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Andy Gibb(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away1978Producer
Andy GibbAfter Dark1980Producer
Andy GibbAn Everlasting Love1978Producer
Andy GibbCome Home For The Winter1977Producer
Andy GibbDance To The Light Of The Morning1977Producer
Andy GibbDesire1980Producer
Andy GibbDreamin' On1980Producer
Andy GibbFalling In Love With You1980Producer
Andy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Producer
Andy GibbFool For A Night1978Producer
Andy GibbGood Feeling1978Producer
Andy GibbI Go For You1978Producer
Andy GibbI Just Want To Be Your Everything1977Producer
Andy GibbIn The End1977Producer
Andy GibbLet It Be Me1977Producer
Andy GibbLove Is Thicker Than Water1977Producer
Andy GibbMelody1978Producer
Andy GibbOne Love1980Producer
Andy GibbOne More Look At The Night1978Producer
Andy GibbShadow Dancing1977Producer
Andy GibbSomeone I Ain't1980Producer
Andy GibbStarlight1977Producer
Andy GibbTime Is Time1980Producer
Andy GibbToo Many Looks In Your Eyes1977Producer
Andy GibbWaiting For You1978Producer
Andy GibbWarm Ride1980Producer
Andy GibbWherever You Are1980Producer
Andy GibbWhy1978Producer
Andy GibbWords And Music1975Producer
Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-JohnI Can't Help It1980Producer
Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-JohnRest Your Love On Me1979Producer
Andy Gibb & Victoria PrincipalGood Feeling1981Producer
Barbra StreisandLife Story1980Producer
Barbra StreisandMake It Like A Memory1980Producer
Barbra StreisandNever Give Up1980Producer
Barbra StreisandPromises1980Producer
Barbra StreisandRun Wild1980Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Love Inside1980Producer
Barbra StreisandWoman In Love1980Producer
Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbGuilty1980Producer
Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbWhat Kind Of Fool1980Producer
Barry GibbCover You1988Producer
Barry GibbFine Line1984Producer
Barry GibbI Am Your Driver1984Producer
Barry GibbLesson In Love1984Producer
Barry GibbLetting Go1988Producer
Barry GibbMoonlight Madness1988Producer
Barry GibbMy Eternal Love1988Producer
Barry GibbNot In Love At All1988Producer
Barry GibbOne Night (For Lovers)1984Producer
Barry GibbShatterproof1984Producer
Barry GibbShe Says1984Producer
Barry GibbShine Shine1984Producer
Barry GibbStay Alone1984Producer
Barry GibbSystem Of Love1988Producer
Barry GibbTemptation1984Producer
Barry GibbThe Hunter1984Producer
Barry GibbWhere Tomorrow Is1988Producer
Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-JohnFace To Face1984Producer
Bee Gees(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away1979Music/Lyrics
Bee GeesBe Who You Are1981Producer
Bee GeesBoogie Child1976Producer
Bee GeesCryin' Every Day1981Producer
Bee GeesDon't Fall In Love With Me1981Producer
Bee GeesEdge Of The Universe1975Producer
Bee GeesEdge Of The Universe [Live]1977Producer
Bee GeesEmotion2001Producer
Bee GeesHe's A Liar1981Producer
Bee GeesHow Deep Is Your Love1977Producer
Bee GeesI Still Love You1981Producer
Bee GeesIf I Can't Have You1977Producer
Bee GeesI'm Satisfied1978Producer
Bee GeesLiving Eyes1981Producer
Bee GeesLiving Together1978Producer
Bee GeesLove Me1976Producer
Bee GeesLove So Right1976Producer
Bee GeesLove You Inside Out1978Producer
Bee GeesMore Than A Woman1977Producer
Bee GeesNight Fever1977Producer
Bee GeesNothing Could Be Good1981Producer
Bee GeesParadise1981Producer
Bee GeesReaching Out1978Producer
Bee GeesRest Your Love On Me1978Producer
Bee GeesSearch, Find1978Producer
Bee GeesSoldiers1981Producer
Bee GeesSpirits (Having Flown)1978Producer
Bee GeesStayin' Alive1977Producer
Bee GeesStop (Think Again)1978Producer
Bee GeesThe Woman In You1983Producer
Bee GeesToo Much Heaven1978Producer
Bee GeesTragedy1979Producer
Bee GeesUntil1978Producer
Bee GeesWarm Ride2007Producer
Bee GeesWildflower1981Producer
Bee GeesYou Should Be Dancing1976Producer
