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3:24Neck And NeckColumbia
COL 467435 2
3:25Pure... CountrySony
3:24The Perfect Country Collection - 25 Original AlbumsLegacy
88697 98969 2
3:24American Legends: The Perfect Collection - 20 Original Albums / La discothčque idéale en 20 albums originauxLegacy
3:25Ultimate CountrySony
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Golden Heart28/04/19962812
Sailing To Philadelphia08/10/20001613
The Ragpicker's Dream13/10/2002471
Private Investigations - The Best Of (Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler)27/11/2005352
All The Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)07/05/2006412
Kill To Get Crimson30/09/2007412
Get Lucky27/09/2009433
Down The Road Wherever02/12/2018142
One Deep River28/04/2024481
.38 Special
5.15 a.m.
A Fistful Of Ice Cream
A Happy Ending (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
A Love Idea
A Night In Summer Long Ago
A Place Where We Used To Live
A Secret Place / Where Will You Go
After The Beanstalk
Ahead Of The Game
All Comers
All Over Again (B.B. King with Mark Knopfler)
All That I Have In The World
All That Matters
All The Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Alone And Forsaken (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Along A Foreign Coast
Altamira (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
An American Hero
Are We In Trouble Now
As Low As It Gets
Back In The Day
Back On The Dance Floor
Back To Tupelo
Bad Day For A Knife Thrower
Baloney Again
Beachcombing (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Before Gas And TV
Before My Train Comes
Behind With The Rent
Belle Starr (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Better Than Now (Phil Everly & Mark Knopfler)
Beyond My Wildest Dreams (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Black Tie Jobs
Blood And Water
Boom, Like That
Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)
Border Reiver
Broken Bones
Brothers In Arms
By The Grave
Ci si arrende (Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari feat. Mark Knopfler)
Cleaning My Gun
Corned Beef City
Daddy's Gone To Knoxville
Dancing Girl (Dion with Mark Knopfler)
Darling Pretty
Devil Baby
Do America
Dolly Shop Man
Done With Bonaparte
Donegan's Gone
Donkey Town (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Don't Crash The Ambulance
Don't Forget Your Hat
Don't Suck Me In
Don't You Get It
Down Day
Dream Of The Bison (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Dream Of The Drowned Submariner
Dreaming (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Drooling National
Drovers' Road
Early Bird
El Macho
Every Heart In The Room
Everybody Pays
Fare Thee Well Northumberland
Farewell To Altamira (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Farewell To The Bison (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Fat Chance Dupree
Father And Son
Fear And Hatred
Finale - Last Exit To Brooklyn
Floating Away
Florin Dance (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
Follow The Ribbon
Four In A Row
Freeway Flyer
Gator Blood
Get Lucky
Glory Of The Cave (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Go, Love
Going Home (Theme From Local Heroes) (Mark Knopfler's Guitar Heroes)
Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero
Golden Heart
Good As Gold
Good On You Son
Got To Have Something
Gravy Train
Guide My Sword (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
Hard Cases
Hard Shoulder
Haul Away
Heart Full Of Holes
Heart Of Oak
Heavy Up
He's The Man
Highwayman (Jimmy Webb feat. Mark Knopfler)
Hill Farmer's Blues
Home Boy
Hot Dog
Hot Or What
I Dug Up A Diamond (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
I Used To Could
I Will Never Love Again (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
If This Is Goodbye (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
I'll See You In My Dreams (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
I'm The Fool
In A Secret Place
In The Heartland
In The Sky
Irish Boy
Irish Heartbeat (Van Morrison / Mark Knopfler)
Irish Love
It's Over
Je suis désolé
Junkie Doll
Just A Boy Away From Home
Just Instinct
Just One Time (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Kingdom Of Gold
Last Exit To Brooklyn
Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes
Let It All Go
Let's See You
Lights Of Taormina
Long Cool Girl
Lost On The River (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Louise (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Love And Guilt
Love And Happiness (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Madame Geneva's
Mademoiselle Will Decide (Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Mark Knopfler)
Marcelino's Despair
Maria (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Matchstick Man
Meeting Under The Trees
Metroland Theme
Midnight Special (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Mighty Man
Miss You Blues
Morning Ride (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
Mr Solomons Said
My Bacon Roll
My Claim To Fame
My Heart Has Never Changed
My Old Lady (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Nivram (Hank Marvin feat. Mark Knopfler)
No Can Do
No Wonder He's Confused
Nobody Does That
Nobody's Child
Nobody's Got The Gun
Not One Bad Thought (Tony Joe White With Mark Knopfler)
Nothing But Rain
Occupation Blues
Oklahoma Ponies
Old Pigweed
Once Upon A Time... Storybook Love (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
One Deep River
One More Matinee
One Song At A Time
Onward (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Our Shangri-La
Pale Imitation
Piper To The End
Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends (Kris Kristofferson feat. Mark Knopfler)
Pockets (Ruth Moody feat. Mark Knopfler)
Poor Boy Blues (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Postcards From Paraguay
Potato Picking
Prairie Wedding
Precious Voice From Heaven
Pulling Down The Ride
Punish The Monkey
Quality Shoe
Radio City Serenade
Rear View Mirror
Red Staggerwing (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Redbud Tree
Remembrance Day
Restless Farewell
Revenge (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
Right Now (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
River Of Grog
River Towns
Rock Steady Woman (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Roller Coaster (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Rollin' On (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Sailing To Philadelphia
Sands Of Nevada
Say Too Much
Scavengers Yard
Secondary Waltz
She's Gone
Silver Eagle
Silvertown Blues
Sky And Water
Slow Learner
Small Potatoes
Smart Money
So Far From The Clyde
So Soft, Your Goodbye (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Song For Sonny Liston
Sons Of Scotland
Sons Of Scotland - Quiet Theme
Speedway At Nazareth
Stand Up Guy
Storybook Love (Mark Knopfler / Willy DeVille)
Streets Of Surrender (S.O.S.) (Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari feat. Mark Knopfler)
Stretching Out
Sucker Row
Sugar Baby (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Summer Of Love
Sweet Dreams (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Sweeter Than The Rain
Tahitian Skies (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Tall Order Baby
Tears (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Terminal Of Tribute To
The Boy
The Car Was The One
The Ceilidh And The Northern Lights
The Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite / Billy's Tune
The Cliffs Of Insanity (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
The Fireswamp And The Rodents Of Unusual Size (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
The Fish And The Bird
The Fizzy And The Still
The Friends' Song (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
The Last Laugh (Mark Knopfler & Van Morrison)
The Lily Of The West (The Chieftains with Mark Knopfler)
The Living End
The Long Highway
The Long Road
The Mist Covered Mountains
The New Laird
The Next Time I'm In Town (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
The Ragpicker's Dream
The Reckoning
The Rocks And The Thunder
The Rocks And The Water
The Scaffolder's Wife
The Swordfight (Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher)
The Trawlerman's Song
The Way It Always Starts
There'll Be Some Changes Made (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Think Fast
This Is Science (Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
This Is Us (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
This One's Not Going To The End Well
Time In The Sun
Time Will End All Sorrow
Today Is Okay
Train To Nowhere (Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler & Don White)
Trapper Man
True Love Will Never Fade
Tunnel 13
Two Brothers And A Stranger
Two Pairs Of Hands
Vic And Ray
Wag The Dog
Waiting For Her
Walk In Paris
Watch Me Gone
We Can Get Wild
We're Going To War
What A Wonderful World (Chris Botti feat. Mark Knopfler)
What Have I Got To Do
What I'm Gonna Need
What It Is
What's The Time (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
When You Leave
Where Are You Tonight (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Wherever I Go (Mark Knopfler feat. Ruth Moody)
Whistle Theme
Who Will The Next Fool Be (Zucchero feat. Mark Knopfler & Jools Holland)
Whoop De Doo
Who's Your Baby Now
Why Aye Man
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wild Theme
Wonderful Land (Hank Marvin feat. Mark Knopfler)
Working On It
Yakety Axe (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Yon Two Crows
You Can't Beat The House
You Don't Know You're Born
You Don't Want To Get You One Of Those (Tommy Emmanuel with Mark Knopfler)
You Make Me Feel So Good (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
Your Leading Man
Your Perfect Song
A Shot At Glory (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
All The Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Altamira (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)
Cal (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
Down The Road Wherever
Get Lucky
Going Home (Theme From Local Heroes) (Mark Knopfler's Guitar Heroes)
Golden Heart
Kill To Get Crimson
Last Exit To Brooklyn (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
Les n°1 de Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler)
Live In Tokyo 1988 (Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler & Elton John)
Local Hero (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
Metroland (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
Neck And Neck (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
One Deep River
One Take Radio Sessions
Private Investigations - The Best Of (Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler)
Real Live Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Sailing To Philadelphia
Sailing To Philadelphia + The Ragpicker's Dream
The Booze Brothers (Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds)
The Princess Bride (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
The Ragpicker's Dream
The Studio Albums 1996-2007
The Studio Albums 2009-2018
The Trawlerman's Song EP
True Love
Wag The Dog (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)
A Night In London
Let It All Go - Live In 2007 Switzerland
