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Sort order: Artist/Title | Title | Year
Dr. Hook(One More Year Of) Daddy's Love1977Producer
Dr. Hook99 And Me1980Producer
Dr. HookA Couple More Years1976Producer
Dr. HookA Little Bit More1976Producer
Dr. HookAll The Time In The World1978Producer
Dr. HookAngela's Eyes1984Producer
Dr. HookAnimal Instinct1983Producer
Dr. HookBaby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk1982Music/Lyrics
Dr. HookBad Eye Bill1976Producer
Dr. HookBefore The Tears1980Producer
Dr. HookBetter Love Next Time1979Producer
Dr. HookBeware Of Lovers1983Producer
Dr. HookBlown Away1980Producer
Dr. HookBody Talking1980Producer
Dr. HookBoy Talk1983Producer
Dr. HookBubblin' Up1975Producer
Dr. HookChained To Her Memory1982Producer
Dr. HookClyde1978Producer
Dr. HookCooky And Lila1974Producer
Dr. HookCrazy Rosie1982Producer
Dr. HookDevil's Daughter1982Producer
Dr. HookDo Downs1975Producer
Dr. HookDo You Right Tonight1980Producer
Dr. HookDoin' It1980Producer
Dr. HookDooley Jones1978Producer
Dr. HookDrinking Wine Alone1984Producer
Dr. HookEverybody Loves Me1975Producer
Dr. HookEverybody's Makin' It Big But Me1973Producer
Dr. HookFeels Good1984Producer
Dr. HookFire In The Night1982Producer
Dr. HookGirls Can Get It1980Producer
Dr. HookGot That Feeling1984Producer
Dr. HookHearts Like Yours And Mine1981Producer
Dr. HookHelp Me Mama1979Producer
Dr. HookHold Me Like You Never Had Me1980Producer
Dr. HookI Can Say No To Her1982Producer
Dr. HookI Couldn't Believe1984Producer
Dr. HookI Don't Feel Much Like Smilin'1979Producer
Dr. HookI Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight1978Producer
Dr. HookI Gave Her Comfort1978Producer
Dr. HookI Got Stoned And I Missed It1975Producer
Dr. HookI Need The High1976Producer
Dr. HookI Need To Love Again1984Producer
Dr. HookI Wanna Make The Woman Trouble1977Producer
Dr. HookIf Not You1976Producer
Dr. HookI'll Kill You1984Producer
Dr. HookI'll Put Angels Around You1982Producer
Dr. HookI'm A Lamb1977Producer
Dr. HookIn Over My Head1979Producer
Dr. HookJungle To The Zoo1976Producer
Dr. HookKnowing She's There1978Producer
Dr. HookLady Sundown1982Producer
Dr. HookLaying Too Low Too Long1977Producer
Dr. HookLet Me Be Your Lover1975Producer
Dr. HookLet Me Drink From Your Well1983Producer
Dr. HookLet The Loose End Drag1977Producer
Dr. HookLevitate1975Producer
Dr. HookLove Line1982Producer
Dr. HookLove Monster1979Producer
Dr. HookLucky Night1983Producer
Dr. HookMakin' Love And Music1977Producer
Dr. HookMichelangelo1984Producer
Dr. HookMore Like The Movies1976Producer
Dr. HookMountain Mary1979Producer
Dr. HookOh Jesse1978Producer
Dr. HookOn The Way To The Bottom1975Producer
Dr. HookOnly Sixteen1974Producer
Dr. HookOoh Pooh Pah Doo Producer
Dr. HookPity The Fool1982Producer
Dr. HookRed-Winged Blackbird1977Producer
Dr. HookRings1982Producer
Dr. HookRings Of Grass1984Producer
Dr. HookS.O.S. For Love1980Producer
Dr. HookSex Drive1981Producer
Dr. HookSexy Energy1977Producer
Dr. HookSexy Eyes1979Producer
Dr. HookSharing The Night Together1978Producer
Dr. HookSleeping Late1977Producer
Dr. HookStorms Never Last1978Producer
Dr. HookStrings1983Producer
Dr. HookSweetest Of All1978Producer
Dr. HookThat Didn't Hurt Too Bad1980Producer
Dr. HookThe Millionaire1973Producer
Dr. HookThe Radio1976Producer
Dr. HookThe Turn On1981Producer
Dr. HookThe Ugliest Man In Town1984Producer
Dr. HookUp On The Mountain1976Producer
Dr. HookWalk Right In1977Producer
Dr. HookWhat A Way To Go1977Producer
Dr. HookWhat About You1976Producer
Dr. HookWhat Do You Want?1979Producer
Dr. HookWhen You're 181983Producer
Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman1978Producer
Dr. HookWho Dat?1977Producer
Dr. HookWild Colonial Boy1981Music/Lyrics
Dr. HookWups1975Producer
Dr. HookYears From Now1979Producer
Dr. HookYou Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance1978Producer
Dr. HookYours And Mine1984Producer
Dr. HookYou've Heard It All Before1984Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowAcapulco Goldie1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCarry Me, Carrie1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCome On In1974Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowCops And Robbers1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowFour Years Older Than Me1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowFreakin' At The Freakers Ball1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowGet My Rocks Off1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowHey, Lady Godiva1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowI Call That True Love1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowI Can't Touch The Sun1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowIf I'd Only Come And Gone1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowJudy1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowKiss It Away1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowLife Ain't