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Sort order: Artist/Title | Title | Year
Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Kevin "Caveman" Shirley
AerosmithAin't That A Bitch1997Producer
AerosmithAttitude Adjustment1997Producer
AerosmithFall Together1997Producer
AerosmithFallen Angels1997Producer
AerosmithFalling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)1997Producer
AerosmithFalling Off1997Producer
AerosmithFull Circle1997Producer
AerosmithHole In My Soul1997Producer
AerosmithKiss Your Past Good-bye1997Producer
AerosmithNine Lives1997Producer
AerosmithSomething's Gotta Give1997Producer
AerosmithTaste Of India1997Producer
AerosmithThe Farm1997Producer
Amanda MarshallBelieve In You1999Producer
AmmoniaKen Carter1995Producer
BachmanLearn To Fly2015Producer
BachmanThe Edge2015Producer
BachmanWe Need To Talk2015Producer
BachmanWild Texas Ride2015Producer
Bachman feat. Jeff HealeyConfessin' To The Devil2015Producer
Bachman feat. Joe BonamassaBad Child2015Producer
Bachman feat. Luke DoucetPlease Come To Paris2015Producer
Bachman feat. Neil YoungLittle Girl Lost2015Producer
Bachman feat. Peter FramptonHeavy Blues2015Producer
Bachman feat. Robert RandolphOh My Lord2015Producer
Bachman feat. Scott HolidayTon Of Bricks2015Producer
Beth HartBaddest Blues2012Producer
Beth HartBang Bang Boom Boom2012Producer
Beth HartBetter Man2012Producer
Beth HartCaught Out In The Rain2012Producer
Beth HartEverything Must Change2012Producer
Beth HartSpirit Of God2012Producer
Beth HartSwing My Thing Back Around2012Producer
Beth HartThe Ugliest House On The Block2012Producer
Beth HartThere In Your Heart2012Producer
Beth HartThru The Window Of My Mind2012Producer
Beth HartWith You Everyday2012Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaAddicted2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaAin't No Way2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaBlack Coffee2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaChocolate Jesus2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaDamn Your Eyes2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaDon't Explain2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaFor My Friends2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaGive It Everything You Got2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaI'd Rather Go Blind2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaI'll Take Care Of You2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaJoy2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaLullaby Of The Leaves2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaSaved2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaSinner's Prayer2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaSitting On Top Of The World2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaSomething's Got A Hold On Me2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaSoul On Fire2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaWell, Well2011Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaWhy Don't You Do Right2018Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaYour Heart Is As Black As Night2011Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaA Sunday Kind Of Love2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaCan't Let Go2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaClose To My Fire2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaI Love You More Than You'll Ever Know2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaIf I Tell You I Love You2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaMiss Lady2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaNutbush City Limits2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaRhymes2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaSeesaw2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaStrange Fruit2013Producer
Beth Hart / Joe BonamassaThem There Eyes2013Producer
Black Country CommunionAfterglow2012Producer