Real Live Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)
Romeo And Juliet - Live In Concert
(If You'll) Stay A Little Longer (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
(Like A) Crystal In The Light (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
12th Street Rag
A Gay Ranchero
A Hard Day's Night
A House In New Orleans
A Little Bit Of Blues
A Little Bitty Tear
A Little Mark Musik (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
A Man And A Woman
A Mouse In The House (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
A Song For Anna
A Taste Of Honey
Acutely Cute
Adios Amigo (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
After Midnight
After The Tears
After You've Gone (Chet Atkins C.G.P. / Suzy Bogguss)
Ain't Misbehavin'
Alabama Jubilee (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Alabama Jubilee
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Alice Blue Grown
Alisha (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
All I Ever Need Is You (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
All My Loving (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
All Thumbs
Alley Cat
Alone And Forsaken
Amazing Grace
An Old Fashioned Love Song
And I Love Her
Anna (el negro zumbon)
April In Portugal
Are You From Dixie? ('Cause I'm From Dixie Too)
Armen's Theme
Around The Bend (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Autumn Leaves
Avalon (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Ave Maria
Avorada (Little Music Box)
Away In A Manger
Ay ay ay
Back To Old Smoky Mountain
Back Up And Push
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Baubles, Bangles And Beads
Beautiful Dreamer (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Beef And Biscuits
Begin The Beguine
Bells Of St. Mary's
Big D
Big Daddy
Big Foot (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Bill Bailey
Bill Cheatham
Birth Of The Blues (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Black Jack
Black Mountain Rag
Black Mountain Rag [1971]
Blowin' In The Wind
Blue Angel
Blue Echo
Blue Guitar
Blue Gypsy
Blue Highway (Neil Diamond feat. Chet Atkins)
Blue Tango (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Boo Boo Stick Beat
Borsalino (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Both Sides Now
Brahms' Lullaby (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Brazil (Chester And Lester)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Bring Me Sunshine
Bug Dance
Cajun Stripper (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Canadian Pacific
Canción del viento
Canción triste
Canned Heat
Cannonball Rag (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Can't Buy Me Love
Caravan (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
Caravan (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Catch The Wind
Cattle Call
Centipede Boogie (Chet Atkins & His Guitar Pickers)
Chaplin In New Shoes
Cheek To Cheek
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
Chet's Tune
Chinatown, My Chinatown
Chinhook Winds (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Chopin Waltz No. 10 In B Minor
Choro da saudade
Cindy, Oh Cindy
City Of New Orleans
City Slicker (Chet Atkins & His Galloping Guitar)
Classical Gas (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Cloudy And Cool
Cold, Cold Heart (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Colonel Bogey
Concerto In D Minor
Copper Kettle
Corrine, Corrina
Cosmic Square Dance (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Country Champagne
Country Gentleman
Country Gentleman (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Country Style
Dance Of The Golden Rod
Dance With Me Henry
Dark Moon (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Darling je vous aime beaucoup
David's Dance
Daydream (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Deed I Do (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
Deed I Do (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Did You Ever Go A-Courtin', Uncle Joe / Will The Circle Be Unbroken (The Chieftains with Ricky Skaggs, Jeff Hanna, Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Ibbotson, Keith Edwards / Chet Atkins)
Dixie McGuire (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Dizzy Strings
Django's Castle
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (Chet And Dolly)
Dream (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Drive In
Early Times
East Tennessee Christmas
El condor pasa
El cumbanchero
El humahuagueńo
El Paso
El relicario
El vaquero
English Leather
Estudio brillante
Et maintenant (What Now My Love)
Every Now And Then (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Everybody's Talkin'
Faded Love (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Fiddlin' Around
First Born (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Flatt Did It
Floatin' Down To Cotton Town
Flying South (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Folsom Prison Blues
For No One
For The Good Times
Forget About It (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
Frankie And Johnnie
Freight Train
Frog Kissin'
From Nashville With Love
Gallopin' Guitar
Gavotte in D
Georgy Girl
Get On With It
Gibson Girl (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Give My Love To Nell (Chester And Lester)
Gonna Get Along Without You Now
Good Stuff (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Goodnight Irene
Gotta Travel On
Gravy Waltz
Grazing In The Grass
Guitar Blues (Pickin' The Blues)
Guitar Country
Happy Again (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Harper Valley PTA
Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Have You Ever Been Blue?)