Easy1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowLookin' For Pussy1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowMake It Easy1974Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowMama, I'll Sing One Song For You1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowMarie Lavaux1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowMonterey Jack1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowPenicillin Penny1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowPut A Little Bit On Me1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowQueen Of The Silver Dollar1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowRoland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSing Me A Rainbow1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowStayin' Song1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Ballad Of Lucy Jordan1974Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Cover Of 'Rolling Stone'1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Things I Didn't Say1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Wonderful Soup Stone1973Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowTurn On The World1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowWhen Lilly Was1974Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowWhen She Cries1972Producer
Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowYou Ain't Got The Right1974Producer
Dr. Hook And The Medicine ShowLast Mornin'1971Producer
Dr. Hook And The Medicine ShowMakin' It Natural1971Producer
Dr. Hook And The Medicine ShowOne More Ride (Bunky And Lucille)1971Producer
Dr. Hook And The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother1971Producer
Good RatsAnybody Got The Time1969Producer
Good RatsFamily Portrait1969Producer
Good RatsFor The Sake Of Anyone1969Producer
Good RatsGotta Get Back1969Producer
Good RatsIf You Stay By Me1969Producer
Good RatsJoey Ferrari1969Producer
Good RatsMy Back Is Achin' (And My Mind Is No Better)1969Producer
Good RatsThe Hobo1969Producer
Good RatsThe Truth Is Gone1969Producer
Good RatsWe Are The Good Rats1969Producer
Helen ReddyA Way With The Ladies1980Producer
Helen ReddyAll I Really Need Is You1980Producer
Helen ReddyKiller Barracuda1980Producer
Helen ReddyLast Of The Lovers1980Producer
Helen ReddyLove's Not The Question1980Producer
Helen ReddyMidnight Sunshine1980Producer
Helen ReddyTake What You Find1980Producer
Helen ReddyThat Plane1980Producer
Helen ReddyThe One I Sing My Love Songs To1980Producer
Helen ReddyWizard In The Wind1980Producer
Lou RawlsA Couple More Years1983Producer
Lou RawlsI Been Him1983Producer
Lou RawlsIf You're Gonna Love Me1983Producer
Lou RawlsMidnight Sunshine1983Producer
Lou RawlsThat's When The Magic Begins1983Producer
Lou RawlsThe One I Sign My Love Songs To1983Producer
Lou RawlsUpside Down1983Producer
Lou RawlsWhen The Night Comes1983Producer
Lou RawlsWind Beneath My Wings1983Producer
Lou RawlsYou Can't Take It With You1983Producer
Shel SilversteinA Light In The Attic1985Producer
Shel SilversteinAll About You1972Producer
Shel SilversteinAlmost Perfect1985Producer
Shel SilversteinAnteater1985Producer
Shel SilversteinAtions1985Producer
Shel SilversteinBackward Bill1985Producer
Shel SilversteinBear In There1985Producer
Shel SilversteinBoa Constrictor1962Producer
Shel SilversteinCaptain Blackbeard Did What1985Producer
Shel SilversteinCaptain Hook1984Producer
Shel SilversteinClarence1985Producer
Shel SilversteinCrocodile Toothache1984Producer
Shel SilversteinCrowded Tub1985Producer
Shel SilversteinDiet Song1978Producer
Shel SilversteinDon't Giva A Dose To The One You Love Most1972Producer
Shel SilversteinDreadful1984Producer
Shel SilversteinEarly Bird1984Producer
Shel SilversteinEight Balloons1985Producer
Shel SilversteinEighteen Flavors1984Producer
Shel SilversteinEnter This Deserted House1984Producer
Shel SilversteinExamination1985Producer
Shel SilversteinFancy Dive1985Producer
Shel SilversteinFor Sale1984Producer
Shel SilversteinForgotten Language1984Producer
Shel SilversteinFreakin' At The Freakers Ball1972Producer
Shel SilversteinFriendship1985Producer
Shel SilversteinGod's Wheel1985Producer
Shel SilversteinGoodnight Little House Plant1978Producer
Shel SilversteinHitting1985Producer
Shel SilversteinHomework Machine1985Producer
Shel SilversteinHow Not To Have To Dry The Dishes1985Producer
Shel SilversteinHug O' War1984Producer
Shel SilversteinHula Eel1985Producer
Shel SilversteinI Got Stoned And I Missed It1972Producer
Shel SilversteinIckle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too1984Producer
Shel SilversteinInvitation1984Producer
Shel SilversteinJimmy Jet And His TV Set1984Producer
Shel SilversteinKidnapped1985Producer
Shel SilversteinLadies First1985Producer
Shel SilversteinLiberated Lady 19991972Producer
Shel SilversteinListen To The Mustn'ts1984Producer
Shel SilversteinLittle Abigail And The Beautiful Pony1985Producer
Shel SilversteinMasochistic Baby1972Producer
Shel SilversteinMelinda Mae1984Producer
