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Discography Singles

Back On The StreetsMCA20/10/1978
Parisienne WalkwaysMCA30/03/1979
Spanish GuitarMCA1979
Nuclear AttackJet1981
Always Gonna Love YouVirgin09/1982
Rockin' Every NightVirgin1982
Falling In Love With YouMirage05/1983
Parisienne Walkways [Live]Jet1983
End Of The WorldMirage1983
Hold On To Love1001/1984
Shapes Of Things1003/1984
Empty Rooms10 / Virgin30/07/1984
Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodJet1984
Out In The Fields (Gary Moore / Phil Lynott)10 / Virgin04/05/1985
Listen To Your Heartbeat101985
Over The Hills And Far Away10 / Virgin08/12/1986
Crying In The ShadowsVirgin1986
Friday On My Mind101987
The Loner101987
Take A Little Time101987
Wild Frontier101987
After The WarVirgin1988
Ready For LoveVirgin1989
Led ClonesVirgin1989
Livin' On DreamsVirgin1989
Oh Pretty Woman (Gary Moore feat. Albert King)Virgin12/03/1990
Still Got The Blues (For You)Virgin30/04/1990
Walking By MyselfVirgin01/10/1990
Too Tired (Gary Moore feat. Albert Collins)Virgin19/11/1990
Moving OnVirgin1990
Cold Day In HellVirgin08/03/1992
Story Of The BluesVirgin1992
Separate WaysVirgin1992
Since I Met You Baby (Gary Moore feat. B.B. King)Virgin1992
Parisienne Walkways '93 [Live]Virgin1993
Where In The World (BBM)Virgin1994
One DayVirgin1994
Need Your Love So BadVirgin1995
Always There For You (Gary Moore vs. Professor Stretch)Virgin1997
I Have Found My Love In YouVirgin1997
One Good ReasonVirgin1997
Go On HomeRaw Power1999
Picture Of The MoonSanctuary2001
Discography Albums - Studio

Back On The StreetsMCA1979
Corridors Of PowerVirgin1982
Live At The MarqueeSanctuary1983
Victims Of The Future10 / Virgin12/1983
Dirty FingersSanctuary1984
We Want Moore!Virgin1984
Run For CoverVirgin1985
Wild FrontierVirgin1987
After The WarVirgin1989
Still Got The BluesVirgin26/03/1990
After HoursVirgin10/05/1992
Blues AliveVirgin10/05/1993
Around The Next Dream (BBM)Virgin16/05/1994
Blues For GreenyVirgin29/04/1995
Dark Days In ParadiseVirgin26/05/1997
A Different BeatRaw Power1999
Back To The BluesSanctuary2001
Power Of The BluesSanctuary22/06/2004
Old New Ballads BluesEagle02/05/2006
Close As You GetEagle Rock18/05/2007
Live At Monsters Of RockUniversal07/04/2008
Bad For You BabyEagle19/09/2008
Blues For JimiEagle21/09/2012
Grinding Stone (The Gary Moore Band)Floating World14/07/2017
How Blue Can You GetProvogue30/04/2021
Parisienne Walkways - The Blues Collection//
Back On The Streets - The Rock Collection//
Axe Killer Warrior's Set//
Discography Albums - Live

Rockin' Every Night - Live In Japan101986
Essential MontreuxEagle Rock26/06/2009
Live At Montreux, 21st June 1990Lilith04/02/2011
Live At Montreux 1995Lilith01/04/2011
Live At Montreux 2010Eagle16/09/2011
Live In Concert At The 1990 Montreux Festival (Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band)Union Square14/02/2014
Live At Bush Hall 2007Eagle19/09/2014
Live From LondonProvogue31/01/2020
Discography Albums - Best Of

Ballads & BluesVirgin18/11/1994
Out In The Fields - The Very Best OfVirgin23/10/1998
The Best Of The BluesVirgin04/02/2002
The Platinum CollectionVirgin01/09/2006
Best Of 3CDEMI26/10/2012
Blues And BeyondSanctuary24/11/2017
Discography Albums - Box

5 Album SetVirgin28/09/2012
Classic Album SelectionVirgin22/11/2013
Discography Albums - Misc

Hits And MorePrima1994
Gary Moore [Best Of]Disky2005
All The BestVirgin20/04/2012
LegacyMC Deluxe12/10/2012
Parisienne Walkways - The CollectionBMG Rights10/01/2020
Rock Hard Before BluesPower Station26/02/2020
Discography Albums - DVD

