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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Mike (Clay) Stone
April WineAll Over Town1980Producer
April WineBad Boys1980Producer
April WineBig City Girls1980Producer
April WineCaught In The Crossfire1980Producer
April WineCrash And Burn1980Producer
April WineFuture Tense1980Producer
April WineGimme That Thing Called Love1984Producer
April WineHard Rock Kid1984Producer
April WineJust Between You And Me1980Producer
April WineLast Time I'll Ever Sing The Blues1984Producer
April WineMoney Talks1984Producer
April WineOne More Time1980Producer
April WineRock Tonite1984Producer
April WineSign Of The Gypsy Queen1980Producer
April WineSons Of The Pioneers1984Producer
April WineTellin' Me Lies1980Producer
April WineThis Could Be The Right One1984Producer
April WineToo Hot To Handle1984Producer
April WineWanna Rock1980Producer
April WineWithout Your Love1984Producer
AsiaAfter The War1985Producer
AsiaAm I In Love?1990Producer
AsiaCountdown To Zero1985Producer
AsiaCutting It Fine1982Producer
AsiaDon't Cry1983Producer
AsiaEye To Eye1983Producer
AsiaHard On Me1985Producer
AsiaHeat Of The Moment1982Producer
AsiaHere Comes The Feeling1982Producer
AsiaLove Now Till Eternity1985Producer
AsiaLying To Yourself1983Producer
AsiaMidnight Sun1983Producer
AsiaMy Own Time (I'll Do What I Want)1983Producer
AsiaNever In A Million Years1983Producer
AsiaOne Step Closer1982Producer
AsiaOnly Time Will Tell1982Producer
AsiaOpen Your Eyes1983Producer
AsiaPrayin' 4 A Miracle1990Producer
AsiaRide Easy1982Producer
AsiaRock And Roll Dream1985Producer
AsiaSole Survivor1982Producer
AsiaSummer (Can't Last Too Long)1990Producer
AsiaThe Heat Goes On1983Producer
AsiaThe Last To Know1983Producer
AsiaThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes1983Producer
AsiaTime Again1982Producer
AsiaToo Late1985Producer
AsiaTrue Colors1983Producer
AsiaVoice Of America1985Producer
AsiaWildest Dreams1982Producer
AsiaWithout You1982Producer
Charged G.B.HBellend Bop1982Producer
Charged G.B.HBig Women1982Producer
Charged G.B.HBoston Babies1982Producer
Charged G.B.HCatch 231983Producer
Charged G.B.HCity Baby Attacked By Rats1982Producer
Charged G.B.HDo What You Do1984Producer
Charged G.B.HFour Men1984Producer
Charged G.B.HGive Me Fire1982Producer
Charged G.B.HGunned Down1982Producer
Charged G.B.HHeavy Discipline1982Producer
Charged G.B.HHellhole1983Producer
Charged G.B.HI Am The Hunted1982Producer
Charged G.B.HManiac1982Producer
Charged G.B.HMan-Trap1982Producer
Charged G.B.HNo Survivors1982Producer
Charged G.B.HPassenger On The Menue1982Producer
Charged G.B.HSelf-Destruct1982Producer
Charged G.B.HSick Boy1982Producer
Charged G.B.HSlut1982Producer
Charged G.B.HThe Prayer Of A Realist1982Producer
Charged G.B.HTime Bomb1982Producer
Charged G.B.HWardogs1982Producer
CharlieDon't Let Me Down1976Producer
CharlieFantasy Girls1976Producer
CharlieFirst Class Traveler1976Producer
CharlieGreatcoat Guru1976Producer
CharlieIt's Your Life1976Producer
CharlieMiss Deluxe1976Producer
CharliePlease Let Me Know1976Producer
CharlieSummer Romances1976Producer
CharlieT.V. Dreams1976Producer
DemonBlue Skies In Red Square1989Producer
DemonCommrcial Dynamite1989Producer
DemonRemembrance Day (A Song For Peace)1989Producer
DemonTaking The World By Storm1989Producer
DemonThe Life Brigade1989Producer
DemonTime Has Come1989Producer
DemonWhat Do You Think About Hell?1989Producer
DischargeA Hell On Earth1982Producer
DischargeA Look At Tomorrow1981Producer
DischargeAin't No Feeble Bastard1981Producer
DischargeAlways Restrictions1980Producer
DischargeAnger Burning1983Producer
(Mike (Clay) Stone)
DischargeBut After The Gig1980Producer
DischargeCries Of Help1982Producer
DischargeDoes This System Work1981Producer
DischargeDooms Day1982Producer
DischargeDrunk With Power1982Producer
DischargeFight Back1980Producer
DischargeFree Speech For The Dumb1982Producer
DischargeHear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing1982Producer
DischargeI Won't Subscribe1982Producer
