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Oasis Champagne Supernova 1995 16/06/1996 26 7
Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger 1995 17/03/1996 19 11
Oasis D'You Know What I Mean? 1997 20/07/1997 16 10
Oasis Go Let It Out 2000 20/02/2000 23 1
Oasis Lyla 2005 29/05/2005 23 2
Oasis Morning Glory 1995 01/10/1995 25 12
Oasis Roll With It 1995 06/10/1996 48 1
Oasis Stand By Me 1997 05/10/1997 48 1
Oasis Stop Crying Your Heart Out 2002 11/08/2002 48 1
Oasis The Hindu Times 2002 05/05/2002 22 2
Oasis Whatever 1994 11/06/1995 40 7
Oasis Wonderwall 1995 03/12/1995 1 22
A Great Big World Oasis 2015      
Aerosmith Oasis In The Night 2012      
Al Jarreau Oasis 2002      
Albatros [IT] Oasis/Et si tu n'existais pas 1975      
Alpines Oasis        
Amanda Palmer feat. Ben Folds & Jared Reynolds Oasis 2008      
Amir [FR] Oasis 2015      
Ashra Oasis 1979      
Barbara Dickson Sweet Oasis 1978      
Billie Ray Martin Space Oasis 1995      
Bob James Midnight At The Oasis        
Cold Blue Oasis        
Conjunto Académico João Paulo Oásis 1967      
David Nichtern Midnight At The Oasis        
Debbie Harry Oasis 1981      
Dia Fadilla Midnight At The Oasis        
Dinah de Leon Midnight At The Oasis        
DJ Stella Drying Oasis 2007      
Dokken Oasis 2008      
Enchant Oasis 1993      
Enchantment Oasis Of Love 1979      
Flaming Bess Oasis 1979      
Freddie Hubbard Midnight At The Oasis        
Graham Parker Oasis 1992      
Hank Marvin Midnight At The Oasis 2002      
Happy Mondays Oasis 1987      
Harry Gregson-Williams The Oasis Ambush 2010      
Heyder feat. Richard Judge Oasis        
Iced Earth Burning Oasis 1995      
Jasmine Thompson Oasis        
Joe Sample Oasis 1985      
Keith Jarrett Oasis 1979      
Kim Waters Midnight At The Oasis        
Kitaro Oasis 1979      
Kitaro Oasis [Ki] 1981      
Kool & The Gang Oasis 1977      
Kygo feat. Foxes Oasis 2016      
La Chica Oasis        
Les Baxter Oasis Of Dakhla        
Lisa Margo Oasis 2012      
Mango Oasis 1988      
Maria Muldaur Christmas At The Oasis        
Maria Muldaur Midnight At The Oasis 1973      
Mark With A K Oasis 2012      
Martin Taylor Midnight At The Oasis        
Maynard Ferguson Oasis 1977      
Mental As Anything Oasis 1989      
Mike Steva Oasis 2014      
Miki Hahn Midnight At The Oasis        
Moondog Oasis 1953      
Natacha Atlas Oasis 2015      
Nathalie Karr & David Doy Oasis 2008      
Nucleus Oasis        
Oasis (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell 2000      
Oasis (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady 2008      
Oasis (I Got) The Fever 1997      
Oasis (It's Good) To Be Free 1994      
Oasis (Probably) All In The Mind 2002      
Oasis A Bell Will Ring 2005      
Oasis A Quick Peep 2002      
Oasis Acquiesce 1995      
Oasis Ain't Got Nothin' 2008      
Oasis Alive 1994      
Oasis All Around The World 1997      
Oasis Angel Child 1997      
Oasis Bag It Up 2008      
Oasis Be Here Now 1997      
Oasis Better Man 2002      
Oasis Bonehead's Bank Holiday 1995      
Oasis Born On A Different Cloud 2002      
Oasis Boy With The Blues 2009      
Oasis Bring It On Down 1994      
Oasis Cast No Shadow 1995      
Oasis Cigarettes & Alcohol 1994      
Oasis Cloudburst 1994      
Oasis Columbia 1994      
Oasis Cum On Feel The Noize 1995      
Oasis Digsy's Dinner 1994      
Oasis Don't Go Away 1997      
Oasis D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? 1994      
Oasis Eyeball Tickler 2005      
Oasis Fade Away 1994      
Oasis Fade In-Out 1997      
Oasis Falling Down 2008      
Oasis Flashbax 1997      
Oasis Force Of Nature 2002      
Oasis Fuckin' In The Bushes 2000      
Oasis Gas Panic! 2000      
Oasis Going Nowhere 1998      
Oasis Guess God Thinks I'm Abel 2005      
Oasis Half The World Away 1994      
Oasis Headshrinker 1998      
Oasis Hello 1995      
Oasis Helter Skelter 2000      
Oasis Heroes 1997      
Oasis Hey Now! 1995      
Oasis Hung In A Bad Place 2002      
Oasis I Am The Walrus 1994      
Oasis I Believe In All 2009      
Oasis I Can See A Liar 2000      

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