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4 Non BlondesCalling All The People1992Producer
4 Non BlondesDear Mr. President1992Producer
4 Non BlondesDrifting1992Producer
4 Non BlondesMorphine & Chocolate1992Producer
4 Non BlondesNo Place Like Home1992Producer
4 Non BlondesOld Mr. Heffer1992Producer
4 Non BlondesPleasantly Blue1992Producer
4 Non BlondesSpaceman1992Producer
4 Non BlondesSuperfly1992Producer
4 Non BlondesTrain1992Producer
4 Non BlondesWhat's Up?1992Producer
Adam Ant1969 Again1995Producer
Adam AntAlien1995Producer
Adam AntAngel1995Producer
Adam AntBeautiful Dream1995Producer
Adam AntGotta Be A Sin1995Producer
Adam AntImage Of Yourself1995Producer
Adam AntVampires1995Producer
Adam AntVery Long Ride1995Producer
Adam AntWonderful1995Producer
Adam AntWon't Take That Talk1995Producer
Adam AntYin & Yang1995Producer
Alannah Myles & ZuccheroWhat Are We Waiting For1997Producer
Belinda CarlisleA Woman And A Man1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleCalifornia1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleHe Goes On1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleI See No Ships1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleIn Too Deep1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleJealous Guy1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleKneel At Your Feet1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleListen To Love1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleLove Doesn't Live Here1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleLove In The Key Of C1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleLove Walks In2014Producer
Belinda CarlisleMy Heart Goes Out To You1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleRemember September1996Producer
Belinda CarlisleThe Ballad Of Lucy Jordan1996Producer
David Tickle & Rick MorottaArrival1987Music/Lyrics
David Tickle & Rick MorottaSomething To Remember Me By1987Music/Lyrics
Department SGoing Left Right1981Producer
Department SPut All The Crosses In The Right Boxes1981Producer
Department SShe's Expecting You1981Producer
DivinylsFollow Through1991Producer
DivinylsI Touch Myself1990Producer
DivinylsI'm On Your Side1991Producer
DivinylsLove School1991Producer
DivinylsMake Out Alright1991Producer
DivinylsNeed A Lover1991Producer
Eric JohnsonBristol Shore1986Producer
Eric JohnsonEmerald Eyes1986Producer
Eric JohnsonFriends1986Producer
Eric JohnsonOff My Mind1986Producer
Eric JohnsonSoulful Terrain1986Producer
Eric JohnsonThe Desert Song1986Producer
Eric JohnsonTrail Of Tears1986Producer
Eric JohnsonVictory1986Producer
Eric JohnsonZap1986Producer
Hanoi RocksUp Around The Bend1984Producer
Jean-Louis AubertLes plages1987Producer
Jean-Louis AubertTel est l'amour (Mon amour)1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoChaque pas1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoCompromis1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoJ't'adore tellement1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoLes gens disent que1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoL'horizon1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoPlātre et ciment1987Producer
Jean-Louis Aubert 'N' KoQuand Paris s'éteint1987Producer
Joan ArmatradingBack On The Road1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingBeyond The Blue1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingCan't Stop Loving You1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingEveryday Boy1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingIn Your Eyes1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingLost The Love1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingMerchant Of Love1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingRecommend My Love1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingShape Of A Pony1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingShapes And Sizes1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingSongs1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingTrouble1995Producer
Joan ArmatradingWould You Like To Dance1995Producer
Joe CockerCan't Find My Way Home1991Producer
Joe CockerDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1991Producer
Joe CockerFive Women1991Producer
Joe CockerI Can Hear The River1991Producer
Joe CockerLittle Bit Of Love1991Producer
Joe CockerOut Of The Rain1991Producer
Joe CockerPlease No More1991Producer
Joe CockerSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1991Producer
