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Aline-AlexandraBlue Bayou2016Music/Lyrics
Andrea CorrBlue Bayou2011Music/Lyrics
Andy BorgBlue Bayou2011Music/Lyrics
Arno Jehli & sein klingendes AkkordeonBlue Bayou2017Music/Lyrics
Audrey LandersBlue Bayou1986Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasCrying1975Music/Lyrics
Bandit [BE]Blue Bayou2008Music/Lyrics
Bandit [BE]Crying2013Music/Lyrics
Bandit [BE]Only The Lonely2011Music/Lyrics
Benny NeymanIk mis je zo1979Music/Lyrics
Billie Jo SpearsBlue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
BlonkerBlue Bayou1982Music/Lyrics
Bob Moore And His OrchestraOnly The Lonely1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeGo On1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeLaugh Of The Year1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonCrying1962Music/Lyrics
Brandy Butler & The BrokenheartedCrying2017Music/Lyrics
Brigitte TraegerBlue Bayou2014Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghBlue Bayou2011Music/Lyrics
Chris IsaakOnly The Lonely1996Music/Lyrics
Christopher John and His OrchestraCrying Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyI'm In A Blue, Blue Mood1961Music/Lyrics
Corentin GrevostOh Pretty Woman2015Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerCrying2002Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffBlue Bayou2004Music/Lyrics
David ThibaultOnly The Lonely2016Music/Lyrics
Dean RayCrying2014Music/Lyrics
Deborah SassonBlue Bayou2004Music/Lyrics
Del Reeves & Billie Jo SpearsWe've Got Some Feeling To Do1976Music/Lyrics
Del ShannonRunning Scared1965Music/Lyrics
DepedroRunning Scared2013Music/Lyrics
Dick RiversTu n'es plus lÓ1963Music/Lyrics
Don EstelleBlue Bayou1980Music/Lyrics
Don GantBarbara1963Music/Lyrics
Don GibsonEver Changing Mind1968Music/Lyrics
Don McLeanCrying1978Music/Lyrics
Don McLeanLloras1980Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellCelui qui est seul2009Music/Lyrics
Emily and MidnightBlue Bayou1982Music/Lyrics
EngelbertBlue Bayou1991Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerBlue Bayou1979Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerCrying1966Music/Lyrics
Frank IfieldBlue Bayou1966Music/Lyrics
Frank IfieldI'm Learning Child1968Music/Lyrics
Frans Bauer & Marianne WeberKijk in m'n ogen2000Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertBlue Bayou1979Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersCrying1963Music/Lyrics
Gary PuckettCrying1982Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyBlue Angel1974Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyCrying1967Music/Lyrics
Gerard JolingCrying1985Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellCryin'1967Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellRunning Scared1972Music/Lyrics
Hank MarvinCrying1993Music/Lyrics
Harry Dean StantonBlue Bayou2014Music/Lyrics
Helmut LottiCrying2003Music/Lyrics
Henry Arland mit seinen S÷hnen Hansi & MaxiBlue Bayou1994Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleEinsam gemeinsam1975Music/Lyrics
I QuattroBlue Bayou2009Music/Lyrics
Il DivoCrying (Llorando)2011Music/Lyrics
Iva ZanicchiCon la voglia di te1978Music/Lyrics
J. Frank Wilson And The CavaliersOnly The Lonely1964Music/Lyrics
Jeanne de RoyFreundin1980Music/Lyrics
Jeff LynneRunning Scared2012Music/Lyrics
Jessica AnderssonRunning Scared2009Music/Lyrics
Joe MelsonAny Little Thing (Can Start The Flame Of Love)1963Music/Lyrics
Joe MelsonBarbara1960Music/Lyrics
Joe MelsonDance1962Music/Lyrics
Joe MelsonNo One Really Cares1961Music/Lyrics
Joe MelsonOh Yeah1960Music/Lyrics
Joe MelsonShook Up1960Music/Lyrics
John SpencerLana1982Music/Lyrics
Johnny DarrellCrying1968Music/Lyrics
Johnny LeeSaturday's Heroes1977Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonOnly the Lonely1969Music/Lyrics
Karel GottPlßč1981Music/Lyrics
Kendy Toms & The Red BootsOnly The Lonely2007Music/Lyrics
Les SurfsVa o¨ tu veux1966Music/Lyrics
Linda FellerBlue Bayou2014Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtBlue Bayou1977Music/Lyrics
Lisa del BoBlue Bayou2008Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonBlue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonCrying1968Music/Lyrics
Michael HeckOnly The Lonely1996Music/Lyrics
Michael von der Heide mit PaolaBlue Bayou2016Music/Lyrics
MichelineBlue Bayou2008Music/Lyrics
Mireille Mathieu└ Blue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriIch will heim zu dir, Blue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
Nancy WoodBlue Bayou1985Music/Lyrics
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsRunning Scared1986Music/Lyrics
Nick MacKenzieLana1975Music/Lyrics
Norah Jones feat. M. WardBlue Bayou2008Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelDie besten sterben jung1981Music/Lyrics
PaolaBlue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
Pete TexBlue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
Peter AlexanderDas sch÷ne Spiel1962Music/Lyrics
Piet Veerman And The New CatsBlue Bayou1980Music/Lyrics
Pollyanna ZybachBlue Bayou2016Music/Lyrics
Rahel TarelliBlue Bayou2005Music/Lyrics
Rebekah Del RioLlorando (Crying)2001Music/Lyrics
Regina ThossBlue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
RenÚ PaulBlue Bayou2016Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingPretty Woman2018Music/Lyrics
Roch VoisinePretty Woman2009Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerOnly The Lonely1986Music/Lyrics
Ronnie McDowellOnly The Lonely1977Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapCrying1971Music/Lyrics
