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Entry:28/10/2012 (Position 3)
Last week in charts:24/02/2013 (Position 41)
Peak:3 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:1134 (497 points)
World wide:
au  Peak: 3 / weeks: 18

ABC 3716785 (au)

CD ABC 3716785 (UMG) [au]
1. Bluejuice - Video Games
2. Hilltop Hoods - So What'cha Want
3. Boy & Bear - Walking On A Dream
4. City And Colour - Settle Down
5. Missy Higgins - Hearts A Mess
6. Electric Guest - Ritual Union
7. Austra - None Of Dem
8. Husky [AU] - Need You Tonight
9. Jinja Safari - Ignition (Remix)
10. Josh Pyke - Endless Summer
11. The Herd [AU] - A Change Is Gonna Come
12. Matt Corby - Lonely Boy
13. Julia Stone - Feeding Line
14. Deep Sea Arcade - Let Forever Be
15. Jebediah - Apartment
16. Ladyhawke - White Rabbit
17. Bon Iver - Coming Down
18. Active Child - Sweet Dreams
19. Cosmo Jarvis - Spinning Around
20. Thundamentals - Brother
21. The Medics - Blowin' In The Wind
1. Thundamentals - Brother
2. Bluejuice - Video Games
3. Matt Corby - Lonely Boy
4. Missy Higgins - Heart's A Mess
5. Ball Park Music - Do You Relize??
6. Hilltop Hoods - So What'cha Want
7. City And Colour - Settle Down
8. Austra - None Of Dem
9. The Herd [AU] - A Change Is Gonna Come
10. Bon Iver - Coming Down
11. Julia Stone - Feeding Line
12. Jinja Safari - Ignition (Remix)
13. The Maccabees - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
14. Lanie Lane - Gold On The Ceiling

Average points: 3.67 (Reviews: 3)
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I still don't think LAV songs belong on the db, but I have things to say, so I'll just review them all here:

Bluejuice - Video Games: The moment I heard about this I thought it was a recipe for disaster. I find that "Video Games" is a song which makes its statement in its presentation and Lana's style which means it doesn't quite translate when another covers it, and certainly not Bluejuice! Interestingly they put a bluegrass spin on it and it really works for me. One of my favourite things about "Video Games" is the melodic phrasing during the chorus and they carry it really well. One of few Like a Versions this past year I've found myself compelled to replay several times.

Hilltop Hoods - So What'cha Want: Done in tribute to Adam Yauch. This isn't one of my favourite Beastie Boys songs, and at times they make it seem like it's actually a Hilltop Hoods song. I dunno, it doesn't do a lot for me, but it's fine.

Boy & Bear - Walking on a Dream: It's been long enough that I can come into this song without jaded ears I think. I guess I also wasn't to be surprised that it would be a slower arrangement, but then I was surprised at how slow it was! The bonus here is that I can understand the lyrics without looking them up, but the whole thing goes a bit too long for me.

City and Colour - Settle Down: I don't give C&C's work enough attention at the best of times. He really does have a beautiful voice. The song choice is interesting. It's not one of my favourite Kimbra songs because I think her delivery gets in the way of the song at times and it can be annoying. On the other hand, this is really lovely and I really like the 'stars so light...' bit.

Missy Higgins - Hearts a Mess: 2012 in a nutshell: Gotye covers, Gotye covers everywhere. Most of them dreadful. But wait! This is a Gotye song that isn't "Somebody That I Used To Know", and instead it's his actual best song in "Hearts a Mess". The only problem I have with this is her vocal snarl when she sings 'your heart's a mess', otherwise I'm still totally mesmerized by the obviously lovely arrangement. Karnivool still hold the title for best Gotye cover by a big margin.

Electric Guest - Ritual Union: My discovery of the day, it's a guy?!!! After that initial shock, I think I like his voice, and I guess it makes sense to do this for a female song. Musically it's not far apart from the original but that's to be expected I suppose. Kinda chill like the original but not something I go out of my way to listen to.

Austra - None of Dem: I barely remember this one at all. Poor Austra, with all the airplay behind them they couldn't crack the Hottest 100. I don't even know the original song (I could probably like it as I do a number of Royksopp collaborations with female vocalists). I really like the vocal harmonies when they really come in. Overall it's pretty good.

Husky - Need You Tonight: Musically it's hard to recognise the song being covered, and I think that's the problem I have here. Much of the appeal of "Need You Tonight" is the big bombast of it, and as crazy as it is to hear the song nothing like that, it doesn't salvage it. It is well performed but a touch dull.

