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Alice Cooper10 Minutes Before The Worm1969Producer
Alice CooperApple Bush1969Producer
Alice CooperArraging1970Producer
Alice CooperB.B. On Mars1969Producer
Alice CooperBallad Of Dwight Fry1970Producer
Alice CooperBig Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)1973Producer
Alice CooperBlack Juju1970Producer
Alice CooperBody1970Producer
Alice CooperCaught In A Dream1970Producer
Alice CooperChanging1969Producer
Alice CooperCrazy Little Child1973Producer
Alice CooperEarwigs To Eternity1969Producer
Alice CooperEighteen1970Producer
Alice CooperFields Of Regret1969Producer
Alice CooperGoodbye1971Producer
Alice CooperHallowed Be My Name1970Producer
Alice CooperHard Hearted Alice1973Producer
Alice CooperLevity Ball1969Producer
Alice CooperLiving1969Producer
Alice CooperLong Way To Go1970Producer
Alice CooperMan With The Golden Gun1973Producer
Alice CooperMuscle Of Love1973Producer
Alice CooperNever Been Sold Before1973Producer
Alice CooperNo Longer Empire1969Producer
Alice CooperReflected1969Producer
Alice CooperSecond Coming1970Producer
Alice CooperSing Low Sweet Cheerio1969Producer
Alice CooperSun Arise1970Producer
Alice CooperTeenage Lament '74973Producer
Alice CooperTitanic Overture1969Producer
Alice CooperToday Mueller1969Producer
Alice CooperWoman Machine1973Producer
Alice CooperWorking Up A Sweat973Producer
BadfingerBecause I Love You1980Producer
BadfingerCome On1980Producer
BadfingerHold On1980Producer
BadfingerI Got You1980Producer
BadfingerNo More1980Producer
BadfingerPassin' Time1980Producer
BadfingerRock'N'Roll Contract1980Producer
BadfingerThree Time Loser1980Producer
BadfingerToo Hung Up On You1980Producer
Bonnie DobsonA Taste Of Honey1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonBird Of Space1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonClown1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonDo What You Gotta Do1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonElevator Man1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonEverybody's Talking1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonFactory Girl1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonGood Morning Rain1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonI Got Stung1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonI'm Your Woman1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonLet's Get Together1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonLight Of Love1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonMilk And Honey1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonMorning Dew1962Producer
Bonnie DobsonPendant que1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonRainy Windows1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonStreets Of London1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonSweet Man1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonTime1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonWhite Song1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonWinter's Going1969Producer
Bonnie DobsonYou Don't Know1970Producer
Bonnie DobsonYou Never Wanted Me1969Producer
Brighton RockOne More Try1988Producer
Brighton RockShootin' For Love1988Producer
Cat [1970s]Blank Space1970Producer
Cat [1970s]Burly Shirley1970Producer
Cat [1970s]Goodbye1970Producer
Cat [1970s]I'm Gonna Hijack A Plane To Cuba1970Producer
Cat [1970s]Johnny B. Goode1970Producer
Cat [1970s]Light Of Love1970Producer
Cat [1970s]Looking Through A Glass Darkly1970Producer
Cat [1970s]Solo Flight1970Producer
Cat [1970s]The Pigeon Song1970Producer
Cat [1970s]The Whole World's Watching1970Producer
Cat [1970s]We're All In This Together1970Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernAtlanta's Burning Down1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernBack On The Road Again1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernDealin' With The Devil1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernGood Time Feeling1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernLeavin' Me Again1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernMr. Blues Man1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernShady Streets1978Producer
