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Bernie MarsdenSad Clown1979Producer
Bernie MarsdenYou And Me1979Producer
Black SabbathChildren Of The Sea1980Producer
Black SabbathCountry Girl1981Producer
Black SabbathDie Young1980Producer
Black SabbathE51501981Producer
Black SabbathFalling Off The Edge Of The World1981Producer
Black SabbathHeaven And Hell1980Producer
Black SabbathLady Evil1980Producer
Black SabbathLonely Is The Word1980Producer
Black SabbathMob Rules1981Producer
Black SabbathNeon Knights1980Producer
Black SabbathOver And Over1981Producer
Black SabbathSlipping Away1981Producer
Black SabbathThe Sign Of The Southern Cross1981Producer
Black SabbathTurn Up The Night1981Producer
Black SabbathVoodoo1981Producer
Black SabbathWalk Away1980Producer
Black SabbathWishing Well1980Producer
Blackmore's RainbowRun With The Wolf1976Producer
Blackmore's RainbowStarstruck1976Producer
Blue Öyster CultAfter Dark1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultBlack Blade1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultBurnin' For You1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultDeadline1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultDivine Wind1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultDon't Turn Your Back1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultFallen Angel1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultFire Of Unknown Origin1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultHeavy Metal: The Black And Silver1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultHungry Boys1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultJoan Crawford1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultLips In The Hills1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultMonsters1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultSole Survivor1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultThe Marshall Plan1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultUnknown Tongue1980Producer
Blue Öyster CultVengeance (The Pact)1981Producer
Blue Öyster CultVeteran Of The Psychic Wars1981Producer
Cozy PowellEl Sid1979Producer
Cozy PowellHeidi Goes To Town1979Producer
Cozy PowellKiller1979Producer
Cozy PowellOver The Top1979Producer
Cozy PowellSweet Poison1979Producer
Cozy PowellThe Loner1979Producer
Cozy PowellTheme One1979Producer
David Coverdale's WhitesnakeAin't No Love In The Heart Of The City1978Producer
David Coverdale's WhitesnakeBloody Mary1978Producer
David Coverdale's WhitesnakeCome On1978Producer
David Coverdale's WhitesnakeSteal Away1978Producer
Deep PurpleComin' Home1975Producer
Deep PurpleDealer1975Producer
Deep PurpleDrifter1975Producer
Deep PurpleGettin' Tighter1975Producer
Deep PurpleHigh Ball Shooter1974Producer
Deep PurpleHold On1974Producer
Deep PurpleHoly Man1974Producer
Deep PurpleI Need Love1975Producer
Deep PurpleLady Double Dealer1974Producer
Deep PurpleLady Luck1975Producer
Deep PurpleLove Child1975Producer
Deep PurpleLove Don't Mean A Thing1974Producer
Deep PurpleSoldier Of Fortune1974Producer
Deep PurpleStormbringer1974Producer
Deep PurpleThe Gypsy1974Producer
Deep PurpleThis Time Around1975Producer
Deep PurpleYou Can't Do It Right1974Producer
Deep PurpleYou Keep On Moving1975Producer
Fleetwood Mac(I'm A) Road Runner1973Producer
Fleetwood MacBelieve Me1973Producer
Fleetwood MacBright Fire1973Producer
Fleetwood MacCaught In The Rain1973Producer
Fleetwood MacDid You Ever Love Me1973Producer
Fleetwood MacDissatisfied1973Producer
Fleetwood MacEmerald Eyes1973Producer
Fleetwood MacFor Your Love1973Producer
Fleetwood MacForever1973Producer
Fleetwood MacHypnotized1973Producer
Fleetwood MacJust Crazy Love1973Producer
Fleetwood MacKeep On Going1973Producer
Fleetwood MacMiles Away1973Producer
Fleetwood MacNight Watch1973Producer
Fleetwood MacRemember Me1973Producer
Fleetwood MacRevelation1973Producer
Fleetwood MacSomebody1973Producer