DischargeIn Defence Of Our Future1983Producer
(Mike (Clay) Stone)
DischargeIs This To Be1981Producer
DischargeIt's No T.V. Sketch1980Producer
DischargeMaimed And Slaughtered1981Producer
DischargeMania For Conquest1981Producer
DischargeMassacre Of Innocents (Air Attack)1981Producer
DischargeNo Compromise1985Producer
DischargeProtest And Survive1982Producer
DischargeQ: And Children? A: And Children1982Producer
DischargeRealities Of War1980Producer
DischargeReligion Instigates1982Producer
DischargeSociety's Victim1980Producer
DischargeState Violence, State Control1982Producer
DischargeThe Blood Runs Red1982Producer
DischargeThe End1982Producer
DischargeThe Final Blood Bath1982Producer
DischargeThe Nightmare Continues1982Producer
DischargeThe Possibility Of Life's Destruction1982Producer
DischargeThey Declare It1980Producer
DischargeTomorrow Belongs To Us1980Producer
DischargeVisions Of War1981Producer
(Mike (Clay) Stone)
DischargeWar's No Fairytale1980Producer
DischargeWhere There Is A Will There Is A Way1983Producer
(Mike (Clay) Stone)
DischargeYou Take Part In Creating This System1981Producer
Easy StreetBlame The Love1976Producer
Easy StreetEasy Street1976Producer
Easy StreetFeels Like Heaven1976Producer
Easy StreetFlying1977Producer
Easy StreetGonna Wait For Summer1976Producer
Easy StreetHow Can You Take It So Hard1977Producer
Easy StreetI See You1977Producer
Easy StreetIllogical Love1976Producer
Easy StreetIs This Real1977Producer
Easy StreetI've Been Lovin' You1976Producer
Easy StreetLazy Dog Shandy1976Producer
Easy StreetLook For The Sun1977Producer
Easy StreetNight Of The 11th1977Producer
Easy StreetOnly A Fool1977Producer
Easy StreetPart Of Me1976Producer
Easy StreetRely On You1977Producer
Easy StreetShadows On The Wall1976Producer
Easy StreetStrange Change1977Producer
Easy StreetThings I've Done Before1976Producer
Easy StreetWhat Does The World Know1977Producer
Easy StreetWhat Have We Become1976Producer
ForeignerAll I Need To Know1994Producer
ForeignerBig Dog1994Producer
ForeignerCrash And Burn1994Producer
ForeignerHand On My Heart1994Producer
ForeignerHole In My Soul1994Producer
ForeignerI Keep Hoping1994Producer
ForeignerReal World1994Producer
ForeignerRunning The Risk1994Producer
ForeignerUnder The Gun1994Producer
ForeignerUntil The End Of Time1994Producer
ForeignerWhite Lie1994Producer
Gary MooreCrying In The Shadows1986Producer
Gary MooreListen To Your Heartbeat1985Producer
Gary MooreOnce In A Lifetime1985Producer
Jimmy BarnesDo Or Die1987Producer
Jimmy BarnesDriving Wheels1987Producer
Jimmy BarnesGoing To Mexico1988Producer
Jimmy BarnesI Wanna Get Started With You1987Producer
Jimmy BarnesI'm Still On Your Side1988Producer
Jimmy BarnesLast Frontier1988Producer
Jimmy BarnesLessons In Love1987Producer
Jimmy BarnesToo Much Ain't Enough Love1987Producer
John MassariBicycle Chase1988Producer
John MassariChristmas1988Producer
John MassariFinale1988Producer
John MassariFrankie At The Cottage / Mother And Daughter Unite1988Producer
John MassariFrankie Meets Amanda1988Producer
John MassariFrankie's Alright1988Producer
John MassariGeno Sees Melissa1988Producer
John MassariI Had My Thinkin' Tree1988Producer
John MassariMain Title: Back To Willowpoint Falls1988Producer
John MassariMelissa1988Producer
John MassariMelissa Visits1988Producer
John MassariWet Cement1988Producer
JourneyAfter The Fall1983Producer
JourneyAsk The Lonely1983Producer
JourneyBack Talk1983Producer
JourneyChain Reaction1983Producer
JourneyDead Or Alive1981Producer
JourneyDon't Stop Believin'1981Producer
JourneyEdge Of The Blade1983Producer
JourneyKeep On Runnin'1981Producer
JourneyLa raza del sol1981Producer
JourneyLay It Down1981Producer
JourneyMother, Father1981Producer
JourneyOnly The Young1985Producer
JourneyOpen Arms1981Producer
JourneySend Her My Love1983Producer
JourneySeparate Ways (Worlds Apart)1983Producer
JourneyStill They Ride1981Producer
JourneyStone In Love1981Producer
JourneyTroubled Child1983Producer
JourneyWho's Crying Now1981Producer
