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Pseudonym: 50 Cent
Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Curtis James Jackson III
"Weird Al" YankovicPolkarama!2007Music/Lyrics
2Pac feat. 50 CentThe Realist Killaz2003Music/Lyrics
2Pac feat. G UnitLoyal To The Game2004Music/Lyrics
50 Cent21 Questions2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentA Baltimore Love Thing2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentAmusement Park2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentAnimal Ambition2014Music/Lyrics
50 CentBaby By Me2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentBack Down2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentBest Friend2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentCome & Go2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentCrime Wave2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentCurtis 1872007Music/Lyrics
50 CentDeath To My Enemies2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentDisco Inferno2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentDo You Think About Me2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentDrama Never Ends2015Music/Lyrics
50 CentFully Loaded Clip2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentGangsta's Delight2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentGet In My Car2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentGet It Hot2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentGet Up2008Music/Lyrics
50 CentGod Gave Me Style2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentGotta Make It To Heaven2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentGunz Come Out2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentHeat2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentHigh All The Time2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentHold Me Down2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentHold On2014Music/Lyrics
50 CentHustler2014Music/Lyrics
50 CentHustler's Ambition2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentI Don't Need 'em2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentI Get It In2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentI Get Money2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentI Got Swag2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentIf I Can't2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentI'm Supposed To Die Tonight2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentIn Da Club2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentIn My Hood2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentJust A Lil Bit2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentLife's On The Line2002Music/Lyrics
50 CentMan Down2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentMany Men (Wish Death)2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentMaterial Girl 2000 Music/Lyrics
50 CentMovin' On Up2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentMy Gun Go Off2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentOK, You're Right2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentP.I.M.P.2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentPiggy Bank2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentPilot2014Music/Lyrics
50 CentPlaces To Go2002Music/Lyrics
50 CentPoor Lil Rich2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentPosition Of Power2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentRyder Music2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentSki Mask Way2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentSo Disrespectful2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentStraight To The Bank2007Music/Lyrics
50 CentStretch2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentStretch Armstrong Freestyle2002Music/Lyrics
50 CentStrong Enough2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentTalk About Me2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentThe Enforcer2011Music/Lyrics
50 CentThe Invitation2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentThen Days Went By2009Music/Lyrics
50 CentThis Is 502005Music/Lyrics
50 CentU Not Like Me2002Music/Lyrics
50 CentWanksta2002Music/Lyrics
50 CentWhat If2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentWhat Up Gangsta2003Music/Lyrics
50 CentWhen It Rains It Pours2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentWindow Shopper2005Music/Lyrics