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Heart Of Glass
Heartbreak Hotel (The Chieftains with Chet Atkins)
Hello Bluebird
Hello Ma Baby
Here Comes That Girl (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Here We Are (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Here, There And Everywhere
Hey Jude
Hidden Charm
High Rockin' Swing
Honeysuckle Rose
Honolulu Blue (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Hot Mocking Bird
Hot Toddy (Chester And Lester)
How High The Moon
How's The World Treating You
Huntin' Boots
I Can't Stop Loving You (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
I Feel Fine
I Feel Pretty
I Know That You Know
I Love Paris
I Never Knew
I Remember You
I Saw The Light (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
I Still Can't Say Goodbye (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
I Still Miss Someone (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
I Still Write Your Name In The Snow (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
I Surrender Dear (Chester And Lester)
I Want To Be Happy! (Chester And Lester)
I Wish I Knew
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
If I Fell
If I Should Lose You
I'll Cry Instead
I'll Fly Away (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
I'll Follow The Sun
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
I'll See You In My Dreams (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
I'm Your Greatest Fan (Chester And Lester)
Imagine (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
In An Old Dutch Garden (By An Old Dutch Mill) (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
In The Good Old Summertime
In The Jailhouse Now (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
In The Mood
In The Pines / Wildwood Flower / On Top Of Old Smokey (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Indian Love Call (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Indian Love Call
Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana)
Inka Dinka Doo
Is Anything Better Than This (Chet Atkins with Merle Travis)
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (Chester And Lester)
It Had To Be You (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
It Had To Be You (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
It Never Hurts To Ask
It's Been A Long, Long Time (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
It's Been A Long, Long Time (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Jam Man (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
January In Bombay
Jerry's Breakdown (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Jethreaux (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells
Jitterbug Waltz
John Henry
John Henry / Listen To The Mockingbird (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Just Another Rag
Just One Time (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Just One Time
Knucklebuster (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
La adelita
La Dolce Vita
La fiesta
La madrugada
Lady Madonna
Laffin' At Life (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Lara's Theme
Lazy River (Chester And Lester)
Let It Be Me
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Letter Edged In Black
Levee Walking
Liebestraum (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Light My Fire
Light-Hearted Lisa (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Limehouse Blues (Chester And Lester)
Limehouse Blues (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Little Music Box / Lagrima
Little Old Lady
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
Londonderry Air
Long Long Ago
Love Letters (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Love Letters
Love Theme From "Romeo And Juliet"
Love Theme From "The Godfather"
Lovely Weather
Lover Come Back To Me (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
Lover Come Back To Me
Lover Come Back To Me (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Mac Arthur Park (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Main Street Breakdown
Major Attempt At A Minor Thing (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Man Of Mystery
Manhă de carnaval
Maria Elena
Mayan Dance
Maybelle (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Me And Bobby McGee
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Me And My Guitar
Meditation (Chester And Lester)
Meet Mr. Callaghan
Memphis Blues
Menuet (Des suites Françaises) - Prélude (Des six préludes suite)
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Mister Sandman (Chet Atkins And His Gallopin' Guitar)
Mockingbird Variations (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Moon Of Manakoora
Moonglow / Picnic (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Moonglow/Picnic (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
Morenita do Brazil
Mossie Se Moses
Mosssie se moses
Mountains Of Illinois (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Guitar (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Mrs. Robinson
Music To Watch Girls By
Muskrat Ramble
My Isle Of Golden Dreams (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
My Little Ballerina (Brent Mason & Chet Atkins)
My Little Waltz
My Own True Love
My Song (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
My Town
My Way
Mystery Train (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
'Na voce, 'na chitarra e'o poco 'e luna
Naboonspruit Polka
