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Better Than EzraDesperately Wanting1996Producer
Better Than EzraPalace Hotel1997Producer
Billy SatelliteI Wanna Go Back1984Producer
Billy SatelliteRockin' Down The Highway1984Producer
Brian SetzerBarbwire Fence1986Producer
Brian SetzerSummertime Blues1987Producer
Brian SetzerThe Knife Feels Like Justice1986Producer
Bruce Hornsby & The RangeA Night On The Town1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby & The RangeSpecial Night1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeAcross The River1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeAnother Day1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeBarren Ground1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeCarry The Water1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeFire On The Cross1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeLost Soul1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeStander On The Mountain1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeStranded On Easy Street1990Producer
Bruce Hornsby And The RangeThese Arms Of Mine1990Producer
Cock RobinAfter Here Through Midland1987Producer
Cock RobinAnother Story1987Producer
Cock RobinCowards Courage1987Producer
Cock RobinEl Norte1987Producer
Cock RobinEvery Moment1987Producer
Cock RobinI'll Send Them Your Way1987Producer
Cock RobinJust Around The Corner1987Producer
Cock RobinPrecious Dreams1987Producer
Cock RobinThe Biggest Fool Of All1987Producer
Cutting CrewEverything But My Pride1989Producer
DieselMan Alive1992Producer
DieselOne More Time1992Producer
DieselTip Of My Tongue1992Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishA Smile2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishAnother Years Gone By2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishAnswer Man1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishAutumn Jones2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishBe The One1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishBluesy Revolution1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishCan I See You2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishCloset Full Of Fear1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishDesert Mountain Showdown1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishEarth Stopped Cold At Dawn1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishFairweather Johnson1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishFool1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishFree To Everyone2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishGet Out Of My Mind2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishHey Sister Pretty2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishHome Again1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishHoneyscrew1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishI Go Blind1994Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishI Will Wait1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishLas Vegas Nights1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishLeaving2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishLet Her Cry1994Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishLet It Breathe1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishMichelle Post1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishOld Man & Me (When I Get To Heaven)1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishOne By One1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishOne Love2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishOnly Lonely1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishRunning From An Angel1994Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishSad Caper1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishShe Crawls Away1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishSilly Little Pop Song1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishSo Strange1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishState Your Peace2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishThe Killing Stone2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishTime1994Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishTootie1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishTucker's Town1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishWaltz Into Me2005Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishWhat Do You Want From Me Now1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishWhat's Going On Here1998Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishWhen I'm Lonely1996Producer
Hootie & The BlowfishWishing1998Producer
Hunters & CollectorsHead Above Water1992Producer
Hunters & CollectorsHear No Evil1992Producer
Hunters & CollectorsHoly Grail1992Producer
Hunters & CollectorsMatter Of Time1992Producer
Hunters & CollectorsTrue Tears Of Joy1992Producer
Hunters & CollectorsWe The People1992Producer
Jimmy Barnes(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher1991Producer
Jimmy Barnes634-57892000Producer
Jimmy BarnesA Fool In Love2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesA Little Bit Of Love1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesAdam Was Just A Man2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesAin't No Mountain High Enough1992Producer
Jimmy BarnesAin't Too Proud To Beg2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesAll I Got1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesAll The Young Dudes2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesBad News1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesBefore The Devil Knows Your Dead2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesBetween Two Fires1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesBroken Hearts1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesBurn Baby Burn1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesCan't Do It Again2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesCatch Your Shadow1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesChain Of Fools2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesCold Cold Heart1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesDancing In The Street2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesFade To Black1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesFlame Trees1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesGod Or Money2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesHallelujah I Love Her So2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesHardline1987Producer