Live At Montreux 1990 (Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band)Eagle28/02/2005
One Night In Dublin - A Tribute To Phil Lynott (Gary Moore & Friends)Eagle Rock27/03/2006
The Definitive Montreux CollectionEagle Vision26/10/2007
Live At Montreux 2010Eagle Vision / Eagle Rock23/09/2011
Blues For JimiEagle Vision / Eagle Rock24/09/2012
Live At Montreux 1990 / Live At Montreux 2010 / Blues For JimiEagle04/10/2013

Still Got The Blues (For You)24/06/19901819
Oh Pretty Woman (Gary Moore feat. Albert King)01/07/1990501
Cold Day In Hell05/04/1992423

Still Got The Blues13/05/1990531
After Hours19/04/199288
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A Night In The Life Of An Old Blues Singer (Thin Lizzy feat. Gary Moore)
Afraid Of Tomorrow
After The War
Ain't Got You
Ain't Nobody
All I Want
All Messed Up
All Time Low
All Your Love
Always Gonna Love You
Always There For You
Always There For You (Gary Moore vs. Professor Stretch)
As The Years Go Passing By
Back On The Streets
Bad For You Baby
Bad News
Ball And Chain
Beasts Of Burden
Blood Of Emeralds
Blues For Narada
Boogie My Way Back Home (The Gary Moore Band)
Bring My Baby Back
Burning In Our Heart
Burning In Your Heart
Business As Usual
Can't Find My Baby
Can't Fool The Blues (BBM)
Can't Help Myself
Checkin' Up On My Baby
City Of Gold (BBM)
Cold Black Night
Cold Day In Hell
Cold Hearted
Cold Wind Blows
Cold, Cold Feeling (Gary Moore feat. Albert Collins)
Crying In The Shadows
Cut It Out
Danger Zone (BBM)
Dark Days In Paradise
Devil In Her Heart
Did You Ever Feel Lonely?
Dirty Fingers
Done Somebody Wrong
Don't Believe A Word
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Don't Start Me Talkin'
Don't Take Me For A Loser
Don't You Lie To Me (I Get Evil)
Down The Line
Drowning In Tears
Dunluce (Part 2)
Empty Rooms
End Of The World
Enough Of The Blues
Eyesight To The Blind
Falling In Love With You
Fanatical Fascists
Flesh & Blood
Flight Of The Snow Moose
Friday On My Mind
Further On Up The Road
Getaway Blues
Glory Days (BBM)
Go On Home
Gonna Break My Heart Again
Gonna Rain Today
Grinding Stone (The Gary Moore Band)
Hard Times
Have You Heard
High Cost Of Loving (BBM)
Hold On To Love
Holding On
House Full Of Blues
How Many Lies
I Can't Quit You Baby
I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow
I Had A Dream
I Have Found My Love In You
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
I Loved Another Woman
I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?) (BBM)
If I Don't Get Home (John Mayall featuring Gary Moore)
If The Devil Made Whisky
If You Be My Baby
I'll Play The Blues For You
In My Dreams
Johnny Boy
Jumpin' At Shadows
Just Can't Let You Go
Key To Love
King Of The Blues
Led Clones
Left Me With The Blues
Like Angels
Listen To Your Heartbeat
Livin' On Dreams
Lonely Nights
Long Grey Mare
Looking Back
Looking For Somebody
Lost In Your Love
Love Can Make A Fool Of You
Love That Burns
Mean Cruel Woman
Memory Pain
Merry Go Round
Midnight Blues
Military Man (Gary Moore / Phil Lynott)
Mojo Boogie
Movin' Down The Road
Moving On
Murder In The Skies
My Baby (She's So Good To Me)
Naked Flame (BBM)
Need Your Love So Bad
No Reason To Cry
Nothing To Lose
Nothing's The Same
Nowhere Fast
Nuclear Attack
Oh Pretty Woman (Gary Moore feat. Albert King)
Oh Wild One
Once In A Blue Mood
Once In A Lifetime
One Day
One Fine Day
One Good Reason
Only Fool In Town
Out In The Fields (Gary Moore / Phil Lynott)
Out Of My System
Over The Hills And Far Away
Parisienne Walkways
Parisienne Walkways [Live]
Parisienne Walkways '93 [Live]
Picture Of The Moon
Power Of The Blues
Preacher Man Blues
Reach For The Sky
Ready For Love
Really Gonna Rock Tonight
Rest In Peace
Rockin' And Rollin'
Rockin' Every Night
Run For Cover
Run To Your Mama
Running From The Storm
