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Music/Lyrics:Sam Hopkins
Marcus Füreder

4:10The Burning SpiderEtage Noir
8 086995 091133
Parov StelarParov Stelar: Discography / Become a fan
Official Page
Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin' Hopkins: Discography / Become a fan
A Magic Afternoon
A Night In Torino
A Song For You (Parov Stelar feat. Jerry Di Monza)
Afternoon Breaks
All Grown Up (Parov Stelar feat. Anduze)
All Night
All Night Long
Autumn Beasts
Autumn Song
Baska Brother
Beautiful Morning
Beauty Mark (Parov Stelar feat. Anduze)
Berlin Shuffle
Between The Machine
Black Coffee (Parov Stelar feat. Wingy Manone)
Blind Alley (Parov Stelar feat. Sax Max & Lylit)
Booty Swing
Brisky Business
Chambermaid Swing
Charleston Butterfly
Clap Your Hands
Coco (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Come Closer
Crushed Island
Cuba libre (Parov Stelar feat. Mildred Bailey)
Dark Jazz
Demon Dance
Djangos Revenge
Don't Believe What They Say (Parov Stelar feat. Angela McCluskey)
Don't Mean A Thing
Dust In The Summer Rain (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Everything Of My Heart
Faith (Parov Stelar feat. Odette Di Maio)
Fleur de Lille
For All We Know
For Rose
Funky Bastard (The Wolf Myer Orchestra & Parov Stelar feat. Lilith & The Hot Pants Road Club)
Get Up On Your Feet
Gin Tonic
Golden Arrow (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Goodbye Emily
Grandpa's Groove (Parov Stelar feat. AronChupa)
Happy End
Heavens Radio (Parov Stelar feat. Y'Akoto)
Hit Me Like A Drum (Parov Stelar feat. Timothy Auld)
Hooked On You (Parov Stelar feat. Timothy Auld)
Hotel Axos
I Hold You
I Need L.O.V.E.
If I Had You
Jet Set (Cash Candy & Parov Stelar)
Jimmy's Gang
Josephine (Parov Stelar feat. Anduze)
Keep On Dancing (Parov Stelar feat. Marvin Gaye)
Keep This Fire Burning
Kiss Me Twice
Le Piaf
Létoile (Parov Stelar feat. Max The Sax)
Let's Roll
Libella Swing
Little Lion
Look Behind (Parov Stelar feat. Anita Riegler)
Look Behind
Lost In Amsterdam
Love And Pain (Cash Candy & Parov Stelar)
Magenta Rising
Mama Talking (Parov Stelar feat. Stuff Smith)
Mambo Rap
Mi Hou
Milla's Dream
Move On!
My Man (Parov Stelar feat. Lightnin Hopkins)
Next To Me (The Wolf Myer Orchestra & Parov Stelar feat. Hubert Tubbs)
Nobody's Fool (Parov Stelar feat. Cleo Panther)
Oh Yeah
On My Way Now (Love Part 2)
Promises (Parov Stelar feat. Klaus Hainy)
Psychedelic Jazz
Pure And Sweet
Ragtime Cat (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Red Haired Woman
Requiem For Annie
Room Service
Rude Boys
Sally's Dance (Parov Stelar feat. Cleo Panther)
She Ain't Got No Money (Parov Stelar feat. Lukas Graham)
Shine (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Silent Shuffle (Parov Stelar feat. Jerry Di Monza)
Silent Snow (Parov Stelar feat. Max The Sax)
Silent Snow
Six Feet Underground (Parov Stelar feat. Claudia Kane)
Sometimes (Parov Stelar feat. Anita Riegler)
Song For The Crickets
Soul Fever Blues (Parov Stelar feat. Muddy Waters)
State Of The Union (Parov Stelar feat. Anduze)
Step Two (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Summertime (Parov Stelar feat. Maya Bensalem)
Sunny Bunny Blues
Super Eight
Tango Muerte
Tell Me
The Beach
The Burning Spider (Parov Stelar feat. Lightnin Hopkins)
The Duke
The Flame Of Fame
The Fog (Parov Stelar feat. Jerry Di Monza)
The Fusion
The Golden Boy
The Green Frog
The Last Dance
The Lonely Trumpet
The Mojo Radio Gang
The One (Parov Stelar feat. Anita Riegler)
The Paris Swing Box
The Phantom
The Princess
The Ride
The Sea (Parov Stelar feat. Harald Baumgartner)
The Snake
The Speed Demon
The Sun (Parov Stelar feat. Graham Candy)
The Vamp (Parov Stelar feat. Max The Sax)
This Game (Parov Stelar feat. Anduze)
Tony Montana
True Romance (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
True Romance Part 2 (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
Wake Up Sister
Walk Away (Parov Stelar feat. Anna F.)
