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Westlife Amazing 2005 06/08/2006 34 4
Westlife Flying Without Wings 1999 28/11/1999 31 5
Westlife I Lay My Love On You 2000 04/03/2001 29 2
Westlife If I Let You Go 1999 26/09/1999 13 12
Westlife My Love 2000 19/11/2000 36 8
Westlife Swear It Again 1999 30/05/1999 12 19
Westlife Uptown Girl 2001 27/05/2001 6 16
Westlife When You're Looking Like That 2000 16/09/2001 19 8
Westlife World Of Our Own 2001 14/04/2002 21 5
Westlife You Raise Me Up 2005 18/12/2005 3 40
Lulu & Westlife Back At One 2002      
Mariah feat. Westlife Against All Odds 1999      
Westlife ...Ain't That A Kick In The Head 2004      
Westlife Against All Odds 2000      
Westlife All Or Nothing 2006      
Westlife Angel 2001      
Westlife Angel's Wings 2000      
Westlife Another World 2010      
Westlife As Love Is My Witness 2010      
Westlife Bad Girls 2001      
Westlife Beautiful Tonight 2010      
Westlife Beautiful World 2011      
Westlife Before It's Too Late 2010      
Westlife Beyond The Sea        
Westlife Bop Bop Baby 2001      
Westlife Can't Lose What You Never Had 1999      
Westlife Catch My Breath 2007      
Westlife Chances 2010      
Westlife Change The World 1999      
Westlife Change Your Mind 2005      
Westlife Clementine 2004      
Westlife Close 2000      
Westlife Close Your Eyes 2000      
Westlife Closer 2010      
Westlife Colour My World 2005      
Westlife Come Fly With Me 2004      
Westlife Con lo bien que te        
Westlife Crying Girl 2002      
Westlife Daytime Friends And Nighttime Lovers        
Westlife Desperado 2005      
Westlife Difference In Me 2010      
Westlife Don't Calm The Storm        
Westlife Don't Get Me Wrong 2000      
Westlife Don't Let Me Go 2001      
Westlife Don't Say It's Too Late 2001      
Westlife Dreams Come True 2000      
Westlife Drive (For All Time) 2001      
Westlife Easy 2006      
Westlife Evergreen 2001      
Westlife Every Little Thing You Do 2000      
Westlife Everybody Knows 1999      
Westlife Fly Me To The Moon 2004      
Westlife Fool Again 1999      
Westlife Forever 1999      
Westlife Fragile Heart 2000      
Westlife Greased Lightnin' 2003      
Westlife Hard To Say I'm Sorry        
Westlife Have You Ever 2007      
Westlife Have You Ever Been In Love 2006      
Westlife Heal 2003      
Westlife Heart Without A Home 2005      
Westlife Hey Whatever 2003      
Westlife Hit You With The Real Thing 2005      
Westlife Home 2007      
Westlife Home [2003] 2003      
Westlife How Does It Feel 2002      
Westlife How To Break A Heart 2010      
Westlife I Cry 2001      
Westlife I Did It For You 2003      
Westlife I Do 2007      
Westlife I Don't Wanna Fight 1999      
Westlife I Get Weak 2010      
Westlife I Have A Dream 1999      
Westlife I Have A Dream / Seasons In The Sun 1999      
Westlife I Left My Heart In San Francisco 2004      
Westlife I Need You 1999      
Westlife I Promise You That 2002      
Westlife I Wanna Grow Old With You 2001      
Westlife I Will Reach You 2010      
Westlife I Won't Let You Down 2003      
Westlife If Your Heart's Not In It 2001      
Westlife I'll Be There 2000      
Westlife I'll See You Again 2010      
Westlife I'm Already There 2007      
Westlife I'm Missing Loving You        
Westlife Imaginary Diva 2001      
Westlife In This Life 2005      
Westlife It's You 2007      
Westlife Last Mile Of The Way 2011      
Westlife Leaving 2010      
Westlife Let There Be Love 2004      
Westlife Lighthouse 2011      
Westlife Loneliness Knows Me By Name 2000      
Westlife Lost In You 2004      
Westlife Lost It You 2004      
Westlife Love Can Build A Bridge 2006      
Westlife Love Crime 2001      
Westlife Love Takes Two 2002      
Westlife Mack The Knife 2004      
Westlife Mandy 2003      
Westlife Maybe Tomorrow 2009      
Westlife Miss You 1999      
Westlife Miss You Nights 2002      
Westlife Miss You When I'm Dreaming 2006      
Westlife Moments 1999      
Westlife Moon River 2004      
Westlife More Than Words 1999      
Westlife My Girl 2000      
Westlife My Private Movie 2001      
Westlife Never Knew I Was Losing You 2002      

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