Sail Across The Mountain (The Gary Moore Band)
Separate Ways
Shapes Of Things
Showbiz Blues
Since I Met You Baby (Gary Moore feat. B.B. King)
Someday Baby
Song For Donna
Spanish Guitar
Speak For Yourself
Spirit (The Gary Moore Band)
Stand Up
Still Got The Blues (For You)
Still In Love With You (Gary Moore & Phil Lynott)
Stop Messin' Around
Stormy Monday
Story Of The Blues
Strangers In The Darkness
Take A Little Time
Teenage Idol
Tell Me Woman
Texas Strut
That Kind Of Woman
That's Why I Play The Blues
The Blues Is Alright
The Energy Dance (The Gary Moore Band)
The Hurt Inside
The Law Of The Jungle
The Loner
The Messiah Will Come Again
The Prophet
The Same Way
The Sky Is Crying
The Stumble
The Supernatural
There Must Be A Way
There's A Hole
Thirty Days
This Thing Called Love
Thunder Rising
Time To Heal (The Gary Moore Band)
Too Tired (Gary Moore feat. Albert Collins)
Torn Inside
Track Nine
Trouble Ain't Far Behind
Trouble At Home
Umbrella Man
Victims Of The Future
Waiting In The Wings (BBM)
Walkin' Thru The Park
Walking By Myself
Wasn't Born In Chicago
We Want Love
What Are We Here For?
What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp
When The Sun Goes Down
Where Are You Now?
Where Did We Go Wrong?
Where In The World (BBM)
White Knuckles
Who Knows (What Tomorrow May Bring)?
Why Does Love (Have To Go Wrong)? (BBM)
Wild Frontier
Wishing Well
With Love (Remember)
Woke Up This Morning
World Keep Turnin' Round
World Of Confusion
Worry No More
Wrong Side Of Town (BBM)
You Know My Love
You Upset Me Baby
5 Album Set
A Different Beat
After Hours
After The War
All The Best
Around The Next Dream (BBM)
Axe Killer Warrior's Set
Back On The Streets
Back On The Streets - The Rock Collection
Back To The Blues
Bad For You Baby
Ballads & Blues
Best Of 3CD
Blood Of Emeralds - The Very Best Of 2
Blues Alive
Blues And Beyond
Blues For Greeny
Blues For Jimi
Classic Album Selection
Close As You Get
Corridors Of Power
Dark Days In Paradise
Dirty Fingers
Essential Montreux
Gary Moore [Best Of]
Grinding Stone (The Gary Moore Band)
Have Some Moore - The Best Of
Have Some Moore 2 - The Best Of
Hits And More
How Blue Can You Get
Live At Bush Hall 2007
Live At Monsters Of Rock
Live At Montreux 1995
Live At Montreux 2010
Live At Montreux, 21st June 1990
Live At The Marquee
Live From London
Live In Concert At The 1990 Montreux Festival (Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band)
Old New Ballads Blues
Out In The Fields - The Very Best Of
Parisienne Walkways - The Blues Collection
Parisienne Walkways - The Collection
Power Of The Blues
Rock Hard Before Blues
Rockin' Every Night - Live In Japan
Run For Cover
Still Got The Blues
The Best Of The Blues
The Collection
The Platinum Collection
Victims Of The Future
Walking By Himself
We Want Moore!
Wild Frontier
Blues For Jimi
Live At Montreux 1990 / Live At Montreux 2010 / Blues For Jimi
Live At Montreux 1990 (Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band)
Live At Montreux 2010
One Night In Dublin - A Tribute To Phil Lynott (Gary Moore & Friends)
The Definitive Montreux Collection
All songs with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
Blood Of Emeralds125.25
The Loner355.23
Out In The Fields (Gary Moore / Phil Lynott)825.18
Over The Hills And Far Away875.17
The Messiah Will Come Again75.14
Running From The Storm75.14
Still Got The Blues (For You)1765.04
Spanish Guitar65
Have You Heard65
Run To Your Mama55
All songs with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
Still Got The Blues (For You)1765.04
Empty Rooms994.99
Over The Hills And Far Away875.17
Out In The Fields (Gary Moore / Phil Lynott)825.18
Friday On My Mind554.67
Parisienne Walkways514.73
After The War504.58
Walking By Myself414.61
The Loner355.23
Cold Day In Hell324.22

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