Wanna Fete
Wanna Get
War Inside
Warm Inside (Parov Stelar feat. Leena Conquest)
When I Find My Love (Stelartronic & Anduze)
With You (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
You And Me (Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom)
You Got Me There
Your Fire
Your Man
KissKiss [EP]
Klangwolke 2013 (Parov Stelar & Peter Kreuzer)
La fęte EP
Live @ Pukkelpop
Live At Roxy '07
Primavera [EP]
Rough Cuts
Seven And Storm
The Art Of Sampling
The Burning Spider
The Demon Diaries
The Princess
The Princess Part One
The Princess Part Two
"T" Model Blues
Ain't It A Shame
Ain't It Crazy
Ain't Nothin' Like Whisky
Airplane Blues
Annie's Blues
Another Fool In Town
Appetite Blues
Automobile Blues
Awful Dream
Baby Child
Baby Child (L.C. Williams & Lightnin' Hopkins)
Baby Please Don't Go
Back Door Friend
Back To New Orleans
Bad Boogie
Bad Luck And Trouble
Bald-Headed Woman
Been A Bad Man
Beggin' You To Stay
Big Mama Jump
Black And Evil
Black Cat
Black Mare Trot
Blues For My Cookie
Blues Is A Mighty Bad Feeling
Boogie Woogie Dance
Bottle It Up And Go
Breakfast Time
Broken Hearted Blues
Bunion Stew
Candy Kitchen
Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind
Changing Weather Blues
Coffee Blues
Coffee For Mama
Come Back Baby
Come Go Home With Me
Come On Baby
Contrary Mary (Lightnin' Hopkins & Guitar)
Coon Is Hard To Catch
Daddy Will Be Home One Day
Death Blues
Devil Is Watching You
Dirty House
Don't Keep My Baby Long
Don't Need No Job
Don't Think Cause You're Pretty
Don't Think I'm Crazy
Down Now Baby
Down There Baby
Down To The River
Early Morning Boogie
Everybody's Down On Me
Everything Happens To Me
Evil Hearted Woman
Fan It
Fast Life
Fast-Mail Rambler
Feel So Bad
Finally Met My Baby
First Meeting
Fishing Clothes
Flash Lightnin'
Found My Baby Cryin'
Freight Train Blues (When I Started Hoboing)
Get Off My Toe
Give Me Central 209
Glory Be
Goin' Back To Florida
Goin' To Dallas
Gone Again
Gone With The Wind
Gonna Change My Ways
Gonna Pull A Party
Good Old Woman
Got Me A Louisiana Woman
Gotta Move
Grandma's Boogie
Grievance Blues
Had A Gal Called Sal
Happy New Year
Have To Let You Go
Have You Ever Had A Woman
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Hear Me Talking
Heavy Snow
Hello Central
Hold Up Your Hand
Honey Babe
Honey Honey Blues
Hopkins' Sky Hop
How Long Has The Train Been Gone
How Long Have It Been Since You Been Home?
