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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Jeff Berry
4-XangThe Doo Run Run1998Music/Lyrics
À La CarteDo Wah Diddy Diddy1979Music/Lyrics
À La CarteThe Hit Mix 19981998Music/Lyrics
A La Carte feat. Jojo MaxDo Wah Diddy Diddy '991999Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleBe My Baby2013Music/Lyrics
ABC CompanySugar Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardDa dou ron ron1964Music/Lyrics
Albert VossenPretty Belinda / Sugar Sugar / Mendocino1970Music/Lyrics
Albert WestTell Laura I Love Her1973Music/Lyrics
Allan StewartI Honestly Love You1977Music/Lyrics
Alyssa MilanoBe My Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me - Medley1989Music/Lyrics
Alyssa MilanoDa Doo Ron Ron / Magic In Your Eyes Medley1989Music/Lyrics
AmazuluMontego Bay1986Music/Lyrics
Andreas HaasBaby, I Love You1983Music/Lyrics
Andrew GoldDo Wah Diddy1976Music/Lyrics
Andy KimA Friend In The City1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimAre You Ever Coming Home1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimBaby While You're Young1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimBaby, I Love You1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimBe My Baby1970Music/Lyrics
Andy KimBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1969Producer
Andy KimCircus1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimDidn't Have To Tell Her1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimDo You Feel It Too1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimFalling In Love1965Producer
Andy KimFoundation Of My Soul1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimGee Girl1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimHow'd We Ever Get This Way1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Been Moved1971Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Found Her1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Got To Know1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Hear You Say (I Love You Baby)1965Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Want You1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Wish I Were1971Music/Lyrics
Andy KimI Wonder If I Care As Much1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimIf I Had You Here1971Producer
Andy KimIf I Were A Carpenter1969Producer
Andy KimI'll Be Loving You1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimIt's Your Life1970Music/Lyrics
Andy KimJust Like Your Shadow1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimLet's Get Married1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimLove That Little Woman1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimMr. Music Man1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimNobody's Ever Going Anywhere1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimOrdinary Kind Of Girl1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimPlease Be True1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimPretty Thing1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimRainbow Ride1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimResurrection1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimShoot 'em Up, Baby1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimSo Good Together1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimSunday Thunder1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimThis Guy's In Love With You1969Producer
Andy KimThis Is The Girl1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimTo Be Continued1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimTricia Tell Your Daddy1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimWalkin' My La-De-De1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimWonderful You1969Music/Lyrics
Andy KimYou1970Music/Lyrics
Andy KimYou Girl1968Music/Lyrics
Andy KimYou Got Style1968Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
Anita HarrisRiver Deep, Mountain High1969Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Anna BookBe My Baby2006Music/Lyrics
Annie AmazuluSugar, Sugar1989Music/Lyrics
Anny & JoséBe My Baby2009Music/Lyrics
Antonia aus TirolBe My Baby2014Music/Lyrics
Ask For FrankyHanky Panky1988Music/Lyrics
Bad Boys BlueBaby, I Love You1986Music/Lyrics
BarbarellaThen He Kissed Me1990Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandHow Much Of The Dream Comes True1965Music/Lyrics
Bar-KaysMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
Bay City RollersBe My Baby1974Music/Lyrics
Beatfactory feat. Massiv 4Sugar, Sugar2005Music/Lyrics
Bellamy BrothersI'd Lie To You For Your Love (And That's The Truth)1985Music/Lyrics
Ben Thomas3 Milliarden Menschen1972Music/Lyrics
Bernd SpierSkoobidoo1969Music/Lyrics
Bernhard BrinkWo steht das geschrieben?1972Music/Lyrics
Bernie HendricksMontego Bay1971Music/Lyrics
Bernie Paul & Bo AndersenBe My Baby1989Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisRock Bottom / Da Doo Ron Ron / When1977Music/Lyrics
Bert Loska And His Happy SoundSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerBe My Baby2014Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerChapel Of Love1972Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerLeader Of The Pack1972Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerUptown / Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) / Da Doo Run Run1973Music/Lyrics
Betty BooBoo Is Booming1990Music/Lyrics
Biddu OrchestraSugar Sugar1978Music/Lyrics
Billie DavisThat Boy John1964Music/Lyrics
Birdie GreenHow Come1962Music/Lyrics
Black LaceDoo Wah Diddy Diddy1985Music/Lyrics
BlackJack [SE]Sugar, Sugar2006Music/Lyrics
BlondieOut In The Streets1998Music/Lyrics
Blue MelonsDo Wah Diddy Diddy (The Wiggle Mix)1996Music/Lyrics
Blue Öyster CultBe My Baby2007Music/Lyrics
