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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Jack Blade
AerosmithCan't Stop Messin'1992Music/Lyrics
AerosmithShut Up And Dance1993Music/Lyrics
AerosmithWalk On Water1994Music/Lyrics
AerosmithWhat Kind Of Love Are You On1998Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperIt's Me1994Music/Lyrics
Alice CooperYou're My Temptation1994Music/Lyrics
AmtsbladtCha nid lache2007Music/Lyrics
CherWhenever You're Near1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesBad Reputation1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesBonestripper1991Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesCome Again1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesComing Of Age1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesDamn Yankees1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesDirty Dog1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesDon't Tread On Me1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesDouble Coyote1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesFifteen Minutes Of Fame1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesFirefly1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesHigh Enough1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesMister Please1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesMystified1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesPiledriver1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesRock City1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesRunaway1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesSilence Is Broken1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesSomeone To Believe1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesTell Me How You Want It1990Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesThis Side Of Hell1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesUprising1992Music/Lyrics
Damn YankeesWhere You Goin' Now1992Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteAin't No Shame1999Producer
Great WhiteBack To The Rhythm2007Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteFreedom Song1999Producer
Great WhiteGone To The Dogs1999Producer
Great WhiteHere Goes My Head Again2007Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteHey Mister1999Producer
Great WhiteIn The Tradition1999Producer
Great WhiteLoveless Age1999Producer
Great WhiteNeighborhood2007Music/Lyrics
Great WhitePlay On2007Music/Lyrics
Great WhitePsychedelic Hurricane1999Producer
Great WhiteRollin' Stoned1999Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteSaint Lorraine1999Producer
Great WhiteSilent Night1999Producer
Great WhiteSister Mary1999Producer
Great WhiteWooden Jesus1999Producer
Jack BladesAlone Tonight2004Producer
Jack BladesBreaking It Down2004Producer
Jack BladesCatch You When You Fall2004Producer
Jack BladesNature's Way2004Producer
Jack BladesOn Top Of The World2004Producer
Jack BladesSea Of Emotions2004Producer
Jack BladesShine On2004Producer
Jack BladesSomeday2004Producer
Jack BladesSometimes You Gotta Have Faith2004Producer
Jack BladesTo Touch The Sky2004Producer
Jack BladesWe Are The Ones2004Producer
Jack BladesWho You Want To Be2004Producer
JourneyHigher Place2000Music/Lyrics
JourneyI Got A Reason2000Music/Lyrics
JourneyKiss Me Softly2000Music/Lyrics
JourneyNever Too Late2005Music/Lyrics
JourneyWorld Gone Wild2001Music/Lyrics
Journey feat. Steve AugeriRemember Me1998Music/Lyrics
Kissin' DynamiteHigh Enough2010Music/Lyrics
Mr. BigArrow2001Music/Lyrics
Night Ranger(Won't Be Your) Fool Again2017Music/Lyrics
Night Ranger(You Can Still) Rock In America1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerAnything For You1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerAs Always I Remain1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerAt Night She Sleeps1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerBetter Let It Go1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerBig Life1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerBrothers2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerBye Bye Baby (Not Tonight)2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerCall My Name1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerCan't Find Me A Thrill1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerCarry On1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerChippin' Away1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerComfort Me2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerDon't Ask Me Why1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerDon't Let Up2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerDon't Live Here Anymore2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerDon't Start Thinking (I'm Alone Tonight)1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerEddie's Comin' Out Tonight1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerEnd Of The Day2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerFaces1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerFollow Your Heart2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerFool In Me2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerForever All Over Again1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerFour In The Morning (I Can't Take Any More)1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerGirls All Like It1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerGoodbye1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerGrowin' Up In California2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerHalfway To The Sun1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerHang On2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerHearts Away1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerHere She Comes Again1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerHigh Road2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerHole In The Sun2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerI Don't Call This Love1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerI Know Tonight1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerI Need A Woman1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerI Will Follow You1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerI'm Coming Home2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerInterstate Love Affair1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerIt's Not Over2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerJamie2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerJane's Interlude1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerKiss Me Where It Hurts1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerKnock Knock Never Stop2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerKong1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerLay It On Me2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerLet Him Run1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerLive