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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: James V. Taylor, James Vernon Taylor
Ace SpectrumDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1974Music/Lyrics
Al JarreauFire And Rain1976Music/Lyrics
Al KooperCountry Road1970Music/Lyrics
Albert KingDon't Let Me Be Lonely1991Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerBlossom2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerLong Ago And Far Away2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerSomething In The Way He Moves2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerSweet Baby James2012Music/Lyrics
Amanda BreckerYou Can Close Your Eyes2012Music/Lyrics
AmericaSomething In The Way She Moves2011Music/Lyrics
Amii StewartFire And Rain1995Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayNight Owl1970Music/Lyrics
Art GarfunkelIt's All In The Game1993Producer
Art GarfunkelSecret O'Life1997Music/Lyrics
Art Garfunkel & James TaylorCrying In The Rain1993Producer
Art Garfunkel with Nicky HopkinsSkywriter1993Producer
Average White BandDaddy's All Gone1978Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasCircle 'Round The Sun1970Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasRainy Day Man1970Music/Lyrics
Barbara DicksonOnly A Dream In Rio1987Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerMillworker1979Music/Lyrics
Billie Jo SpearsFire And Rain1977Music/Lyrics
BirdyFire And Rain2011Music/Lyrics
(James V. Taylor)
Blood, Sweat & TearsFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
Bobbie GentrySomething In The Way He Moves1969Music/Lyrics
Bobby WomackFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyIt's All Mo' Thug1997Music/Lyrics
(James Vernon Taylor)
Bonnie RaittRainy Day Man1974Music/Lyrics
Bum Khun Cha YouthBeim Autounfall2005Music/Lyrics
CaravelliFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonNight Owl1972Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonOne Man Woman1978Music/Lyrics
Carly Simon & James TaylorMockingbird1973Music/Lyrics
Carolyn FranklinFire And Rain1973Music/Lyrics
CherFire & Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineDon't Talk Now1972Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineNight Owl1971Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineRainy Day Man1972Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineSomething's Wrong1972Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardFire And Rain1974Music/Lyrics
Darren PercivalShower The People2012Music/Lyrics
David & Jimmy RuffinLo And Behold1970Music/Lyrics
David Sanborn BandBenjamin1977Music/Lyrics
DawnCarolina In My Mind1970Music/Lyrics
DawnRainy Day Man1970Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseFire And Rain / Bye Bye Love1973Music/Lyrics
Diane Schuur feat. Caribbean Jazz ProjectDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2005Music/Lyrics
Edwin McCain(I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That1997Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleySteamroller Blues1973Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisMillworker1981Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2001Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Frank MillsFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
George BensonDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2009Music/Lyrics
George JonesBartender's Blues1977Music/Lyrics
Gladys Knight & The PipsFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassFire And Rain2005Music/Lyrics
Herman Brood & Trijntje OosterhuisFire & Rain1997Music/Lyrics
Hubert LawsFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
Isaac HayesDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1978Music/Lyrics
James Taylor(I'm A) Road Runner2008Producer
James Taylor(I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorA Junkie's Lament1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorAnanas1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorAngels Of Fenway2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorAngry Blues1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorAnother Day1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorAnother Grey Morning1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorAnywhere Like Heaven1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBaby Boom Baby1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBaby Buffalo2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBartender's Blues1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBefore This Worlds / Jolly Springtime2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBelfast To Boston2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBelieve It Or Not1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBlossom1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBoatman1997Producer
James TaylorBrighten Your Night With My Day1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBrother Trucker1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorBSUR1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCaptain Jim's Drunken Dream1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCarolina In My Mind1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCaroline, I See You2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCarry Me On My Way2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorChanson Francaise1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorChili Dog1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCircle 'Round The Sun1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCompany Man1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCopperline1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorCountry Road1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDaddy's All Gone1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDaddy's Baby1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDance1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDon't Be Sad 'Cause Your Sun Is Down1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDon't Talk Now1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorDown In The Hole1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorEnough To Be On Your Way1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorEverybody Has The Blues1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorEveryday1985Producer