Roy BlackOnly The Lonely1988Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison(I Get So) Sentimental1965Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison(Love Me Like You Did It) Last Night1971Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison(Say) You're My Girl1965Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison(They Call You) Gigolette1963Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonBlue Angel1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonBlue Avenue1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonBlue Bayou1963Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonBlue Rain (Coming Down)1973Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonBorne On The Wind1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonChanges1972Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonClose Again1971Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonCome Back To Me (My Love)1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonCry Softly Lonely One1967Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonDance1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonGod Love You1972Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonHarlem Woman1972Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonHeartache1968Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonHelp Me1972Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonHung Up On You1974Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonIf You Can't Say Something Nice1965Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonI'm Hurtin'1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonI'm In A Blue, Blue Mood1965Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonI'm The Man On Susie's Mind1972Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonIt's Lonely1974Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonLana1961Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonLet's Make A Memory1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonLoneliness1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonMama1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonNight Life1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonOnly The Lonely1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonRaindrops1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonRun, Baby, Run (Back Into My Arms)1972Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonRunning Scared1960Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonSpanish Nights1974Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonSummer Song1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonSunset1963Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonSweet Mamma Blue1974Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonThe Actress1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonThe Crowd1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonThe World You Live In1973Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonUp Town1959Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonWedding Day1962Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonYou Fool You1965Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's OrchestraCrying1961Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's OrchestraWorkin' For The Man1962Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison with Helmut Lotti & the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraOnly The Lonely2017Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison with k.d. langCrying1987Music/Lyrics
Sandra ChenauxBlue Bayou2012Music/Lyrics
Sandra KimJe ne suis qu'une femme1993Music/Lyrics
Sandra KimMooie ogen1993Music/Lyrics
Saskia & SergeCrying1978Music/Lyrics
Semino RossiIch will heim zu dir, Blue Bayou2012Music/Lyrics
Semino RossiLago azul2011Music/Lyrics
SÚverineDu gehst vorbei1979Music/Lyrics
Sky [70S]Lana1975Music/Lyrics
Sonny JamesOnly The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)1968Music/Lyrics
Stefan MrossBlue Bayou2000Music/Lyrics
Steve AmberOh Pretty Woman1981Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanDans le bayou2013Music/Lyrics
Tanja & AnetteBlue Bayou1978Music/Lyrics
Ted HeroldDie Besten sterben jung1981Music/Lyrics
The AllisonsSugar Love1962Music/Lyrics
The Diamond OrchestraCryin'1981Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsOnly The Lonely1985Music/Lyrics
The FoolsRunning Scared1981Music/Lyrics
The LettermenCrying1964Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsCrying My Heart Out1966Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsIt's Really Goodbye1965Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsLittle Child1965Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsLooking For Love1965Music/Lyrics
The NewbeatsRun Baby Run1965Music/Lyrics
The SpotnicksBlue Bayou1987Music/Lyrics
The TremeloesRun Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)1967Music/Lyrics
The VelvetsTime And Again1961Music/Lyrics
The VoguesRun Baby Run1965Music/Lyrics
Tina RainfordBlue Bayou1990Music/Lyrics
Tom AstorCountry Hits On 451981Music/Lyrics
Vonda ShepardCrying1999Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsCrying1964Music/Lyrics
Wendy Van WantenWie weet hoe1996Music/Lyrics

Crying (Dean Ray)19/10/2014261
Llorando (Crying) (Rebekah Del Rio)65.83
Crying (Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orchestra)574.86
Crying (Roy Orbison with k.d. lang)334.85
Only The Lonely (Roy Orbison)864.84
Running Scared (Roy Orbison)434.84
Lana (Roy Orbison)314.65
Das sch÷ne Spiel (Peter Alexander)74.57
Du gehst vorbei (SÚverine)114.55
Blue Bayou (Roy Orbison)534.49
Run Baby Run (The Newbeats)114.45
Borne On The Wind (Roy Orbison)104.3
Blue Bayou (Linda Ronstadt)614.26
Crying (Don McLean)464.26
Workin' For The Man (Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orchestra)224.23
Up Town (Roy Orbison)184.22
Running Scared (The Fools)164.19
Running Scared (Jeff Lynne)64.17
Ich will heim zu dir, Blue Bayou (Nana Mouskouri)84.12
Blue Angel (Roy Orbison)344.12
The Crowd (Roy Orbison)174.12
Blue Bayou (Paola)1113.86
Only The Lonely (Roy Orbison)864.84
Blue Bayou (Linda Ronstadt)614.26
Crying (Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orchestra)574.86
Blue Bayou (Roy Orbison)534.49
Crying (Don McLean)464.26
Running Scared (Roy Orbison)434.84
Blue Angel (Roy Orbison)344.12
Crying (Roy Orbison with k.d. lang)334.85
Lana (Roy Orbison)314.65
Workin' For The Man (Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orchestra)224.23
Die Besten sterben jung (Ted Herold)213.62
Up Town (Roy Orbison)184.22
The Crowd (Roy Orbison)174.12
Running Scared (The Fools)164.19
(Say) You're My Girl (Roy Orbison)163.94
Only The Lonely (Chris Isaak)163.88
I'm Hurtin' (Roy Orbison)134.08
Du gehst vorbei (SÚverine)114.55
Run Baby Run (The Newbeats)114.45

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