Black Country CommunionAn Ordinary Son2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionAwake2017Producer
Black Country CommunionBeggarman2010Producer
Black Country CommunionBig Train2012Producer
Black Country CommunionBlack Country2010Producer
Black Country CommunionCold2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionCollide2017Producer
Black Country CommunionCommon Man2012Producer
Black Country CommunionConfessor2012Producer
Black Country CommunionCrawl2012Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionCrossfire2011Producer
Black Country CommunionCry Freedom2012Producer
Black Country CommunionDandelion2012Producer
Black Country CommunionDown Again2010Producer
Black Country CommunionFaithless2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionI Can See Your Spirit2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionLittle Secret2011Producer
Black Country CommunionLove Remains2017Producer
Black Country CommunionMan In The Middle2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionMedusa2010Producer
Black Country CommunionMidnight Sun2012Producer
Black Country CommunionNo Time2010Producer
Black Country CommunionOne Last Soul2010Producer
Black Country CommunionOver My Head2017Producer
Black Country CommunionSave Me2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionSista Jane2010Producer
Black Country CommunionSmokestack Woman2011Producer
Black Country CommunionSong Of Yesterday2010Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionStand (At The Burning Tree)2010Producer
Black Country CommunionSway2017Producer
Black Country CommunionThe Battle For Hadrian's Wall2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionThe Circle2012Producer
Black Country CommunionThe Cove2017Producer
Black Country CommunionThe Crow2017Producer
Black Country CommunionThe Giver2012Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionThe Great Divide2010Producer
Black Country CommunionThe Last Song For My Resting Place2017Producer
Black Country CommunionThe Outsider2011Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionThe Revolution In Me2010Producer
Black Country CommunionThis Is Your Time2012Producer
Black Country CommunionToo Late For The Sun2010Music/Lyrics
Black Country CommunionWanderlust2017Producer
Black Country CommunionWhen The Morning Comes2017Producer
Black Country CommunionWith You I Go2017Producer
Black Star RidersAll Hell Breaks Loose2013Producer
Black Star RidersBefore The War2013Producer
Black Star RidersBloodshot2013Producer
Black Star RidersBlues Ain't So Bad2013Producer
Black Star RidersBound For Glory2013Producer
Black Star RidersHey Judas2013Producer
Black Star RidersHoodoo Voodoo2013Producer
Black Star RidersKingdom Of The Lost2013Producer
Black Star RidersKissin' The Ground2013Producer
Black Star RidersRight To Be Wrong2013Producer
Black Star RidersSomeday Salvation2013Producer
Black Star RidersValley Of The Stones2013Producer
Cold ChiselEverybody2012Producer
Cold ChiselI Gotta Get Back On The Road2012Producer
Cold ChiselWater Into Wine1998Producer
Dream TheaterAnna Lee1997Producer
Dream TheaterBurning My Soul1997Producer
Dream TheaterHell's Kitchen1997Producer
Dream TheaterHollow Years1997Producer
Dream TheaterJust Let Me Breathe1997Producer
Dream TheaterLines In The Sand1997Producer
Dream TheaterNew Millennium1997Producer
Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies1997Producer
Dream TheaterSpeak To Me1997Producer
Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain1997Producer
Dream TheaterTrial Of Tears1997Producer
Dream TheaterYou Not Me1997Producer
DubrovniksBelieve What You Want1991Producer
DubrovniksSaigon Rose1991Producer
EuropeBag Of Bones2012Producer
EuropeBeautiful Disaster2012Producer
EuropeBring It All Home2012Producer
EuropeDemon Head2012Producer
EuropeDrink And A Smile2012Producer
EuropeMercy You Mercy Me2012Producer
EuropeMy Woman My Friend2012Producer
EuropeNot Supposed To Sing The Blues2012Producer
EuropeRiches To Rags2012Producer
HIMPlease Don't Let It Go2001Producer
Iron MaidenAge Of Innocence2003Producer