James TaylorFading Away1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorFamily Man1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorFar Afghanistan2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorFire And Rain1969Music/Lyrics
James TaylorFirst Of May1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorFool For You1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorGaia1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorGet A Job2009Producer
James TaylorGoing Around One More Time1985Producer
James TaylorGolden Moments1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorGorilla1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHard Times1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHello Old Friend1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHighway Song1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHome By Another Way1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHound Dog2008Producer
James TaylorHour That The Morning Comes1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHymn1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorI Can Dream Of You1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorI Was A Fool To Care1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorI Was Only Telling A Lie1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorI Will Follow1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorI Will Not Lie For You1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorIf I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorIn The Midnight Hour2009Producer
James TaylorIs That The Way You Look1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorIsn't It Nice To Be Home Again1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorIt's Growing2008Producer
James TaylorJelly Man Kelly1980Music/Lyrics
James TaylorJig1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorJohnnie Comes Back1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorJump Up Behind Me1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorKnock On Wood2009Producer
James TaylorKnocking 'Round The Zoo1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLet It All Fall Down1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLet Me Ride1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLetter In The Mail1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLighthouse1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLike Everyone She Knows1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLimousine Driver1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLine 'Em Up1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLittle David1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLittle More Time With You1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLo And Behold1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLondon Town1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLong Ago And Far Away1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLooking For Love On Broadway1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLove Has Brought Me Around1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorLove Songs1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMe And My Guitar1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMean Old Man2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMemphis2009Producer
James TaylorMescalito1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMexico1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMigration1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMillworker1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMona1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMoney Machine1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMontana2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMud Slide Slim1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMusic1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMy Traveling Star2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorNative Son1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorNever Die Young1987Music/Lyrics
James TaylorNew Tune1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorNight Owl1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorNobody But You1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorNot Fade Away2008Producer
James TaylorNothing Like A Hundred Miles1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOctober Road2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOh Brother1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOh, Baby Don't You Loose Your Lip On Me1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOh, What A Beautiful Mornin'2009Producer
James TaylorOn Broadway2008Producer
James TaylorOn The 4th Of July2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOne Man Parade1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOne More Go Round1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOnly A Dream In Rio1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOnly For Me1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOnly One1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorPlaces In My Past1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorRainy Day Man1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorRaised Up Family2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorRiding On A Railroad1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorRiver2006Producer
James TaylorRock 'N' Roll Is Music Now1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorRunaway Boy1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSadie2008Producer
