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Air SupplySleigh Ride1987Music/Lyrics
Al HirtSleigh Ride1965Music/Lyrics
Al HirtSyncopated Clock1966Music/Lyrics
Alfred HauseBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganLove Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow1962Music/Lyrics
Amanda LearBlue Tango1977Music/Lyrics
AmericaSleigh Ride2002Music/Lyrics
Amy GrantSleigh Ride1983Music/Lyrics
André Rieu And His Johann Strauss OrchestraBuglers Holiday2019Music/Lyrics
André Rieu And His Johann Strauss OrchestraSleigh Ride1997Music/Lyrics
André Rieu und sein Johann Strauss OrchesterBlue Tango2011Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsI'll Weave A Lei Of Stars For You1958Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsSleigh Ride1965Music/Lyrics
Bearforce1Christmas Is Here2007Music/Lyrics
Bert KaempfertSleigh Ride1963Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboBlue Tango1960Music/Lyrics
Billy Vaughn OrchestraBlue Tango1956Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbySleigh Ride1952Music/Lyrics
Bob Moore und sein OrchesterBlue Tango1961Music/Lyrics
Boston Pops OrchestraChicken Reel1949Music/Lyrics
Boston Pops OrchestraFiddle Faddle1949Music/Lyrics
Boston Pops OrchestraSerenata1949Music/Lyrics
Boston Pops OrchestraSleigh Ride1949Music/Lyrics
Brittany AllynLike A Butterfly2007Music/Lyrics
Carl HolmbergBlå tango1952Music/Lyrics
Carlo Brunner - Martin Nauer - Werner Amacher - Claudio Gmür - Turi SchellenbergWeihnachts-Medley: White Christmas - Sleigh Ride1997Music/Lyrics
Carole KingSleigh Ride2011Music/Lyrics
CarpentersSleigh Ride1978Music/Lyrics
Chet Atkins and Hank SnowBlue Tango1964Music/Lyrics
ChicagoSleigh Ride1998Music/Lyrics
Danny MalandoBlue Tango1999Music/Lyrics
Dave KozSleigh Ride2011Music/Lyrics
Diamond RioSleigh Ride2007Music/Lyrics
Diana Krall feat. The Clayton/Hamilton Jazz OrchestraSleigh Ride2005Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticBlue Tango1959Music/Lyrics
Earth, Wind & FireSleigh Ride2014Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasI'll Be Home For Christmas/Sleigh Ride1990Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSeptember Song1960Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSleigh Ride1960Music/Lyrics
Eteri AndjaparidzeSleigh Ride1995Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherSleigh Ride1962Music/Lyrics
Franck PourcelBlue Tango1977Music/Lyrics
Frank GalanSerenade van het leven2012Music/Lyrics
Frank Tender / Monique / Sarah-Jane / Maja Brunner / Carlo Brunner's Superländlerkapelle / Joschi-CloschiWeihnachtsmedley 20162016Music/Lyrics
Free Souffriau feat. Gunter LamootSleigh Ride2017Music/Lyrics
Fun.Sleigh Ride2012Music/Lyrics
Gerd FitzZwei blaue Augen - ein weißes Kleid (Mädchen in Seide)1957Music/Lyrics
Gustav WincklerBlå tango1952Music/Lyrics
Guy Lombardo & His Royal CanadiansBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Hamilton "Pops" Concert OrchestraBlue Tango1978Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick Jr.Sleigh Ride1993Music/Lyrics
Hayley WestenraSleigh Ride2009Music/Lyrics
Hazy OsterwaldBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Heinz Becker mit seinen SolistenBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Helene Fischer & The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraSleigh Ride2016Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassSleigh Ride1968Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannSerenada1956Music/Lyrics
Hot ButterSyncopated Clock1973Music/Lyrics
Hugo Winterhalter & His OrchestraBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Idina MenzelSleigh Ride2019Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesSleigh Ride1964Music/Lyrics
James LastBlue Tango1981Music/Lyrics
Jeff Spencer's Jeans OrchestraBlue Soul Tango1977Music/Lyrics
JewelSleigh Ride2013Music/Lyrics
John RutterSleigh Ride2011Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisSleigh Ride1958Music/Lyrics
KarminSleigh Ride2012Music/Lyrics
Kenny & DollyWinter Wonderland / Sleigh Ride1984Music/Lyrics
Kenny GSleigh Ride1999Music/Lyrics
Kikki DanielssonVår vackra vita vintervärld / Jingeling-tingeling1988Music/Lyrics
Københavns Politi OrkesterTiconderoga Music/Lyrics
KT TunstallSleigh Ride2007Music/Lyrics
Lelly BooneSerenata1976Music/Lyrics
Leroy AndersonSleigh Ride1950Music/Lyrics
Leroy AndersonThe Typewriter1953Music/Lyrics
Leroy Anderson And His "Pops" Concert OrchestraBelle Of The Ball1954Music/Lyrics
Leroy Anderson And His "Pops" Concert OrchestraBlue Tango1951Music/Lyrics
Leroy Anderson mit seinem OrchesterPizzicato-Legato1954Music/Lyrics
Leroy Anderson mit seinem OrchesterSandpapier-Ballett1955Music/Lyrics
Leroy Anderson mit seinem OrchesterSarabande1955Music/Lyrics
Leroy Anderson mit seinem OrchesterSommerhimmel1954Music/Lyrics
Les BaxterBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Line RenaudTango bleu1953Music/Lyrics
London BrassFestive Cheer Medley1990Music/Lyrics