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsDa Doo Ron Ron1972Music/Lyrics
Bob B. Soxx And The Blue JeansNot Too Young To Get Married1963Music/Lyrics
Bob Marley & The WailersSugar Sugar1971Music/Lyrics
Bob Seger SystemRiver Deep - Mountain High1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomA Little On The Heavy Side1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomBrighten Your Flame1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomCareful Not To Break A Spell1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomCareful Not To Break The Spell1971Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomFanta1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomGive 'em A Hand1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomHeavy Makes You Happy1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomHeidi1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomMake Me Happy1970Producer
Bobby BloomMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomOh, I Wish You Knew1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomSha La Boom Boom1972Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomStay On Top1972Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomThis Thing I've Gotten Into1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomTry A Little Harder1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomWe're All Goin' Home1971Music/Lyrics
Bobby BloomWhere Are We Going1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonI Honestly Love You1974Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDa Doo Ron Ron1963Music/Lyrics
Brian ProtheroeGive Him A Great Big Kiss1977Music/Lyrics
Brian ProtheroeTell Laura I Love Her1977Music/Lyrics
Camille LouComme aujourd'hui2017Music/Lyrics
Camille LouVous les copains2017Music/Lyrics
Carmen VillaniDang, dang e dang1969Music/Lyrics
CarpentersDa Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)1973Music/Lyrics
CarpentersDeadman's Curve1973Music/Lyrics
CasablancaSugar Sugar2011Music/Lyrics
Céline DionRiver Deep, Mountain High1996Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
Cheryl DilcherDeep Down Inside1973Producer
Cheryl DilcherRainbow Farm1973Producer
Chet BakerSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanBe My Baby2011Music/Lyrics
Chris RobertsSugar - Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Chris YoungChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2016Music/Lyrics
Christine QuaiteGuilty Eyes1962Music/Lyrics
Christine QuaiteHere She Comes1964Music/Lyrics
Cissy HoustonBe My Baby1970Music/Lyrics
Claes DiedenDa Doo Ron Ron1968Music/Lyrics
ClambakeRiver Deep Mountain High1973Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisCombien de rivières1971Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisDouce Candy1969Music/Lyrics
Claudja BarryHeavy Makes You Happy1978Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardA Brand New Song1972Music/Lyrics
Cocktail BandE Uhr an an...1993Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyShe Ain't No Angel1963Music/Lyrics
Crossover SeppDo Wah Diddy Diddy2001Music/Lyrics
Cynthia ClayI Can Hear Music1974Music/Lyrics
D.J. Les And The Kool KatSugar, Sugar1991Music/Lyrics
Darlene LoveA Fine, Fine Boy1963Music/Lyrics
Darlene LoveChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)1963Music/Lyrics
Darlene LoveRiver Deep, Mountain High2015Music/Lyrics
Darlene LoveRun Run Runaway1963Music/Lyrics
Darlene LoveWait Till My Bobby Gets Home1963Music/Lyrics
Dave & SugarIt Ain't Easy Lovin' Me1980Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsBaby I Love You1972Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsDa Doo Ron Ron1974Music/Lyrics
David GamsonSugar, Sugar1981Music/Lyrics
De HeideroosjesDa Doo Ron Ron1994Music/Lyrics
Debbie ByrneDa Doo Ron Ron1974Music/Lyrics
Deep PurpleListen, Learn, Read On1968Music/Lyrics
Deep PurpleRiver Deep - Mountain High1968Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseBlow Out The Sun1962Music/Lyrics
Delta GoodremI Honestly Love You2018Music/Lyrics
Dennie ChristianBaby, I Love You1973Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeTell Laura I Love Her1962Music/Lyrics
Die Allstar-CrewJingle-Jangle1970Music/Lyrics
Die FlippersSei mein Baby1996Music/Lyrics
Die FlippersVerlorene Herzen1989Music/Lyrics
Die LadiesStop die Liebe1968Music/Lyrics
Die TornadosDa Doo Ron Ron1964Music/Lyrics
DJ ÖtziDo Wah Diddy2001Music/Lyrics
Dolly DotsDo Wah Diddy Diddy1982Music/Lyrics
Dolly DotsDolly Dots Megamix1993Music/Lyrics
Dominique Blanc-Francard / Les ReinettesBe My Baby2016Music/Lyrics
Donna FargoI Honestly Love You1984Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
DoranDe vrienden van vroeger1998Music/Lyrics
DoranTell Laura I Love Her1997Music/Lyrics
Drafi DeutscherTell Laura2007Music/Lyrics
Duane EddyBorn To Be With You1962Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldHaunted1971Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldHave A Good Life Baby1971Producer
Dusty SpringfieldI Believe In You1971Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldLive Here With You1971Producer
Dusty SpringfieldMake It With You1971Producer
Dusty SpringfieldNothing Is Forever1971Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldSomeone Who Cares1971Producer
Dusty SpringfieldYou've Got A Friend1971Producer
EbonyThen He Kissed Me1978Music/Lyrics
Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight1986Music/Lyrics
El ChicanoSugar Sugar1971Music/Lyrics
Ellie GreenwichI'll Never Need More Than This1968Music/Lyrics
Emmy [FR]Sugar Sugar2004Music/Lyrics
Enigma [UK]Summer Groovin'1981Music/Lyrics
ErasureRiver Deep Mountain High1988Music/Lyrics
Eric BurdonBe My Baby1995Music/Lyrics
Eric Burdon & The AnimalsRiver Deep, Mountain High1967Music/Lyrics
