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Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins (It's) Tricky 1998 24/05/1998 15 14
Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins It's Like That 1997 09/11/1997 1 37
DJ Sakin & Friends feat. Run (Of Run DMC) Thunderbird 2002      
Justine Simmons feat. Run from Run DMC Check Out The Floor (Summer Breeze)        
Limp Bizkit feat. Run D.M.C It's Like That Ya'll 2000      
Living Colour & Run DMC Me, Myself & My Microphone 1993      
Run DMC 30 Days 1984      
Run DMC Back From Hell        
Run DMC Beats To The Rhyme 1988      
Run DMC Bob Your Head        
Run DMC Bounce 1993      
Run DMC Can You Rock It Like This 1985      
Run DMC Christmas In Hollis 1987      
Run DMC Christmas Is 1992      
Run DMC Come On Everybody 1993      
Run DMC Crown Royal 2001      
Run DMC Darryl And Joe (Krush-Groove 3) 1985      
Run DMC Don't Stop        
Run DMC Down With The King 1993      
Run DMC Dumb Girl 1986      
Run DMC Faces        
Run DMC Get Open 1993      
Run DMC Ghostbusters 1989      
Run DMC Groove The Sound        
Run DMC Hard Times 1984      
Run DMC Here We Go        
Run DMC Hit It Run 1986      
Run DMC Hollis Crew (Krush-Groove 2) 1984      
Run DMC How'd Ya Do It Dee 1988      
Run DMC I'm Not Going Out Like That 1988      
Run DMC Is It Live 1986      
Run DMC It's Like That 1983      
Run DMC It's Like That 2010 2010      
Run DMC It's Not Funny 1985      
Run DMC It's Tricky 1986      
Run DMC Jam-Master Jammin' 1985      
Run DMC Jam-Master Jay 1984      
Run DMC Jay's Game 2005      
Run DMC Kick The Frama Lama Lama        
Run DMC King Of Rock 1985      
Run DMC Livin' In The City        
Run DMC Mary, Mary 1988      
Run DMC Miss Elaine 1988      
Run DMC My Adidas 1986      
Run DMC Naughty 1990      
Run DMC Not Just Another Groove        
Run DMC Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do 2012      
Run DMC Papa Crazy 1988      
Run DMC Party Time        
Run DMC Pause 1990      
Run DMC Penthouse Ad 1988      
Run DMC Perfection 1986      
Run DMC Peter Piper 1986      
Run DMC Proud To Be Black 1986      
Run DMC Radio Station 1988      
Run DMC Ragtime 1988      
Run DMC Raising Hell 1986      
Run DMC Rappers Delight        
Run DMC Rock Box 1984      
Run DMC Rock The House 1985      
Run DMC Roots, Rap, Reggae 1985      
Run DMC Run's House 1988      
Run DMC Son Of Byford 1986      
Run DMC Soul To Rock And Roll 1988      
Run DMC Sucker M.C.s (Krush-Groove 1) 1983      
Run DMC The Ave. 2012      
Run DMC They Call Us Run-D.M.C. 1986      
Run DMC Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4) 1985      
Run DMC Tougher Than Leather 1988      
Run DMC Wake Up 1984      
Run DMC Walk This Way 1986      
Run DMC What's It All About 1990      
Run DMC Word Is Born        
Run DMC Wreck shop 1993      
Run DMC You Be Illin' 1986      
Run DMC You Talk Too Much 1985      
Run DMC You're Blind 1985      
Run DMC feat. Bodyrox Yeah It's Like That        
Run DMC feat. Chris Davis Ahhh 2001      
Run DMC feat. Everlast Take The Money And Run 2001      
Run DMC feat. Fat Joe Ay Papi 2001      
Run DMC feat. Fred Durst Them Girls 2001      
Run DMC feat. Jacknife Lee It's Tricky 2003 2003      
Run DMC feat. Jagged Edge Let's Stay Together (Together Forever) 2001      
Run DMC feat. Jermaine Dupri It's Over 2001      
Run DMC feat. Kid Rock The School Of Old 2001      
Run DMC feat. Method Man Simmons Incorporated 2001      
Run DMC feat. Nas & Prodigy of Mobb Deep Queens Day 2001      
Run DMC feat. Q-Tip Come On Everybody 2012      
Run DMC feat. Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind Rock Show 2001      
Run DMC feat. Sugar Ray Here We Go 2001 2001      
Run DMC feat. Yellowman Roots, Rap, Reggae 1985      
Run From Run DMC feat. Justine Simmons Praise My DJ's (My Funny Valentine) 1999      
Viktor Király feat. DMC Running Out Of Time 2014      

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