Malando en zijn Tango-OrkestBlue Tango1988Music/Lyrics
MantovaniThe Belle Of The Ball Music/Lyrics
Marianne Weber & Dennie Christian'n Tochtje op de slee2000Music/Lyrics
Max GregerSleigh Ride1975Music/Lyrics
Max GregerSleigh Ride / It Happened In Sun Valley1979Music/Lyrics
Maxwell DavisBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
MilvaBlue Tango1969Music/Lyrics
MilvaIl diario sa1968Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeSerenata1962Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondSleigh Ride1994Music/Lyrics
PentatonixSleigh Ride2014Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith And His OrchestraThe Syncopated Clock1951Music/Lyrics
Quartett LaseyerSleigh Ride2009Music/Lyrics
Quincy JonesSerenata1962Music/Lyrics
Ray Barretto And New World SpiritSerenata1998Music/Lyrics
Ray Martin And His Concert OrchestraBelle Of The Ball1953Music/Lyrics
Ray Martin And His Concert OrchestraBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
Rene Froger & Ella FitzgeraldSleigh Ride2011Music/Lyrics
Renée Fleming with Wynton MarsalisSleigh Ride2014Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonSleigh Ride2010Music/Lyrics
Runaway JuneSleigh Ride2018Music/Lyrics
Russ ConwayForgotten Dreams1961Music/Lyrics
Santa Claus & His Rockin' SnowmenSleigh Ride2011Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanSerenata1960Music/Lyrics
Spice GirlsSleigh Ride1996Music/Lyrics
Stefanie Hertel mit Ross AntonySchlittenfahrt2014Music/Lyrics
Strato-VaniTypewriter Song2010Music/Lyrics
Street ClerksSleigh Ride2014Music/Lyrics
Swonderful Orchestra / Catherine Larsen-MaguireSleigh Ride2019Music/Lyrics
Teddi KingBlue Tango1959Music/Lyrics
The AllisonsSleigh Ride1980Music/Lyrics
The Andrew SistersSleigh Ride1950Music/Lyrics
The Andrews SistersSleigh Ride1950Music/Lyrics
The Disney Holiday ChorusSleigh Ride2004Music/Lyrics
The Downbeats [New York]Blue Tango1961Music/Lyrics
The First National String BandThe Typewriter Music/Lyrics
The Flee-RekkersBlue Tango1961Music/Lyrics
The Mantovani OrchestraBlue Tango1967Music/Lyrics
The Mantovani OrchestraForgotten Dreams1960Music/Lyrics
The OsmondsSleigh Ride1976Music/Lyrics
The OvertonesSleigh Ride2015Music/Lyrics
The Pipes & Drums And The Military Band Of The Royal Scots Dragoon GuardsChristmas Festival1972Music/Lyrics
The Ray Conniff SingersSleigh Ride1959Music/Lyrics
The RonettesSleigh Ride1963Music/Lyrics
The Saint Louis Symphony OrchestraBelle Of The Ball1972Music/Lyrics
The Saint Louis Symphony OrchestraSerenata1995Music/Lyrics
The SandpipersSleigh Ride1966Music/Lyrics
The Soulful StringsSleigh Ride1968Music/Lyrics
The VenturesBlue Tango1961Music/Lyrics
The VenturesSleigh Ride1965Music/Lyrics
Thomas AndersSleigh Ride2012Music/Lyrics
TLCSleigh Ride1993Music/Lyrics
TomitaSyncopated Clock1981Music/Lyrics
Utah Symphony Orchestra / Maurice AbravanelThe Typewriter1991Music/Lyrics
Vera Lynn with The Mike Sammes SingersSleigh Ride1976Music/Lyrics
Vic DamoneSave A Kiss1959Music/Lyrics
Vince HillForgotten Dreams1967Music/Lyrics
Wencke MyhreWeisser Winterwald / Lustige Schlittenfahrt1996Music/Lyrics
Willy Berking u. sein OrchesterBlue Tango1952Music/Lyrics
The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson)255.32
Sleigh Ride (Johnny Mathis)124.83
Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson)54.8
Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson And His "Pops" Concert Orchestra)124.67
Sleigh Ride (Amy Grant)124.67
Sleigh Ride (The Ray Conniff Singers)74.57
Sleigh Ride (Boston Pops Orchestra)64.5
Sleigh Ride (Helene Fischer & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)54.4
Sleigh Ride (Ella Fitzgerald)114.36
Sleigh Ride (The Ronettes)284.36
Sleigh Ride (Carpenters)154.27
Sleigh Ride (Andy Williams)74
Sleigh Ride (Air Supply)74
Sleigh Ride (Ferrante & Teicher)54
Sleigh Ride (Spice Girls)93.89
Sleigh Ride (Neil Diamond)73.86
Blue Tango (Billy Vaughn Orchestra)83.75
Blue Tango (Amanda Lear)133.62
Sleigh Ride (KT Tunstall)53.6
Christmas Is Here (Bearforce1)63.17
Sleigh Ride (The Ronettes)284.36
The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson)255.32
Sleigh Ride (Carpenters)154.27
Blue Tango (Amanda Lear)133.62
Sleigh Ride (Johnny Mathis)124.83
Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson And His "Pops" Concert Orchestra)124.67
Sleigh Ride (Amy Grant)124.67
Sleigh Ride (Ella Fitzgerald)114.36
Sleigh Ride (Spice Girls)93.89
Blue Tango (Billy Vaughn Orchestra)83.75
Sleigh Ride (The Ray Conniff Singers)74.57
Sleigh Ride (Andy Williams)74
Sleigh Ride (Air Supply)74
Sleigh Ride (Neil Diamond)73.86
Sleigh Ride (Boston Pops Orchestra)64.5
Christmas Is Here (Bearforce1)63.17
Sleigh Ride (Rene Froger & Ella Fitzgerald)62.83
Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson)54.8
Sleigh Ride (Helene Fischer & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)54.4
Sleigh Ride (Ferrante & Teicher)54

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