Erma FranklinBaby I Love You1969Music/Lyrics
Facts Of LifeHe Ain't You1978Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
Foster SylversMontego Bay1974Music/Lyrics
Frank AlamoDa doo ron ron1964Music/Lyrics
Frank AlamoLe chef de la bande1965Music/Lyrics
Frank AlamoReviens vite et oublie1963Music/Lyrics
Frank GariYou Better Keep Runnin'1962Music/Lyrics
Frank MichaelDites-lui que je l'aime1974Music/Lyrics
Frank Rothe & The Young OnesTell Laura I Love Her1976Music/Lyrics
Frankie MillerThat's How Long My Love Is1986Music/Lyrics
Fred KarmanBaby I Love You1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie Notes & The RudiesMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie ScottAm I Grooving You1967Music/Lyrics
Fun FactoryDoh Wah Diddy1995Music/Lyrics
Gary GlitterBe My Baby1982Music/Lyrics
Gary GlitterThen She Kissed Me1981Music/Lyrics
Gary StewartOut Of Hand1975Music/Lyrics
Gene CottonBe My Baby1968Music/Lyrics
Gene McDanielsChip Chip1961Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyWalkin' In The Sun1977Music/Lyrics
Gene WilliamsHeißer als die Sonne1971Music/Lyrics
George Walker & CompanyDa Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)1970Music/Lyrics
Ginny ArnellTell Me What He Said1960Music/Lyrics
GitteGib mich frei1982Producer
GitteIch will alles1982Producer
Gitte HænningAbschied1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningAn diesem Dienstag1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningBerührungen1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningBrief1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningDie Dunkelheit der Nacht1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningEin Morgen in deinem Pyjama1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningFarben meiner Träume1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningGestern, heute und morgen1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningHimmel oder Hölle1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningIch brauch dich nicht1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningLampenfieber1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningLiebe - nein danke!1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningNachtbilder1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningOuvertüre [Berührungen]1983Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningSo liebst nur du1983Music/Lyrics
Gladys Knight & The PipsHeavy Makes You Happy1973Music/Lyrics
Gladys Knight & The PipsSugar Sugar1975Music/Lyrics
Glee CastRiver Deep, Mountain High2010Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellWalkin' In The Sun1990Music/Lyrics
Graham BonnetBe My Baby1981Music/Lyrics
Grant & ForsythThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore-Be My Baby1988Music/Lyrics
GulliverSo Good Together1974Music/Lyrics
Guys 'N' DollsRiver Deep, Mountain High1975Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DDa Doo Ron Ron2011Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DDoo Wah Diddy2011Music/Lyrics
HansonChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)1997Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroFrag' mich nicht warum1962Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroTell Me What He Said1962Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroTout ce qu'il voudra1962Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroWho Is She?1963Music/Lyrics
Helena LemkovitchReviens vite et oublie Music/Lyrics
HelloThen She Kissed Me1976Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannDo Wah Diddy Diddy1966Music/Lyrics
Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceKissed Me1982Music/Lyrics
Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceThen She Kissed Me1985Music/Lyrics
Holly And The ItaliansChapel Of Love1979Music/Lyrics
HoundsDo Wah Diddy Diddy1979Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleDa Doo Ron Ron1977Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Hush!Da Doo Ron Ron1977Music/Lyrics
Ian MatthewsDa Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)1972Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerHold On Baby1966Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerI'll Never Need More Than This1966Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerRiver Deep - Mountain High1966Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerRiver Deep - Mountain High 19741973Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerSugar, Sugar1977Music/Lyrics
Il SupergruppoBocca dolce1969Music/Lyrics
Iva ZanicchiLe montagne (Ci amiamo troppo)1966Music/Lyrics
J. Frank Wilson And The CavaliersTell Laura I Love Her1964Music/Lyrics
Jackie TrentI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
James LastMontego Bay1971Music/Lyrics
Jarrod EmickI Honestly Love You2003Music/Lyrics
Jason DonovanBe My Baby2008Music/Lyrics
Jeff BarryWalkin' In The Sun1973Music/Lyrics
Jeff BarryWatcha Wanna Do?1973Music/Lyrics
Jess WrightMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
Jim Ed Brown / Helen CorneliusIf It Ain't Love By Now1977Music/Lyrics
Jim Ed Brown / Helen CorneliusSaying Hello, Saying I Love You, Saying Goodbye1976Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixBe My Baby1966Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BarnesRiver Deep Mountain High1991Music/Lyrics
Jimmy ClantonA Million Drums1964Music/Lyrics
Jive BunnySwing The 60s1991Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersHopping Mad1989Music/Lyrics
Jo Ment's Happy SoundMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Joan Collins Fan ClubLeader Of The Pack1988Music/Lyrics
JocelyneIl a tout pour lui1964Music/Lyrics
Jody MillerBe My Baby1972Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Jody MillerManhattan, Kansas1972Music/Lyrics
