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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Joe M. Hill, Joe Michael Hill
Andy GriggsI Need You Tonight2002Music/Lyrics
Bernard AllisonI Wanna Drive You Home2002Music/Lyrics
Brad PaisleySharp Dressed Man2002Music/Lyrics
Brooks & DunnRough Boy2002Music/Lyrics
Chris MedaerGimme All Your Loving2013Music/Lyrics
Dwight YoakamI'm Bad, I'm Nationwide2002Music/Lyrics
George LynchPrecious And Grace2004Music/Lyrics
Hank Williams IIIFearless Boogie2002Music/Lyrics
Hank Williams Jr.Blue Jean Blues1983Music/Lyrics
(Joe M. Hill)
Hank Williams Jr.Jesus Just Left Chicago / Waitin' For The Bus - Medley2002Music/Lyrics
Joan JettTush1990Music/Lyrics
Kenny ChesneyTush2002Music/Lyrics
Leningrad Cowboys & Alexandrov Red Army EnsembleGimme All Your Loving1994Music/Lyrics
LonestarGimme All Your Lovin'2002Music/Lyrics
Martay feat. ZZ TopGimme All Your Lovin' 20001999Music/Lyrics
Milking The GoatmachineGimme All Your Lovin2014Music/Lyrics
(Joe Michael Hill)
Ministry And Co-ConspiratorsSharp Dressed Man2010Music/Lyrics
Molly HatchetSharp Dressed Man2008Music/Lyrics
MotörheadBeer Drinkers And Hell Raisers1977Music/Lyrics
Ostbahn-Kurti & die ChefpartieNeiche Schoin1988Music/Lyrics
Robert PalmerTV Dinners2002Music/Lyrics
Rock The Big BandLa Grange2013Music/Lyrics
Ronn MossSharp Dressed Man2018Music/Lyrics
SamsonLa Grange1984Music/Lyrics
Spirit AdriftNasty Dogs And Funky Kings2022Music/Lyrics
Steve 'N' SeagullsGimme All Your Lovin2018Music/Lyrics
TatjanaGimme All Your Loving1994Music/Lyrics
TeslaBeer Drinkers And Hellraisers2007Music/Lyrics
The BeardsSharp Dressed Man2011Music/Lyrics
The Jeff Healey BandBlue Jean Blues1988Music/Lyrics
The SwordCheap Sunglasses2012Music/Lyrics
The SwordNasty Dogs And Funky Kings2008Music/Lyrics
The Warren BrothersCheap Sunglasses2002Music/Lyrics
Trace AdkinsLegs2002Music/Lyrics
Tracy ByrdLa Grange2002Music/Lyrics
Tygers Of Pan TangTush1980Music/Lyrics
Vince NeilBeer Drinkers And Hell Raisers2010Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonShe Loves My Automobile2002Music/Lyrics
ZodiacBlue Jean Blues2012Music/Lyrics
ZZ Top2000 Blues1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ Top36-22-361999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopA Fool For Your Stockings1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopAntenna Head1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopApologies To Pearly1972Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopArrested For Driving While Blind1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopAvalon Hideaway1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBackdoor Medley: Backdoor Love Affair / Mellow Down Easy / Backdoor Love Affair No.2 / Long Distance...2006Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBad Girl1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBalinese1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBeatbox1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBeer Drinkers & Hell Raisers1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBlue Jean Blues1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopBurger Man1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopCan't Stop Rockin'1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopCertified Blues1970Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopChartreuse2012Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopCheap Sunglasses1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopConcrete And Steel1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopCover Your Rig1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopCrucifixx-A-Flatt1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDeal Goin' Down1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDecision Or Collision1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDelirious1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury)1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDirty Dog1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDon't Tease Me1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDoubleback1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDreadmonboogaloo1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopEl Diablo1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopEnjoy And Get It On1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopEsther Be The One1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopEverything1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopFearless Boogie1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopFuzzbox Voodoo1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopGimme All Your Lovin'1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopGive It Up1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopGoin' Down To Mexico1970Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopGot Me Under Pressure1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopGroovy Little Hippie Pad1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopGun Love1992Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopHave You Heard?1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopHeard It On The X1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopHeaven, Hell Or Houston1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopHi Fi Mama1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopHummbucking Part 21996Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopI Got The Message1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopI Got The Six1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopI Need You Tonight1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopI