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Paula Abdul 1990 Medley Mix 1990 09/09/1990 33 8
Paula Abdul Opposites Attract 1988 11/03/1990 1 20
Paula Abdul Rush Rush 1991 02/06/1991 2 16
Paula Abdul Straight Up 1988 23/04/1989 27 13
Paula Abdul The Promise Of A New Day 1991 01/09/1991 31 8
Paula Abdul feat. Ofra Haza My Love Is For Real 1995 25/06/1995 7 11
Paula Abdul (It's Just) The Way That You Love Me 1988      
Paula Abdul Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up 1995      
Paula Abdul Alright Tonight 1991      
Paula Abdul Bend Time Back 'Round 1992      
Paula Abdul Blowing Kisses In The Wind 1991      
Paula Abdul Cold Hearted 1988      
Paula Abdul Crazy Cool 1995      
Paula Abdul Crazy Cool / The Choice Is Yours        
Paula Abdul Crazy Love 1995      
Paula Abdul Cry For Me 1995      
Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl 1988      
Paula Abdul Get Your Groove On 1995      
Paula Abdul Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) 1991      
Paula Abdul Ho-Down 1995      
Paula Abdul I Need You 1988      
Paula Abdul I Never Knew It 1995      
Paula Abdul If I Were Your Girl 1995      
Paula Abdul I'm Just Here For The Music        
Paula Abdul It's All About Feeling Good 1995      
Paula Abdul Knocked Out 1988      
Paula Abdul Love Don't Come Easy 1995      
Paula Abdul Megamix Medley 2000      
Paula Abdul Missing You 1995      
Paula Abdul My Foolish Heart 1991      
Paula Abdul Next To You 1988      
Paula Abdul One Or The Other 1988      
Paula Abdul Rock House 1991      
Paula Abdul Sexy Thoughts 1995      
Paula Abdul Spellbound 1991      
Paula Abdul State Of Attraction 1988      
Paula Abdul The Choice Is Yours 1995      
Paula Abdul To You 1991      
Paula Abdul U 1991      
Paula Abdul Under The Influence 1995      
Paula Abdul Vibeology 1991      
Paula Abdul Will You Marry Me? 1991      
Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson Dance Like There's No Tomorrow        

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