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BlackHawkDown In Flames1994Music/Lyrics
BlackHawkNobody Knows What To Say1998Music/Lyrics
Brad Paisley feat. The New Kung Pao Buckaroos: Little Jimmy Dikens, Whisperin' Bill Anderson & Vince GillBigger Fish To Fry2007Music/Lyrics
Danni LeighOl' Lonesome1998Music/Lyrics
George StraitCarried Away1996Music/Lyrics
George StraitCarrying Your Love With Me1997Music/Lyrics
George StraitI Look At You1999Music/Lyrics
George StraitTrue1998Music/Lyrics
George StraitWhy Not Now1998Music/Lyrics
Jerry KilgoreAll Hell's Beakin' Loose1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreAll I've Got To Say1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreCactus In A Coffee Can1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreDon't Tell Me You're Not In Love1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreI Just Want My Baby Back1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreIf A Man Ain't Thinkin' ('Bout His Woman)1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreIt's Dangerous With You On My Mind1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreLonesome Love List1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreLove Trip1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreThe Look1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreThe More I Love You1999Producer
Jerry KilgoreThe Real Thing1999Producer
John AndersonI Fell In The Water1993Music/Lyrics
Kenny ChesneyLife Is Good1999Music/Lyrics
Luke BryanAll My Friends Say2007Music/Lyrics
Luke BryanApologize2009Producer
Luke BryanAre You Leaving With Him2015Producer
Luke BryanBaby's On The Way2007Producer
Luke BryanBad Lovers2017Producer
Luke BryanBeen There, Done That2011Producer
Luke BryanBeer In The Headlights2013Producer
Luke BryanBlood Brothers2013Producer
Luke BryanBorn Here Live Here Die Here2020Producer
Luke BryanBuild Me A Daddy2020Producer
Luke BryanCheckin' Out2015Producer
Luke BryanChuggin' Along2009Producer
Luke BryanCountry Girl (Shake It For Me)2011Producer
Luke BryanCountry Man2008Producer
Luke BryanCrash My Party2013Producer
Luke BryanDirt Road Diary2013Producer
Luke BryanDo I2009Producer
Luke BryanDoin' My Thing2009Producer
Luke BryanDown To One2020Producer
Luke BryanDrink A Beer2013Producer
Luke BryanDrinkin' Beer And Wastin' Bullets2009Producer
Luke BryanDrinking Again2017Producer
Luke BryanDriving This Thing2017Producer
Luke BryanDrunk On You2011Producer
Luke BryanEvery Time I See You2009Producer
Luke BryanFaded Away2011Producer
Luke BryanFast2015Producer
Luke BryanFirst Love Song2007Producer
Luke BryanFor A Boat2020Producer
Luke BryanGames2015Producer
Luke BryanGood Lookin' Girl2015Producer
Luke BryanGoodbye Girl2013Producer
Luke BryanHarvest Time2011Producer
Luke BryanHooked On It2017Producer
Luke BryanHungover In A Hotel Room2017Producer
Luke BryanHuntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day2015Producer
Luke BryanI Did It Again2009Producer
Luke BryanI Don't Want This Night To End2011Producer
Luke BryanI Knew You That Way2011Producer
Luke BryanI Know You're Gonna Be There2011Producer
Luke BryanI See You2013Producer
Luke BryanI'll Stay Me2007Producer
Luke BryanJust Over2015Producer
Luke BryanKick The Dust Up2015Producer
Luke BryanKill The Lights2015Music/Lyrics
Luke BryanKiss Tomorrow Goodbye2011Producer
Luke BryanKnockin' Boots2020Producer
Luke BryanLand Of A Million Songs2017Music/Lyrics
Luke BryanLight It Up2017Producer
Luke BryanLike We Ain't Ever2015Producer
Luke BryanLike You Say You Do2017Producer
