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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: J. Gimmik
Albert West9,999,999 Tears1977Producer
Albert WestHer Shadow And Mine1977Producer
AmsterdamDouble Piet, Peen And Willy1970Producer
AmsterdamJackie Gass1971Producer
AmsterdamJulie Come Back1970Producer
AmsterdamLet Your Body Be Strong1970Producer
AmsterdamLucy, Lucy1970Producer
AmsterdamSweet Child Of Light1971Producer
Band Of GoldNever Gonna Let You Go1985Producer
Band Of GoldThis Is Our Time1985Producer
Barry HughesFeest bij ome Daan1981Producer
Barry Hughes't Is om te brullen1981Producer
Barry Hughes & de KwaffeursIk wil op m'n kop een kamerbreed tapijt1980Producer
Barry Hughes & de KwaffeursJe leeft maar ene keer1980Producer
Bert HeerinkAls een vogel zo vrij1996Producer
Bert HeerinkAls sneeuw voor de zon1995Producer
Bert HeerinkDe tijd van je leven1995Producer
Bert HeerinkDoe wat je wil1995Producer
Bert HeerinkJulie July1995Producer
Bert HeerinkNajaarszon1995Producer
Bert HeerinkRocksterren1995Producer
Bert HeerinkSchaamteloos1995Producer
Bert HeerinkSnelweg1995Producer
Bert HeerinkStof in de wind1995Producer
Bert Heerink't Beest is los1995Producer
Bert HeerinkWie houdt me tegen1995Producer
Bert HeerinkWordt het geen tijd1995Music/Lyrics
Bob BouberTerug1976Producer
Bob BouberVoor niets1976Producer
BreezeA Letter1977Producer
BreezeCome Home1977Producer
BreezeCry Out1977Producer
BreezeGypsy Woman1977Producer
BreezeIt's Only A Matter Of Time1977Producer
BreezeNever Let You Down1977Producer
BreezeSilly Old Song1977Producer
BreezeTurning Around1977Producer
BreezeWhere Is The Love1977Producer
CatapultBack On The Road Again1975Music/Lyrics
CatapultHere We Go1976Producer
CatapultHit The Big Time1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
CatapultLet It Be True1974Producer
CatapultLet Your Hair Hang Down1974Producer
(J. Gimmik)
CatapultPerformers Prayer1974Producer
CatapultRemember September1976Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
CatapultRun For My Wife1976Producer
CatapultSee You Back In '861976Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
CatapultSpanish Eyes1978Producer
CatapultSpringtime Ballyhoo1975Producer
CatapultTeeny Bopper Band1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
CatapultThe Highways And The By-Ways1978Producer
CatapultThe Stealer1975Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
CatapultThe Stealer1975Producer
Cherrie Vangelder-SmithSilverboy1973Producer
Cherrie Vangelder-SmithThere Is A Need In Me1973Producer
Cherry Vangelder-SmithJokers1974Producer
Cherry Vangelder-SmithSweet Boy1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Cobra [NL]Don't Do Like This1972Producer
Cobra [NL]Schoolgirl Blues1972Producer
Danny de MunkAls ik jou zie1985Producer
Danny de MunkAmsterdam laat je niet kisten1987Producer
Danny de MunkLazarus1987Producer
Danny de MunkMengelmoes1985Producer
Danny de MunkMet Kerstmis hoor je blij te zijn1985Producer
Danny de MunkMijn meissie1985Producer
Danny de MunkRatsmodee1986Producer
Danny de MunkVerliefd1985Producer
Daphne & DeborahMonsieur1979Producer
Daphne & DeborahTwin Sisters1979Producer
Dee JayGloria1978Producer
Dee JayLove Ain't Easy1977Producer
Dr. PopChina1980Producer
Dr. PopDo I Know You?1980Producer
Dr. PopFade Away1980Producer
Dr. PopTicket For The Monday Train1980Producer
Dr. PopTitanic1980Producer
Dr. PopWe've Got It Made1980Producer
Dr. PopWind Howls In The Morning1980Producer
Dr. PopWorld At War1980Producer
Earth & Fire7 8th Avenue1977Producer
Earth & FireA Life Time Before1977Producer
Earth & FireA Princess In Egypt1977Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: a. Prelude1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: b. Prologue (Don't Know)1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: c. Rise And Fall (Under A Cloudy Sky)1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: d. Theme Of Atlantis1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: e. The Threat (Suddenly)1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: f. Destructions (Rumbling From Inside The Earth)1973Producer