I Had A Gal Named Sal
I Hate Got Married
I Hear You Calling
I Like To Boogie
I Love You Baby
Ida May
If You Steal My Chickens, You Can't Make 'Em Lay
I'm Achin'
I'm Beggin' You (Lightnin' Hopkins & Guitar)
I'm Coming Home
I'm Wild About You Baby
It's Better Down The Road
Jackstropper Blues
Jail House Blues
Jake Head Boogie
Katie Mae
Katie Mae Blues
Last Affair
Late In The Evening
Let Me Fly Your Kite
Let's Go Sit On The Lawn
Let's Move
Life Is Used To Live
Lightnin' Don't Feel Well
Lightnin' Jump
Lightning Blues
Lightnin's Boogie
Lightnin's Sky Hop
Lightnin's Special
Lightnin's Stomp
Little And Low
Little Boy Blue
Little Girl, Little Girl
Little Mamma Blues
Lonesome Dog
Lonesome Home
Lonesome In Your Home
Long Time
Long Way From Texas
Louisiana Blues
Louisiana Woman
Love Me This Morning
Lovin' Arms
Mad As I Can Be
Mad At You
Mad Blues
Mad Man's Boogie
Mama And Papa Hopkins
Mary Lou
Mean Old Frisco
Miss Me Blues
Mistreated Blues
Mojo Hand
Money Taker
Moonrise Blues
Morning Blues
Move On Out - Part 2
Movin' On Out Boogie
Mr. Charlie
My Baby's Gone
My California
My Charlie
My Little Kewpie Doll
My Man (Parov Stelar feat. Lightnin Hopkins)
My Starter Won't Start This Morning
My Woman
Needed Time
New Short Haired Woman
New Worried Life Blues
New York Boogie
Nightmare Blues
No Good Woman
No Mail Blues
Nobody Cares For Me
Nothin' But The Blues
Old Woman Blues
Once A Gambler
One Kind Favor
Organ Blues
Papa Bones Boogie
Penetentiary Blues
Picture On The Wall
Play With Your Poodle
Please Don't Go Baby
Please Don't Quit Me
Pneumonia Blues
Policy Game
Prayin' Ground Blues
Prison Blues Come Down On Me
Remember Me
Reminiscenses Of Blind Lemon
Ride In Your New Automobile
Rock Me Baby
Rock Me Mama
Rocky Mountain Blues (I Can't Stay Here)
Rollin' And Rollin'
Rollin' Blues
Sad News From Korea
Santa Fe Blues
See See Rider
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
She's Almost Dead
She's Mine
Shine On Moon
Shining Moon
Short-Haired Woman
Shotgun Blues
Sick Feelin' Blues
Sitting And Thinking
So Long
So Sorry (L.C. Williams & Lightnin' Hopkins)
Some Day Baby
Somebody Got To Go
Sometimes She Will
Sugar Mama
Tap Dance Boogie
Tell Me Boogie
Tell Me Pretty Mama
Tell Me, Baby
That Mean Old Twister
That's Alright Baby
The Burning Spider (Parov Stelar feat. Lightnin Hopkins)
The Foot Race Is On
The Jackstropper
They Wonder Who I Am
Thinkin' And Worryin'
Thinkin' 'Bout An Old Friend
Till The Gin Runs Out
Tim Moore's Farm
Treat Me Kind
Trouble In Mind
Trouble Stay 'Way From My Door
Uncle Stan The Hip Record Man
Unkind Blues
Unsuccessful Blues
Untrue Blues
Walkin' Round In Circles
Walking Blues
Want To Come Home
Want To Go Home
War Is Started
War Is Starting Again
West Texas Blues
What Can It Be
What'd I Say
What's The Matter Now
When The Saints Go Marching In
Wig Wearin' Woman
Wimmin From Coast To Coast
Woman Woman (Change Your Way)
Wonder What Is Wrong With Me
You Better Watch Yourself
You Caused My Heart To Weep
You Don't Know
You're Not Going To Worry My Life Anymore
You're Too Fast
Zolo Go
"Live" At The Bird Lounge
All The Classics 1946-1951
Blues In My Bottle
Bluesville Story 1960-1962
Eight Classic Albums
Four Classic Albums
Free Form Patterns
Last Night Blues (Lightnin' Hopkins and Sonny Terry)
Last Of The Great Blues Singers
Lighnin' Strikes / Lightnin' Hopkins
Lightnin' (The Blues Of Lightnin' Hopkins)
Lightnin' (The Blues Of)
Lightnin' And The Blues
Lightnin' Hopkins
Lightnin' Hopkins Sings The Blues
Lightnin' Strikes
Lightnin' Strikes [1962]
Lightnin's Boogie - Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club
Mojo Hand
Mojo Hands / Blues In My Bottle
Penitentiary Blues
Rockin' At Herald
Smokes Like Lightning
Strums The Blues
Texas Blues Giant
Texas, Blues + Lightnin'
The Acoustic Years 1959-1960
The Blues
The Very Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins
The Very Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins [2012]
Walking Blues
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