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Rihanna feat. Slash Rockstar 101 2009 22/08/2010 24 6
Aaron Freeman & Slash Wiggle Wiggle        
Ace Frehley / Slash Emerald 2016      
Alice Cooper feat. Slash Vengeance Is Mine 2008      
Alice Cooper, W. Axl Rose, Slash and Izzy Of Guns N' Roses Under My Wheels 1988      
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks Catchy (Was Contagious)        
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks Little Fang 2014      
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks Strange Colores        
Beat Crusaders Slash It Up        
Bill Pritchard The Tipton Slasher 1998      
Brian Tyler feat. Slash Mustang Nismo 2006      
Cannibal Corpse Code Of The Slashers 2017      
Dan Black Life Slash Dreams 2011      
Daughtry feat. Slash What I Want 2007      
David Holmes Slashers Revenge        
Dicecream & T-Slash feat. Brainpower Afblijven        
Escala feat. Slash Kashmir 2009      
Fatboy Slim Slash Dot Dash 2004      
Gilby Clarke feat. Slash Cure Me... Or Kill Me...        
Gilby Clarke feat. Slash Tijuana Jail        
Graham Parker Slash And Burn 1989      
Halestorm feat. Slash Here's To Us 2013      
Kal P. Dal Om ja' va' en slashas / Jag vill leva fri        
Kenton Slash Demon Matter 2010      
Kenton Slash Demon Peace        
Kenton Slash Demon Sun        
Leslie West feat. Slash Mudflap Momma 2011      
Leslie West feat. Slash & Zakk Wylde The Party's Over 2011      
Liel with Patti Labelle feat. Slash For The Love Of God 2009      
Lordi Slashion Model Girls 2018      
Manic Street Preachers Slash 'N' Burn 1992      
Mylène Farmer My Soul Is Slashed 1993      
Nash The Slash 19th Nervous Breakdown        
Nash The Slash American Band        
Nash The Slash Animal Jamboree        
Nash The Slash Blind Windows/Counter Vail        
Nash The Slash Born To Be Wild        
Nash The Slash Children Of The Night        
Nash The Slash Citizen        
Nash The Slash Danger Zone        
Nash The Slash Dead Man's Curve        
Nash The Slash Deep Forest        
Nash The Slash Dense After Curfew        
Nash The Slash Dopes On The Water        
Nash The Slash End Of The Millenium        
Nash The Slash Give Me The Creeps        
Nash The Slash Guns And Sandwiches        
Nash The Slash Hey Joe        
Nash The Slash I'll Wait For You        
Nash The Slash In A Glass Eye        
Nash The Slash Islands        
Nash The Slash Lost Lenore        
Nash The Slash Metropolis        
Nash The Slash Moon Curse        
Nash The Slash Normal        
Nash The Slash Novel Romance        
Nash The Slash Pretty Folks        
Nash The Slash Psychotic Reaction        
Nash The Slash R.S.V.P.        
Nash The Slash Remember When        
Nash The Slash Shock Treatment        
Nash The Slash Something Weird On My TV        
Nash The Slash Stalker        
Nash The Slash Tension        
Nash The Slash The Chase        
Nash The Slash The Hypnotist        
Nash The Slash Theory Of The Black Hole        
Nash The Slash Thrash        
Nash The Slash 'Til Death Do Us Part        
Nash The Slash Un chien andalou        
Nash The Slash Underground        
Nash The Slash Vincent's Crows        
Nash The Slash We Will Be The Leaders        
Nash The Slash Who Do You Love?        
Nash The Slash Wolf        
Nash The Slash Ylla        
Patrick Sébastien Faut qu'on slash! 2011      
Phineas und Ferb feat. Slash Kick It Up A Notch 2011      
Prolapse Slash/Oblique        
Ranger Night Slasher 2016      
Reflection Rip And Slash 2011      
Rustie Slasherr 2013      
Sacha Baron Cohen feat. Bono, Chris Martin, Elton John, Slash, Snoop Dogg, Sting Dove Of Peace        
Say Anything Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat        
Slash Communication Breakdown        
Slash And Jed Leiber Obsession Confession        
Slash And Michael Monroe Magic Carpet Ride 1993      
Slash and Paul Rodgers with The Band Of Gypsys I Don't Live Today 1993      
Slash Dash Ride My Pony        
Slash feat. Adam Levine Gotten 2010      
Slash feat. Andrew Stockdale By The Sword 2010      
Slash feat. Beth Hart Mother Maria        
Slash feat. Chris Cornell Promise 2010      
Slash feat. Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan Watch This Dave 2010      
Slash feat. Fergie Beautiful Dangerous 2010      
Slash feat. Fergie & Cypress Hill Paradise City        
Slash feat. Ian Astbury Ghost 2010      
Slash feat. Iggy Pop We're All Gonna Die 2010      
Slash feat. Kid Rock I Hold On 2010      
Slash feat. Koshi Inaba Sahara        
Slash feat. Lemmy Kilmister Doctor Alibi 2010      

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