Iron MaidenBlood Brothers2000Producer
Iron MaidenBrave New World2000Producer
Iron MaidenBrighter Than A Thousand Suns2006Producer
Iron MaidenComing Home2010Producer
Iron MaidenDance Of Death2003Producer
Iron MaidenDarkest Hour2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenDays Of Future Past2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenDeath Of The Celts2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenDeath Or Glory2015Producer
Iron MaidenDifferent World2006Producer
Iron MaidenDream Of Mirrors2000Producer
Iron MaidenEl Dorado2010Producer
Iron MaidenEmpire Of The Clouds2015Producer
Iron MaidenFace In The Sand2003Producer
Iron MaidenFor The Greater Good Of God2006Producer
Iron MaidenGates Of Tomorrow2003Producer
Iron MaidenGhost Of The Navigator2000Producer
Iron MaidenHell On Earth2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenIf Eternity Should Fail2015Producer
Iron MaidenIsle Of Avalon2010Producer
Iron MaidenJourneyman2003Producer
Iron MaidenLord Of Light2006Producer
Iron MaidenLost In A Lost World2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenMontségur2003Producer
Iron MaidenMother Of Mercy2010Producer
Iron MaidenNew Frontier2003Producer
Iron MaidenNo More Lies2003Producer
Iron MaidenOut Of The Shadows2006Producer
Iron MaidenOut Of The Silent Planet2000Producer
Iron MaidenPaschendale2003Producer
Iron MaidenPass The Jam2003Producer
Iron MaidenRainmaker2003Producer
Iron MaidenRun To The Hills [Live]2002Producer
Iron MaidenSatellite 15... The Final Frontier2010Producer
Iron MaidenSenjutsu2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenShadows Of The Valley2015Producer
Iron MaidenSpace Truckin'2012Producer
Iron MaidenSpeed Of Light2015Producer
Iron MaidenStarblind2010Producer
Iron MaidenStratego2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenTears Of A Clown2015Producer
Iron MaidenThe Alchemist2010Producer
Iron MaidenThe Book Of Souls2015Producer
Iron MaidenThe Fallen Angel2000Producer
Iron MaidenThe Great Unknown2015Producer
Iron MaidenThe Legacy2006Producer
Iron MaidenThe Longest Day2006Producer
Iron MaidenThe Man Of Sorrows2015Producer
Iron MaidenThe Man Who Would Be King2010Producer
Iron MaidenThe Mercenary2000Producer
Iron MaidenThe Nomad2000Producer
Iron MaidenThe Parchment2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenThe Pilgrim2006Producer
Iron MaidenThe Red And The Black2015Producer
Iron MaidenThe Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg2006Producer
Iron MaidenThe Talisman2010Producer
Iron MaidenThe Thin Line Between Love And Hate2000Producer
Iron MaidenThe Time Machine2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenThe Trooper (Live 2003)2005Producer
Iron MaidenThe Wicker Man2000Producer
Iron MaidenThe Writing On The Wall2021Producer
(Kevin "Caveman" Shirley)
Iron MaidenThese Colours Don't Run2006Producer
Iron MaidenWhen The River Runs Deep2015Producer
Iron MaidenWhen The Wild Wind Blows2010Producer
Iron MaidenWildest Dreams2003Producer
Jimmy BarnesA Woman Needs To Be Loved2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesBad Girl2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesCry To Me2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesDrowning In The Sea Of Love2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesHard Working Woman2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesI Testify2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesIn The Midnight Hour2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesIt's How You Make It Good2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesLonely For You Baby2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesMercy Mercy2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesMustang Sally2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesRainbow Road2016Producer
Jimmy BarnesShe's Looking Good2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes & Joe BonamassaLazy2012Producer