Earth & FireAtlantis: g. Epilogue (Don't Know)1973Producer
Earth & FireCarnival Of The Animals1971Producer
Earth & FireCircus1975Producer
Earth & FireDizzy Raptures1977Producer
Earth & FireDriftin'1977Producer
Earth & FireEbbtide1971Producer
Earth & FireExcerpts From To The World Of The Future1975Producer
Earth & FireFanfare1973Producer
Earth & FireFrom The End Till The Beginning1972Producer
Earth & FireFun1975Producer
Earth & FireGreen Park Station1977Music/Lyrics
Earth & FireHow Time Flies1975Producer
Earth & FireIn The Mountains1971Producer
Earth & FireInfinity1977Producer
Earth & FireInterlude1973Producer
Earth & FireLost Forever1971Producer
Earth & FireLove Of Life1974Producer
Earth & FireLove, Please Close The Door1973Producer
Earth & FireMaybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight1973Producer
Earth & FireMemories1972Producer
Earth & FireOnly Time Will Tell1975Producer
Earth & FireRecognition1977Producer
Earth & FireSmile1977Music/Lyrics
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - a. Theme Of The Marching Children1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - b. Opening Of The Seal1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - c. Childhood1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - d. Afflichtion1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - e. Damnation1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - f. Purification1971Producer
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching Children - g. The March1971Producer
Earth & FireStorm And Thunder1971Producer
Earth & FireThanks For The Love1975Producer
Earth & FireThe Joyous Untruth1977Producer
Earth & FireThe Last Seagull1975Producer
Earth & FireTheme From Atlantis1973Producer
Earth & FireTo The World Of The Future1975Producer
Earth & FireTuffy The Cat1974Producer
Earth & FireVoice From Yonder1975Producer
Earth & FireWhat Difference Does It Make1976Producer
Eddy Conard & The American Dance BandYou Are Unique1982Producer
Edward ReekersSo schmeckt der Sommer1995Music/Lyrics
Edward ReekersSo schmilzt der Winter1996Music/Lyrics
Edward ReekersThe Taste Of Summer1995Music/Lyrics
Emile FordThe Man Who's Got The Lot1971Producer
Emile FordWill Love You1971Producer
Gary FaneAquarius1980Producer
Gary FaneAries1980Producer
Gary FaneCancer (No, No They Can't Take My Love Away)1980Producer
Gary FaneCapricorn (Don't Be Shy)1980Producer
Gary FaneFinale1980Producer
Gary FaneGemini Eyes1980Producer
Gary FaneLeo1980Producer
Gary FaneLibra Man1980Producer
Gary FaneOverture1980Producer
Gary FanePisces (Like The Tide)1980Producer
Gary FaneSagittarius1980Producer
Gary FaneScorpio Woman1980Producer
Gary FaneTaurus1980Producer
Gary FaneVirgo1980Producer
Gary FaneWings Of Purity1990Music/Lyrics
Gerard De VriesVoor niets1976Music/Lyrics
Gestört aber GeilSo schmeckt der Sommer2016Music/Lyrics
Global DeejaysStars On 452005Music/Lyrics
Greenfield & CookA Day Begins1970Producer
Greenfield & CookA Man Needs Someone To Comfort Him1973Producer
Greenfield & CookAll Over The World1972Producer
Greenfield & CookAnthony1973Producer
Greenfield & CookBaby Don't Cry1972Producer
Greenfield & CookBeautiful Children1973Producer
Greenfield & CookBurgy Dog Food1973Producer
Greenfield & CookChild Of The Morning Dew1973Producer
Greenfield & CookColorful Place1971Producer
Greenfield & CookDarling, Darling1972Producer
Greenfield & CookDon't Turn Me Loose1972Producer
Greenfield & CookEasy Boy (And We All Prayed Together)1973Producer
Greenfield & CookEvery Single Night1973Producer
Greenfield & CookFar Too Late1973Producer
Greenfield & CookGetting Old1973Producer
Greenfield & CookGirl, How I Love You1973Producer
Greenfield & CookGoing Home1972Producer
Greenfield & CookGone1972Producer
Greenfield & CookIt's Up To You1972Producer
Greenfield & CookMaybe In A Lifetime1971Producer