Jimmy BarnesHere I Am (Come And Take Me)1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesHold On1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesHold On, I'm Comin'2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesHound Dog2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesI Found A Love1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesI Gotcha1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesI Put A Spell On You2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesI Was Made To Love Her2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesI'd Rather Be Blind1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesI'll Go Crazy2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesIs This Love2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesIt Will Be Alright1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesI've Seen It All (Rage And Ruin)2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesKeep A Knocking2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesKnock Me Down1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesLand Of 1000 Dances2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesLargs Pier Hotel2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesLay Down Your Guns1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesLet's Make It Last All Night1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesLetter From A Dead Heart2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesLittle Darling1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesLove Can Break The Hardest Heart2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesLove Is Enough1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesLove Me Tender1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesLove Thing1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesLove Will Find A Way2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesMany Rivers To Cross1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesMoney2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesMy Baby Just Cares For Me2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesNot The Loving Kind1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesOne Of A Kind1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesRather Be With You2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesReconsider Me2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesRed Hot2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesReflections1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesRespect2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesRight By Your Side1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesRip It Up2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesRiver Deep Mountain High1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesRockin' Pneumonia2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesShake Rattle And Roll2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesShow Me1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesSigned, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesSister Mercy1990Producer
Jimmy BarnesSitting In A Bar1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesSomething's Got A Hold1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesStand Up1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesStill On Your Side1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesStone Cold1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesStupid Heart2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesSweat It Out1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesTalking To You1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesTears We Cry1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesTell Me The Truth1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesThat's How It Is (When You're In Love)2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesThat's Right2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesThis Ain't The Day That I Die2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesTime Can Change2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesTo Love Somebody2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesTurn It Around2010Producer
Jimmy BarnesWait For Me1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesWhat Becomes Of The Broken Hearted2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesWheels In Motion1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesWhen Your Love Is Gone1991Producer
Jimmy BarnesWho's Making Love2000Producer
Jimmy BarnesYou Can't Judge A Book2009Producer
Jimmy BarnesYou Can't Make Love Without A Soul1993Producer
Jimmy BarnesYoung Blood2009Producer
Jimmy Barnes & DieselBring It On Home To Me1991Producer
Jimmy Barnes & DieselStill Got A Long Way To Go1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes & John FarnhamWhen Something Is Wrong With My Baby1991Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Archie RoachWe Could Be Gone1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Deborah ConwayLet It Go1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Don WalkerStone Cold1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Joe CockerGuilty1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Ross WilsonHell Of A Time1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes with The BadlovesThe Weight1993Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Tina HarrodPiece Of My Heart2005Producer
Jimmy Barnes with Tommy EmmanuelBrother Of Mine1993Producer
John CougarAmerican Fool1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarCan You Take It1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarChina Girl1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarClose Enough1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarDanger List1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarHand To Hold On To1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarHurts So Good1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarJack & Diane1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarThundering Hearts1982Music/Lyrics
John CougarWeakest Moments1982Music/Lyrics