Dickey Betts & Great SouthernYou Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)1978Producer
Fast EddyBaby Make It Soon1971Producer
Fast EddyBringing On Back The Good Times1971Producer
Fast EddyFarewell To Lyla1971Producer
Fast EddyFriendship1971Producer
Guess WhoBaby's Birthday1965Producer
Guess Who?Shakin' All Over1965Producer
Guess Who?Till We Kissed1965Producer
Guess Who? / Chad Allan And The ExpressionsTossin' And Turnin'1965Producer
Linda GeorgeBetween Her Goodbye And My Hello1974Producer
Linda GeorgeMamas Little Girl1974Producer
MannaChildren Of The Mountain1972Producer
MannaClap Your Hands1972Producer
MannaGood Old Rock And Roll1972Producer
MannaHold On1972Producer
MannaNew Day's Coming1972Producer
MannaRed Man1972Producer
MannaSave The Country1972Producer
MannaSouthern Bound1972Producer
MannaTell Me Why1972Producer
MannaWe Can Make It1972Producer
MannaWhat Ya Gonna Do1972Producer
ManowarAll Men Play On 101984Producer
ManowarArmy Of The Immortals1984Producer
ManowarBlack Arrows1984Producer
ManowarBlood Of My Enemies1984Producer
ManowarBridge Of Death1984Producer
ManowarEach Dawn I Die1984Producer
ManowarGuyana (Cult Of The Damned)1984Producer
ManowarHail To England1984Producer
ManowarKill With Power1984Producer
ManowarSign Of The Hammer1984Producer
ManowarThor (The Powerhead)1984Producer
Michael Quatro BandEasy Street1980Producer
Michael Quatro BandGive Me A Chance1980Producer
Michael Quatro BandHeart Bandit1980Producer
Michael Quatro BandHold You1980Producer
Michael Quatro BandJuicy Lucy1980Producer
Michael Quatro BandTighter Tighter1980Producer
MoxyEasy Come, Easy Go1978Producer
MoxyHigh School Queen1978Producer
MoxyLiving And Learning1978Producer
MoxyMaybe I'm A Dreamer1978Producer
MoxySailor's Delight1978Producer
MoxySing To Me1978Producer
MoxyThinking About You1978Producer
MoxyUnder The Lights1978Producer
Papa John CreachCountry Boy, City Man1977Producer
Papa John CreachFoxy Lady1977Producer
Papa John CreachGive Me Another Chance1977Producer
Papa John CreachKeep On Movin'1977Producer
Papa John CreachKeep On Rockin'1977Producer
Papa John CreachLet's Get Dancin'1977Producer
Papa John CreachLivin' For Myself1977Producer
Papa John CreachPop Stop1977Producer
Papa John CreachRight Down1977Producer
Papa John CreachRock And Roll Music1977Producer
Poco...And Settlin' Down1972Producer
PocoA Right Along1973Producer
PocoBlue Water1973Producer
PocoBrass Buttons1973Producer
PocoCrazy Eyes1973Producer
PocoDrivin' Wheel1974Producer
PocoEarly Times1972Producer
PocoFaith In The Families1974Producer
PocoFool's Gold1973Producer
PocoGo And Say Goodbye1972Producer
PocoGood Feeling To Know1972Producer
PocoHere We Go Again1973Producer
PocoI Can See Everything1972Producer
PocoJust Call My Name1974Producer
PocoKeeper Of The Fire1972Producer
PocoKrikkit's Song (Passing Through)1974Producer
PocoLet's Dance Tonight1973Producer
PocoRide The Country1972Producer
PocoRocky Mountain Breakdown1974Producer
PocoSweet Lovin'1972Producer
PocoYou've Got The Reason1974Producer
Richard T. BearAmerican Dream1979Producer
Richard T. BearBlues Power1978Producer
Richard T. BearBreakin' Out Tonight1979Producer
Richard T. BearBring On The Night1978Producer
Richard T. BearByrdseye View1979Producer
Richard T. BearCarolina Train1979Producer
Richard T. BearFire1979Producer
Richard T. BearHighway Robbery1979Producer
Richard T. BearIf You Really Want My Love1978Producer
Richard T. BearLay Your Head Against My Pillow1978Producer
Richard T. BearLove Stealer1979Producer
Richard T. BearPain In My Heart1978Producer
Richard T. BearRuby Tuesday1979Producer
Richard T. BearSpeed On1978Producer
Richard T. BearSqueeze Play1979Producer
Richard T. BearSuicide1978Producer
Richard T. BearSunshine Hotel1978Producer
Richard T. BearSusannah '731978Producer
Richard T. BearThe Heart's A Lonely Hunter1978Producer