QueenSheer Heart Attack1977Producer
QueenSpread Your Wings1977Producer
QueenWe Are The Champions1977Producer
QueenWe Will Rock You1977Producer
Queensr˙cheAlmost Cut My Hair2007Producer
Queensr˙cheFor The Love Of Money2007Producer
Queensr˙cheHeaven On Their Minds2007Producer
Queensr˙cheRed Rain2007Producer
RattBottom Line1988Producer
RattChain Reaction1988Producer
RattCity To City1988Producer
RattDon't Bite The Hand That Feeds1988Producer
RattI Want A Woman1988Producer
RattI Want To Love You Tonight1988Producer
RattNo Surprise1988Producer
RattWay Cool Jr.1988Producer
RattWhat I'm After1988Producer
RattWhat's It Gonna Be1988Producer
ShoesNow And Then1979Producer
ShoesToo Late1979Producer
The DiversionsDisco Limbo1976Producer
The DiversionsRaincheck1976Producer
The LurkersThis Dirty Town1982Producer
The LurkersWolf At The Door1982Producer
The MotorsBe What You Gotta Be1977Producer
The RomanticsAll That I Want1981Producer
The RomanticsBop1981Producer
The RomanticsCan't Get Over You1981Producer
The RomanticsC'mon Girl (Work Out With Me)1981Producer
The RomanticsDon't You Put Me On Hold1981Producer
The RomanticsIn The Nightime1981Producer
The RomanticsLook At Her1981Producer
The RomanticsNo One Like You1981Producer
The RomanticsShe's Hot1981Producer
The RomanticsSpend A Little Love On Me1981Producer
The RomanticsWhy'd You Leave Me1981Producer
Tommy ShawCome In And Explain1984Producer
Tommy ShawFading Away1984Producer
Tommy ShawFree To Love You1984Producer
Tommy ShawGirls With Guns1984Producer
Tommy ShawHead Up1984Producer
Tommy ShawKiss Me Hello1984Producer
Tommy ShawLittle Girl World1984Producer
Tommy ShawLonely School1984Producer
Tommy ShawOutside In The Rain1984Producer
Tommy ShawThe Race Is On1984Producer
WhitesnakeBad Boys1987Producer
WhitesnakeChildren Of The Night1987Producer
WhitesnakeCrying In The Rain1982Producer
WhitesnakeDon't Turn Away1987Producer
WhitesnakeGive Me All Your Love1987Producer
WhitesnakeHere I Go Again [1987]1987Producer
WhitesnakeIs This Love1987Producer
WhitesnakeLooking For Love1987Producer
WhitesnakeStill Of The Night1987Producer
WhitesnakeStraight For The Heart1987Producer
WhitesnakeYou're Gonna Break My Heart Again1987Producer
Y&TCome In From The Rain1990Producer
Y&TDon't Be Afraid Of The Dark1989Producer
Y&TGirl Crazy1990Producer
Y&TGoin' Off The Deep End1990Producer
Y&THard Times1990Producer
Y&TLet It Out1990Producer
Y&TRed Hot & Ready1990Producer
Y&TShe's Gone1990Producer
Y&TTen Lovers1990Producer

Last Frontier (Jimmy Barnes)05/02/1989314
All Over Town (April Wine)55.4
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Journey)795.16
We Are The Champions (Queen)3115.11
Remembrance Day (A Song For Peace) (Demon)115.09
Faithfully (Journey)745.07
Never In A Million Years (Asia)165.06
We Will Rock You (Queen)3084.94
Send Her My Love (Journey)324.91
Open Arms (Journey)804.89
Spread Your Wings (Queen)724.86
Rock And Roll Dream (Asia)144.86
Mother, Father (Journey)144.86
Here I Go Again [1987] (Whitesnake)1224.85
Don't Stop Believin' (Journey)1494.85
Stone In Love (Journey)184.83
Open Your Eyes (Asia)114.82
Sheer Heart Attack (Queen)464.78
Looking For Love (Whitesnake)184.78
Heat Of The Moment (Asia)1754.74
Is This Love (Whitesnake)1344.72
We Are The Champions (Queen)3115.11
We Will Rock You (Queen)3084.94
Heat Of The Moment (Asia)1754.74
Don't Stop Believin' (Journey)1494.85
Is This Love (Whitesnake)1344.72
Here I Go Again [1987] (Whitesnake)1224.85
Open Arms (Journey)804.89
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Journey)795.16
Faithfully (Journey)745.07
Spread Your Wings (Queen)724.86
Only Time Will Tell (Asia)604.63
Who's Crying Now (Journey)564.62
Don't Cry (Asia)474.66
Sheer Heart Attack (Queen)464.78
Only The Young (Journey)434.72
Still Of The Night (Whitesnake)404.6
White Lie (Foreigner)384.21
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Asia)344.62
Just Between You And Me (April Wine)334.58
Send Her My Love (Journey)324.91

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