Joe DassinVaya-na-cumana1972Music/Lyrics
Joe DassinWe Ain't Makin' It1973Music/Lyrics
John LeytonTell Laura I Love Her1960Music/Lyrics
John O'Hara And His New PlayboysDo Wah Diddy Diddy1965Music/Lyrics
John O'Hara And His Playboy'sDo Wah Diddy Diddy1964Music/Lyrics
John TravoltaAll Strung Out On You1976Producer
John TravoltaBack Doors Crying1976Producer
John TravoltaCan't Let You Go1976Producer
John TravoltaEasy Evil1976Producer
John TravoltaMoonlight Lady1976Producer
John TravoltaSettle Down1976Producer
John TravoltaSlow Dancing1976Producer
John TravoltaWhat Would They Say1976Producer
John TravoltaWhenever I'm Away From You1976Producer
John TravoltaYou Set My Dreams To Music1976Producer
Johnny ChesterLet Me Bring You Up1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny FarnhamFriday Kind Of Monday1967Music/Lyrics
Johnny FarnhamI Can't Dance To Your Music1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayCaravan Of Lonely Men1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayDa dou ron ron1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisMidnight Cowboy1970Music/Lyrics
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraI Honestly Love You1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny ReimarTell Laura I Love Her1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny T. AngelTell Laura I Love Her1974Music/Lyrics
Jonathan Richman & The Modern LoversChapel Of Love2004Music/Lyrics
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandDa Doo Ron Ron1976Music/Lyrics
José [NL]I Can Hear Music1983Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingKomm wir wollen tanzen1973Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingWe Can't Dance To Your Music1974Music/Lyrics
Karen KamonDa Doo Ron Ron1984Music/Lyrics
KarinaTú seras mi baby1974Music/Lyrics
Kathie & Donald With The Raving FiveMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
Kim CarnesI'd Lie To You For Your Love1986Music/Lyrics
KISSThen She Kissed Me1977Music/Lyrics
KT TunstallChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2007Music/Lyrics
Lady AntebellumChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2012Music/Lyrics
Larry LurexI Can Hear Music1973Music/Lyrics
LeishaI Honestly Love You Music/Lyrics
Lemon CheeseSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Lena ZavaroniRiver Deep, Mountain High1973Music/Lyrics
Leo WrightSugar, Sugar1973Music/Lyrics
Leona LewisChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2013Music/Lyrics
Les Gam'sJe ne pourrai jamais l'oublier1963Music/Lyrics
Les Graffiti'sDa Doo Ron Ron2014Music/Lyrics
Les SurfsReviens vite et oublie1963Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreJe sais qu'un jour1965Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreLook Of Love1964Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreMaybe I Know1964Music/Lyrics
Leslie UggamsRiver Deep, Mountain High1968Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtBaby I Love You1996Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtBe My Baby1996Music/Lyrics
Linda ScottI Left My Heart In The Balcony1962Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanDon't Say No To Me Tonight2011Producer
Lisa HartmanGet Ready / Gimme Some Lovin'2011Producer
Lisa HartmanHe Ain't You1976Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanIf You Want To Come Home1979Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanIsn't It Love2011Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanKentucky Rainbows1976Producer
Lisa HartmanMovin' Thru Me2011Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanPickin' Up The Pieces1976Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanRight As Rain1976Producer
Lisa HartmanRoom Without A Door1976Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanSaying Hello, Saying I Love You, Saying Goodbye1976Music/Lyrics
Lisa HartmanSeeing Is Believing1976Producer
Lisa HartmanSlow Dancin'2011Producer
Lisa HartmanSo Glad I Found You1976Producer
Lisa HartmanSomebody Been Lovin' Her1976Producer
Lisa HartmanThe Ice Cream Man1976Producer
Lisa HartmanThen He Kissed Me2011Music/Lyrics
Lisa LemanKleurrijk denken2017Music/Lyrics
Lois LaneRiver Deep, Mountain High1976Music/Lyrics
LouBe My Baby2003Music/Lyrics
Louis Clark & The London Philharmonic OrchestraRiver Deep, Mountain High1989Music/Lyrics
Love GenerationLay A Little Lovin' On Me1974Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonHe Ain't You1977Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy Diddy1964Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannThat's All I Ever Want From You Baby1965Music/Lyrics
ManuelaJingle Jangle1969Music/Lyrics
Marcella BellaBocca dolce1969Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)1994Music/Lyrics
MarionSugar - Sugar1969Music/Lyrics
Martha & The VandellasThen He Kissed Me1963Music/Lyrics
Martha & The VandellasWait Till My Bobby Gets Home1963Music/Lyrics
Martin CircusMonnaie Monnaie1975Music/Lyrics
Martin MannSugar Sugar / Heja heja / Cecilia1970Music/Lyrics
Mary MacGregorSugar Sugar1983Music/Lyrics
Matthias LensSugar Sugar2013Music/Lyrics
Men VisionSugar Sugar1979Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonThe Magic Of Romance1963Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2011Music/Lyrics
Michèle TorrLà où fond la banquise1995Music/Lyrics
Miguel RiosDa-dou-ron-ron1963Music/Lyrics
Mink DeVilleLittle Girl1977Music/Lyrics
Mother's FinestIt's What You Do With What You Got1972Music/Lyrics
Mr. BloeSugar Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Mutya BuenaB Boy Baby2007Music/Lyrics
Nancy Boyd & The Cappello'sMaybe I Know1987Music/Lyrics
NazarethYou're The Violin1976Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondCherry Cherry1966Producer
Neil DiamondCrooked Street1966Producer
Neil DiamondDo It1966Producer