Jinja Safari - Ignition (Remix): The music to this is really interesting, all late '60s psychedelia and like, but to the tune of R. Kelly :P This is primarily fun because the song covered is too. Also I like that it's the 2nd Like a Version from the year (after Chairlift) to sneak in "Ni**as in Paris".

Josh Pyke - Endless Summer: I never could manage to get into "Endless Summer" the way many others did which disappointed me, but I could never figure out what I was missing. Over time I've realised that along with plenty of other Jezabels songs, it's the music that really holds it up, but then that's the problem with this cover for me. Yes it's lovely in its arrangement, but it gets a bit tiresome as I'm listening to it.

The Herd - A Change Is Gonna Come: To this date, The Herd have arguably the most popular Like a Version with "I Was Only 19" (which speaks volumes that I didn't even realise that it was a LAV until this year). I'm always mixed on Like a Versions which add raps to songs and this is a miss for me.

Matt Corby - Lonely Boy: I thought it was a bit odd to see this so low down on the LAV tracklisting, from what I've gathered, it's been the biggest reaction to a Like a Version since "Pumped Up Kicks" (*insert Idol jokes here*). But then, I like "Lonely Boy" because it has a great riff and it's catchy and all that. To take that all away is to test me. It's fine I suppose but I hope it doesn't make the Hottest 100 next year.

Julia Stone - Feeding Line: I was primarily worried that this would be boring. It actually has a great trumpet solo, and despite a slow start, it really gets going much akin to the original. Obviously not as good as the original but not the trainwreck it had the potential to be.

Deep Sea Arcade - Let Forever Be: Well I often think they have a Beatles vibe to them, so why not just have them cover an old school-inspired Chemical Brothers song with Noel Gallagher on vocals?! Love the bass and drums in particular on this one.

Jebediah - Apartment: Jebediah covering Custard? How late '90s! But the important thing is kazooooooooooo! I don't know the original as well as I should so I don't have much to say on it. Pretty fun though.

Ladyhawke - White Rabbit: I discovered the original song through this and really like it! I must admit though that this doesn't add much to the original song, but that isn't too concerning as the song itself is quite captivating and I found myself really enjoying this.

Bon Iver - Coming Down: Oh god no stop making me listen to them :P. I guess it's nice that Vernon actually sings it with volume, as opposed to resorting to his typical whispy style which irritates the heck out of me. It's still a little dull, but not the typical way that Bon Iver can be dull, which makes it less dull I guess.

Active Child - Sweet Dreams: The original song really is a great palette. And not to mention that Active Child definitely has an adaptable sound, so I knew I would like this before I heard it. And I do.

Cosmo Jarvis - Spinning Around: Certainly one of the most interesting song choices on Like a Version in the past year (though by the time I post this review it will be more than a year old, scoff). Makes me appreciate the original a bit more, but I just really like the guitar work during the chorus. Lots of fun!

Thundamentals - Brother: This is perfectly primed to be one of those ones that a lot of people worship but I'm mostly indifferent to. I have gained more appreciation for it watching the video though. The singer is actually quite good! Decent but I can't entirely get into it.

The Medics - Blowin' in the Wind: Vocals are just really smooth on this one, really pleasant to listen to. I'm actually rather disappointed that I've come to the last track on the album with the least to say about it.

I still really like Like a Version, but I've had the problem this year in that it's starting to seem to be more about the promo than anything else. Ever since the unprecedented chart success of the compilations in recent years, the hype for upcoming LAV performances has continued to increase to the point that they now run the occasional promo through the week for the upcoming Friday performance. Also this year has seen more inflated chart positions as a result of LAV than ever before (Loon Lake even managed to get both the songs they performed back into the chart a couple months back). I'm happy for these artists to see success, but that sours it a little for me. The other problem I had was that ever since Owl Eyes and Matt Corby (the latter is on this compilation but it was at the start of the year so this still applies) had big responses from their respective covers, there's been an increased volume of covers of very recent songs, as if to try to emulate that reaction. Fortunately many of them didn't make it to the release but plenty still did. There is an amusing angle in it that since the original versions of recent songs covered are by artists who are very well still active, and thus we have artists covering artists who are covering other artists in a crazy schizophrenic web of insanity.

It's another solid release for the series, though I must admit that Like a Version 7 was going to be tough to top and this doesn't manage that.
The dynamic of listening to this many covers in one album intrigues me. While many of the more successful covers are left-field choices, the safer connections between the original and covering artists are the ones that seem to work more so for me. As counterproductive as that is, it's the brutal truth with Like A Version. My favourites from this release is Missy Higgins' cover of 'Hearts A Mess' and Ladyhawke's rendition of 'White Rabbit'.
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