Greenfield & CookMelody1972Producer
Greenfield & CookMr. Music Man1973Producer
Greenfield & CookOnly Lies1971Producer
Greenfield & CookSenta1972Producer
Greenfield & CookThe End1970Producer
Greenfield & CookTo Rob (What Am I Supposed To Do)1972Producer
Greenfield & CookWe Want You1973Producer
Greenfield & CookWhere1972Producer
Greenfield & CookYour Return1971Producer
Het Nederlands ArtiestenkoorJoost mag het weten1978Producer
HuskyMake It Turn Out Right1976Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
InternationalsBoem boem1978Producer
InternationalsBoom Boom1978Producer
InternationalsHug Me1977Producer
InternationalsOnce In A While1978Producer
InternationalsYoung And In Love1977Producer
Jackie CornellEveryday's Torture1971Producer
Jackie CornellLittle Jane1971Producer
James IottiLa lontananza (Het lied van de sirene)1973Producer
James IottiLa montagne1973Producer
JJoooossttAgua blanca1980Producer
JJoooossttLieve Lina1980Producer
Lia Velasco5.0.5. P.M. (Another Fridaynight)1976Producer
Lia VelascoFriday1977Producer
Lia VelascoYour Smile1976Producer
Liberation Of ManLove Is Under Control1976Producer
Liberation Of ManTheme From L.U.C.1976Producer
Liberation Of ManYou're My Number One1976Producer
Livin' BluesBamboozle Song1972Producer
Livin' BluesBig Black Train1969Producer
Livin' BluesBig City Man1972Producer
Livin' BluesBig Road Blues1969Producer
Livin' BluesBlack Lisa1971Producer
Livin' BluesBlack Night1972Producer
Livin' BluesBlack Panther1969Producer
Livin' BluesBowlegged Woman1969Producer
Livin' BluesCrazy Woman1971Producer
Livin' BluesGo-Go-Train1970Producer
Livin' BluesHell's Session1969Producer
Livin' BluesHitch-Hike1972Producer
Livin' BluesI Came Home At Night1970Producer
Livin' BluesJohnny W.1972Producer
Livin' BluesKeep On1972Producer
Livin' BluesL.B. Boogie1972Producer
Livin' BluesMurphey McCoy1968Producer
Livin' BluesMy Sister Kate1968Producer
Livin' BluesOne Night Blues1968Producer
Livin' BluesOverture1972Producer
Livin' BluesRed Mountain River1971Producer
Livin' BluesSpoonful1970Producer
Livin' BluesSunrise1972Producer
Livin' BluesThis Is The Hour1970Producer
Livin' BluesWaitin' On You1969Producer
Livin' BluesWang Dang Doodle1970Producer
Livin' BluesWhen The Sun Goes Down1970Producer
Livin' BluesWhiskey And Gin1970Producer
Livin' BluesWorried Dreams1969Producer
Livin' BluesYou Better Watch Yourself (Sonny Boy)1968Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers(I'm The) Mummy1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersAllright (Makin' Love In The Middle Of The Night)1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersBallerina1977Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersCall It A Day1980Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersCocktails At Midnight1977Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersDirty Dog1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersDo You Remember1977Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersFrankenstein1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersGet It In1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersGet Yourself Together1975Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersHeartbreaker1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersI'm A Tiger1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersIn The Night1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersJump Back1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersLet's Do It Together1980Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersMiss Lee1975Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersNightrider1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersOperator, Operator (Get Me A Line)1975Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersPhantom Of The Opera1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersPool-Shark1975Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersQuasimodo1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersRock Me1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersRock 'N' Roll (Part 3)1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersRockin' Robot1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersSatisfy Me1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersVoodoo Stomp1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersWitches (Hubble Bubble)1979Producer