James TaylorSarah Maria1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSecret O' Life1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSeminole Wind2008Producer
James TaylorShed A Little Light1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorShiver Me Timbers2009Producer
James TaylorShower The People1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSlap Leather1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSleep Come Free Me1979Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSlow Burning Love1976Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSnowtime2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSoldiers1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSome Days You Gotta Dance2008Producer
James TaylorSomeone1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSomething In The Way She Moves1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSomething's Wrong1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSong For You Far Away1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorStand And Fight1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSteamroller1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorStretch Of The Highway2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSugar Trade1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSuite For 20G1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSummer's Here1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSummertime Blues2008Producer
James TaylorSun On The Moon1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSunny Skies1970Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSunshine, Sunshine1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSuzanne2008Producer
James TaylorSweet Baby James1969Music/Lyrics
James TaylorSweet Potato Pie1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorTaking It In1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorT-Bone1988Music/Lyrics
James TaylorTerry Nova1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorThat Lonesome Road1981Music/Lyrics
James TaylorThat's Why I'm Here1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorThe Blues Is Just A Bad Dream1968Music/Lyrics
James TaylorThe Frozen Man1991Music/Lyrics
James TaylorThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance1985Producer
James TaylorThere We Are1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorToday Today Today2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorTraffic Jam1977Music/Lyrics
James TaylorTurn Away1985Music/Lyrics
James TaylorUp Er Mei1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorUp From Your Life1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorValentine's Day1987Music/Lyrics
James TaylorWalking Man1974Music/Lyrics
James TaylorWalking My Baby Back Home1997Producer
James TaylorWandering1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorWasn't That A Mighty Storm2009Producer
James TaylorWatchin' Over Me2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorWhen You're Ready2002Music/Lyrics
James TaylorWhy Baby Why2008Producer
James TaylorWichita Lineman2008Producer
James TaylorWoh, Don't You Know1972Music/Lyrics
James TaylorYellow And Rose1997Music/Lyrics
James TaylorYou And I Again2015Music/Lyrics
James TaylorYou Can Close Your Eyes1971Music/Lyrics
James TaylorYou Make It Easy1975Music/Lyrics
James TaylorYour Smiling Face1977Music/Lyrics
James Taylor & J.D. SoutherHer Town Too1981Music/Lyrics
Jeffrey OsborneDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2013Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BuffettMexico1995Music/Lyrics
Joanna CarlinSomething In The Way He Moves1977Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerDon't Let Me Be Lonely2004Music/Lyrics
Johanna PakonenEi vaadi paljon vaan kaiken2007Music/Lyrics
John DenverCarolina In My Mind1970Music/Lyrics
John DenverFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
John ScofieldBartender's Blues2016Music/Lyrics
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John feat. James TaylorDeck The Halls2012Producer
Johnny CashHard Times2014Music/Lyrics
(James Vernon Taylor)
Johnny MathisLong Ago And Far Away1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
Johnny RodriguezBelow The Border1983Music/Lyrics
Johnny RodriguezFire And Rain1981Music/Lyrics
Joseph WilliamsDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight2007Music/Lyrics
Judith OwenHey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox2015Music/Lyrics
Kate TaylorA Fool In Love1977Producer
Kate TaylorHappy Birthday Sweet Darling1977Music/Lyrics
Kate TaylorHarriet Tubman1977Producer
Kate TaylorIt's Growin'1977Producer
Kate TaylorIt's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)1977Producer
Kate TaylorJason And Ida1977Producer
Kate TaylorRodeo1977Producer
Kate TaylorSlow And Easy1977Music/Lyrics
Kate TaylorSmuggler's Song1977Producer
Kate TaylorStubborn Kind Of Woman1977Producer
Kate TaylorTiah's Cove1977Producer
Kate TaylorYou Can Close Your Eyes1970Music/Lyrics
Kenny "Babyface" EdmondsFire And Rain2007Music/Lyrics
Kenny "Babyface" EdmondsShower The People2007Music/Lyrics
Kool & The GangGet Down On It1981Music/Lyrics
Kool & The GangOoh La, La, La (Let's Go Dancing)1982Music/Lyrics
Kristine WShower The People2000Music/Lyrics
Kuhl un de GngFastelovend am Rhing2013Music/Lyrics
Lalla HanssonVyssjanlull, Lilla Marie1971Music/Lyrics
Lee AaronLo And Behold2004Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtHey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox1975Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtYou Can Close Your Eyes1974Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1972Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliDon't Let Me Be Loney Tonight1973Music/Lyrics
Longbranch/PennywhistleDon't Talk Now1970Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsFire And Rain1972Music/Lyrics
Luca BarbarossaSciogli l'amore1994Music/Lyrics
Marcia BarrettBy Your Side1999Music/Lyrics
Marcia BarrettKey To Enter1999Producer
Marianne FaithfullMud Slide Slim1971Music/Lyrics