For Today2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerLove Is Standing Near1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerLove Shot Me Down1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerMan In Motion1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerMother Mayhem1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerMy Elusive Mind1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerNeverland1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerNew York Time1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerNight Machine1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerNight Ranger1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerNo Time To Lose2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerNothing Left Of Yesterday2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerOnly For You Only2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerPanic In Jane1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerPassion Play1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerPeace Sign1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerPenny1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerPlay Rough1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRain Comes Crashing Down1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerReason To Be1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRestless Kind1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRevelation1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRevelation 4 Am2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRight On You1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRock N' Roll Tonite2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRockstar2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRollin' On2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRumours In The Air1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerRunning Out Of Time2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSay It With Love2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSay What You Want2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSea Of Love1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSentimental Street1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSeven Wishes1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSign Of The Times1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSing Me Away1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSlap Like Being Born1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSomeday I Will1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSomehow Someway2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSoul Survivor1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSt. Bartholomew2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerSunday Morning1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerTell Your Vision2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerThe Color Of Your Smile1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerThe Secret Of My Success1987Music/Lyrics
Night RangerThere Is Life2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerThis Boy Needs To Rock1985Music/Lyrics
Night RangerTime Of Our Lives2011Music/Lyrics
Night RangerTouch Of Madness1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerTruth2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWalk In The Future1997Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWe Can Work It Out2017Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWhatever Happened2007Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWhen I Call On You1998Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWhen You Close Your Eyes1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWhy Does Love Have To Change1983Music/Lyrics
Night RangerWoman In Love1988Music/Lyrics
Night RangerX Generation2014Music/Lyrics
Night RangerYoung Girl In Love1982Music/Lyrics
Night RangerYou're Gonna Hear From Me2007Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneBlack Skies2002Music/Lyrics
Pop EvilGood With The Bad2011Music/Lyrics
RattDead Reckoning1999Music/Lyrics
Revolution SaintsDream On2015Music/Lyrics
Revolution SaintsLight In The Dark2017Music/Lyrics
Revolution SaintsTurn Back Time2015Music/Lyrics
Roger DaltreyThe Price Of Love1987Music/Lyrics
RubiconAmerica Dreams1979Music/Lyrics
RubiconDr. Spears1979Music/Lyrics
RubiconEyes Of Mary1979Music/Lyrics
RubiconI Want To Love You1978Music/Lyrics
RubiconLove Is On The Run1979Music/Lyrics
StyxBest New Face1999Music/Lyrics
(Jack Blade)
StyxHigh Enough2001Music/Lyrics
StyxI Will Be Your Witness1999Music/Lyrics
(Jack Blade)
StyxNumber One1999Music/Lyrics
(Jack Blade)
Ted NugentCrave2002Music/Lyrics
Ted NugentDamned If Ya Do2002Music/Lyrics
Vince NeilAC/DC2010Producer
Vince NeilAnother Bad Day2010Producer
Vince NeilAnother Piece Of Meat2010Producer
Vince NeilBeer Drinkers And Hell Raisers2010Producer
Vince NeilBitch Is Back2010Producer
Vince NeilCan't Change Me1993Music/Lyrics
Vince NeilHe's A Whore2010Producer
Vince NeilLong Cool Woman2010Producer
Vince NeilNo Feelings2010Producer
Vince NeilNobody's Fault2010Producer
Vince NeilSister Of Pain1993Music/Lyrics
Vince NeilTattoos & Tequila2010Producer
Vince NeilViva Las Vegas2010Producer
Vince NeilWho'll Stop The Rain2010Producer
Vince NeilYou're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)1992Music/Lyrics
Where You Goin' Now (Damn Yankees)125.08
High Enough (Damn Yankees)465.07
Silence Is Broken (Damn Yankees)85
Sentimental Street (Night Ranger)104.9
Remember Me (Journey feat. Steve Augeri)74.86
You're My Temptation (Alice Cooper)64.83
Come Again (Damn Yankees)124.75
Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Night Ranger)304.73
Goodbye (Night Ranger)104.6
Walk On Water (Aerosmith)204.55
It's Me (Alice Cooper)114.55
Don't Tread On Me (Damn Yankees)64.5
Can't Stop Messin' (Aerosmith)184.44
Rock City (Damn Yankees)64.33
Sing Me Away (Night Ranger)134.31
Whenever You're Near (Cher)204.25
Shut Up And Dance (Aerosmith)244.21
Runaway (Damn Yankees)64.17
When You Close Your Eyes (Night Ranger)104.1
What Kind Of Love Are You On (Aerosmith)84
High Enough (Damn Yankees)465.07
Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Night Ranger)304.73
Shut Up And Dance (Aerosmith)244.21
Walk On Water (Aerosmith)204.55
Whenever You're Near (Cher)204.25
Can't Stop Messin' (Aerosmith)184.44
Sing Me Away (Night Ranger)134.31
Where You Goin' Now (Damn Yankees)125.08
Come Again (Damn Yankees)124.75
Coming Of Age (Damn Yankees)123.92
(You Can Still) Rock In America (Night Ranger)123.75
It's Me (Alice Cooper)114.55
Sentimental Street (Night Ranger)104.9
Goodbye (Night Ranger)104.6
When You Close Your Eyes (Night Ranger)104.1
Silence Is Broken (Damn Yankees)85
What Kind Of Love Are You On (Aerosmith)84
The Secret Of My Success (Night Ranger)83.88
Remember Me (Journey feat. Steve Augeri)74.86
Bad Reputation (Damn Yankees)74

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