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersWoman1976Producer
Long Tall Ernie And The ShakersGolden Years Of Rock 'n Roll1978Producer
Long Tall Ernie And The ShakersKiss Me Baby1972Producer
Long Tall Ernie And The ShakersRock And Roll1975Producer
Long Tall Ernie And The ShakersRockin' Rocket1975Producer
Long Tall Ernie And The ShakersTurn Your Radio On1973Producer
Long Tall Ernie And The ShakersYou Should Have Seen Me (Rock 'N' Rollin')1973Producer
LydijaSo schmeckt der Sommer2004Music/Lyrics
Machine [NL]Lonesome Tree1970Producer
Machine [NL]Mohammed Street1970Producer
Machine [NL]Rainmaker1970Producer
Machine [NL]Say Goodbye To Your Friend1970Producer
Mario JordanA Lovely Day1992Music/Lyrics
Mario JordanWelch ein Tag1991Music/Lyrics
'N SyncMore Than A Feeling1997Producer
Novo BandFeelin' Good1987Producer
Novo BandYou're Gonna Be Mine1986Producer
One Fine Day [NL]Standing In Your Shadow1986Producer
PartynatorSo schmeckt der Sommer2007Music/Lyrics
Patricia PaayDance: 10, Looks: 31983Producer
Patricia PaayDo The Heavy Disco1976Producer
Patricia PaayDown Town1977Producer
Patricia PaayEverlasting Love1977Producer
Patricia PaayFor Once And For All1983Producer
Patricia PaayHow Do You Like Your Fun1976Producer
Patricia PaayI Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You1983Producer
Patricia PaayJolene1977Producer
Patricia PaayKing For Today1982Producer
Patricia PaayLivin' Without You1977Producer
Patricia PaayLove Is (A Stranger)1983Producer
Patricia PaayLove Of My Life1982Producer
Patricia PaayLove Takes Up My Mind1977Producer
Patricia PaayMaybe This Time1983Producer
Patricia PaayNow (Is The Moment)1976Producer
Patricia PaayPoor Jeremy1977Producer
Patricia PaayPremičre1983Producer
Patricia PaayQueen For Tonight1982Producer
Patricia PaaySebastian1975Producer
Patricia PaaySolitaire1983Producer
Patricia PaaySomeday My Prince Will Come1976Producer
Patricia PaaySummer (The First Time)1983Producer
Patricia PaayThe Love Of A Woman1976Producer
Patricia PaayThe World I Threw Away1976Producer
Patricia PaayTomorrow1982Producer
Patricia PaayWhat Becomes Of Love1983Producer
Patricia PaayWho's That Lady With My Man1976Producer
Pete "Wyoming" BenderFür die Frau, die alles will1994Music/Lyrics
Pete "Wyoming" BenderThis Woman, She Gives Everything1994Music/Lyrics
Sandy CoastA Place Near The Sea1972Producer
Sandy CoastBlackboard Jungle Lady1973Producer
Sandy CoastChava1973Producer
Sandy CoastDewdrop1973Producer
Sandy CoastDon't Get Me Wrong1973Producer
Sandy CoastIf1971Producer
Sandy CoastI'm The Believer1973Producer
Sandy CoastJust A Friend1971Producer
Sandy CoastJust Two Little Creatures1972Producer
Sandy CoastNobody1971Producer
Sandy CoastSide Step1971Producer
Sandy CoastSorry1971Producer
Sandy CoastStone Wall1973Producer
Sandy CoastSummertrain1972Producer
Sandy CoastTake Off1971Producer
Sandy CoastTangerine1973Producer
Sandy CoastThat'll Be The Day1973Producer
Sandy CoastTrue Love That's A Wonder1971Producer
Sandy CoastWhat Kind Of Freedom1972Producer
Sandy CoastWind1973Producer
Sandy CoastWonderland1973Producer
Sandy CoastYes, It Must Be Spring1971Producer
Sandy CoastYou Gotta Do It Better1971Producer
ShirleyI Will Love You1977Producer
ShirleyIt's Me1977Producer
ShirleyNothing Has Changed1978Producer
ShirleyTake Me1978Producer
Shirley ZwerusEasy Livin' / It's The Only Way1980Producer
Shirley ZwerusTheme From You're My Future1980Producer
SmyleCrazy Lazy Little Miss Daisy1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
SmyleI´m So Heavy1973Producer