Luke BryanLittle Less Broken2020Producer
Luke BryanLove It Gone2015Producer
Luke BryanLove Me In A Field2016Producer
Luke BryanMost People Are Good2017Producer
Luke BryanMove2015Producer
Luke BryanMuckalee Creek Water2011Producer
Luke BryanMy Ol' Bronco2015Producer
Luke BryanNight One2015Producer
Luke BryanOne Margarita2020Producer
Luke BryanOut Like That2013Producer
Luke BryanOut Of Nowhere Girl2017Producer
Luke BryanOver The River2007Producer
Luke BryanPick It Up2017Producer
Luke BryanPlay It Again2013Producer
Luke BryanPray About Everything2007Producer
Luke BryanRain Is A Good Thing2009Producer
Luke BryanRazor Blade2015Producer
Luke BryanRoller Coaster2013Producer
Luke BryanScarecrows2015Producer
Luke BryanShe Get Me High2015Producer
Luke BryanShe's A Hot One2017Producer
Luke BryanShut It Down2013Producer
Luke BryanSomeone Else Calling You Baby2009Producer
Luke BryanSpring Breakdown2015Producer
Luke BryanStrip It Down2015Producer
Luke BryanSunrise, Sunburn, Sunset2017Producer
Luke BryanTackle Box2007Producer
Luke BryanTailgate Blues2011Producer
Luke BryanThat's My Kind Of Night2013Producer
Luke BryanThe Car In Front Of Me2007Producer
Luke BryanThe Sand I Brought To The Beach2015Producer
Luke BryanTo The Moon And Back2015Producer
Luke BryanToo Damn Young2011Producer
Luke BryanToo Drunk To Drive2020Producer
Luke BryanWay Way Back2015Producer
Luke BryanWe Rode In Trucks2007Producer
Luke BryanWe Run This Town2013Producer
Luke BryanWelcome To The Farm2009Producer
Luke BryanWhat Country Is2009Producer
Luke BryanWhat Makes You Country2017Producer
Luke BryanWhat She Wants Tonight2020Producer
Luke BryanWhere Are We Goin'2020Producer
Luke BryanWin Life2017Producer
Luke BryanYou And The Beach2015Producer
Luke BryanYou Don't Know Jack2011Producer
Luke BryanYou Make Me Want To2007Producer
Luke Bryan feat. Karen FairchildHome Alone Tonight2015Producer
RicochetYou Beat All I've Ever Seen2000Music/Lyrics
Sister HazelMidnight Again2018Music/Lyrics
Tim McGrawBack When2004Music/Lyrics
Back When (Tim McGraw)54.6
Knockin' Boots (Luke Bryan)54.6
Fast (Luke Bryan)64.5
Move (Luke Bryan)64.5
I See You (Luke Bryan)54.4
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Luke Bryan)114.36
Kill The Lights (Luke Bryan)64.33
I Don't Want This Night To End (Luke Bryan)184.28
Play It Again (Luke Bryan)94.22
Been There, Done That (Luke Bryan)54.2
You Don't Know Jack (Luke Bryan)54.2
Home Alone Tonight (Luke Bryan feat. Karen Fairchild)84.12
All My Friends Say (Luke Bryan)94.11
Rain Is A Good Thing (Luke Bryan)94.11
That's My Kind Of Night (Luke Bryan)94.11
Do I (Luke Bryan)104.1
Roller Coaster (Luke Bryan)104.1
Country Girl (Shake It For Me) (Luke Bryan)164.06
Country Man (Luke Bryan)74
Too Damn Young (Luke Bryan)64
I Don't Want This Night To End (Luke Bryan)184.28
Country Girl (Shake It For Me) (Luke Bryan)164.06
Drunk On You (Luke Bryan)143.86
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Luke Bryan)114.36
Crash My Party (Luke Bryan)113.73
Kick The Dust Up (Luke Bryan)113.09
Do I (Luke Bryan)104.1
Roller Coaster (Luke Bryan)104.1
Someone Else Calling You Baby (Luke Bryan)103.9
Play It Again (Luke Bryan)94.22
All My Friends Say (Luke Bryan)94.11
Rain Is A Good Thing (Luke Bryan)94.11
That's My Kind Of Night (Luke Bryan)94.11
Strip It Down (Luke Bryan)93.67
Home Alone Tonight (Luke Bryan feat. Karen Fairchild)84.12
Drink A Beer (Luke Bryan)83.88
Country Man (Luke Bryan)74
Carrying Your Love With Me (George Strait)73.71
Fast (Luke Bryan)64.5
Move (Luke Bryan)64.5

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