Jimmy Barnes feat. Dan PennThe Dark End Of The Street2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes feat. Joe BonamassaIn A Broken Dream2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes feat. Steve CropperI Worship The Ground You Walk On2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes feat. Troy Cassar-DaleyThe Other Kind2014Producer
Jimmy Barnes with The Memphis BoysIf Loving You is a Crime (I'll Always Be Guilty)2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes with The Memphis BoysMore And More2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes with The Memphis BoysSuspicious Minds2016Producer
Jimmy Barnes with The Memphis BoysYou've Got My Mind Messed Up2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorDyin' To Know2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorGet You Back2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorI Wish I Could Wish You Back2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorI'm In Chains2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorMy Heart's Got A Mind Of It's Own2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorNo Reason To Stay2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorNothin' To Lose2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorReady To Roll2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorSummertime2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorWanna Be My Lover2016Producer
Joanne Shaw TaylorWild Is The Wind2016Producer
Joe BonamassaA Conversation With Alice2020Producer
Joe BonamassaA Place In My Heart2012Producer
Joe BonamassaAnother Kind Of Love2007Producer
Joe BonamassaAs The Crow Flies2009Producer
Joe BonamassaAsking Around For You2006Producer
Joe BonamassaAthens To Athens2010Producer
Joe BonamassaBaby You Gotta Change Your Mind2010Producer
Joe BonamassaBall Peen Hammer2007Producer
Joe BonamassaBeyond The Silence2020Producer
Joe BonamassaBird On A Wire2010Producer
Joe BonamassaBlack Lung Heartache2011Producer
Joe BonamassaBlack Night2007Producer
Joe BonamassaBlue And Evil2010Producer
Joe BonamassaBlues Of Desperation2016Producer
Joe BonamassaBridge To Better Days2006Producer
Joe BonamassaDeep In The Blues Again2018Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaDifferent Shades Of Blue2014Producer
Joe BonamassaDirt In My Pocket2007Producer
Joe BonamassaDislocated Boy2012Producer
Joe BonamassaDistant Lonesome Train2016Producer
Joe BonamassaDjango2006Producer
Joe BonamassaDrive2016Producer
Joe BonamassaDriving Towards The Daylight2012Producer
Joe BonamassaDriving Towards The Daylight [2013]2013Producer
Joe BonamassaDust Bowl2011Producer
Joe BonamassaEvil Mama2018Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaFeelin' Good2009Producer
Joe BonamassaFrom The Valley2009Producer
Joe BonamassaFunkier Than Mosquito's Tweeter2009Producer
Joe BonamassaGet Back My Tomorrow2014Producer
Joe BonamassaHappier Times2009Producer
Joe BonamassaHeartache Follows Wherever I Go2014Producer
Joe BonamassaHeavenly Soul2012Producer
Joe BonamassaHey Baby (New Rising Sun)2014Producer
Joe BonamassaHigh Class Girl2020Producer
Joe BonamassaHigh Water Everywhere2006Producer
Joe BonamassaHow Deep This River Runs2016Producer
Joe BonamassaI Didn't Think She Would Do It2020Producer
Joe BonamassaI Don't Believe2006Producer
Joe BonamassaI Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues2014Producer
Joe BonamassaI Got All You Need2012Producer
Joe BonamassaI Know A Place2010Producer
Joe BonamassaIndia2007Producer
Joe BonamassaI've Got Some Mind Over What Matters2018Producer
Joe BonamassaJelly Roll2007Producer
Joe BonamassaJockey Full Of Bourbon2009Producer
Joe BonamassaJust 'Cos You Can Don't Mean You Should2018Producer
Joe BonamassaKing Bee Shakedown2018Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaLast Kiss2009Producer
Joe BonamassaLivin' Easy2016Producer
Joe BonamassaLiving On The Moon2014Producer
Joe BonamassaLonely Boy2020Producer
Joe BonamassaLonely Town Lonely Street2012Producer
Joe BonamassaLonesome Road Blues2009Producer
Joe BonamassaLook Over Yonders Wall2010Producer