SmyleIt's Gonna Be Alright1972Producer
SmyleShe Means A Lot To Me1972Producer
SmyleThe Tandem1973Producer
SmyleThere's No Reason To Cry1974Producer
SnoopyDown The Bayou1979Producer
SnoopyDr. Jones1979Producer
SnoopyI'm Sorry1979Producer
SnoopyIt's All In The Bible1979Music/Lyrics
SnoopyMammy Said Yes, Daddy Said No1979Producer
SnoopyMy Sister Does The Cha Cha1979Producer
SnoopyNo Time For A Tango1978Producer
SnoopyRain, Snow And Ice1979Producer
SnoopyShame And Scandal In The Family1979Producer
SnoopySnoopy Reggae1978Producer
SnoopyStoned In Love1979Producer
SommersetAnother Lonely Night1975Producer
SommersetIron And Stone1975Producer
Spooky & SueAin't It Good1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SueBaby Don't Let Me Loose This1974Producer
Spooky & SueBlue Moon1974Producer
Spooky & SueCatch A Falling Star1974Producer
Spooky & SueDancing1976Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SueDancing Funky1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SueHouse On The Moon1976Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SueI've Got The Need1975Producer
Spooky & SueLady Stay1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SuePlease Lady Stay1975Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SueRomeo And Juliet1974Music/Lyrics
(J. Gimmik)
Spooky & SueSpooky's Day Off1974Producer
Spooky & SueSwinging On A Star1974Producer
Spooky & SueThe Birds And The Bees1974Producer
Spooky & SueWhen Something Is Wrong With My Baby1974Producer
Spooky & SueYou Got What It Takes1976Producer
Spooky & SueYou Talk Too Much1975Producer
Stars On 45"Stars On" Theme1981Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45ABBA Songmedley2005Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Beatles Medley1982Producer
Stars On 45It's Not A Wonder, It's A Miracle1982Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Plaza-79001983Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars Get Ready1981Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars On 451981Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars On 45 Proudly Presents The Star Sisters1983Producer
Stars On 45Stars On 45 Proudly Presents The Star Sisters (Remix 2007)2007Producer
Stars On 45Stars On 45 Vol. 21981Producer
Stars On 45Stars On 45 Volume III1981Producer
Stars On 45Stars On Frankie1987Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars On Stevie1982Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars Serenade1983Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Swingtime1987Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45The Beatles (Part 2) Producer
Stars On 45The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band In The World1982Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45The Supremes Medley Producer
StarsoundIt's Not A Wonder, It's A Miracle1982Music/Lyrics
StarsoundStars On 451981Music/Lyrics
StarsoundStars On Stevie1982Music/Lyrics
Sue ChalonerDon't Try To Change Me1986Producer
Swinging Soul MachineBreakfast At Eight1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineConfused And Disappointed1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineDon't Be Ashamed1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineFinal Chords1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineHead Over Heels1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineIt's An III Wind That Blows Nobody Any Good1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineLonesome Tree1972Producer
Swinging Soul MachineNobody Wants You1968Producer
Swinging Soul MachineShimmy Shiver1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineSpooky's Day-Off1968Producer
Swinging Soul MachineStop The Machine1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineTake Your Time1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineThe Band1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineThe Horns Of Victory1969Producer
Swinging Soul MachineThe Tiger1969Producer