Fleetwood MacThe City1973Producer
Fleetwood MacThe Derelict1973Producer
Fleetwood MacThe Way I Feel1973Producer
Fleetwood MacWhy1973Producer
Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnight1984Producer
Iron Maiden22 Acacia Avenue1981Producer
Iron MaidenAces High1984Producer
Iron MaidenAfraid To Shoot Strangers1992Producer
Iron MaidenAlexander The Great1986Producer
Iron MaidenAll In Your Mind1990Producer
Iron MaidenAnother Life1981Producer
Iron MaidenBack In The Village1984Producer
Iron MaidenBe Quick Or Be Dead1992Producer
Iron MaidenBlack Bart Blues1988Producer
Iron MaidenBring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter1990Producer
Iron MaidenCan I Play With Madness1988Producer
Iron MaidenCaught Somewhere In Time1986Producer
Iron MaidenChains Of Misery1992Producer
Iron MaidenCharlotte The Harlot1980Producer
Iron MaidenChildhood's End1992Producer
Iron MaidenChildren Of The Damned1981Producer
Iron MaidenCommunication Breakdown1990Producer
Iron MaidenCross-Eyed Mary1983Producer
Iron MaidenDeja-Vu1986Producer
Iron MaidenDie With Your Boots On1983Producer
Iron MaidenDrifter1980Producer
Iron MaidenFates Warning1990Producer
Iron MaidenFear Is The Key1992Producer
Iron MaidenFear Of The Dark1992Producer
Iron MaidenFlash Of The Blade1984Producer
Iron MaidenFlight Of Icarus1983Producer
Iron MaidenFrom Here To Eternity1992Producer
Iron MaidenGangland1981Producer
Iron MaidenGenghis Khan1981Producer
Iron MaidenHallowed Be Thy Name1981Producer
Iron MaidenHeaven Can Wait1986Producer
Iron MaidenHoly Smoke1990Producer
Iron MaidenHooks In You1990Producer
Iron MaidenI'm A Mover1990Producer
Iron MaidenInfinite Dreams1988Producer
Iron MaidenInfinite Dreams (Live)1989Producer
Iron MaidenInnocent Exile1981Producer
Iron MaidenInvaders1981Producer
Iron MaidenIron Maiden1979Producer
Iron MaidenI've Got The Fire1983Producer
Iron MaidenJudas Be My Guide1992Producer
Iron MaidenKill Me Ce Soir1990Producer
Iron MaidenKillers1981Producer
Iron MaidenLosfer Words (Big 'Orra)1984Producer
Iron MaidenMassacre1988Producer
Iron MaidenMission From 'Arry1984Producer
Iron MaidenMoonchild1988Producer
Iron MaidenMother Russia1990Producer
Iron MaidenMurders In The Rue Morgue1981Producer
Iron MaidenNo Prayer For The Dying1990Producer
Iron MaidenNodding Donkey Blues1992Producer
Iron MaidenOnly The Good Die Young1988Producer
Iron MaidenPhantom Of The Opera1980Producer
Iron MaidenPowerslave1984Producer
Iron MaidenProdigal Son1981Producer
Iron MaidenProwler1979Producer
Iron MaidenPublic Enema Number One1990Producer
Iron MaidenPurgatory1981Producer
Iron MaidenQuest For Fire1983Producer
Iron MaidenRainbow's Gold1984Producer
Iron MaidenReach Out1986Producer
Iron MaidenRemember Tomorrow1980Producer
Iron MaidenRevelations1983Producer
Iron MaidenRime Of The Ancient Mariner1984Producer
Iron MaidenRun Silent Run Deep1990Producer
Iron MaidenRun To The Hills1981Producer
Iron MaidenRunning Free (Live)1985Producer
Iron MaidenSea Of Madness1986Producer
Iron MaidenSeventh Son Of A Seventh Son1988Producer
Iron MaidenSheriff Of Huddersfield1986Producer
Iron MaidenSpace Station No.51992Producer
Iron MaidenStill Life1983Producer
Iron MaidenStrange World1980Producer
Iron MaidenStranger In A Strange Land1986Producer
Iron MaidenSun And Steel1983Producer
Iron MaidenTailgunner1990Producer
Iron MaidenThat Girl1986Producer
Iron MaidenThe Apparition1992Producer
Iron MaidenThe Assassin1990Producer
Iron MaidenThe Clairvoyant1988Producer
Iron MaidenThe Duellists1984Producer
Iron MaidenThe Evil That Men Do1988Producer
Iron MaidenThe Fugitive1992Producer
Iron MaidenThe Ides Of March1981Producer
Iron MaidenThe Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner1986Producer
Iron MaidenThe Number Of The Beast1981Producer
Iron MaidenThe Prisoner1981Producer
Iron MaidenThe Prophecy1988Producer
Iron MaidenThe Trooper1983Producer
Iron MaidenTo Tame A Land1983Producer
Iron MaidenTotal Eclipse1981Producer