Joe BonamassaLookout, Man2020Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaLove Ain't A Love Song2014Producer
Joe BonamassaLove Is A Gamble2018Producer
Joe BonamassaMolly O'2018Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaMountain Climbing2016Producer
Joe BonamassaNever Give All Your Heart2014Producer
Joe BonamassaNew Coat Of Paint2012Producer
Joe BonamassaNo Good Place For The Lonely2016Producer
Joe BonamassaNo Love On The Street2011Producer
Joe BonamassaOh Beautiful!2014Producer
Joe BonamassaOne Of These Days2007Producer
Joe BonamassaPalm Trees Helicopters And Gasoline2006Producer
Joe BonamassaPick Up The Pieces2018Producer
Joe BonamassaPrisoner2011Producer
Joe BonamassaQuarryman's Lament2010Producer
Joe BonamassaRedemption2018Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaRichmond2007Producer
Joe BonamassaRiding With The Kings2016Producer
Joe BonamassaRoyal Tea2020Producer
Joe BonamassaSavannah2020Producer
Joe BonamassaSeagull2007Producer
Joe BonamassaSelf-Inflicted Wounds2018Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaSloe Gin2007Producer
Joe BonamassaSlow Train2011Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaSo Many Roads2006Producer
Joe BonamassaSo, What Would I Do2014Producer
Joe BonamassaSomewhere Trouble Don't Go2012Producer
Joe BonamassaSpanish Boots2010Producer
Joe BonamassaSteal Your Heart Away2010Producer
Joe BonamassaStones In My Passway2012Producer
Joe BonamassaStop!2009Producer
Joe BonamassaStory Of A Quarryman2009Producer
Joe BonamassaStronger Now In Broken Places2018Producer
Joe BonamassaTamp Em up Solid2006Producer
Joe BonamassaTea For One2006Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Ballad Of John Henry2009Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Ghost Of Macon Jones2018Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Great Flood2009Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Last Matador Of Bayonne2011Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Meaning Of The Blues2011Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Valley Runs Low2016Producer
Joe BonamassaThe Whale That Swallowed Jonah2011Producer
Joe BonamassaThis Train2016Producer
Joe BonamassaThree Times A Fool2010Producer
Joe BonamassaTorn Down2006Producer
Joe BonamassaTrouble Town2014Producer
Joe BonamassaWandering Earth2010Producer
Joe BonamassaWhat I've Known For A Very Long Time2016Producer
Joe BonamassaWhen One Door Opens2020Producer
Joe BonamassaWhen The Fire Hits The Sea2010Producer
Joe BonamassaWho's Been Talking?2012Producer
Joe BonamassaWhy Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye2020Producer
Joe BonamassaYou Better Watch Yourself2011Producer
Joe BonamassaYou Left Me Nothin' But The Bill And The Blues2016Producer
Joe BonamassaYour Funeral And My Trial2006Producer
Joe Bonamassa with BB KingNight Life2010Producer
Joe Bonamassa with Glenn HughesHeartbreaker2011Producer
Joe Bonamassa with Jimmy BarnesToo Much Ain't Enough Love2012Producer
Joe Bonamassa with John HiattTennessee Plates2011Producer
Joe Bonamassa with Vince GillSweet Rowena2011Producer
Joe SatrianiAttack2000Producer
Joe SatrianiBorg Sex2000Producer
Joe SatrianiChampagne?2000Producer
Joe SatrianiClouds Race Across The Sky2000Producer
Joe SatrianiDevil's Slide2000Producer
Joe SatrianiEngines Of Creation2000Producer
Joe SatrianiFlavor Crystal 72000Producer
Joe SatrianiSlow And Easy2000Producer
Joe SatrianiThe Power Cosmic 2000 (Part I)2000Producer
Joe SatrianiThe Power Cosmic 2000 (Part II)2000Producer
Joe SatrianiUntil We Say Goodbye2000Producer
John HiattAdios To California2011Producer
John HiattAll The Way Under2011Producer
John HiattBite Marks2012Producer
John HiattBlues Can't Even Find Me2012Producer
John HiattDamn This Town2011Producer
John HiattDetroit Made2011Producer
John HiattDon't Wanna Leave You Now2011Producer
John HiattDown Around My Place2011Producer
John HiattGive It Up2012Producer
John HiattHold On For Your Love2011Producer
John HiattI Just Don't Know What To Say2012Producer