Nashtown Ville (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
News From The Outback (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Nifty Fifties (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Nine Pound Hammer
Norway (Norwegain Mountain Song) (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Nut Sundae (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Ode To Mel Bay (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Oh By Jingo! (Oh By Gee, You're The Only Girl For Me)
Ol' Man River (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Old Joe Clark
Old Man River
On A Roll (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
On The Road Again
One Mint Julep
One More For The Road (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
One Note Samba
Orange Blossom Special (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Out Of Nowhere (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
Out Of Nowhere (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Outa in die langpad
Over The Rainbow (Chester And Lester)
Over The Rainbow
Paramount On Parade
Peanut Vendor
Petite Waltz
Pickin' My Way
Pickin' Nashville
Pickin' Pot Pie
Please Stay Tuned (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)
Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Chet Atkins with Lenny Breau)
Poor Boy Blues (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Portuguese Washerwoman
Prayer Meetin'
Pu, uana hulu (Remembering Gabby) (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Put Your Clothes On (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Quiet Eyes (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Read My Lips (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Red Wing
Reed's Ramble
Road To Gundaghi / Waltzing Matilda (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Rocky Top
Rose Ann
Sails (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Saltwater (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
San Antonio Rose
Santa Lucia
Satan's Doll
Say It With Soul
Scare Crow
Scherzino mexicano
Schon rosmarin
Sealed With A Kiss
Serenade To Summertime (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Set A Spell (Chet Atkins And His Gallopin' Guitar / Red Kirk)
She Loves You
She's A Woman
Show Me The Way To Go Home
Silver Bell (Hank Snow and Chet Atkins)
Sittin' On Top Of The World
Sleep Safe And Warm
Smokey Mountain Lullaby (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
Sneakin' Around (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
So Rare
So Soft, Your Goodbye (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
So What's New?
Some Leather And Lace (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Somebody Loves Me Know (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Someday Sweetheart (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Something (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Something Tender
Sometime, Someplace (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Son Of A Preacher Man
Song Sung Blue
Sonny Boy (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
Soul Journey
Southern Nights (Chet Atkins & Allen Toussaint)
Spanish Harlem
Spats 'N' Hats (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
St. Louis Blues
Steeplechase Lane
Still Rockin'
Stoned Soul Picnic
Stranger On The Shore
Street Dreams (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Stumpwater (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Sugarfoot Rag
Summertime (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Sunrise (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Swedish Rhapsody
Sweet Alla Lee (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Sweet Bunch Of Daisies
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Dreams (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Georgia Brown
Tahitian Skies (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Tahitian Skies (The Chieftains with Chet Atkins)
Take A Look At Her Now (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Take Five
Tap Room (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Tears (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Teen Scene
Tennessee Pride
Tennessee Stud (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Tennessee Waltz
Tennessee Waltz (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Testament Of Amelia
The 3rd Man Theme
The Bandit
The Birth Of The Blues
The Boot And The Stone (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
The Boxer
The Claw (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
The Convict And The Rose (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
The Coventry Carol / God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
The Cricket Ballet (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
The Day Finger Pickers Took Over The World (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
The Enchanted Sea
The Entertainer
The Glow Worm
The Homecoming Anthem (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
The January February March (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
The Last Farewell (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
The Last Letter
The Last Thing On My Mind
The Look Of Love
The Mad Russian (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
The Masterpiece
The Next Time I'm In Town (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
The Night Atlanta Burned (The Atkins String Co.)