Neil DiamondGirl, You'll Be A Woman Soon1967Producer
Neil DiamondHanky Panky1966Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondI Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)1966Producer
Neil DiamondI'll Come Running1966Producer
Neil DiamondI'm A Believer1967Producer
Neil DiamondKentucky Woman1967Producer
Neil DiamondLa Bamba1966Producer
Neil DiamondLove To Love1966Producer
Neil DiamondMonday, Monday1966Producer
Neil DiamondNew Orleans1966Producer
Neil DiamondRed Red Wine1966Producer
Neil DiamondRed Rubber Ball1966Producer
Neil DiamondRiver Deep - Mountain High1993Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondShilo1967Producer
Neil DiamondShot Down1967Producer
Neil DiamondSolitary Man1966Producer
Neil DiamondSome Day Baby1966Producer
Neil DiamondThank The Lord For The Night Time1967Producer
Neil DiamondThe Boat That I Row1966Producer
Neil DiamondThe Long Way Home1967Producer
Neil DiamondThe Time Is Now1967Producer
Neil DiamondYou Got To Me1966Producer
Neil DiamondYou'll Forget1967Producer
Neil Diamond with Mary's DanishDo Wah Diddy Diddy1993Music/Lyrics
Neil SedakaSugar Sugar1974Music/Lyrics
Nicky OnidisBaby, I Love You1982Music/Lyrics
NilssonRiver Deep - Mountain High1967Music/Lyrics
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. SaxClair de Lune In Jazz1973Producer
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. SaxHawkeye1974Music/Lyrics
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. SaxRoll It1974Music/Lyrics
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. SaxSister James1973Music/Lyrics
Nino Tempo & April StevensI Can't Get Over You Baby1973Music/Lyrics
Nino Tempo & April StevensWho Turns Me On1973Music/Lyrics
NittyNasty Girl2004Music/Lyrics
Oliver FreytagGoodbye My Love (To Be Continued)1970Music/Lyrics
Oliver FreytagMontego Bay1970Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnI Honestly Love You1974Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnI Honestly Love You '981998Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnMon amour, mon impossible amour1975Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonDa Doo Ron Ron1977Music/Lyrics
Orchestra Kai WarnerMontego Bay1980Music/Lyrics
PANG!Walking In The Sun2015Music/Lyrics
Patty PravoCi amiamo troppo1968Music/Lyrics
Paul DavisI Feel Better1971Music/Lyrics
Percy SledgeWalking In The Sun1974Music/Lyrics
Peter AllenI Honestly Love You1974Music/Lyrics
Peter BeilGoodbye My Love1971Music/Lyrics
PickettywitchWaldo P. Emerson Jones1971Music/Lyrics
Precious WilsonRiver Deep, Mountain High1983Music/Lyrics
RaceyNot Too Young To Get Married1982Music/Lyrics
Rachel SweetThen He Kissed Me - Be My Baby1981Music/Lyrics
RamonesBaby I Love You1980Music/Lyrics
Rated XBaby I Love You1984Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And The SingersMidnight Cowboy1970Music/Lyrics
Ray PetersonGive Us Your Blessings1963Music/Lyrics
Ray PetersonTell Laura I Love Her1959Music/Lyrics
RegineEr liebt mich sehr1965Music/Lyrics
Renata MorenoDa doo ron ron1979Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoDas Ende der Liebe1960Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoDrei Milliarden Menschen (Ein Lied für den Frieden)1971Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoTell Laura I Love Her1971Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyDis à Laura1961Music/Lyrics
Rick DerringerDo Wah Diddy1983Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Ricky ShayneSugar, Sugar1971Music/Lyrics
Ricky ValanceTell Laura I Love Her1960Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeAll Time High1983Music/Lyrics
Rolf KühnSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Ronnie JonesMontego Bay1980Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
Ronnie SpectorI Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine1999Music/Lyrics
Ronnie Spector & The RonettesI Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine1974Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
RosalíaDo wah diddy diddy1965Music/Lyrics
Rosey GrierIf You Hit A Good Lick Lay On It1974Music/Lyrics
Rosey GrierYou're The Violin1974Music/Lyrics
RougeRemember The Leader Of The Pack1986Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelDas Ende der Liebe1961Music/Lyrics
Ruth BrownAnyone But You1961Music/Lyrics
SakkarinSugar, Sugar1971Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeTeenage Sonata1960Music/Lyrics
Sam GoorisDoo Wah Diddy1998Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsHanky Panky1966Music/Lyrics
Sandy [NL]Da doo ron ron1984Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyBe My Baby1972Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyLove, Love, Love/Chapel Of Love1978Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyThen He Kissed Me1972Music/Lyrics
Sandy WagnerBaby I Love You2011Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Santo & JohnnyMaster Kiss Bang Bang1965Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyThunderball1965Music/Lyrics
Sasha & DavyDo Wah Diddy Diddy / The Locomotion / Baby Come Back2018Music/Lyrics
Schoolboy QStr8 Ballin2016Music/Lyrics
Sha Na NaTell Laura I Love Her1971Music/Lyrics
Shaun CassidyBe My Baby1976Music/Lyrics
Shaun CassidyDa Doo Ron Ron1976Music/Lyrics
SheilaBe My Baby1987Music/Lyrics
SheilaComme aujourd'hui1987Music/Lyrics
SheilaVous les copains1964Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyDo Wah Diddy1980Music/Lyrics
ShwayzeDon't Be Shy2008Music/Lyrics
Simon TurnerCalifornia Revisted (Surf City / Fun, Fun, Fun / So You Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star)1973Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Skeeter DavisTell Tommy I Miss Him1961Music/Lyrics
Smash MouthChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2012Music/Lyrics