The AffairUnbeatable1986Producer
The American Dance BandGet It On1983Producer
The American Dance BandSweet Sweet Music1983Producer
The HiltonairesStars On 45 [Abba-Medley]1982Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesStars on 45 [Beatles-Medley]1982Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesStars On 45 [Part 2]1982Music/Lyrics
The London Studio OrchestraBoerderij / Grolsch Postlude Producer
The London Studio OrchestraGrand Café Music/Lyrics
The London Studio OrchestraGrolsch Interlude 1 Music/Lyrics
The London Studio OrchestraGrolsch Interlude 2 Music/Lyrics
The London Studio OrchestraKunstschilder Music/Lyrics
The London Studio OrchestraMinibar Music/Lyrics
The London Studio OrchestraThuiskomst Music/Lyrics
The London Studio Orchestra / Duncan Lemont & Tony FisherGrolsch Interlude 4 / Op een dag... Music/Lyrics
The MonotonesBig Bang1979Music/Lyrics
The MonotonesDisco njet - Wodka da1979Music/Lyrics
The MonotonesEdison1979Music/Lyrics
The MonotonesMono1979Producer
The MonotonesYesterday I Saw An U.F.O.1979Music/Lyrics
The MonotonesZero To Zero1979Music/Lyrics
The MonotonesZerotone Music1980Producer
The Star SistersA Tribute To Marilyn Monroe1984Producer
The Star SistersDouble Dutch Jive1983Producer
The Star SistersHawaiian Summer1984Producer
The Star SistersHooray For Hollywood1984Producer
The Star SistersPlaza-79001983Producer
The Star SistersShowbusiness1984Music/Lyrics
The Star SistersStars Serenade1983Producer
The SurfersGirls On The Beach1980Music/Lyrics
The SurfersNite At The Beach1978Producer
The SurfersSummertime Tension1980Producer
The SurfersWind Blows In My Sail1979Music/Lyrics
The SurfersWindsurfin'1978Producer
The SurfersWindsurfing-Time Again1979Music/Lyrics
The WonderboysIt's Over1997Music/Lyrics
TommiesLet's Take You Back (To The Good Old Days)1985Music/Lyrics
TommiesTommy Song1985Music/Lyrics
VandenbergAll The Way1985Producer
VandenbergDressed To Kill1985Producer
VandenbergFighting Against The World1985Producer
VandenbergHow Long1985Producer
VandenbergOnce In A Lifetime1985Producer
VandenbergPedal To Nothing1985Producer
VandenbergPrelude Mortale1985Producer
Lieve Lina (JJoooosstt)55.4
It's Me (Shirley)105.1
Beatles Medley (Stars On 45)155
Don't Turn Me Loose (Greenfield & Cook)214.95
Storm And Thunder (Earth & Fire)204.95
Memories (Earth & Fire)554.93
Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight (Earth & Fire)394.82
Only Lies (Greenfield & Cook)304.8
World At War (Dr. Pop)104.8
Everlasting Love (Patricia Paay)54.8
The Beatles (Part 2) (Stars On 45)54.8
Love Of Life (Earth & Fire)194.74
5.0.5. P.M. (Another Fridaynight) (Lia Velasco)154.73
True Love That's A Wonder (Sandy Coast)204.7
Livin' Without You (Patricia Paay)214.67
Lucy, Lucy (Amsterdam)64.67
Blackboard Jungle Lady (Sandy Coast)54.6
Feelin' Good (Novo Band)54.6
Song Of The Marching Children (Earth & Fire)124.58
Easy Boy (And We All Prayed Together) (Greenfield & Cook)164.56
Stars On 45 (Stars On 45)1694.28
No Time For A Tango (Snoopy)944.01
Stars On 45 Vol. 2 (Stars On 45)924.15
Mono (The Monotones)703.54
Memories (Earth & Fire)554.93
Stars On 45 Proudly Presents The Star Sisters (Stars On 45)543.8
So schmeckt der Sommer (Edward Reekers)524.04
Welch ein Tag (Mario Jordan)514.25
Who's That Lady With My Man (Patricia Paay)464.17
Windsurfin' (The Surfers)434.26
Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight (Earth & Fire)394.82
Do You Remember (Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers)374.38
Stars On 45 Volume III (Stars On 45)313.97
Only Lies (Greenfield & Cook)304.8
Allright (Makin' Love In The Middle Of The Night) (Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers)254.36
Honolulu (Snoopy)253.64
Thanks For The Love (Earth & Fire)244.38
Swinging On A Star (Spooky & Sue)224.05
Stars On Stevie (Stars On 45)223.91
Operator, Operator (Get Me A Line) (Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers)223.82

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