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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Christopher Hughes, Christopher Merrick Hughes
Adam And The Ants5 Guns West1981Producer
Adam And The AntsAnt Rap1981Producer
Adam And The AntsAntmusic1980Producer
Adam And The AntsAnts Invasion1980Producer
Adam And The AntsBeat My Guest1981Producer
Adam And The AntsCartrouble1979Producer
Adam And The AntsChristian d'or1981Producer
Adam And The AntsDog Eat Dog1980Producer
Adam And The AntsDon't Be Square (Be There)1980Producer
Adam And The AntsFall-In1980Producer
Adam And The AntsFeed Me To The Lions1980Producer
Adam And The AntsFriends1978Producer
Adam And The AntsJolly Roger1980Producer
Adam And The AntsKick1978Producer
Adam And The AntsKiller In The Home1980Producer
Adam And The AntsKings Of The Wild Frontier1980Producer
Adam And The AntsLos Rancheros1980Producer
Adam And The AntsMaking History1980Producer
Adam And The AntsMile High Club1981Producer
Adam And The AntsMowhok1981Producer
Adam And The AntsPhysical (You're So)1978Producer
Adam And The AntsPicasso visita el planeta de los simios1981Producer
Adam And The AntsPress Darlings1980Producer
Adam And The AntsPrince Charming1981Producer
Adam And The AntsS.E.X.1981Producer
Adam And The AntsScorpios1981Producer
Adam And The AntsStand And Deliver1981Producer
Adam And The AntsThat Voodoo1981Producer
Adam And The AntsThe Human Beings1980Producer
Adam And The AntsThe Magnificent Five1980Producer
Adam AntGoody Two Shoes1982Producer
Andy BullEverybody Wants To Rule The World2011Music/Lyrics
Bill NelsonEros Arriving1982Music/Lyrics
Clare & The ReasonsEverybody Wants To Rule The World2009Music/Lyrics
CrybabyA Misery Of Love2012Producer
CrybabyArmies Of Darkness2012Producer
CrybabyI Cherish The Heartbreak More Than The Love That I Lost2012Producer
CrybabyThis Time It's Over2012Producer
CrybabyTwist Of The Knife2012Producer
CrybabyWe're Supposed To Be In Love2012Producer
CrybabyWhat Am I Supposed To Do Without You Now?2012Producer
CrybabyWhen The Lights Go Out2012Producer
Gay DadBlack Ghost1999Producer
Gay DadDateline1999Producer
Gay DadDifferent Kind Of Blue1999Producer
Gay DadDimstar1999Producer
Gay DadJesus Christ1999Producer
Gay DadJoy!1999Producer
Gay DadMy Son Mystic1999Producer
Gay DadOh Jim1999Producer
Gay DadPathfinder1999Producer
Gay DadU.S. Roach1998Producer
Gloria GaynorEverybody Wants To Rule The World1986Music/Lyrics
Hank MarvinEverybody Wants To Rule The World1992Music/Lyrics
Howard JonesEverlasting Love1989Producer
Howard JonesThe Prisoner1989Producer
J.A.L.N. BandEv'ry Body's Gettin' Some1975Music/Lyrics
Jamie CullumEverybody Wants To Rule The World2016Music/Lyrics
Jason DonovanEverybody Wants To Rule The World2010Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Merrick Hughes)
Liam BlakeComing Or Going2011Producer
Liam BlakeFeather2011Producer
Liam BlakeFor Your Sake2011Producer
Liam BlakeGypsy Fireflies2011Producer
Liam BlakeHeart And Soul2011Producer
Liam BlakeI Felt Alive2011Producer
Liam BlakeRush2011Producer
Liam BlakeShow Me The Way To The Sun2011Producer
Liam BlakeSimon2011Producer
Liam BlakeSinners And Saints2011Producer
Liam BlakeTell Me Beth, Do You Recall?2011Producer
LordeEverybody Wants To Rule The World2013Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Merrick Hughes)
Lower Than AtlantisEverybody Wants To Rule The World2015Music/Lyrics
One Sixth Of TommyButterflies2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyCare About It2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyCotton Pockets2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyEscape2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyEverything's OK2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyFor Always2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyI'm Still Yours2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyIn The Sun2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyIt's Alright2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyNot Listening2011Producer
One Sixth Of TommyThe Pact2011Producer
Patti SmithEverybody Wants To Rule The World2007Music/Lyrics
Paul McCartneyMotor Of Love1989Producer
Paul YoungI Wish You Love1997Producer
Peter GabrielIn The Sun1997Producer
PolecatsJuvenile Delinquents From A Planet Near Mars1982Producer
PolecatsMake A Circuit With Me1982Producer
PropagandaHeaven Give Me Words1990Producer
PropagandaHow Much Love1990Producer
PropagandaLa carne, la morte e il diavolo1990Producer
PropagandaMinistry Of Fear1990Producer
PropagandaOnly One Word1990Producer
PropagandaVicious Circle1990Producer
PropagandaWound In My Heart1990Producer
PropagandaYour Wildlife1990Music/Lyrics
Red BoxLean On Me1985Producer
Red BoxStinging Bee1985Producer
Ric OcasekComing For You1986Producer
Ric OcasekEmotion In Motion1986Producer
Ric OcasekHello Darkness1986Producer
Ric OcasekKeep On Laughin'1986Producer
Ric OcasekLook In Your Eyes1986Producer
