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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla, Astor Piazzola
Alexandra Prusa & Cuarteto La StrapataBallata per la mia morte2015Music/Lyrics
Alexandra Prusa & Cuarteto La StrapataChlyne Giu vo Bachin2015Music/Lyrics
Alexandra Prusa & Cuarteto La StrapataD Balade für ä Spinnsiech2015Music/Lyrics
Alexandra Prusa & Cuarteto La StrapataLibertango2015Music/Lyrics
Amy DicksonMilonga del angel2013Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaAdiós Nonino1974Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaAmelitango1974Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaConcierto para quinteto1986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaContrabajísimo1986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaLibertango1972Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaLos suenos2017Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaMeditango1974Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaMichelangelo '701986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaMilonga del angel1986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaMilonga loca1986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaMumuki1986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaNonino2002Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaNovitango1974Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaOblivion1996Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaRegreso al amor2017Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaTanguedia III1986Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaTristango1974Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaTristeza, separacion2017Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaTristeze, separacion2017Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaUnndertango1974Music/Lyrics
Astor PiazzollaViolentango1974Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesA don nicanor paredes1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesAlguien le dice al tango1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesAparición de real1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesAparición de rosendo1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesBailongo1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesEl tango1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesEl titere1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesEpílogo1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesJacinto Chiclana1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesMilonga nocturna1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesMuerte de real1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesOda intima a Buenos Aires1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Jorge Luis BorgesRosendo y la lujanera1965Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Roberto GoyenecheVuelvo al sur2017Music/Lyrics
Astor Piazzolla & Son QuintetteLos suenos2017Music/Lyrics
Benny NeymanBuenos Aires2006Music/Lyrics
Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and FriendsMuerte del ángel2017Music/Lyrics
Brigitte Fontaine avec Alain SouchonRue Saint-Louis-en-l'Île2011Music/Lyrics
Brigitte Fontaine avec Gotan ProjectRue Saint Louis en l'île2004Music/Lyrics
Café MondialAlguien le dice al tango2006Music/Lyrics
Café MondialChiquilin de bachin2003Music/Lyrics
Camille Berthollet / Julie Berthollet / Guillaume VincentLes quatre saisons - l'hiver [Astor Piazzolla]2015Music/Lyrics
Camille Berthollet / Orchestre d'Auvergne / Gautier CapuçonOblivion2015Music/Lyrics
Carel KraayenhofAdiós Nonino2002Music/Lyrics
Chico & The GypsiesLibertango2016Music/Lyrics
Chico & The Gypsies with Mister PeeweeLibertango2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Botti feat. Caroline CampbellOblivion2012Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleAve Maria2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleChiquilin de Bachin2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleCierra tus ojos y escucha2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleLibertango2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleLlueve sobre Santiago2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleLos pájaros perdidos2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleMelodía en La menor2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleMilonga del Angel2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleMilonga para tres2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleOblivión2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel MilleVuelvo al sur2014Music/Lyrics
El Duo PortenoAdios Nonino1984Music/Lyrics
(Astor Piazzola)
Elīna GarančaYo soy María Music/Lyrics
Emmanuel Pahud / Christian RivetBordel 19002013Music/Lyrics
Emmanuel Pahud / Christian RivetCafé 19302013Music/Lyrics
Emmanuel Pahud / Christian RivetConcert d'aujourd'hui2013Music/Lyrics
Emmanuel Pahud / Christian RivetNightclub 19602013Music/Lyrics
Enrique MorenteChiquilín de Bachín2005Music/Lyrics
(Astor Piazzola)
Felicia van den End6 tango etudes no.4. - Lento - Meditativo for (alto) flute solo2015Music/Lyrics
Fiorella MannoiaTorno al sud2012Music/Lyrics
Florent PagnyVuelvo al Sur2009Music/Lyrics
Gato BarbieriCancion del Llamero And Tango1970Music/Lyrics
(Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla)
Georges MoustakiFaire cette chanson1976Music/Lyrics
Georges MoustakiLa mémoire1976Music/Lyrics
Georges MoustakiLe tango de demain1975Music/Lyrics
Gotan ProjectVuelvo al Sur2001Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesEsta cara me es conocida2014Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesI've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)1981Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannDeus Xango1975Music/Lyrics
JairoHay una niña en el alba2000Music/Lyrics
JairoMilonga del trovador2000Music/Lyrics
Julia MigenesBalada para mi muerte2003Music/Lyrics
Julia MigenesLos parajos perdidos2003Music/Lyrics
Julia MigenesPreludio para el anno 30012003Music/Lyrics
Julien ClercBallade pour un fou (loco, loco)1974Music/Lyrics
Julien ClercJ'oublie2000Music/Lyrics
Klazz Brothers & Cuba PercussionAdios nonino2016Music/Lyrics
Klazz Brothers & Cuba PercussionLibertango2016Music/Lyrics
Klazz Brothers & Cuba PercussionVerano porteño2016Music/Lyrics
KovacsI've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)2014Music/Lyrics
Kronos QuartetAsleep From Five Tango Sensations1991Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoA Don Nicanor Paredes2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoAlguien le dice al tango2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoEl títere2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoJacinto chiclana2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoLa misma pena2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoLa vida pequeña2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoLas rosas golondrinas2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoMilonga carrieguera2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoMilonga de la anunciación2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoPoema valseado2014Music/Lyrics
Marcela Arroyo / Julio AzcanoPor siempre gris2014Music/Lyrics
Michel Camilo & TomatitoOblivion2016Music/Lyrics
Miloš KaradaglicLibertango Music/Lyrics
MilvaAve Maria2001Music/Lyrics
MilvaAve Maria (Live)2000Music/Lyrics
MilvaYo soy Maria2001Music/Lyrics
MinaBalada para mi muerte1972Music/Lyrics
MinaSuoneranno le sei1972Music/Lyrics
Plaza Francia OrchestraOblivión2018Music/Lyrics
Quatuor ÉbèneLibertango2014Music/Lyrics
Richard GallianoEscualo2006Music/Lyrics
Ronny MosuseVreemd (Libertango)2008Music/Lyrics
Sexteto MayorContrabajeando2015Music/Lyrics
Sexteto MayorFugata2015Music/Lyrics
Sexteto MayorLibertango2015Music/Lyrics
Sharon Shannon & Kirsty MacCollLibertango2004Music/Lyrics
SisselOblivion (One Stolen Kiss)2004Music/Lyrics
SoledadDanse I2003Music/Lyrics
Tango al SurChiquilín de Bachín2015Music/Lyrics
(Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla)
Tangoseis feat. MilvaAdios Nonino2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaBandoeon2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaDecarisimo2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaEscualo2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaFracanapa2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaLibertango2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaMilonga del angel2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaMuerte del angel2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaOblivion2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaRomance del diablo2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaTema de Maria2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaVerano porteño2000Music/Lyrics
Tangoseis feat. MilvaYo soy Maria2000Music/Lyrics
Tarja TurunenAve Maria (Astor Piazzolla)2015Music/Lyrics
The BrandosJacinto chiclana2017Music/Lyrics
Vincent NicloMi amor (Libertango)2018Music/Lyrics
Viola ValentinoAnime d'autunno1998Music/Lyrics
ŽofkaI've Seen That Face Before / Libertango2008Music/Lyrics
Adiós Nonino (Carel Kraayenhof)95.11
Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)135
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) (Grace Jones)1094.95
Vuelvo al Sur (Gotan Project)64
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) (Grace Jones)1094.95
Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)135
Adiós Nonino (Carel Kraayenhof)95.11
Vuelvo al Sur (Gotan Project)64

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