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Whigfield Gimme Gimme 1996 16/03/1997 14 15
Whigfield Sexy Eyes 1995 15/12/1996 6 27
KLM Music feat. Whigfield Saturday Night 2008      
Oral Tunerz starring Whigfield To Feel Alive 2011      
Whigfield 4Ever 2012      
Whigfield Ain't It Blue 1995      
Whigfield All Your Love 2000      
Whigfield Amazing And Beautiful 2002      
Whigfield Another Day 1994      
Whigfield Baby Boy 1997      
Whigfield Be My Baby 1999      
Whigfield Beep Beep 2002      
Whigfield Big Time 1995      
Whigfield Boys Boys Boys 2002      
Whigfield Candy 2002      
Whigfield C'est Cool 2011      
Whigfield Close To You 1995      
Whigfield Close To You / Last Christmas 1996      
Whigfield Don't Walk Away 1995      
Whigfield Doo-Whop 1999      
Whigfield Every Single Day & Night 2002      
Whigfield Fantasy 2002      
Whigfield Forever On My Mind 1997      
Whigfield Get Get Get 2002      
Whigfield Givin' All My Love 1997      
Whigfield Gotta Getcha 2002      
Whigfield I Knew Before 2002      
Whigfield I Want To Love 1995      
Whigfield It's Allright 1996      
Whigfield It's Alright 1995      
Whigfield Jeg kommer hjem 2012      
Whigfield Junto a ti 1995      
Whigfield Last Christmas 1995      
Whigfield Lost In You 2000      
Whigfield Lover 1997      
Whigfield Makin' My Day 2000      
Whigfield Mi amor 2000      
Whigfield Much More 2000      
Whigfield My Love's Gone 2002      
Whigfield My My 2002      
Whigfield No Doubt 2009      
Whigfield No Tears To Cry 1997      
Whigfield Out Of Sight 1995      
Whigfield Outside 2000      
Whigfield Outside Life 2002      
Whigfield Rainbow 2008      
Whigfield Ricks Megamix 1997      
Whigfield Right In The Night 2008      
Whigfield Saturday Night 1993      
Whigfield Saturday Night 2003 2003      
Whigfield Summer Samba 1997      
Whigfield Take Me To The Summertime 2002      
Whigfield Tenderly 1997      
Whigfield Think Of You 1994      
Whigfield Through The Night 1997      
Whigfield Tomorrow 2002      
Whigfield Tu seras mi baby 1999      
Whigfield Tu seras my baby        
Whigfield Unbelievable 2000      
Whigfield Upon A Star 2000      
Whigfield Waitin' For Saturday 2000      
Whigfield Was A Time 2004      
Whigfield Welcome To Fun 2002      
Whigfield What We've Done For Love 1997      
Whigfield Whigfield Megamix 2000      
Whigfield Whiggy Whiggle 1997      
Whigfield feat. Carlprit Saturday Night 2013      

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