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Megadeth No More Mr. Nice Guy 1989 25/03/1990 48 2
Megadeth 1,320' 2009      
Megadeth 1000 Times Goodbye 2001      
Megadeth 13 2011      
Megadeth 44 Minutes 2009      
Megadeth 502 1988      
Megadeth 99 Ways To Die 1993      
Megadeth A Secret Place 1997      
Megadeth tout le monde 1994      
Megadeth Addicted To Chaos 1994      
Megadeth Almost Honest 1997      
Megadeth Amerikhastan 2007      
Megadeth Anarchy In The U.K. 1988      
Megadeth Angry Again 1993      
Megadeth Architecture Of Aggression 1992      
Megadeth Ashes In Your Mouth 1992      
Megadeth Back In The Day 2004      
Megadeth Bad Omen 1986      
Megadeth Battery        
Megadeth Beginning Of Sorrow 2013      
Megadeth Bite The Hand 2009      
Megadeth Black Curtains 1994      
Megadeth Black Swan 2011      
Megadeth Blackmail The Universe 2004      
Megadeth Blessed Are The Dead 2007      
Megadeth Blood Of Heroes 1994      
Megadeth Bodies 2009      
Megadeth Breadline 1999      
Megadeth Breakpoint 1992      
Megadeth Built For War 2013      
Megadeth Bullet To The Brain 2016      
Megadeth Burn! 2013      
Megadeth Burning Bridges 2001      
Megadeth Burnt Ice 2007      
Megadeth Call Out Hook 2001      
Megadeth Captive Honour 1992      
Megadeth Chosen Ones 1985      
Megadeth Cold Sweat 2013      
Megadeth Conquer Or Die! 2016      
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction 1992      
Megadeth Crown Of Worms 1992      
Megadeth Crush 'Em 1999      
Megadeth Dance In The Rain 2013      
Megadeth Dawn Patrol 1990      
Megadeth Deadly Nightshade 2011      
Megadeth Death From Within 2016      
Megadeth Devils Island 1986      
Megadeth Dialectic Chaos 2009      
Megadeth Die Dead Enough 2004      
Megadeth Disconnect 2001      
Megadeth Don't Turn Your Back... 2013      
Megadeth Dread And The Fugitive Mind 2000      
Megadeth Duke Nukem Theme        
Megadeth Dystopia 2016      
Megadeth Ecstasy 1999      
Megadeth Elysian Fields 1994      
Megadeth Endgame 2009      
Megadeth Enter The Arena 1999      
Megadeth Family Tree 1994      
Megadeth Fast Lane 2011      
Megadeth Fatal Illusion 2016      
Megadeth FFF 1997      
Megadeth Five Magics 1990      
Megadeth Foreclosure Of A Dream 1992      
Megadeth Foreign Policy 2016      
Megadeth Forget To Remember 2013      
Megadeth Gears Of War 2007      
Megadeth Go To Hell 1992      
Megadeth Good Mourning/Black Friday 1986      
Megadeth Guns, Drugs & Money 2011      
Megadeth Hangar 18 1990      
Megadeth Have Cool, Will Travel 1997      
Megadeth Head Crusher 2009      
Megadeth High Speed Dirt 1992      
Megadeth Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 1990      
Megadeth Hook In Mouth 1988      
Megadeth How The Story Ends 2009      
Megadeth I Ain't Superstitious 1986      
Megadeth I Know Jack 2004      
Megadeth I Thought I Knew It All 1994      
Megadeth I'll Be There 1999      
Megadeth I'll Get Even 1997      
Megadeth In My Darkest Hour 1988      
Megadeth Insomnia 1999      
Megadeth Into The Lungs Of Hell 1988      
Megadeth Kick The Chair 2004      
Megadeth Kill The King 2000      
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! 1985      
Megadeth Kingmaker 2013      
Megadeth Last Rites / Loved To Deth 1985      
Megadeth Liar 1988      
Megadeth Looking Down The Cross 1985      
Megadeth Losing My Senses 2001      
Megadeth Lucretia 1990      
Megadeth Lying In State 2016      
Megadeth Mary Jane 1988      
Megadeth Mastermind 1997      
Megadeth Mechanix 1985      
Megadeth Millennium Of The Blind 2011      
Megadeth Moto Psycho 2001      
Megadeth My Creation 2004      

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