Ric OcasekMystery1986Producer
Ric OcasekP.F.J.1986Producer
Ric OcasekThis Side Of Paradise1986Producer
Ric OcasekTrue Love1986Producer
Ric OcasekTrue To You1986Producer
Robert Plant29 Palms1993Producer
Robert PlantCalling To You1993Producer
Robert PlantColours Of A Shade1993Producer
Robert PlantCome Into My Life1993Producer
Robert PlantDown To The Sea1993Producer
Robert PlantGreat Spirit1993Producer
Robert PlantI Believe1993Producer
Robert PlantIf I Were A Carpenter1993Producer
Robert PlantMemory Song (Hello Hello)1993Producer
Robert PlantNetwork News1993Producer
Robert PlantPromised Land1993Producer
Robert PlantThe Greatest Gift1993Producer
SunshinersEverybody Wants To Rule The World2006Music/Lyrics
Tears For FearsBroken1985Producer
Tears For FearsChange1982Producer
Tears For FearsEverybody Wants To Rule The World1985Music/Lyrics
Tears For FearsEverybody Wants To Run The World1986Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Merrick Hughes)
Tears For FearsHead Over Heels1985Producer
Tears For FearsI Believe1985Producer
Tears For FearsIdeas As Opiates1983Producer
Tears For FearsListen1985Producer
Tears For FearsMad World1982Producer
Tears For FearsMemories Fade1983Producer
Tears For FearsMothers Talk1984Producer
Tears For FearsMy Life In The Suicide Ranks1989Music/Lyrics
Tears For FearsPale Shelter1983Producer
Tears For FearsPharaohs1985Music/Lyrics
Tears For FearsShout1984Producer
Tears For FearsStart Of The Breakdown1983Producer
Tears For FearsSuffer The Children1981Producer
Tears For FearsThe Hurting1983Producer
Tears For FearsThe Way You Are1983Producer
Tears For FearsThe Working Hour1985Producer
Tears For FearsWatch Me Bleed1983Producer
Tears For FearsWhen In Love With A Blind Man1985Producer
The BohicasGirlfriend2015Producer
The BohicasI Do It For Your Love2015Producer
The BohicasOnly You2015Producer
The BohicasRed Raw2015Producer
The BohicasSomehow You Know What I Mean2015Producer
The BohicasSwarm2014Producer
The BohicasThe Making Of2015Producer
The BohicasTo Die For2014Producer
The BohicasUpside Down And Inside Out2015Producer
The BohicasWhere You At2015Producer
The Cooper Temple ClauseDamage2006Producer
Tom McRae2nd Law2000Producer
Tom McRaeA & B Song2000Producer
Tom McRaeBloodless2000Producer
Tom McRaeDraw Down The Stars2000Producer
Tom McRaeEnd Of The World News (Dose Me Up)2000Producer
Tom McRaeHidden Camera Show2000Producer
Tom McRaeI Ain't Scared Of Lightning2000Producer
Tom McRaeLanguage Of Fools2000Producer
Tom McRaeOne More Mile2000Producer
Tom McRaeSau Paolo Rain2000Producer
Tom McRaeThe Boy With The Bubblegun2000Producer
Tom McRaeUntitled2000Producer
Tom McRaeYou Cut Her Hair2000Producer
Trevor Horn feat. The Sarm Orchestra / Robbie WilliamsEverybody Wants To Rule The World2019Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Hughes)
Vitamin ZBurning Flame1984Producer
Vitamin ZDancers Of Eve1984Producer
Wang ChungDance Hall Days1983Producer
Wang ChungDevoted Friends1983Producer
Wang ChungDon't Be My Enemy1983Producer
Wang ChungDon't Let Go1983Producer
Wang ChungEven If You Dream1983Producer
Wang ChungLook At Me Now1983Producer
Wang ChungTalk It Out1983Producer
Wang ChungThe Waves1983Producer
Wang ChungTrue Love1983Producer
Wang ChungWait1983Producer
WeezerEverybody Wants To Rule The World2019Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Merrick Hughes)
Lean On Me (Red Box)455.27
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears)2085.03
Mad World (Tears For Fears)1554.95
Head Over Heels (Tears For Fears)914.88
Shout (Tears For Fears)2624.85
Listen (Tears For Fears)204.85
The Hurting (Tears For Fears)134.85
The Working Hour (Tears For Fears)214.81
Pale Shelter (Tears For Fears)944.8
Memories Fade (Tears For Fears)144.79
Everlasting Love (Howard Jones)424.74
Suffer The Children (Tears For Fears)194.74
29 Palms (Robert Plant)314.68
Emotion In Motion (Ric Ocasek)464.67
Watch Me Bleed (Tears For Fears)174.65
Wound In My Heart (Propaganda)54.6
Dance Hall Days (Wang Chung)1384.56
Everybody Wants To Run The World (Tears For Fears)84.5
I Believe (Robert Plant)64.5
If I Were A Carpenter (Robert Plant)134.46
Shout (Tears For Fears)2624.85
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears)2085.03
Mad World (Tears For Fears)1554.95
Dance Hall Days (Wang Chung)1384.56
Goody Two Shoes (Adam Ant)1053.94
Stand And Deliver (Adam And The Ants)953.85
Pale Shelter (Tears For Fears)944.8
Head Over Heels (Tears For Fears)914.88
Prince Charming (Adam And The Ants)723.64
Change (Tears For Fears)644.25
Antmusic (Adam And The Ants)553.53
Mothers Talk (Tears For Fears)473.96
Emotion In Motion (Ric Ocasek)464.67
Lean On Me (Red Box)455.27
Everlasting Love (Howard Jones)424.74
Heaven Give Me Words (Propaganda)424.19
I Believe (Tears For Fears)423.69
29 Palms (Robert Plant)314.68
Dog Eat Dog (Adam And The Ants)313.48
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Lorde)303.43

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