Iron MaidenTransylvania1980Producer
Iron MaidenWasted Years1986Producer
Iron MaidenWasting Love1992Producer
Iron MaidenWeekend Warrior1992Producer
Iron MaidenWhere Eagles Dare1983Producer
Iron MaidenWrathchild1980Producer
Jon LordAria1976Producer
Jon LordBourée1976Producer
Jon LordCaprice1976Producer
Jon LordFantasia1976Producer
Jon LordFinale1976Producer
Jon LordGigue1976Producer
Jon LordPavane1976Producer
Jon LordSarabande1976Producer
Michael Schenker GroupAssault Attack1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupBroken Promises1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupDancer1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupDesert Song1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupGirl From Uptown1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupRock You To The Ground1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupSamurai1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupSearching For A Reason1982Producer
Michael Schenker GroupUlcer1982Producer
RainbowA Light In The Black1976Producer
RainbowBlack Sheep Of The Family1975Producer
RainbowCatch The Rainbow1975Producer
RainbowDo You Close Your Eyes1976Producer
RainbowGates Of Babylon1978Producer
RainbowIntro: Over The Rainbow1977Producer
RainbowKill The King1977Producer
RainbowKill The King (Live)1977Producer
RainbowL.A. Connection1978Producer
RainbowLady Of The Lake1978Producer
RainbowLong Live Rock 'n' Roll1978Producer
RainbowMan On The Silver Mountain1975Producer
RainbowMiss Mistreated1982Producer
RainbowRainbow Eyes1978Producer
RainbowSensitive To Light1978Producer
RainbowSixteenth Century Greensleeves1975Producer
RainbowStill I'm Sad1975Producer
RainbowTarot Woman1976Producer
RainbowThe Shed (Subtle)1978Producer
Richard KerrA Song I Remember1973Producer
Richard KerrA Universal Song1973Producer
Richard KerrAin't It Funny1974Producer
Richard KerrBe My Friend1973Producer
Richard KerrChristie1974Producer
Richard KerrCome As You Are1973Producer
Richard KerrCountry Girl1973Producer
Richard KerrDenver's Calling1973Producer
Richard KerrFollow Me1973Producer
Richard KerrHow Could You Change Your Mind?1974Producer
Richard KerrI Really Wanted You1974Producer
Richard KerrLet Me In1974Producer
Richard KerrMore Than That1974Producer
Richard KerrMy Feelings For You1974Producer
Richard KerrNow And Then1974Producer
Richard KerrSweet Angeline1974Producer
Richard KerrTake A Letter To The World1973Producer
Richard KerrTake What You Want (But Leave Me My Dreams)1973Producer
Richard KerrThe Family Way1973Producer
Richard KerrThe Hero1973Producer
Richard KerrThe Liar1973Producer
Richard KerrThe Songs I Write1973Producer
Richard KerrWe'll Give Love1973Producer
Richard KerrWoman In My Life1973Producer
Richard KerrYou Will Never Know1973Producer
SilverheadAce Supreme1972Producer
SilverheadIn Your Eyes1972Producer
SilverheadLong Legged Lisa1972Producer
SilverheadRock And Roll Band1972Producer
SilverheadSilver Boogie1972Producer
SilverheadSold Me Down The River1972Producer
SilverheadUnderneath The Light1972Producer
SilverheadWounded Heart1972Producer
The Cortinas [UK]Ask Mr. Waverly1978Producer
The Cortinas [UK]Heartache1978Producer
The Gary Moore BandBoogie My Way Back Home1973Producer
The Gary Moore BandGrinding Stone1973Producer
The Gary Moore BandSail Across The Mountain1973Producer
The Gary Moore BandSpirit1973Producer
The Gary Moore BandThe Energy Dance1973Producer
The Gary Moore BandTime To Heal1973Producer
WhitesnakeAin't Gonna Cry No More1980Producer
WhitesnakeAin't No Love In The Heart Of The City [Live]1979Producer
WhitesnakeAll Or Nothing1983Producer
WhitesnakeBelgian Tom's Hat Trick1978Producer
WhitesnakeBlack And Blue1980Producer
WhitesnakeBloody Luxury1982Producer
WhitesnakeCarry Your Load1980Producer
WhitesnakeChild Of Babylon1981Producer
WhitesnakeCome An' Get It1981Producer
WhitesnakeDancing Girls1982Producer
WhitesnakeDay Tripper1978Producer
