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Evanescence Bring Me To Life 2003 04/05/2003 1 27
Evanescence Call Me When You're Sober 2006 01/10/2006 5 19
Evanescence Everybody's Fool 2003 13/06/2004 23 5
Evanescence Going Under 2003 31/08/2003 14 14
Evanescence Lithium 2006 28/01/2007 26 8
Evanescence My Immortal 2000 25/01/2004 4 21
... And Oceans Light Evanescence 2002      
Ectogram Evanescence 1999      
Evanescence A New Way To Bleed        
Evanescence All That I'm Living For 2006      
Evanescence Anything For You        
Evanescence Anywhere 2000      
Evanescence Ascension Of The Spirit 1999      
Evanescence Away From Me 2000      
Evanescence Before The Dawn        
Evanescence Breathe No More        
Evanescence Bring Me To Life (Synthesis)        
Evanescence Cloud Nine 2006      
Evanescence Demise        
Evanescence Disappear        
Evanescence End Of The Dream 2011      
Evanescence Erase This 2011      
Evanescence Eternal 2000      
Evanescence Even In Death 2000      
Evanescence Exodus 1998      
Evanescence Farther Away 2003      
Evanescence Fields Of Innocence 2000      
Evanescence Forgive Me 1999      
Evanescence Give Unto Me        
Evanescence Good Enough 2006      
Evanescence Haunted 2003      
Evanescence Heart Shaped Box 2003      
Evanescence Hello 2003      
Evanescence If You Don't Mind        
Evanescence Imaginary 1998      
Evanescence Imperfection 2017      
Evanescence Lacrymosa 2006      
Evanescence Lies 2000      
Evanescence Like You 2006      
Evanescence Listen To The Rain        
Evanescence Lose Control 2006      
Evanescence Lost In Paradise 2011      
Evanescence Made Of Stone 2011      
Evanescence Missing        
Evanescence My Heart Is Broken 2011      
Evanescence My Last Breath 2003      
Evanescence Never Go Back 2011      
Evanescence Oceans 2011      
Evanescence October        
Evanescence Origin        
Evanescence Say You Will        
Evanescence Secret Door 2017      
Evanescence Sick 2011      
Evanescence Snow White Queen 2006      
Evanescence So Close 1998      
Evanescence Solitude 1998      
Evanescence Surrender        
Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice 2006      
Evanescence Swimming Home 2011      
Evanescence Taking Over Me 2003      
Evanescence The Change 2011      
Evanescence The End 1998      
Evanescence The In-Between 2017      
Evanescence The Last Song I'm Wasting On You 2006      
Evanescence The Only One 2006      
Evanescence The Other Side 2011      
Evanescence Thoughtless        
Evanescence Together Again        
Evanescence Tourniquet 2003      
Evanescence Understanding 1998      
Evanescence Untitled (I Must Be Dreaming)        
Evanescence Weight Of The World 2006      
Evanescence What You Want 2011      
Evanescence Where Will You Go 1998      
Evanescence Whisper 2000      
Evanescence You        
Evanescence Your Star 2006      
Evanescence feat. Lindsey Stirling Hi-Lo 2017      
Korn feat. Amy Lee from Evanescence Freak On A Leash [MTV Unplugged] 2007      

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