SmokieBe My Baby2001Music/Lyrics
Sonny & CherWhy Don't They Let Us Fall In Love1965Music/Lyrics
St. VincentAnd Then She Kissed Me2018Music/Lyrics
Stars On 45Stars On 451981Music/Lyrics
Steve GoodmanBorn To Be Wild / Teen Angel / Tell Laura I Love Her / Strange Things Happen1982Music/Lyrics
StrassenjungsAls sie mich küßte1979Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Sugar & CandyChapel Of Love1977Music/Lyrics
Sugar CaneMontego Bay1978Music/Lyrics
Sugar SistersSugar Sugar1995Music/Lyrics
Susie AllansonBe My Baby1978Music/Lyrics
Suzanne DoucetBe My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Suzanne DoucetSei mein Baby1964Music/Lyrics
SuzieDa Doo Ron Ron1967Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
Svenne & LottaChapel Of Love1975Music/Lyrics
Svenne & LottaTell Laura I Love Her1975Music/Lyrics
Sweet Pea AtkinsonAm I Grooving You2017Music/Lyrics
Sweet SubstituteBaby I Love You1983Music/Lyrics
Swoop [BE]Happy Mix2010Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanDa dou ron ron1974Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanEt je m'en vais2007Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Be My Baby1977Music/Lyrics
T.H.P. OrchestraSugar, Sugar1976Music/Lyrics
Ted HeroldDa Doo Ron Ron1963Music/Lyrics
Tee SetMr. Music Man1969Music/Lyrics
Terry ReidBaby, I Love You1978Music/Lyrics
Terry ReidThen I Kissed Her1978Music/Lyrics
The 2 Live CrewDo Wah Diddy1988Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesA Summer Prayer For Peace1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesArchie's Party1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesArchie's Theme (Everything's Archie)1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesBang Shang-A-Lang1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesBicycles Roller Skates1968Producer
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesBoys And Girls1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesCatchin' Up On Fun1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesCircle Of Blue1969Producer
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesComes The Sun1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesDance1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesDon't Touch My Guitar1969Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesEverything's Alright1969Producer
The ArchiesFeelin' So Good1968Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesGet On The Line1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesHide And Seek1968Producer
The ArchiesHot Dog1969Producer
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesI'm In Love1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesInside Out, Upside Down1969Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesIt's The Summertime1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesJingle Jangle1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesJustine1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesKissin'1969Producer
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesLa Dee Doo Down Down1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesLook Before You Leap1969Producer
The ArchiesLove And Rock'N Roll Music1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesLove Light1969Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesMelody Hill1969Producer
The ArchiesMr. Factory1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesNursery Rhyme1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesOne Big Family1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesOver And Over1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesOver And Over1970Producer
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesPutting Me Thru Changes1969Producer
The ArchiesRide, Ride, Ride1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesRock'n'Roll Music1969Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesSeñorita Rita1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesSeventeen Ain't Young1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesShe's Putting Me Thru Changes1969Producer
The ArchiesSuddenly Susan1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesSugar And Spice1969Producer
The ArchiesSugar Sugar1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesSunshine1970Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesTime For Love1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesTogether We Two1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesTruck Driver1968Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesWaldo P. Emerson Jones1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesWhopee Tie Ai A1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesWho's Gonna Love Me1970Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesWho's Your Baby?1970Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesYou Know I Love You1969Music/Lyrics
The ArchiesYou Little Angel You1969Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
(Jeff Berry)
The ArchiesYou Make Me Wanna Dance1968Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysChapel Of Love1976Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysI Can Hear Music1969Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysThen I Kissed Her1965Music/Lyrics
The Beach Boys & Kathy TroccoliI Can Hear Music1996Music/Lyrics
The BellsBaby I Love You1973Music/Lyrics
The Bomb PartySugar Sugar1988Music/Lyrics
The CandiesSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
The ChampionettesBe My Baby Medley1993Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsDa Doo Ron Ron1963Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsEvery Boy And Every Girl1970Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsI Have A Boyfriend1963Music/Lyrics