Straight LinesEverybody Wants To Be A Star1980Producer
Straight LinesFlyin' Blind1980Producer
Straight LinesHeads Are Gonna Roll1980Producer
Straight LinesHeart To Heart1980Producer
Straight LinesHope I'm Feelin' Better1980Producer
Straight LinesMidnight Woman1980Producer
Straight LinesRoanne1980Producer
Straight LinesShe's A Rounder1980Producer
Straight LinesSweet Water1980Producer
Straight LinesThe Things You Didn't Do1980Producer
The AssociationLife Is A Carnival1975Producer
The AssociationOne Sunday Morning1975Producer
The Brecker BrothersAs Long As I've Got Your Love1977Producer
The Brecker BrothersDon't Stop The Music1977Producer
The Brecker BrothersFinger Lickin' Good1977Producer
The Brecker BrothersFunky Sea, Funky Dew1977Producer
The Brecker BrothersPetals1977Producer
The Brecker BrothersSquids1977Producer
The Brecker BrothersTabula Rasa1977Producer
The Guess Who6 A.M. Or Nearer1969Producer
The Guess Who8:151969Producer
The Guess Who969 (The Oldest Man)1969Producer
The Guess WhoA Wednesday In Your Garden1968Producer
The Guess WhoAlbert Flasher1971Producer
The Guess WhoAll Hashed Out1973Producer
The Guess WhoAmerican Woman1970Producer
The Guess WhoArrivederci Girl1971Producer
The Guess WhoAttila's Blues1974Producer
The Guess WhoBack To The City1972Producer
The Guess WhoBallad Of The Last Five Years1974Producer
The Guess WhoBroken1971Producer
The Guess WhoBus Rider1970Producer
The Guess WhoBye Bye Babe1972Producer
The Guess WhoCardboard Empire1973Producer
The Guess WhoClap For The Wolfman1974Producer
The Guess WhoC'mon And Dance1983Producer
The Guess WhoComing Down Off Money Bag / Song Of The Dog1970Producer
The Guess WhoCoors For Sunday1975Producer
The Guess WhoCreepin' Peepin Baby Blues1983Producer
The Guess WhoDancin' Fool1974Producer
The Guess WhoDiggin' Yourself1974Producer
The Guess WhoDirty1974Producer
The Guess WhoDo You Miss Me Darlin'1970Producer
The Guess WhoDon't You Want Me1974Producer
The Guess WhoDown And Out Woman1975Producer
The Guess WhoDreams1975Producer
The Guess WhoEye1974Producer
The Guess WhoFair Warning1969Producer
The Guess WhoFiddlin'1971Producer
The Guess WhoFollow Your Daughter Home1972Producer
The Guess WhoFriends Of Mine1968Producer
The Guess WhoGet Your Ribbons On1972Producer
The Guess WhoGlace Bay Blues1972Producer
The Guess WhoGlamour Boy1973Producer
The Guess WhoGoin' A Little Crazy1971Producer
The Guess WhoGrey Day1971Producer
The Guess WhoGuns, Guns, Guns1972Producer
The Guess WhoHamba Gahle-Usalang Gahle1973Producer
The Guess WhoHand Me Down World1970Producer
The Guess WhoHang On To Your Life1970Producer
The Guess WhoHeartbroken Bopper1971Producer
The Guess WhoHeaven Only Moved Once Yesterday1972Producer
The Guess WhoHerbert's A Loser1972Producer
The Guess WhoHi Rockers!: Sea Of Love/Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday/Don't You Want Me1972Producer
The Guess WhoHoe Down Time1974Producer
The Guess WhoHumpty's Blues / American Woman (Epilogue)1969Producer
The Guess WhoI Found Her In A Star1968Producer
The Guess WhoJust A Matter Of Time1965Producer
The Guess WhoJust Let Me Sing1973Producer
The Guess WhoKey1969Producer
The Guess WhoLaughing1969Producer
The Guess WhoLet's Watch The Sun Go Down1983Producer
The Guess WhoLie Down1973Producer
The Guess WhoLife In The Bloodstream1971Producer
The Guess WhoLightfoot1968Producer
The Guess WhoLong Gone1974Producer
The Guess WhoLost And Found Town1973Producer
The Guess WhoLove And A Yellow Rose1968Producer
The Guess WhoLove Grows1983Producer
The Guess WhoLoves Me Like A Brother1974Producer
The Guess WhoMaple Fudge1968Producer
The Guess WhoMinstrel Boy1969Producer
The Guess WhoMiss Frizzy1970Producer
The Guess WhoMoan For You Joe1970Producer
The Guess WhoMusicioné1973Producer
The Guess WhoNew Mother Nature1972Producer
The Guess WhoNo Sugar Tonight1970Producer
The Guess WhoNo Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature1969Producer
The Guess WhoNo Time1969Producer
The Guess WhoNobody Knows His Name1974Producer
The Guess WhoOf A Dropping Pin1968Producer