John HiattI Know How To Lose You2012Producer
John HiattI Love That Girl2011Producer
John HiattIt All Comes Back Someday2012Producer
John HiattMy Business2012Producer
John HiattNo Wicked Grin2012Producer
John HiattOne Of Them Damn Days2012Producer
John Hiatt'Til I Get My Lovin' Back2011Producer
John HiattTrain To Birmingham2011Producer
John HiattWe're Alright Now2012Producer
John HiattWhen New York Had Her Heart Broke2011Producer
John HiattWood Chipper2012Producer
John HiattYou're All The Reason I Need2012Producer
John Hiatt with Joe BonamassaHere To Stay2014Producer
JourneyAfter All These Years2008Producer
JourneyAll The Things2000Producer
JourneyAll The Way2000Producer
JourneyAnything Is Possible2011Producer
JourneyBaby I'm Leaving You1996Producer
JourneyCan't Tame The Lion1996Producer
JourneyCastles Burning1996Producer
JourneyChain Of Love2011Producer
JourneyChange For The Better2008Producer
JourneyCity Of Hope2011Producer
JourneyColors Of The Spirit1996Producer
JourneyDon't Be Down On My Baby1996Producer
JourneyEasy To Fall1996Producer
JourneyEdge Of The Moment2011Producer
JourneyForever In Blue1996Producer
JourneyHigher Place2000Producer
JourneyHuman Feel2011Producer
JourneyI Can See It In Your Eyes1996Producer
JourneyI Got A Reason2000Producer
JourneyIf He Should Break Your Heart1996Producer
JourneyI'm Not That Way2000Producer
JourneyIt's Just The Rain1996Producer
JourneyKiss Me Softly2000Producer
JourneyLet It Take You Back2008Producer
JourneyLifetime Of Dreams2000Producer
JourneyLike A Sunshower2008Producer
JourneyLive And Breathe2000Producer
JourneyLivin' To Do2000Producer
JourneyLoved By You2000Producer
JourneyMessage Of Love1996Producer
JourneyNever Walk Away2008Producer
JourneyNothin' Comes Close2001Producer
JourneyOne More1996Producer
JourneyShe's A Mystery2011Producer
JourneySigns Of Life2000Producer
JourneyStil She Cries1996Producer
JourneyThe Journey (Revelation)2008Producer
JourneyTo Be Alive Again2000Producer
JourneyTo Whom It May Concern2011Producer
JourneyTrial By Fire1996Producer
JourneyTurn Down The World Tonight2008Producer
JourneyWe Will Meet Again2000Producer
JourneyWhat I Needed2008Producer
JourneyWhat It Takes To Win2008Producer
JourneyWhen I Think Of You1996Producer
JourneyWhen You Love A Woman1996Producer
JourneyWhere Did I Lose Your Love2008Producer
JourneyWildest Dream2008Producer
JourneyWith Your Love2000Producer
JourneyWorld Gone Wild2001Producer
Journey feat. Steve AugeriRemember Me1998Producer
Mr. BigAll The Way Up2011Producer
Mr. BigAmerican Beauty2011Producer
Mr. BigAround The World2011Producer
Mr. BigAs Far As I Can See2011Producer
Mr. BigI Get The Feeling2011Producer
Mr. BigI Won't Get In My Way2011Producer
Mr. BigKill Me With A Kiss2010Producer
Mr. BigNobody Left To Blame2011Producer
Mr. BigOnce Upon A Time2011Producer
Mr. BigStill Ain't Enough For Me2011Producer
Mr. BigStranger In My Life2011Producer
Mr. BigUndertow2011Producer
Mr. BigUnforgiven2011Producer
Paul GilbertAdventure And Trouble2016Producer
Paul GilbertBlues Just Saving My Life2016Producer
Paul GilbertEverybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal2016Producer
Paul GilbertGonna Make You Love Me2016Producer
Paul GilbertGreat White Buffalo2016Producer
Paul GilbertI Am Not The One (Who Wants To Be With You)2016Producer
Paul GilbertI Can Destroy2016Producer
Paul GilbertI Will Be Remembered2016Producer
Paul GilbertKnocking On A Locked Door2016Producer
Paul GilbertLove We Had2016Producer
Paul GilbertMake It (If We Try)2016Producer
Paul GilbertOne Woman Too Many2016Producer
Paul GilbertWoman Stop2016Producer
Robert Cray BandA Memo2012Producer
Robert Cray BandBlues Get Off My Shoulder2012Producer
Robert Cray BandFix This2012Producer
Robert Cray BandGreat Big Old House2012Producer
Robert Cray BandI'll Always Remember You2012Producer
Robert Cray BandI'm Done Cryin'2012Producer
Robert Cray BandSadder Days2012Producer
Robert Cray BandSide Dish2012Producer
Robert Cray BandWon't Be Coming Home2012Producer
Robert Cray BandWorry2012Producer
Robert Cray BandYou Belong To Me2012Producer
