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Entry:01/12/2019 (Position 1)
Last week in charts:10/05/2020 (Position 48)
Peak:1 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:1144 (519 points)
World wide:
au  Peak: 1 / weeks: 17


Paul KellyPaul Kelly: Discography / Become a fan

Dumb Things (Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls)19/02/1989367
Roll On Summer (EP)05/11/2000402
How To Make Gravy06/01/2019345

So Much Water So Close To Home (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)20/08/19891010
Comedy (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)26/05/19911212
Hidden Things (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)05/04/1992296
Wanted Man19/06/19941110
Deeper Water15/10/1995403
Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits15/06/1997245
Words And Music10/05/19981710
Smoke (Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill)31/10/1999364
...Nothing But A Dream26/08/2001711
Ways & Means29/02/2004136
Foggy Highway (Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys)12/06/2005228
Stolen Apples22/07/2007811
Songs From The South Volume 1 & 223/11/20082226
Spring & Fall04/11/201284
Goin' Your Way (Neil Finn + Paul Kelly)24/11/2013519
The Merri Soul Sessions28/12/2014178
Seven Sonnets And A Song08/05/201694
Death's Dateless Night (Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen)23/10/2016163
Life Is Fine27/08/2017125
Songs From The South - 1985-2019 - Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits01/12/2019117
Songs From The South: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits 1985-201924/05/2020425
Please Leave Your Light On (Paul Kelly & Paul Grabowsky)16/08/202034
Paul Kelly's Christmas Train05/12/202126
A Bastard Like Me
After The Show (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Be Careful What You Pray For
Before The Old Man Died (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Before Too Long (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Beggar On The Street Of Love (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Bicentennial (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Big Heart (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Billy Baxter (Paul Kelly & The Dots)
Blue Stranger (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Blues For Skip
Bradman (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Brand New Ways (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Brighter (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Buffalo Ballet (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Careless (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Christmas Must Be Tonight
Cities Of Texas (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Crosstown (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Darling It Hurts
David Gower (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Deeper Water
Deportees (Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls)
Desdemona (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Don't Burn Me
Don't Explain
Don't Harm The Messenger (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Don't Stand So Close To The Window (Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls)
Don't Start Me Talking (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Down On My Speedway (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Dumb Things (Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls)
Dumb Things (A.B. Original & Paul Kelly)
Elly (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Every F**king City
Everybody Loves You Baby
Everybody Wants To Touch Me
Everything's Turning To White (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Firewood And Candles
Forty Miles To Saturday Night (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Four Seasons In One Day (Paul Kelly and Angus Stone)
Freedom Ride (Troy Cassar-Daley feat. Paul Kelly)
From Little Things Big Things Grow
From St. Kilda To Kings Cross
Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm (Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill)
Ghost Town (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Give In To My Love
Glory Be To God
God Told Me To
Going About My Father's Business (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Gossip (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Happy Slave (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Hard Times (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Hay Wrap
Hey Boys (Mark Seymour & Paul Kelly)
How To Make Gravy
I Can't Believe We Were Married (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
I Don't Remember A Thing (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
I Had Forgotten You (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
I Smell Trouble
I Still Pray (Kasey Chambers feat. Paul Kelly)
I Wish I Was A Train (Troy Cassar-Daley feat. Paul Kelly)
I Won't Be Torn Apart (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
I'd Rather Go Blind (Then See You With Another Guy)
If I Could Start Today Again
I'll Be Your Lover
Incident On South Dowling Street
Invisible Me (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
It Started With A Kiss
It's All Downhill From Here (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
I've Come For Your Daughter (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Keep It To Yourself (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Khe Sanh
Know Your Friends (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Last Train (Christine Anu WITH Paul Kelly)
Last Train To Heaven (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Leah: The Sequel
Leaps And Bounds (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Leaving Her For The Last Time (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Letter In The Rain
Life Is Fine
Little Boys Don't Lose Balls (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Little Decisions
Little Kings
Look So Fine Feel So Low
Love Is The Law
Love Letter
Love Never Runs On Time
Maralinga (Rainy Land) (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Melting (Paul Kelly with Monique Brumby)
Moon In The Bed (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Most Wanted Man In The World (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
My Man's Got A Cold
Native Born
No You (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Nothing On My Mind
Other People's Houses (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Our Sunshine
Pastures Of Plenty (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Pigeon / Jundamurra (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Pouring Petrol On A Burning Man
Preaching To The Converted
Rally Round The Drum (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Randwick Bells (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Reckless (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Rising Moon
Rock Out On The Sea
Rocking Institution (Paul Kelly & The Dots)
Rock'N'Soul (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Roll On Summer (EP)
Same Old Walk (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Satisfy Your Woman
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
Shane Warne
She's A Melody (Stupid Song) (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
So Blue (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Somebody's Forgetting Somebody (Somebody's Letting Someone Down) (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Somewhere In The City
Song From The Sixteenth Floor
Song Of The Old Rake
Sonnet 18
South Of Germany (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Special Treatment (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrow
Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
Still Here (Melinda Schneider with Paul Kelly)
Stories Of Me (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Sweet Guy (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Sydney From A 747 (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Take Your Time (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Tease Me
The Ballroom (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
The Execution (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
The Oldest Story In The Book
They Thought I Was Asleep (Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys)
Thoughts In The Middle Of The Night
Tighten Up (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
To Her Door (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Under The Sun (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Untouchable (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
When A Woman Loves A Man
When I First Met Your Ma
White Train
Winter Coat
Wish I Was A Train (Troy Cassar-Daley feat. Paul Kelly)
With The One I Love
Won't You Come Around
Yil Lull (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
You Can't Take It With You (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Your Little Sister (Is A Big Girl Now) (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Your Lovin Is On My Mind
You're 39, You're Beautiful And You're Mine
...Nothing But A Dream
Comedy (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Death's Dateless Night (Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen)
Deeper Water
Foggy Highway (Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys)
Goin' Your Way (Neil Finn + Paul Kelly)
Gossip (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls)
Hidden Things (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Life Is Fine
Paul Kelly's Christmas Train
Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits
Please Leave Your Light On (Paul Kelly & Paul Grabowsky)
Seven Sonnets And A Song
Smoke (Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill)
So Much Water So Close To Home (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Songs From The South - 1985-2019 - Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits
Songs From The South Volume 1 & 2
Songs From The South: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits 1985-2019
Spring & Fall
Stolen Apples
The Merri Soul Sessions
Under The Sun (Paul Kelly & The Messengers)
Wanted Man
Ways & Means
Words And Music
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