Wanna Drive You Home1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopIf I Could Only Flag Her Down1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopI'm Bad, I'm Nationwide1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopIt's Only Love1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopIt's So Hard1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopJesus Just Left Chicago1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopKo Ko Blue1972Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopLa Grange1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopLegs1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopLeila1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopLizard Life1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopLovething1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopLowdown In The Street1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopMade Into A Movie1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopManic Mechanic1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopMary's1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopMexican Blackbird1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopMove Me On Down The Line1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopMy Head's In Mississippi1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopNasty Dogs And Funky Kings1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopOld Man1970Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPan Am Highway Blues1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopParty On The Patio1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPCH1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPearl Necklace1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPenthouse Eyes1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPincushion1994Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPlanet Of Women1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPoke Chop Sandwich1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPrecious And Grace1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopPrettyhead1996Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopRough Boy1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopSanctify2003Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopSharp Dressed Man1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopShe Loves My Automobile1979Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopShe's A Heartbreaker1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopShe's Just Killing Me1996Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopShiek1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopSleeping Bag1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopSnappy Kakkie1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopSquank1970Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopStages1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopT.V. Dinners1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopTell It1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopTen Dollar Man1976Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopTen Foot Pole1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopThug1983Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopThunderbird1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopTrippin'1999Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopTube Snake Boogie1981Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopTush1975Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopVelcro Fly1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopVincent Price Blues1996Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopWaitin' For The Bus1973Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopWhat It Is Kid2003Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopWhiskey 'N Mama1972Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopWoke Up With Wood1985Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopZipper Job1996Music/Lyrics

Doubleback (ZZ Top)01/07/1990415
Gimme All Your Lovin' (ZZ Top)1875.03
Delirious (ZZ Top)155
Thunderbird (ZZ Top)135
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)1294.93
Apologies To Pearly (ZZ Top)104.9
Chartreuse (ZZ Top)104.9
Blue Jean Blues (ZZ Top)254.88
Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury) (ZZ Top)164.88
I Got The Message (ZZ Top)144.86
Can't Stop Rockin' (ZZ Top)194.84
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (ZZ Top)314.84
La Grange (ZZ Top)1114.83
Concrete And Steel (ZZ Top)164.81
Old Man (ZZ Top)164.81
Gimme All Your Loving (Leningrad Cowboys & Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble)94.78
She Loves My Automobile (ZZ Top)164.75
A Fool For Your Stockings (ZZ Top)224.73
Have You Heard? (ZZ Top)114.73
Mexican Blackbird (ZZ Top)184.72
I Need You Tonight (ZZ Top)284.71
Gimme All Your Lovin' (ZZ Top)1875.03
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)1294.93
Rough Boy (ZZ Top)1264.67
La Grange (ZZ Top)1114.83
Legs (ZZ Top)1004.69
Doubleback (ZZ Top)694.23
Tush (ZZ Top)644.7
Sleeping Bag (ZZ Top)624.53
Got Me Under Pressure (ZZ Top)504.62
Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top)443.98
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (ZZ Top)424.43
Tube Snake Boogie (ZZ Top)414.12
Give It Up (ZZ Top)404.5
Velcro Fly (ZZ Top)364.11
My Head's In Mississippi (ZZ Top)364.03
Pincushion (ZZ Top)353.86
Gimme All Your Lovin' 2000 (Martay feat. ZZ Top)353.4
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (ZZ Top)314.84
Planet Of Women (ZZ Top)304.67
I Got The Six (ZZ Top)294.41

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