WhitesnakeDon't Break My Heart Again1981Producer
WhitesnakeDon't Mess With Me1978Producer
WhitesnakeFool For Your Loving1980Producer
WhitesnakeFree Flight1978Producer
WhitesnakeGive Me More Time1983Producer
WhitesnakeGuilty Of Love1983Producer
WhitesnakeHelp Me Thro' The Day1979Producer
WhitesnakeHere I Go Again1982Producer
WhitesnakeHit An' Run1981Producer
WhitesnakeHot Stuff1981Producer
WhitesnakeHungry For Love1983Producer
WhitesnakeLie Down (A Modern Love Song)1978Producer
WhitesnakeLonely Days, Lonely Nights1981Producer
WhitesnakeLong Way From Home1979Producer
WhitesnakeLong Way From Home (Live Hammersmith)1979Producer
WhitesnakeLove Ain't No Stranger1983Producer
WhitesnakeLove An' Affection1982Producer
WhitesnakeLove Hunter1979Producer
WhitesnakeLove Man1980Producer
WhitesnakeLove To Keep You Warm1978Producer
WhitesnakeMean Business1979Producer
WhitesnakeMedicine Man1979Producer
WhitesnakeNeed Your Love So Bad1983Producer
WhitesnakeNighthawk (Vampire Blues)1978Producer
WhitesnakeReady An' Willing1980Producer
WhitesnakeRock An' Roll Angels1982Producer
WhitesnakeRock 'N' Roll Women1979Producer
WhitesnakeRough An' Ready1982Producer
WhitesnakeSaints & Sinners1982Producer
WhitesnakeShe's A Woman1980Producer
WhitesnakeSlide It In1983Producer
WhitesnakeSlow An' Easy1983Producer
WhitesnakeSpit It Out1983Producer
WhitesnakeStanding In The Shadow1983Producer
WhitesnakeSweet Talker1980Producer
WhitesnakeTake Me With You1978Producer
WhitesnakeThe Time Is Right For Love1978Producer
WhitesnakeTill The Day I Die1981Producer
WhitesnakeVictim Of Love1982Producer
WhitesnakeWalking In The Shadow Of The Blues1979Producer
WhitesnakeWe Wish You Well1979Producer
WhitesnakeWine, Women An' Song1981Producer
WhitesnakeWould I Lie To You1981Producer
WhitesnakeYou 'N' Me1979Producer
WhitesnakeYoung Blood1982Producer

Be Quick Or Be Dead (Iron Maiden)07/06/1992471
Bourée (Jon Lord)75.86
Sarabande (Jon Lord)55.4
Stargazer (Rainbow)385.34
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden)565.3
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (Iron Maiden)355.29
Alexander The Great (Iron Maiden)475.28
Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden)905.24
Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple)745.24
Prowler (Iron Maiden)295.24
Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow)515.24
Strange World (Iron Maiden)225.23
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (Blue Öyster Cult)105.2
Caught Somewhere In Time (Iron Maiden)275.19
Still I'm Sad (Rainbow)175.18
Rainbow Eyes (Rainbow)185.17
To Tame A Land (Iron Maiden)125.17
Killers (Iron Maiden)275.15
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (David Coverdale's Whitesnake)285.14
Childhood's End (Iron Maiden)145.14
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Iron Maiden)295.14
The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden)1124.66
Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden)1034.91
Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden)905.24
Can I Play With Madness (Iron Maiden)794.33
Here I Go Again (Whitesnake)774.81
Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple)745.24
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter (Iron Maiden)684
The Trooper (Iron Maiden)614.9
Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake)594.56
2 Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden)585.02
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden)565.3
Be Quick Or Be Dead (Iron Maiden)553.87
Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow)515.24
Phantom Of The Opera (Iron Maiden)505.1
Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)494.88
Holy Smoke (Iron Maiden)483.75
Alexander The Great (Iron Maiden)475.28
Aces High (Iron Maiden)425.05
Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath)415.1
Stargazer (Rainbow)385.34

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