John Cougar MellencampAuthority Song1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampBetween A Laugh And A Tear1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampCheck It Out1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampCherry Bomb1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampCrumbling Down1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampDown And Out In Paradise1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampEmpty Hands1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampGolden Gates1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampGrandma's Theme1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampHard Times For An Honest Man1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampHotdogs And Hamburgers1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampJackie O1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampJustice And Independence1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampLike A Rolling Stone1989Producer
John Cougar MellencampLonely Ol' Night1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampLovin' Mother Fo Ya1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampMinutes To Memories1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampNever Too Old1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampPaper In Fire1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampPink Houses1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampPlay Guitar1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampPretty Ballerina1986Producer
John Cougar MellencampR.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampRain On The Scarecrow1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampRooty Toot Toot1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampRumbleseat1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampSerious Business1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampShama Lama Ding Dong1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampSmall Town1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampThe Face Of The Nation1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampThe Kind Of Fella I Am1985Producer
John Cougar MellencampThe Real Life1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampUnder The Boardwalk1986Producer
John Cougar MellencampWarmer Place To Sleep1983Producer
John Cougar MellencampWe Are The People1987Producer
John Cougar MellencampYou've Got To Stand For Somethin'1985Producer
John MellencampBlues From The Front Porch1987Producer
R.E.M.Begin The Begin1986Producer
R.E.M.Dream (All I Have To Do)1986Producer
R.E.M.Fall On Me1986Producer
R.E.M.I Believe1986Producer
R.E.M.Just A Touch1986Producer
R.E.M.Rotary Ten1986Producer
R.E.M.Swan Swan H1986Producer
R.E.M.The Flowers Of Guatemala1986Producer
R.E.M.These Days1986Producer
R.E.M.Tired Of Singing Trouble1986Producer
R.E.M.Toys In The Attic1986Producer
R.E.M.Underneath The Bunker1986Producer
R.E.M.What If We Give It Away?1986Producer
River City PeopleCarry The Blame1990Producer
Rockmelons feat. Cutty Ranks & Nardo Ranks & Deni HinesThat Word (L.O.V.E.)1993Producer
Stephen StillsBuyin' Time1976Producer
Stephen StillsCirclin'1976Producer
Stephen StillsCloser To You1976Producer
Stephen StillsDifferent Tongues1976Producer
Stephen StillsMidnight In Paris1976Producer
Stephen StillsNo me nieges1976Producer
Stephen StillsRing Of Love1976Producer
Stephen StillsSoldier1976Producer
Stephen StillsStateline Blues1976Producer
Stephen StillsThe Loner1976Producer
Tracy ChapmanAt This Point In My Life1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanCold Feet1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanGive Me One Reason1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanHeaven's Here On Earth1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanI'm Ready1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanNew Beginning1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanRemember The Tinman1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanSmoke And Ashes1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanTell It Like It Is1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanThe Promise1995Producer
Tracy ChapmanThe Rape Of The World1995Producer

Lay Down Your Guns (Jimmy Barnes)29/07/1990418
Let's Make It Last All Night (Jimmy Barnes)21/10/19901211
Little Darling (Jimmy Barnes)13/01/1991396
When Your Love Is Gone (Jimmy Barnes)07/04/1991718
Love Is Enough (Jimmy Barnes)04/08/1991482
I Gotcha (Jimmy Barnes)06/10/1991613
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Jimmy Barnes & John Farnham)10/11/1991312
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Jimmy Barnes)02/02/19922810
Tip Of My Tongue (Diesel)09/02/1992414
That Word (L.O.V.E.) (Rockmelons feat. Cutty Ranks & Nardo Ranks & Deni Hines)26/04/1992419
Man Alive (Diesel)24/05/1992209
Sweat It Out (Jimmy Barnes)24/01/1993115
True Tears Of Joy (Hunters & Collectors)07/02/1993148
Stand Up (Jimmy Barnes)14/03/1993413
Stone Cold (Jimmy Barnes)16/05/1993416
Holy Grail (Hunters & Collectors)06/06/19932014
Right By Your Side (Jimmy Barnes)22/08/1993433
The Weight (Jimmy Barnes with The Badloves)28/11/1993611
Let Her Cry (Hootie & The Blowfish)09/07/1995418
Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman)03/12/1995325
Chain Of Fools (Jimmy Barnes)05/11/2000154
Jack & Diane (John Cougar)855.06
Rain On The Scarecrow (John Cougar Mellencamp)135
True Tears Of Joy (Hunters & Collectors)75
Cold Feet (Tracy Chapman)65
Stone Cold (Jimmy Barnes)65
Desperately Wanting (Better Than Ezra)55
The Promise (Tracy Chapman)274.93
Holy Grail (Hunters & Collectors)164.88
Summertime Blues (Brian Setzer)84.88
China Girl (John Cougar)54.8
Fall On Me (R.E.M.)384.79
Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman)544.78
Small Town (John Cougar Mellencamp)364.78
Swan Swan H (R.E.M.)84.75
Just Around The Corner (Cock Robin)1284.74
Authority Song (John Cougar Mellencamp)194.74
Tip Of My Tongue (Diesel)144.71
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. (John Cougar Mellencamp)384.71
Running From An Angel (Hootie & The Blowfish)64.67
I Believe (R.E.M.)184.61
Just Around The Corner (Cock Robin)1284.74
Jack & Diane (John Cougar)855.06
Hurts So Good (John Cougar)614.61
Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman)544.78
Cherry Bomb (John Cougar Mellencamp)434.35
The Biggest Fool Of All (Cock Robin)414.56
Fall On Me (R.E.M.)384.79
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. (John Cougar Mellencamp)384.71
Let Her Cry (Hootie & The Blowfish)384.32
Small Town (John Cougar Mellencamp)364.78
Paper In Fire (John Cougar Mellencamp)314.48
El Norte (Cock Robin)304.53
Pink Houses (John Cougar Mellencamp)284.54
The Promise (Tracy Chapman)274.93
Lonely Ol' Night (John Cougar Mellencamp)224.41
Cuyahoga (R.E.M.)204.55
I'm Ready (Tracy Chapman)204.5
Check It Out (John Cougar Mellencamp)204.25
Authority Song (John Cougar Mellencamp)194.74
I Believe (R.E.M.)184.61

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