The ChiffonsWhen The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too)1990Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsAll Grown Up1963Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsDa Doo Ron Ron1963Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsGirls Can Tell1963Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsHeartbreaker1963Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsI Wonder1963Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsLittle Boy1963Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsThen He Kissed Me1963Music/Lyrics
The Dave Pell SingersSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsAnother Boy Like Mine1964Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsChapel Of Love1964Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsGee Baby Gee1964Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsGee The Moon's Shing Bright1964Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsLittle Bell1964Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsPeople Say1964Music/Lyrics
The Dixie CupsYou Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me1964Music/Lyrics
The Electric Indian1-2-31969Music/Lyrics
The ExcitersDo-Wah-Diddy1963Music/Lyrics
The Flamin' GrooviesRiver Deep, Mountain High1981Music/Lyrics
The Flying LizardsThen He Kissed Me1984Music/Lyrics
The FoolsDoo Wah Diddy1985Music/Lyrics
The Gisha BrothersDo Wah-Diddy1965Music/Lyrics
The Grass RootsWe Can't Dance To Your Music1973Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsBe My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsThen She (He) Kissed Me1965Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesStars On 45 [Part 2]1982Music/Lyrics
The IkettesDa Doo Ron Ron1973Music/Lyrics
The Jelly BeansBaby Be Mine1964Music/Lyrics
The Jelly BeansThe Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget1964Music/Lyrics
The KlownsA Whole Lotta Love1970Producer
The KlownsBe A Kid1970Producer
The KlownsDream On1970Producer
The KlownsFish Tales1970Producer
The KlownsGood News1970Producer
The KlownsHoney Bunny Day1970Producer
The KlownsIf You Can't Be A Clown1970Music/Lyrics
The KlownsLady Love1970Music/Lyrics
The KlownsLove Is The Answer1970Producer
The KlownsMovin'1970Producer
The KlownsRiver Crusin'1970Producer
The KlownsYellow Sunglasses1970Producer
The LafayettesCaravan Of Lonely Men1962Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraThe Leader Of The Pack / Girls, Girls, Girls / I Am1976Music/Lyrics
The LettermenI Honestly Love You1975Music/Lyrics
The London Symphony OrchestraRiver Deep Mountain High1978Music/Lyrics
The MarvelsBe My Baby1971Music/Lyrics
The McCoysI Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance)1966Music/Lyrics
The MixersDa Doo Run Run1984Music/Lyrics
The Mojo MenDo The Hanky Panky1966Music/Lyrics
The Monkees99 Pounds1970Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesA Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You1967Producer
The MonkeesAcapulco Sun1970Producer
The MonkeesAll Alone In The Dark1970Producer
The MonkeesDo It In The Name Of Love1971Producer
The MonkeesDo You Feel It Too?1970Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesGotta Give It Time2016Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesHold On Girl1967Producer
The MonkeesI Love You Better1970Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesI Never Thought It Peculiar1970Producer
The MonkeesI'll Be Back Up On My Feet1968Producer
The MonkeesI'm A Believer1966Producer
The MonkeesIt's Got To Be Love1970Producer
The MonkeesLady Jane1971Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesLaugh1967Producer
The MonkeesLook Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)1966Producer
The MonkeesMidnight Train1970Producer
The MonkeesOh My My1970Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesShe Hangs Out1967Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesSometime In The Morning1966Producer
The MonkeesTell Me Love1970Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesThe Day We Fall In Love1967Producer
The MonkeesTicket On A Ferry Ride1970Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesYou're So Good To Me1970Music/Lyrics
The MoodiesJingle Jangle1970Music/Lyrics
The Moody BluesI've Got A Dream1965Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersA Brand New Song1973Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersBrand New Song1973Music/Lyrics
The Overtones feat. Sam BaileyRiver Deep Mountain High2015Music/Lyrics
The Party BoysDo-Wah-Diddy1990Music/Lyrics
The PersuasionsA Lonesome Love Song1974Producer
The PersuasionsA.B.C.'s Of Love1974Producer
The PersuasionsAll In The Game1974Producer
The PersuasionsI Just Want To Sing With My Friends1974Music/Lyrics
The PersuasionsI'm A Hog For You1974Producer
The PersuasionsIsland1974Music/Lyrics
The PersuasionsOh What A Night1974Producer
The PersuasionsPersuasions Theme1974Music/Lyrics
The PersuasionsSomewhere To Lay My Head1974Producer
The PersuasionsTouch The Hem Of His Garment1974Producer
The PersuasionsWith This Ring1974Producer
The Players [CH]Baby I Love You1965Music/Lyrics
The RaindropsEven Though You Can't Dance1963Music/Lyrics
The RaindropsHanky Panky1963Music/Lyrics
The RaindropsIt's So Wonderful1963Music/Lyrics
The RaindropsThe Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget1963Music/Lyrics
The RaindropsWhat A Guy1963Music/Lyrics
The RattlesDa Doo Ron Ron1965Music/Lyrics
The RattlesDo Wah Diddy Diddy1964Music/Lyrics
(Jeff Berry)
The RivierasHanky Panky1965Music/Lyrics
The RonettesBaby, I Love You1963Music/Lyrics
The RonettesBe My Baby1963Music/Lyrics
The RonettesChapel Of Love1964Music/Lyrics
The RonettesI Can Hear Music1966Music/Lyrics
The RonettesI Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine1965Music/Lyrics
The RonettesI Wonder1963Music/Lyrics