The Guess WhoOld Joe1969Producer
The Guess WhoOne Divided1971Producer
The Guess WhoOne Man Army1971Producer
The Guess WhoOne Way Road To Hell1974Producer
The Guess WhoOrly1973Producer
The Guess WhoPain Train1971Producer
The Guess WhoPalmyra1970Producer
The Guess WhoPink Wine Sparkless In The Glass1968Producer
The Guess WhoPleasin' For Reason1974Producer
The Guess WhoPower In The Music1975Producer
The Guess WhoProper Stranger1969Producer
The Guess WhoRain Dance1971Producer
The Guess WhoRich World - Poor World1975Producer
The Guess WhoRoad Food1974Producer
The Guess WhoRock And Roller Steam1973Producer
The Guess WhoRosanne1975Producer
The Guess WhoRunnin' Back To Saskatoon1972Producer
The Guess WhoRunnin' Down The Street1970Producer
The Guess WhoRunning Bear1972Producer
The Guess WhoSamantha's Living Room1973Producer
The Guess WhoSeems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You1974Producer
The Guess WhoSelf Pity1973Producer
The Guess WhoShare The Land1970Producer
The Guess WhoShe Might Have Been A Nice Girl1971Producer
The Guess WhoShopping Bag Lady1975Producer
The Guess WhoSilver Bird1970Producer
The Guess WhoSmoke Big Factory1972Producer
The Guess WhoSo Long, Bannatyne1971Producer
The Guess WhoSour Suite1971Producer
The Guess WhoSpecies Hawk1970Producer
The Guess WhoStar Baby1973Producer
The Guess WhoStraighten Out1974Producer
The Guess WhoTake It Off My Shoulders1973Producer
The Guess WhoTake The Long Way Home1970Producer
The Guess WhoTalisman1969Producer
The Guess WhoThe Answer1970Producer
The Guess WhoThe Watcher1973Producer
The Guess WhoThese Eyes1968Producer
The Guess WhoThose Show Biz Shoes1973Producer
The Guess WhoThree More Days1970Producer
The Guess WhoUndun1969Producer
The Guess WhoUse Your Imagination1965Producer
The Guess WhoWe Can't Go On This Way1965Producer
The Guess WhoWe're Coming To Dinner1968Producer
The Guess WhoWhat's Gonna Happen To The Kids1983Producer
The Guess WhoWhen Friends Fall Out1968Producer
The Guess WhoWhen The Band Was Singin' "Shakin' All Over"1975Producer
The Guess WhoWhen You Touch Me1968Producer
The Guess WhoWomen1975Producer
The Guess WhoYour Nashville Sneakers1972Producer
The Guess Who?Clock On The Wall1966Producer
The Guess Who?Don't Act So Bad1965Producer
The Guess Who?Gonna Search1965Producer
The Guess Who?One Day1966Producer
The RoversMatchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs1980Producer
The RoversWasn't That A Party1980Producer
No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature (The Guess Who)165.12
No Sugar Tonight (The Guess Who)164.94
Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper)154.87
Thor (The Powerhead) (Manowar)64.83
All Men Play On 10 (Manowar)54.8
Undun (The Guess Who)154.73
American Woman (The Guess Who)1214.7
These Eyes (The Guess Who)284.68
Eighteen (Alice Cooper)434.65
Hail To England (Manowar)54.6
Laughing (The Guess Who)174.59
Share The Land (The Guess Who)144.57
Broken (The Guess Who)74.57
Sour Suite (The Guess Who)74.57
No Time (The Guess Who)294.52
Hang On To Your Life (The Guess Who)94.44
Blood Of My Enemies (Manowar)74.43
Shakin' All Over (Guess Who?)294.41
Crazy Eyes (Poco)54.4
Go And Say Goodbye (Poco)54.4
American Woman (The Guess Who)1214.7
Eighteen (Alice Cooper)434.65
Clap For The Wolfman (The Guess Who)304
No Time (The Guess Who)294.52
Shakin' All Over (Guess Who?)294.41
These Eyes (The Guess Who)284.68
Teenage Lament '74 (Alice Cooper)193.95
Laughing (The Guess Who)174.59
No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature (The Guess Who)165.12
No Sugar Tonight (The Guess Who)164.94
Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper)154.87
Undun (The Guess Who)154.73
Share The Land (The Guess Who)144.57
Dancin' Fool (The Guess Who)144.21
Rain Dance (The Guess Who)144.07
Muscle Of Love (Alice Cooper)143.86
Hand Me Down World (The Guess Who)134.15
Body (Alice Cooper)114.36
Albert Flasher (The Guess Who)114.27
Hang On To Your Life (The Guess Who)94.44

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