Shawn MullinsChanges1998Producer
SilverchairIsrael's Son1995Producer
SilverchairLeave Me Out1995Producer
SilverchairPure Massacre1995Producer
SilverchairSuicidal Dream1995Producer
The Barnestormers25 To Life2023Producer
The BarnestormersCrazy Crazy Lovin'2023Producer
The BarnestormersDear Dad2023Producer
The BarnestormersJohnny's Gone2023Producer
The BarnestormersLand Of Hope And Glory2023Producer
The BarnestormersLonesome Train2023Producer
The BarnestormersReal Wild Child2023Producer
The BarnestormersSweet Love On My Mind2023Producer
The BarnestormersSweet Nothin's2023Producer
The BarnestormersThirteen Women (And Only One Man)2023Producer
The BarnestormersWorking For The Man2023Producer
The Bhagavad GuitarsParty1990Producer
The Bhagavad GuitarsSalt Cellar1990Producer
The Black CrowesBy Your Side1998Producer
The Black CrowesDiamond Ring1999Producer
The Black CrowesGo Faster1998Producer
The Black CrowesGo Tell The Congregation1998Producer
The Black CrowesHeavy1998Producer
The Black CrowesHorsehead1998Producer
The Black CrowesKickin' My Heart Around1998Producer
The Black CrowesOnly A Fool1998Producer
The Black CrowesThen She Said My Name1998Producer
The Black CrowesVirtue And Vice1998Producer
The Black CrowesWelcome To The Goodtimes1998Producer
The Party BoysDo-Wah-Diddy1990Producer
TracerBallad Of A Pistolero2013Producer
TracerDead Garden2013Producer
TracerDirty Little Secret2013Producer
TracerEl Pistolero2013Producer
TracerLady Killer2013Producer
TracerMusic For Ya2013Producer
TracerNow I Ride2013Producer
TracerSanta Cecilia2013Producer
TracerScream In Silence2013Producer
TracerTheres A Man2013Producer
TracerUntil The War Is Won2013Producer
TracerWolf In Cheap Clothes2013Producer
VdelliAin't Bringing Me Down2009Producer
VdelliBoogie A2009Producer
VdelliBoogie Bee2009Producer
VdelliBoogie Sea2009Producer
VdelliChildhood Demons2009Producer
VdelliCondescending Lies2009Producer
VdelliCould Be Good2009Producer
VdelliGoing Too Hard (For Too Long)2009Producer
VdelliLoose Endz2009Producer
VdelliSomething New2009Producer
VdelliSuck It Up2009Producer

Pure Massacre (Silverchair)29/01/1995215
Israel's Son (Silverchair)30/04/1995117
Shade (Silverchair)11/06/1995286
Drugs (Ammonia)15/10/1995327
Ken Carter (Ammonia)25/02/1996502
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (Aerosmith)23/03/1997465
Water Into Wine (Cold Chisel)27/12/1998462
There In Your Heart (Beth Hart)75.29
Sloe Gin (Joe Bonamassa)95.22
The Parchment (Iron Maiden)55.2
Hell On Earth (Iron Maiden)65.17
After All These Years (Journey)75.14
Everything Must Change (Beth Hart)75.14
The Time Machine (Iron Maiden)75.14
Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden)245.12
Full Circle (Aerosmith)165.12
Caught Out In The Rain (Beth Hart)95.11
Out Of The Silent Planet (Iron Maiden)205.1
The Nomad (Iron Maiden)145.07
Believe In You (Amanda Marshall)875.06
Dance Of Death (Iron Maiden)245
The Legacy (Iron Maiden)195
Thru The Window Of My Mind (Beth Hart)105
I'd Rather Go Blind (Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa)85
Peruvian Skies (Dream Theater)65
Never Walk Away (Journey)55
The Longest Day (Iron Maiden)164.94
Believe In You (Amanda Marshall)875.06
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (Aerosmith)594.1
Hole In My Soul (Aerosmith)504.72
Pretending (HIM)493.76
Pink (Aerosmith)484.23
Wildest Dreams (Iron Maiden)473.96
The Wicker Man (Iron Maiden)424.52
When You Love A Woman (Journey)414.51
Rainmaker (Iron Maiden)394.31
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (Iron Maiden)374.51
Run To The Hills [Live] (Iron Maiden)334.73
No More Lies (Iron Maiden)334.33
Different World (Iron Maiden)294.48
Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden)245.12
Dance Of Death (Iron Maiden)245
Out Of The Silent Planet (Iron Maiden)205.1
Paschendale (Iron Maiden)204.9
For The Greater Good Of God (Iron Maiden)204.9
The Trooper (Live 2003) (Iron Maiden)204.5
The Legacy (Iron Maiden)195

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