Mark LindsayYou've Got A Friend1971Music/Lyrics
Mary MacGregorDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1978Music/Lyrics
Matthews' Southern ComfortSomething In The Way She Moves1970Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernFire And Rain2008Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernShed A Little Light / Carry It On2008Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernYou Can Close Your Eyes1992Music/Lyrics
Maynard FergusonCountry Road1972Music/Lyrics
Maynard FergusonFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
McKendree SpringFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
Me First And The Gimme GimmesFire And Rain1997Music/Lyrics
MelanieCarolina In My Mind1970Music/Lyrics
Melissa ManchesterYou Make It Easy1977Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonCountry Road1970Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonSteamroller1971Music/Lyrics
Michel DelpechJ'ai t fou d'aimer1979Music/Lyrics
Milton Nascimento / James TaylorOnly A Dream In Rio1994Music/Lyrics
MinaFire And Rain2012Music/Lyrics
Miriam MakebaA Piece Of Ground1967Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriFire And Rain1975Music/Lyrics
New WorldLo And Behold1971Music/Lyrics
OdettaLo & Behold1970Music/Lyrics
Oleta Adams feat. David SanbornDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1993Music/Lyrics
Patricia Kaas & James TaylorDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1997Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1974Music/Lyrics
Plastik FunkGet Down On It2014Music/Lyrics
PoacherFire And Rain1978Music/Lyrics
QuartonalShower The People2017Music/Lyrics
R. Dean TaylorFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
R.B. GreavesFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
Rare EarthFire And Rain1972Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles with James TaylorSweet Potato Pie2004Music/Lyrics
Red BaronBride For A Night1979Music/Lyrics
Red BaronGimme Love1977Music/Lyrics
Richard BonaOn The 4th Of July2013Music/Lyrics
Richie HavensFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Richie WilcoxYour Smiling Face2004Music/Lyrics
Rob de NijsVuur en as2014Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Roland VerstappenIets in haar2000Music/Lyrics
Sammi SmithFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Sammy KershawFire And Rain1994Music/Lyrics
Skeeter DavisFire And Rain1972Music/Lyrics
Tamiko JonesChili Dog1975Music/Lyrics
The Chris Barber BandFire And Rain1970Music/Lyrics
The Derek Trucks BandI Know2009Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersCarolina In My Mind1969Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsTraffic Jam1990Music/Lyrics
(James Vernon Taylor)
The HomesteadersShower The People1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1973Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
The LettermenYour Smiling Face1981Music/Lyrics
The MarmaladeCarolina In My Mind1970Music/Lyrics
The MetersSuite For 20 G1976Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersFire And Rain Medley (Fire And Rain, My Sweet Lord, Day By Day)1974Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersSomething In The Way He Moves1971Music/Lyrics
The TempreesDon't Let Me Be So Lonely Tonight / A Love Song1974Music/Lyrics
Tim HardinFire And Rain1973Music/Lyrics
Timbaland feat. MagooBoardmeeting2007Music/Lyrics
Timo GrossSweet Baby James2013Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerDon't Talk Now1974Music/Lyrics
Tom RushRainy Day Man1970Music/Lyrics
Tom RushRiding On A Railroad1970Music/Lyrics
Tom RushSomething In The Way She Moves1968Music/Lyrics
Tom RushSunshine, Sunshine1968Music/Lyrics
Tom RushSweet Baby James1970Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Ray CharlesEverybody Has The Blues1986Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoFire And Rain1980Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoShower The People1980Music/Lyrics
Torun EriksenYou Can Close Your Eyes2014Music/Lyrics
Trijntje OosterhuisOn The 4th Of July2005Music/Lyrics
VdelliFire And Rain2010Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonYou've Got A Friend1979Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonFire And Rain1971Music/Lyrics
You Can Close Your Eyes (Linda Ronstadt)84.88
Carolina In My Mind (Melanie)64.83
Carolina In My Mind (James Taylor)174.71
Something In The Way She Moves (James Taylor)134.69
Fire And Rain (James Taylor)514.67
Sweet Baby James (James Taylor)154.67
Millworker (Emmylou Harris)64.67
Shower The People (James Taylor)154.6
Steamroller (James Taylor)154.6
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (The Isley Brothers)54.6
Her Town Too (James Taylor & J.D. Souther)174.59
Fire And Rain (Blood, Sweat & Tears)74.57
Anywhere Like Heaven (James Taylor)74.57
Long Ago And Far Away (James Taylor)94.56
Ooh La, La, La (Let's Go Dancing) (Kool & The Gang)694.55
Night Owl (Carly Simon)104.5
Boardmeeting (Timbaland feat. Magoo)264.46
Country Road (James Taylor)164.44
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (Eric Clapton)74.43
Mexico (James Taylor)184.33
Get Down On It (Kool & The Gang)984.23
Ooh La, La, La (Let's Go Dancing) (Kool & The Gang)694.55
Fire And Rain (James Taylor)514.67
Mockingbird (Carly Simon & James Taylor)333.76
Boardmeeting (Timbaland feat. Magoo)264.46
Mexico (James Taylor)184.33
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (James Taylor)183.89
Carolina In My Mind (James Taylor)174.71
Her Town Too (James Taylor & J.D. Souther)174.59
Fire And Rain (Birdy)174.24
Country Road (James Taylor)164.44
Your Smiling Face (James Taylor)164.19
Sweet Baby James (James Taylor)154.67
Shower The People (James Taylor)154.6
Steamroller (James Taylor)154.6
Crying In The Rain (Art Garfunkel & James Taylor)144.07
Something In The Way She Moves (James Taylor)134.69
Steamroller Blues (Elvis Presley)134
Sweet Potato Pie (Ray Charles with James Taylor)113.64
Night Owl (Carly Simon)104.5

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