50 CentYou Ain't No Gangsta Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. AkonI'll Still Kill2007Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia KeysNew Day2012Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. EminemGatman And Robbin'2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. EminemPeep Show2007Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. EminemPsycho2009Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Eminem & Adam LevineMy Life2012Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Guordan BanksWinners Circle2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Jadakiss & Kidd KiddIrregular Heartbeat2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Jamie FoxxBuild You Up2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Justin TimberlakeAyo Technology2007Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Kidd KiddEverytime I Come Around2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks & EminemDon't Push Me2003Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc & Ma$eI Don't Know Officer2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Mary J BligeAll Of Me2007Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Mobb DeepOutta Control2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Mr. ProbzTwisted2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. OliviaBest Friend (Remix)2006Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. OliviaCandy Shop2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. OliviaSo Amazing2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. OliviaWe Both Think Alike2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles PChase The Paper2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. R. KellyCould've Been You2009Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Robin ThickeFollow My Lead2007Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. The Game, Tony Yayo, Young Buck & Lloyd BanksHate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix)2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. The Madd RapperHow To Rob1999Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Tony YayoLike My Style2003Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Tony YayoMy Toy Soldier2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Tony YayoTouch The Sky2007Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Trey SongzSmoke2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Yo GottiDon't Worry 'Bout It2014Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Young BuckBlood Hound2003Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Young BuckI'll Whip Ya Head Boy2005Music/Lyrics
50 Cent feat. Young Buck & Nicole ScherzingerFire2007Music/Lyrics
Belly feat. GinuwinePressure2005Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. 50 CentI Bet2015Music/Lyrics
(Curtis James Jackson III)
Christina AguileraSlow Down Baby2006Music/Lyrics
Ciara feat. 50 CentCan't Leave 'Em Alone2007Music/Lyrics
Destiny's ChildI Can't Go For That1999Music/Lyrics
Eminem / Dr. Dre / 50 CentCrack A Bottle2009Music/Lyrics
Eminem / Obie Trice / 50 CentLove Me2002Music/Lyrics
Eminem feat. Dr. Dre & 50 CentEncore2004Music/Lyrics
Eminem feat. Obie Trice, Stat Quo & 50 CentSpend Some Time2004Music/Lyrics
Eminem, 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks introd. CashisYou Don't Know2006Music/Lyrics
G Unit feat. JoeAngels2004Music/Lyrics
G Unit feat. JoeWanna Get To Know You2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitBaby U Got2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitBeg For Mercy2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitBetta Ask Somebody2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitCasualties Of War2008Music/Lyrics
G-UnitClose To Me2008Music/Lyrics
G-UnitEye For Eye2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitGangsta S***2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitG'd Up2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitGet Down2008Music/Lyrics
G-UnitGroupie Love2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitGunz For Sale2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitI Smell P****2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitI'm So Hood2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitKitty Kat2008Music/Lyrics
G-UnitLay You Down2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitMy Buddy2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitPoppin' Them Thangs2003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitStraight Outto Southside2008Music/Lyrics
G-UnitStunt 1012003Music/Lyrics
G-UnitYou So Touch2008Music/Lyrics
G-Unit feat. MavadoLet It Go2008Music/Lyrics
G-Unit feat. Young BuckI Like The Way She Do It2008Music/Lyrics
G-Unit feat. Young BuckNo Days Off2008Music/Lyrics
G-Unit feat. Young BuckParty Ain't Over2008Music/Lyrics
G-Unit feat. Young BuckPiano Man2008Music/Lyrics
G-Unit feat. Young BuckRider Pt. 22008Music/Lyrics
Jeremih feat. 50 CentDown On Me2010Music/Lyrics
Jhené Aiko feat. Cocaine 80sTo Love & Die2014Music/Lyrics
Joe feat. G-UnitRide Wit U2004Music/Lyrics
KaterineAyo Technology2009Music/Lyrics
