
Brian May Tracy's Dad 1991      
Brian May Why Don't We Try Again 1998      
Brian May Wilderness 1998      
Brian May Wizard Of Odd 1991      
Brian May & Friends Blues Breaker 1992      
Brian May & Friends Let Me Out 1992      
Brian May & Friends Son Of Star Fleet 1983      
Brian May & Friends Star Fleet 1983      
Brian May & The A.B.C. Showband Theme From "Rush" 1974      
Brian May & The A.B.C. Showband Theme From "Seven Little Australians" 1974      
Brian May feat. Manuel Cedron Cuesta abajo 2000      
Brian May feat. Phillipa Davies Premier regard 2000      
Brian May feat. The Upsetters Bird In Hand 2000      
Brian May with Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus Nobody Knew (Black White House) 1995      
Brian May with Cozy Powell Love Token 1993      
Brian May with Cozy Powell Resurrection 1992      
Brian May, Kerry Ellis, John Paul Jones, Ian Paice, Brian Auger Since You've Been Gone        
Brian Well Maybe I'm Crazy 1988      
Brian Wilson Cinco de mayo 2008      
Bruce Dickinson, Brian May, John Paul Jones, Ian Paice, Brian Auger Black Night        
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May A Shift In The Wind 1985      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Blue Water 1984      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Bye Bye Love 1984      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Dr. Rock 1985      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Eight Letters Three Words One Meaning 1984      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Inside Out For Your Love 1985      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Lies 1984      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May Spirit Of The Night 1985      
Chris Thompson feat. Brian May We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 1985      
Cliff Richard with Brian May & Brian Bennett Move It 2006      
Dappy feat. Brian May Rockstar 2012      

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