Diana Ross(I Love) Being In Love With You1985Producer
Diana RossChain Reaction1985Producer
Diana RossCrime Of Passion1985Producer
Diana RossDon't Give Up On Each Other1985Producer
Diana RossEaten Alive1985Producer
Diana RossExperience1985Producer
Diana RossI'm Watching You1985Producer
Diana RossLove On The Line1985Producer
Diana RossMore And More1985Producer
Diana RossOh Teacher1985Producer
Dionne WarwickAll The Love In The World1982Producer
Dionne WarwickHeartbreaker1982Producer
Dionne WarwickI Can't See Anything (But You)1982Producer
Dionne WarwickIt Makes No Difference1982Producer
Dionne WarwickJust One More Night1982Producer
Dionne WarwickMisunderstood1982Producer
Dionne WarwickOur Day Will Come1982Producer
Dionne WarwickTake The Short Way Home1982Producer
Dionne WarwickYou Are My Love1982Producer
Dionne WarwickYours1982Producer
Frankie ValliGrease1978Producer
Frannie GoldeEverybody's Heart Gets Broken1979Producer
Frannie GoldeHere I Go (Fallin' In Love Again)1979Producer
Frannie GoldeIsn't It Something1979Producer
Frannie GoldeJust One Look1979Producer
Frannie GoldeLovin' You (Is A Way Of Life)1979Producer
Frannie GoldeNothin' Without You1979Producer
Frannie GoldeRock Me Up A Mountain1979Producer
Frannie GoldeTell Me What's Goin' On1979Producer
Frannie GoldeWhat Am I Gonna Do1979Producer
Frannie GoldeWish Upon A Star1979Producer
Kenny RogersBuried Treasure1983Producer
Kenny RogersEvening Star1983Producer
Kenny RogersEyes That See In The Dark1983Producer
Kenny RogersHold Me1983Producer
Kenny RogersI Will Always Love You1983Producer
Kenny RogersLiving With You1983Producer
Kenny RogersMidsummer Nights1983Producer
Kenny RogersThis Woman1983Producer
Kenny RogersYou And I1983Producer
Kenny Rogers & Dolly PartonIslands In The Stream1983Producer
Samantha SangBut If She Moves You1978Producer
Samantha SangChange Of Heart1978Producer
Samantha SangCharade1978Producer
Samantha SangEmotion1977Producer
Samantha SangI Don't Wanna Go1978Producer
Samantha SangLa La La - I Love You1978Producer
Samantha SangLiving Without Your Love1978Producer
Samantha SangWhen Love Is Gone1977Producer
Samantha SangYou Keep Me Dancing1978Producer
Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees)2445.09
Life Story (Barbra Streisand)195.05
Woman In Love (Barbra Streisand)2205.03
Tragedy (Bee Gees)2065.01
Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick)1725.01
My Eternal Love (Barry Gibb)75
Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton)1654.99
You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees)1224.83
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away (Bee Gees)174.82
Be Who You Are (Bee Gees)174.82
Grease (Frankie Valli)924.82
Night Fever (Bee Gees)2024.81
Buried Treasure (Kenny Rogers)54.8
Promises (Barbra Streisand)334.79
Don't Give Up On Each Other (Diana Ross)94.78
Misunderstood (Dionne Warwick)74.71
Chain Reaction (Diana Ross)1334.7
All The Love In The World (Dionne Warwick)614.69
This Woman (Kenny Rogers)94.67
You And I (Kenny Rogers)64.67
Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees)2445.09
Woman In Love (Barbra Streisand)2205.03
Tragedy (Bee Gees)2065.01
Night Fever (Bee Gees)2024.81
How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees)1734.66
Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick)1725.01
Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton)1654.99
Chain Reaction (Diana Ross)1334.7
Too Much Heaven (Bee Gees)1244.53
You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees)1224.83
Grease (Frankie Valli)924.82
Guilty (Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb)874.63
More Than A Woman (Bee Gees)814.56
Eaten Alive (Diana Ross)694.55
All The Love In The World (Dionne Warwick)614.69
Love You Inside Out (Bee Gees)544.22
If I Can't Have You (Bee Gees)514.65
Emotion (Samantha Sang)504.22
I Just Want To Be Your Everything (Andy Gibb)474.23
Shadow Dancing (Andy Gibb)444.52

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