The Odd Folks Of Okracoke
The Odd Folks Of Okracoke (The Atkins String Co.)
The Official Beach Music (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
The Old Spinning Wheel (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
The Peanut Vendor
The Poor People Of Paris (Jean's Song)
The Slop
The Song From "Moulin Rouge" (Where Is Your Heart)
The Sound Of Silence
The Streets Of Laredo
The Terry Theme From "Limelight"
The Three Bells
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Theme From "Love Story"
Theme From "Picnic"
Theme From "Zorba The Greek"
Theme From A Dream
Theme From 'The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs'
There'll Be Some Changes Made (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Things We Said Today
This Is The Beginning (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
Those Were The Days
Three Little Words
Tiger Rag
Tip Toe Through The Bluegrass (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
To 'B' Or Not To 'B' (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
To Be In Love
Together Alone
Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Kentucky Home
Tweedlee Dee
Two Shades Of Blue (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
Tzena tzena tzena
Unchained Melody (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Unchained Melody
Understand Your Man
Until It's Time For You To Go
Up In My Treehouse (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Valse minute
Vaudville Daze (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Vaya con dios
Vaya con dios (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Vesti la giubba
Wabash Blues
Waiting For Susie B. (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Walk Right Back
Waltz For The Lonely (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Waltz In A Flat
Waram Patat
We Didn't See A Thing (Ray Charles with George Jones feat. Chet Atkins)
West Memphis Serenade
What'd I Say
When She Smiled At Him (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
When You Wish Upon A Star
Which Way Del Vecchio (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Why Worry (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Wildwood Flower
Windy And Warm (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
Windy And Warm
Winter Walkin'
Wives Don't Like Old Girlfriends (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
Wobegon (The Way It Used To Be) (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Wreck Of The John B. (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Yakety Axe
Yakety Axe (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Yellow Bird
Yes Ma'am
You Bring Out The Best In Me (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
You Do Something To Me (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
You'll Never Walk Alone
Young Thing (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
A Session With Chet Atkins
Almost Alone (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Caribbean Guitar
Chester & Lester (Chet Atkins & Les Paul)
Chet Atkins Goes To The Movies
Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles
Chet Atkins Picks The Best
Chet Atkins' Teensville
Chet Atkins' Teensville / Stringin' Along With Chet Atkins
Chet Atkins' Workshop
Chet Atkins, C.G.P. (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Class Guitar
Eight Classic Albums
Eight Classic Albums Vol. 2
Finger-Style Guitar
Five Classic Albums Plus...
For The Good Times And Other Country Moods
From Nashville With Love
Guitar Country
Guitar Genius
Guitar Legend: The RCA Years
Guitar Monsters (Chester And Lester)
Guitar Over Europe
Hometown Guitar
In Hollywood
It's A Guitar World
Lover's Guitar
Masters Of The Guitar - Together (Chet Atkins with Les Paul)
Me And Chet (Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins)
Me And Jerry (Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed)
Me And My Guitar
Mister Guitar
More Of That Guitar Country
My Favorite Guitars
Neck And Neck (Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins)
Original Albums
Pickin' My Way
Picks On The Hits
Progressive Pickin'
Read My Licks (Chet Atkins C.G.P.)
Reminiscing (Chet Atkins and Hank Snow)
Sails (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Simpatico (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins)
Sneakin' Around (Chet Atkins, C.G.P. / Jerry Reed)
Solid Gold '68
Solid Gold '69
Solo Flights
Songs For Christmas
Stay Tuned (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Street Dreams (Chet Atkins, C.G.P.)
Stringin' Along With Chet Atkins
The "Pops" Goes Country (Chet Atkins / Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler)
The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection
The Collection
The Country Gentleman - Pick Of The Best: 1948 To 1961
The Day Finger Pickers Took Over The World (Chet Atkins C.G.P. with Tommy Emmanuel)
The Early Years 1946-1957
The Essential
The Master And His Music
The Other Chet Atkins
The Pops Goes Country / The Pops Goes West (Arthur Fiedler / Boston Pops / Chet Atkins)
The Singles Collection 1946-62
The Very Best Of Chet Atkins
Windy And Warm - Radio Broadcast 1976
Workshop / Down Home
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