LL Cool J feat. 50 CentFeel My Heart Beat2008Music/Lyrics
Lloyd BanksOn Fire2004Music/Lyrics
Lloyd Banks feat. 50 CentHands Up2006Music/Lyrics
Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent & Snoop DoggI Get High2004Music/Lyrics
Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent & Young BuckYou Already Know2005Music/Lyrics
Lloyd Banks feat. Eminem, 50 Cent and Nate DoggWarrior Part 22004Music/Lyrics
M.O.P. feat. 50 CentWhen Death Becomes You2005Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeMJB Da MVP2005Music/Lyrics
Mary J Blige feat. 50 CentLet Me Be The 12003Music/Lyrics
Michael Jackson feat. 50 CentMonster2010Music/Lyrics
MilowAyo Technology2008Music/Lyrics
Missy Elliott feat. 50 CentWork It (Remix)2002Music/Lyrics
Mobb Deep feat. 50 CentYou A Shooter2005Music/Lyrics
Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent & Nate DoggHave A Party2005Music/Lyrics
Natalie Cole(I'm Coming) Straight From The Heart1983Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeI Won't Deny It1983Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeI'm Ready1983Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeKeep It On The Outside1983Music/Lyrics
Obie Trice feat. 50 CentEverywhere I Go2006Music/Lyrics
Obie Trice feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and EminemWe All Die One Day2003Music/Lyrics
Snoop Dogg feat. 50 CentOh No2004Music/Lyrics
Spider Loc feat. 50 Cent & Lloyd BanksThings Change2005Music/Lyrics
The BaseballsCandy Shop2011Music/Lyrics
The GameHigher2005Music/Lyrics
The Game feat. 50 CentHate It Or Love It2005Music/Lyrics
The Game feat. 50 CentHow We Do2005Music/Lyrics
The Game feat. 50 CentWestside Story2005Music/Lyrics
Timbaland feat. 50 Cent & Tony YayoCome And Get Me2007Music/Lyrics
Tony YayoI'm So High2005Music/Lyrics
Tony Yayo feat. 50 CentSo Seductive2005Music/Lyrics
Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & OliviaWe Don't Give A F***2005Music/Lyrics
Tony Yayo feat. G UnitI Know You Don't Love Me2005Music/Lyrics
Tory Lanez feat. 50 CentPieces2018Music/Lyrics
(Curtis James Jackson III)
Voice MaleAyo Technology2013Music/Lyrics
Young BuckLet Me In2004Music/Lyrics
Young Buck feat. 50 CentHold On2007Music/Lyrics
Young Buck feat. 50 CentI'm A Soldier2004Music/Lyrics
Young Buck feat. 50 Cent & Tony YayoBonafide Hustler2004Music/Lyrics
Young Buck feat. Lloyd Banks & D-TayPrices On My Head2004Music/Lyrics

In Da Club (50 Cent)30/03/2003118
21 Questions (50 Cent)13/07/2003414
P.I.M.P. (50 Cent)12/10/2003217
Stunt 101 (G-Unit)01/02/2004326
If I Can't (50 Cent)01/02/2004229
Wanna Get To Know You (G Unit feat. Joe)30/05/2004304
On Fire (Lloyd Banks)15/08/2004441
How We Do (The Game feat. 50 Cent)06/03/20052414
Candy Shop (50 Cent feat. Olivia)27/03/2005318
Hate It Or Love It (The Game feat. 50 Cent)12/06/20052115
Just A Lil Bit (50 Cent)26/06/20051316
Outta Control (50 Cent feat. Mobb Deep)16/10/2005169
Window Shopper (50 Cent)11/12/20051316
Hustler's Ambition (50 Cent)05/03/2006237
Slow Down Baby (Christina Aguilera)12/08/2007216
Ayo Technology (50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake)16/09/20071022
Crack A Bottle (Eminem / Dr. Dre / 50 Cent)22/02/20091813
Baby By Me (50 Cent)15/11/2009245
New Day (50 Cent feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys)19/08/2012441
My Life (50 Cent feat. Eminem & Adam Levine)16/12/20122811
Polkarama! ("Weird Al" Yankovic)64.83
Eye For Eye (G-Unit)64.67
MJB Da MVP (Mary J Blige)224.64
My Buddy (G-Unit)124.5
I'm So Hood (G-Unit)84.5
Poppin' Them Thangs (G-Unit)314.45
Monster (Michael Jackson feat. 50 Cent)204.4
G-Unit (G-Unit)104.4
When It Rains It Pours (50 Cent)54.4
Ayo Technology (Katerine)354.29
Beg For Mercy (G-Unit)114.27
I Smell P**** (G-Unit)74.14
Groupie Love (G-Unit)94.11
Slow Down Baby (Christina Aguilera)674.1
Smile (G-Unit)104.1
Let Me In (Young Buck)124.08
Lay You Down (G-Unit)84
Baby U Got (G-Unit)74
Betta Ask Somebody (G-Unit)74
Footprints (G-Unit)64
Candy Shop (50 Cent feat. Olivia)3312.76
Ayo Technology (Milow)2703.61
In Da Club (50 Cent)2693.17
Ayo Technology (50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake)2352.88
P.I.M.P. (50 Cent)2182.75
Just A Lil Bit (50 Cent)1702.48
Window Shopper (50 Cent)1532.63
How We Do (The Game feat. 50 Cent)1462.95
Outta Control (50 Cent feat. Mobb Deep)1403.08
Hate It Or Love It (The Game feat. 50 Cent)1373.5
21 Questions (50 Cent)1332.71
Crack A Bottle (Eminem / Dr. Dre / 50 Cent)1293.45
If I Can't (50 Cent)982.99
Hustler's Ambition (50 Cent)932.47
Slow Down Baby (Christina Aguilera)674.1
Can't Leave 'Em Alone (Ciara feat. 50 Cent)672.85
My Life (50 Cent feat. Eminem & Adam Levine)592.73
Baby By Me (50 Cent)552.69
Stunt 101 (G-Unit)513.16
On Fire (Lloyd Banks)493.2

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