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Enya Anywhere Is 1995 03/12/1995 34 7
Enya How Can I Keep From Singing? 1991 12/01/1992 47 1
Enya Oíche chiún (Silent Night) 1988 10/01/1993 48 1
Enya Orinoco Flow 1988 29/01/1989 6 15
Mario Winans feat. Enya & P. Diddy I Don't Wanna Know 2004 06/06/2004 2 17
Dada (Ante Portas) Enya 2001      
Enya "Smaotím..." (d'Aodh agus do Mháire Uí Dhúgain) 1988      
Enya 3 Tracks EP 1990      
Enya A Day Without Rain 2000      
Enya A Moment Lost 2005      
Enya A pulmón        
Enya Adeste, fideles 2006      
Enya Afer ventus 1991      
Enya Aldebaran 1987      
Enya Amarantine 2005      
Enya Amid The Falling Snow 2005      
Enya And Winter Came... 2008      
Enya Angeles 1991      
Enya Angels 1991      
Enya Aníron (I Desire) 2009      
Enya As baile 1991      
Enya Astra et Luna 2015      
Enya Athair ar neamh 1995      
Enya Bard Dance 1987      
Enya Boadicea 1987      
Enya Book Of Days 1992      
Enya Book Of Days [gaelic] 1991      
Enya Caribbean Blue 1991      
Enya China Roses 1995      
Enya Christmas Secrets 2006      
Enya Cursum perficio 1988      
Enya Dan y dwr 1987      
Enya Dark Sky Island 2015      
Enya Deireadh an tuath 1987      
Enya Deora ar mo chroí 2000      
Enya Diamonds On The Water 2015      
Enya Dreams        
Enya Dreams Are More Precious 2008      
Enya Drifting 2005      
Enya Ebudæ 1991      
Enya Echoes In Rain 2015      
Enya Eclipse 1992      
Enya Epona 1987      
Enya Evacuee 1991      
Enya Even In The Shadows 2015      
Enya Evening Falls... 1988      
Enya Exile 1988      
Enya Fairytale 1987      
Enya Fallen Embers 2000      
Enya Flora's Secret 2000      
Enya From Where I Am 1995      
Enya Hope Has A Place 1995      
Enya I Could Never Say Goodbye 2015      
Enya I May Not Awaken 1996      
Enya I Want Tomorrow 1987      
Enya If I Could Be Where You Are 2005      
Enya Isobella 2001      
Enya It's In The Rain 2005      
Enya Journey Of The Angels 2008      
Enya La soñadora 1995      
Enya Last Time By Moonlight 2008      
Enya Lazy Days 2000      
Enya Less Than A Pearl 2005      
Enya Long Long Journey 2005      
Enya Lothlórien 1991      
Enya Marble Halls 1991      
Enya March Of The Celts 1987      
Enya May It Be 2001      
Enya Midnight Blue 2001      
Enya Miraculum        
Enya Miss Clare Remembers 1988      
Enya Morning Glory 1988      
Enya My! My! Time Flies! 2008      
Enya Na laetha geal m'óige 1988      
Enya No Holly For Miss Quinn 1991      
Enya O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 2008      
Enya On My Way Home 1995      
Enya On Your Shore 1988      
Enya Once You Had Gold 1995      
Enya One By One 2000      
Enya One Toy Soldier 2008      
Enya Only If... 1997      
Enya Only Time 2000      
Enya Oriel Window 1992      
Enya Out Of The Blue 1988      
Enya Paint The Sky With Stars 1997      
Enya Pale Grass Blue 2015      
Enya Pax Deorum 1995      
Enya Pilgrim 2000      
Enya Portrait (Out Of The Blue) 1987      
Enya Remember Your Smile 2015      
Enya River 1988      
Enya 'S fagaim mo bhaile 1991      
Enya Sancta Maria 2015      
Enya Shepherd Moons 1991      
Enya Silver Inches 2000      
Enya So I Could Find My Way 2015      
Enya Solace 2015      
Enya Someone Said Goodbye 2005      
Enya Song Of The Sandman (Lullaby) 2001      
Enya Sounds Of The Season 2006      
Enya Stars And Midnight Blue 2008      
Enya Storms In Africa 1988      
Enya Storms In Africa (Pt. II) 1989      
Enya Sumiregusa 2005      

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