The RonettesWhy Don't They Let Us Fall In Love1963Music/Lyrics
The Royal Showband Waterford & Brendan BowyerDa Do Ron Ron1967Music/Lyrics
The SearchersBe My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
The SearchersDa Doo Ron Ron1963Music/Lyrics
The SearchersEverybody Come And Clap Your Hands1965Music/Lyrics
The SearchersGoodnight Baby1965Music/Lyrics
The SearchersShoot 'em Up, Baby1968Music/Lyrics
The SeashellsMaybe I Know1972Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsRiver Deep, Mountain High1970Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasGive Us Your Blessings1965Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasHeaven Only Knows1965Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasIt's Easier To Cry1964Producer
The Shangri-LasLeader Of The Pack1964Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasOut In The Streets1965Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasThe Train From Kansas City1965Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasWhat's A Girl Supposed To Do1965Music/Lyrics
The Staple SingersHeavy Makes You Happy (Sha Na Boom Boom)1970Music/Lyrics
The Staple SingersWho1971Music/Lyrics
The StaplesI Honestly Love You1977Music/Lyrics
The SummitsHanky Panky1963Music/Lyrics
The SummitsHe's An Angel1963Music/Lyrics
The Supremes & The Four TopsRiver Deep - Mountain High1969Music/Lyrics
The SweetGet On The Line1970Music/Lyrics
The Teen QueensBe My Baby1992Music/Lyrics
The VenturesHanky Panky1966Music/Lyrics
The VenturesSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersWalking In The Sun1975Music/Lyrics
Three Dog NightWhen It's Over1975Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The 60's1981Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 11981Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 21981Music/Lyrics
Tina [FR]Comme le fleuve aime la mer1969Music/Lyrics
Tina RainfordBe My Baby1977Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesSugar, Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
Tommy JamesBobby, Don't Leave Me Alone1977Music/Lyrics
Tommy JamesDouble Or Nothin'1977Producer
Tommy JamesI Don't Love You Anymore1977Producer
Tommy JamesKeep It In The Groove1977Music/Lyrics
Tommy JamesLove Is Gonna Find A Way1977Producer
Tommy JamesMidnight Rider1977Music/Lyrics
Tommy JamesStill Got A Thing For You1977Producer
Tommy JamesWhat Happened To The Girl1977Music/Lyrics
Tommy James And The ShondellsHanky Panky1964Music/Lyrics
Tommy RoeBaby, I Love You1972Music/Lyrics
Tommy RoeSugar, Sugar1972Music/Lyrics
Trouble BoysBaby, I Love You1990Music/Lyrics
Twisted SisterLeader Of The Pack1985Music/Lyrics
Udo LindenbergDer Boß von der Gang1978Music/Lyrics
Vanessa NeigertChapel Of Love2010Music/Lyrics
Vanessa ParadisVous les copains, je ne vous oublierai jamais2010Music/Lyrics
Vince HillI Honestly Love You1976Music/Lyrics
We Are ScientistsBe My Baby2005Music/Lyrics
WednesdayTell Laura I Love Her1974Music/Lyrics
Weeping WillowsChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2017Music/Lyrics
WhigfieldBe My Baby1999Music/Lyrics
WhigfieldTu seras mi baby1999Music/Lyrics
WhigfieldWhigfield Megamix2000Music/Lyrics
Wild CherryBecause Your Love Is Mine1975Producer
Wild CherryVoodoo Doll1975Music/Lyrics
Willeke AlbertiToen je me kuste1964Music/Lyrics
Wilson PhillipsI Can Hear Music2012Music/Lyrics
Wilson PickettSugar Sugar1970Music/Lyrics
WindowsI'll Take You Home1972Music/Lyrics
WindowsRiver Deep - Mountain High1972Music/Lyrics
Witness [US]Do It Till We Drop1988Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang Lindner EnsembleTell Laura I Love Her1974Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang PetryBaby, I Love You1976Music/Lyrics

Be My Baby (The Teen Queens)12/04/1992613
Nasty Girl (Nitty)30/01/2005115
River Deep, Mountain High (Glee Cast)14/11/2010441
Baby, I Love You (The Ronettes)265.31
Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)605.23
Be My Baby (The Ronettes)1135.18
Mon amour, mon impossible amour (Olivia Newton-John)65.17
River Deep, Mountain High (Eric Burdon & The Animals)135.08
An diesem Dienstag (Gitte Hænning)145
Haunted (Dusty Springfield)55
I'm A Believer (The Monkees)1494.98
Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money)814.96
Die Dunkelheit der Nacht (Gitte Hænning)124.92
Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals)544.91
River Deep - Mountain High (Deep Purple)224.86
Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las)794.86
The Hit Mix 1998 (À La Carte)104.8
Sugar Sugar (The Archies)1664.78
River Deep - Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner)1134.77
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (Neil Diamond)634.76
Be My Baby (Sandy Posey)114.73
All Time High (Rita Coolidge)874.71
Then I Kissed Her (The Beach Boys)514.69
Sugar Sugar (The Archies)1664.78
Stars On 45 (Stars On 45)1544.29
I'm A Believer (The Monkees)1494.98
Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Manfred Mann)1284.42
Be My Baby (The Ronettes)1135.18
River Deep - Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner)1134.77
Do Wah Diddy (DJ Ötzi)1091.9
All Time High (Rita Coolidge)874.71
Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money)814.96
Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las)794.86
I Can Hear Music (The Beach Boys)774.61
Doh Wah Diddy (Fun Factory)692.51
Nasty Girl (Nitty)682.6
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (Neil Diamond)634.76
Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)605.23
Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)594.68
Ich will alles (Gitte)584.6
Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals)544.91
Lampenfieber (Gitte Hænning)544.54
Chapel Of Love (The Dixie Cups)524.35

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