Shel SilversteinMe-Stew1984Producer
Shel SilversteinMonsters I've Met1985Producer
Shel SilversteinMy Beard1984Producer
Shel SilversteinMy Hobby1984Producer
Shel SilversteinNever Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh1962Producer
Shel SilversteinNo Difference1984Producer
Shel SilversteinNobody1985Producer
Shel SilversteinOutside Or Underneath1985Producer
Shel SilversteinParanoid1978Producer
Shel SilversteinPeanut Butter Sandwich1978Producer
Shel SilversteinPeckin'1985Producer
Shel SilversteinPicture Puzzle Piece1985Producer
Shel SilversteinPolly In A Porny1972Producer
Shel SilversteinPrehistoric1985Producer
Shel SilversteinQuick Trip1985Producer
Shel SilversteinRidiculous Rose1984Producer
Shel SilversteinRock And Roll Band1985Producer
Shel SilversteinSarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out1970Producer
Shel SilversteinScum Of The Earth1978Producer
Shel SilversteinShow It At The Beach1978Producer
Shel SilversteinSick1984Producer
Shel SilversteinSignals1985Producer
Shel SilversteinSmart1984Producer
Shel SilversteinSomeone Ate The Baby1978Producer
Shel SilversteinSquishy Touch1985Producer
Shel SilversteinStacy Brown Got Two1972Producer
Shel SilversteinStone Telling1984Producer
Shel SilversteinSure Hit Songwriter's Pen1978Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Cat And The Rat1978Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Dragon Of Grindly Grun1985Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Farmer And The Queen1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Father Of The Boy Named Sue1978Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Flying Festoon1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Generals1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Little Boy And The Old Man1985Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Man Who Got No Sign1972Producer
Shel SilversteinThe One Who Stayed1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Peace Proposal1972Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Silver Fish1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Sitter1985Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Smoke-Off1978Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Toad And The Kangaroo1985Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Worst1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThe Yipiyuk1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThey Held Me Down1978Producer
Shel SilversteinThumbs1984Producer
Shel SilversteinThumbsucker1972Producer
Shel SilversteinTryin' On Clothes1985Producer
Shel SilversteinTwistable, Turnable Man1985Producer
Shel SilversteinWarning1984Producer
Shel SilversteinWhatif1985Producer
Shel SilversteinWild Boar1984Producer
Shel SilversteinWith His Mouth Full Of Food1984Producer
Shel SilversteinZebra Question1985Producer
Waylon JenningsShadow Of The Gallows1970Producer
Knowing She's There (Dr. Hook)85
Sharing The Night Together (Dr. Hook)604.77
Sweetest Of All (Dr. Hook)104.7
When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (Dr. Hook)1234.69
Sylvia's Mother (Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show)1244.69
I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight (Dr. Hook)124.67
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)294.62
A Little Bit More (Dr. Hook)564.54
The Cover Of 'Rolling Stone' (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)554.53
Queen Of The Silver Dollar (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)104.4
Rings (Dr. Hook)54.4
Help Me Mama (Dr. Hook)54.4
Last Mornin' (Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show)64.33
Better Love Next Time (Dr. Hook)484.31
If Not You (Dr. Hook)294.31
All The Time In The World (Dr. Hook)134.31
Life Ain't Easy (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)134.31
Carry Me, Carrie (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)204.3
Body Talking (Dr. Hook)104.3
Years From Now (Dr. Hook)224.27
Sexy Eyes (Dr. Hook)1254.21
Sylvia's Mother (Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show)1244.69
When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (Dr. Hook)1234.69
Sharing The Night Together (Dr. Hook)604.77
A Little Bit More (Dr. Hook)564.54
The Cover Of 'Rolling Stone' (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)554.53
Better Love Next Time (Dr. Hook)484.31
Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk (Dr. Hook)384.21
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)294.62
If Not You (Dr. Hook)294.31
Walk Right In (Dr. Hook)294.24
Only Sixteen (Dr. Hook)293.93
Girls Can Get It (Dr. Hook)243.33
Years From Now (Dr. Hook)224.27
In Over My Head (Dr. Hook)214.14
More Like The Movies (Dr. Hook)214.05
Carry Me, Carrie (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)204.3
Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)173.65
The Millionaire (Dr. Hook)164.25
All The Time In The World (Dr. Hook)134.31

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