Lovers ElectricBe Who We Are2011Producer
Lovers ElectricBeating Like A Drum2011Producer
Lovers ElectricCould This Be2011Producer
Lovers ElectricHearts Are Jaded2011Producer
Lovers ElectricKeep The Fire Burning2011Producer
Lovers ElectricLove Can Save Us2011Producer
Lovers ElectricOne In A Million2011Producer
Lovers ElectricOur Love Is Lost2011Producer
Lovers ElectricSay Goodbye2011Producer
Lovers ElectricWhenever2011Producer
Lovers ElectricWithout You2011Producer
Platinum BlondeAll Fall Down1983Producer
Platinum BlondeCast A Shadow1983Producer
Platinum BlondeCinderella Story1983Producer
Platinum BlondeDoesn't Really Matter1983Producer
Platinum BlondeLeaders In Danger1983Producer
Platinum BlondeNot In Love1983Producer
Platinum BlondeSad Sad Rain1983Producer
Platinum BlondeStanding In The Dark1983Producer
Platinum BlondeTake It From Me1983Producer
Platinum BlondeVideo Disease1983Producer
Split EnzAlbert Of India1981Producer
Split EnzClumsy1981Producer
Split EnzDouble Happy1980Producer
Split EnzGhost Girl1981Producer
Split EnzHard Act To Follow1981Producer
Split EnzHistory Never Repeats1981Producer
Split EnzHow Can I Resist Her1980Producer
Split EnzI Don't Wanna Dance1981Producer
Split EnzI Got You1980Producer
Split EnzI Hope I Never1979Producer
Split EnzI See Red1979Producer
Split EnzI Wouldn't Dream Of It1980Producer
Split EnzIn The Wars1980Producer
Split EnzIris1981Producer
Split EnzMissing Person1980Producer
Split EnzNobody Takes Me Seriously1980Producer
Split EnzOne Step Ahead1980Producer
Split EnzPoor Boy1980Producer
Split EnzShark Attack1980Producer
Split EnzShips1981Producer
Split EnzThe Choral Sea1979Producer
Split EnzWail1981Producer
Split EnzWalking Through The Ruins1981Producer
Split EnzWhat's The Matter With You1980Producer
Tangerine Dream & Jon AndersonLoved By The Sun1985Producer
The SwingersCounting The Beat1981Producer
The VaporsCan't Talk Anymore1981Producer
The VaporsCivic Hall1981Producer
The VaporsDaylight Titans1981Producer
The VaporsIsolated Case1981Producer
The VaporsJimmie Jones1981Producer
The VaporsJohnny's In Love (Again)1981Producer
The VaporsLenina1981Producer
The VaporsLive At The Marquee1981Producer
The VaporsMagnets1981Producer
The VaporsSilver Machines1981Producer
The VaporsSpiders1981Producer
Toni ChildsDon't Walk Away1988Producer
Toni ChildsDreamer1988Producer
Toni ChildsHush1988Producer
Toni ChildsLet The Rain Come Down1988Producer
Toni ChildsStop Your Fussin'1988Producer
Toni ChildsTin Drum1988Producer
Toni ChildsWalk And Talk Like Angels1988Producer
Toni ChildsWhere's The Ocean1988Producer
Toni ChildsZimbabwae1988Producer

Stop Your Fussin' (Toni Childs)04/09/19881719
Don't Walk Away (Toni Childs)27/11/19881715
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)16/12/1990121
Love School (Divinyls)21/04/1991434
What's Up? (4 Non Blondes)08/08/1993221
In Too Deep (Belinda Carlisle)01/09/19961119
I Got You (Split Enz)425.19
Poor Boy (Split Enz)75
Counting The Beat (The Swingers)144.86
What's The Matter With You (Split Enz)54.8
In Too Deep (Belinda Carlisle)404.78
Love Doesn't Live Here (Belinda Carlisle)104.7
A Woman And A Man (Belinda Carlisle)134.69
Don't Walk Away (Toni Childs)334.67
Zimbabwae (Toni Childs)214.67
Walk And Talk Like Angels (Toni Childs)94.67
I'm On Your Side (Divinyls)64.67
Stop Your Fussin' (Toni Childs)624.66
What's Up? (4 Non Blondes)3284.66
Please No More (Joe Cocker)84.62
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)874.6
What Are We Waiting For (Alannah Myles & Zucchero)114.55
History Never Repeats (Split Enz)154.53
Little Bit Of Love (Joe Cocker)84.5
Dear Mr. President (4 Non Blondes)324.47
I Hope I Never (Split Enz)174.41
What's Up? (4 Non Blondes)3284.66
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)874.6
Spaceman (4 Non Blondes)654.35
Stop Your Fussin' (Toni Childs)624.66
I Got You (Split Enz)425.19
In Too Deep (Belinda Carlisle)404.78
Don't Walk Away (Toni Childs)334.67
Dear Mr. President (4 Non Blondes)324.47
I Can Hear The River (Joe Cocker)324.03
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Joe Cocker)264.31
Wonderful (Adam Ant)263.96
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Joe Cocker)263.88
California (Belinda Carlisle)254.4
Train (4 Non Blondes)254.28
Love In The Key Of C (Belinda Carlisle)254.16
Pleasantly Blue (4 Non Blondes)234.13
Zimbabwae (Toni Childs)214.67
Drifting (4 Non Blondes)214.05
Superfly (4 Non Blondes)204.05
Beating Like A Drum (Lovers Electric)193.95

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